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What's Mine is Mine [S-rank; Esperia & Kon]

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What's Mine is Mine [S-rank; Esperia & Kon] Empty Fri Dec 18, 2020 2:22 am


When did it all change? It was a question that continued to haunt Esperia's thoughts as she paced back and forth through her office within the floating castle that the syndicate called their base. Till now Esperia had always believed that what she did was correct: Even if she had done some unfavorable things to certain people, in the long run her actions had been for the greater good, the end justified the means. But now, after the events that led to the revelations she dreaded. Esperia didn't know, she didn't know what was right or wrong anymore. She was given the advice to live for herself, to fight for herself. But to fight meant she needed a reason, a reason of her own, not a borrowed one for that would have meant she fought for an ideal. She no longer wanted to claim her reasons for fighting were mere fantasy.

On this particular day she had a meeting planned with Kon, or Konyo as the Guild Master was sometimes jokingly called by her, a simple checking of the Dawncliff Mine's recent reports, nothing too significant, but it also offered her the opportunity to talk to him, to discuss the troubling future that awaited them. Whether he was within his room or enjoying some quiet in one of his hiding places, it was amusing how thanks to both her overall ability to guess, and the guidance of the Millennium Talisman that Esperia was able to find the Guild Master time after time, yet unlike usually there was not a cheerful greeting or a playful remark, no the light wave of her hand in a greeting was accompanied by a look of tension, stress even. Like a invisible phantom was weightning down upon her shoulders, trying to crush her, and perhaps in a way that was what was going on, for as she turned to face the Guild Master, the glint of gold among her silver locks soon revealed the presence of the golden eye that was so familiar to him: The Millennium Eye.

Esperia sighed deeply, calling out to him. "We need to talk Kon, and I need your counsel on a certain matter."

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“Dragons…” He whispered through his feminine teenage lips with traces of fear, concern and excitement. The twenty something mage had been offered another chance to prove himself and his new organisation. Something he would not and could not actively declare yet. The inaction of his syndicate had been key to its survival, now would be time for it to show itself, at least the pleasant side of them. He had left his members to consolidate their abilities and add to their numbers seeking out even questionable types albeit leaving them on the fringes in their organisation. Kon had resigned himself to the floating island as a self-imposed isolation using representatives such as Esperia and other guild members, soon it would be time for him to reveal his own presence.

This isolation had been full of pleasures that even kings would lust over, access to wine that let it pour like water, leaving his cup forever full, loyal and eager workers, delicacies from across the country should he request them. It was one of these particular delicacies that he was gnawing on when Esperia announced her presence, he meanwhile held back nothing in his misty hot tub. Stretching out like a savage revealing cleavage and more, he waited as his silver haired peer spoke. “Of course Esperia, How may I be of service?, can I offer you a preserved fig?, Perhaps a dip in this fantastic hot tub?, I had it commission for twenty would be a waste for it to only be used by little old me.”

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A momentary blink of bewilderment came from the young witch as her eyes briefly wandered, yet with a soft cough she felt the weight on her shoulders relax a little. "Please, you might have more experience than me, but do not forget the body you currently inhabit." She could even muster a brief smirk as she decided on the offer. "I'll pass on the fig, but a dip in the tub might help me relax a bit, I sure as hell could use it considering recent events."

Despite the fact that in most scenarios she would have likely disregarded the offer from any other man, the peculiar situation that the Guild Master found himself into was equally amusing as it was fascinating to her, and so as she allowed herself to disrobe, a stylish garb in the form of her robe and thigh-high stockings, and finally her underwear were carefully placed on a nearby seat as she allowed her body to take a dip into the spring, the warm water already doing wonders on washing away the tension in her muscles.

"Well, it's a few things honestly." Esperia began, trying to figure out what the best topic to pursue would be for starters. "We have the recent recruitment of Tomoe Tanaka, yes one of the two 'famous' fairy butchers~ Although he is quite a wild card, I believe that for the time being his loyalty is assured due to my efforts to make him believe I am a certain... religious figure her reincarnation, but considering one of your old 'friends' is closely associated with said religion, I think we should remain wary around him, at worst I'll eliminate him myself if he decides to turn against us."

Her words were a bit colder than usually, but she soon tried to change the subject to something more refreshing. "Aside from that I have reason to believe we got an incoming visit from some good old entities we used to only hear about in books: Yes the dragons are returning, yay~"

She replied with a faux display of childish enthusiasm and then turned toward Kon, her body shifting as she approached him, and yet it was ironic that despite the fact this was Kon, the body in front of her was unmistakable that of a woman, perhaps that might had explained her comfort in interacting with him? She wasn't sure, perhaps at first it might had been, but now...

Enclosing the distance between the two of them, she allowed her body to briefly move further into the tub, upon which she finally turned around, almost as if she was straddling her guild master, one hand reaching for her long hair locks as she brushed them aside, her Millennium Eye gazing firmly at him.

"Would you label me insane if I told you that this eye, is the same one in your left socket? Because if being insane is needed to tell the truth, then I might have become a lunatic." She smiled weakly as she looked at the woman's face in front of her. "What do you fight for Kon? What is your reason? I know it is an absurd question to suddenly ask but... The tale behind how I got this eye, is exactly why I am feeling lost. To know that there is a possibility our efforts are for nothing, that the Eternal Nightmare will come to pass no matter how much we struggle? It makes me wonder what is truly a worthy reason to resist so much. In the past I thought it was enough to simply want to do good, but our reality isn't that kind. So I wonder: Why do you fight? What makes you so strong and certain of the path you walk?

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Initially taken aback by Kon's openness, Esperia did seem to react positive to his upfront presence, even mustering the courage to enter the tub alongside him. Kon meanwhile hummed softly to himself and sipped from his glass that had been resting to his right. A soft merlot, an interesting vintage from southern Fiore in a small valley close to Magnolia Town. He watched her disrobe with the same ferviousity that she imparted him with her now appearing to have a copy of his golden prosthetic orb.

While she was truly a sight to behold as she undressed, Kon could see past the beauty behind her figure. Instead he could see the level of respect and trust that she presented towards him by doing it so openly. "Curious..." He pondered to himself, as he held back his tongue, instead allowing Esperia to lead the conversation.

The lead of the conversation began with her lead objective, acquring more members into their budding collective. A curious addition, Tomoe Tanka, he had heard the name numerous times but never encountered the man. The means of how she seeked to recruit him was even more entriguing posing as Morrigan herself. "Careful, Esperia you might have them seriously thinking you are the embodyment of her." He could only imagine the global impact of such a claim. It could certainly start something he was entirely prepared to resolve. The syndicate certainly was strong enough nor was their diplomacy.

Almost without warning the conversation segwayed towards the growing threat which lingered over them, Dragons. "Yes, they are a matter I am not looking forward to dealing with, fortunately I have already had my own encounters which I've left unreported to the general public, the guild and until now yourself. The outcome is unclear but promising, I sense great things to come from it however."

Throughout this otherwise serious indication it became everclearer that the two were becoming engaged with one another in other capacities, with Esperia drawing closer to him almost flirtauous in nature. Kon was not one to hold back on chances and followed through bringing her closer as she probed him full of questions, until he ultimately lifted her up onto his hips left feeling almost small in comparsion thanks to his change in figure. A slight chuckle leaked out as Esperia continued to ask him such serious questions. "I do not see you as mad for having the same prosthetic as me, though I am concerned about the loss of the original."

With a sigh, Kon continued. "No doubt at the hands of the Eternal Nightmare, those savages....Meanwhile you ask me what I fight for?, it's complicated my morales were forged in my childhood where I was force to protect myself and by extension my brothers, this continued on until the death of my oldest brother and disappearances of my other brothers." Shaking his head, he looked at the silver haired woman leaving a smile on his pale face. "This familial protective nature expanding when I entered the ranks of the Magic Council but then I became disenfranchised with how they operated and fortified what we stand for now, to bring about a better future even if it is at a cost. As for whether the dreams of Eternal Nightmare will come to pass that is up to us, will we falter at the time of the greatest need or answer the call regardless of alignments, I choose the former."

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Esperia nodded her head firmly in response to the warning Kon provided her. "Although I can rely on my power to access most of Morrigan's memories, the fact remains that I am not Morrigan, nor do I truly intend to become her. There is a reason why she was never mentioned in the epic of the nine, the 'unmentioned', and only those with close ties to the other nine seemingly are aware of her presence, her existence." Esperia gently raised a hand to her chest, for a moment closing her eyes as she spoke softly. "As long as there is a concept of victors, there will also be the vanquished, and I had enough of losing those dear to me, it is for that reason I started this pursuit of power and knowledge, so that one day Morrigan will look behind her and see that there is another walking toward her: I will transcend those limits just like she did."

Still, as she was lifted onto Kon's hips, the answer that followed to her question surprised her slightly. To uphold his own morals, to protect himself and his brothers. For a moment it made Esperia remember that church amidst the forests in the North of Fiore, where once the Eisenberg family called their home. Hearing Kon's words brought back memories, memories of a distant past, of an elder sister who loved her younger sibling dearly, and who had paid the ultimate price to keep her safe. "To protect that which you hold dear..." She smiled kindly at Kon, continuing after he had finished speaking. "Perhaps that is why I see the Syndicate a bit like a family, and why those that would turn against us, or intend to betray us will face the full force of my scorn."

Still, for a moment she couldn't help but raise one of her hands, a gentle trace of her fingers attempting to touch Kon's cheek before she leaned in, whispering softly. "But I hope you will reconsider and choose the latter, for I intend to answer the call, and will not falter as long as I have you at my side."

A playful peck of her lips was given against Kon's cheek upon which she pulled back and grinned sheepishly at the Guild Master. "But that is enough lazing around~ We should go and see how the mining production is going in the Dawncliff Mine~ When the dragons end up returning we will need all the resources we can get for the upcoming conflict."

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Esperia had certainly thought things through or was trying to pass off as though she had. Did she know the full ramifications of such a claim, she heavily illustrated an understanding but even he could scarely consider the possibilities of what could occur. For now however everyone was too preoccupied with Dragons and Eternal Nightmare to give a damn about faint rumors in the north. Moreover who would dare enter the Syndicate controlled land without an invitation? How she choose to compare herself to Morrigan was equally curious, certainly she held an immense power within her, having mana outscaling his own by a wide margin and an intelligence to rival his own, but could she go further above him and their peers? The sheer hubris of her was astounding though would remain unmentioned by the lilac haired guild master.

His answer to a fairly ordinary question had left Esperia feeling seemingly confused, no there was something else to it, perhaps she had simply not expected him to be so open about his past. A fair enough assessment, few in their line of work could afford to be so open. Their shared level of trust was the prompt that allowed such a direct answer, which left Esperia declaring an almost familial declaration upon the guild and for what it stands. Something with he relished. Members who devoted to the guild and him, not for him to play with, bend to his own needs but to ensure that they remain strong together something considered otherwise unusual in a dark guild.

A clear case of confusion on his part had clearly taken place though the honesty offered by Esperia had been welcomed. Clutching the hessitant hand with his spare hand, Kon reaffirmed his stance towards ensuring harmony. "I misspoke, we will fight alongside those that seek to cripple us as long as it is in our best interest, once the dragons are dealt with and the doomsdayers are dealt with, there will be no peace, not a threat coming solely from myself, but one extended by both sides. It seems the Rune Knights have us on the backburner..." He scoffed as he recalled the crippled state of the formerly grand organisation fractured from the holy wars.

Conversations between the two had dulled with Esperia now pushing him to check on the mines. With a long, drawn out eye roll, Kon rose from his spot while lifting Esperia off at the same time. His long lilac hair cling to his pale as china skin as he exited the hot tub. "Yes the mines..." He uttered as he began to rapid freeze his body, the water that clung to him, so quickly it left him dry. "Sometimes being capable of using frost magic has it's perks, haha." Rolling his neck, he collected his clothes and began the tedious dressing part, forgoing certain parts either out of reluctance or ignorance. After throwing his hair reaching his hips into a bun, Kon finally commented to Esperia. "Ready?"

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Hearing Kon's stance on the matter of harmony Esperia raised a hand to her cheek and pondered for a moment. "Of course, I understand that peace forces stagnation, and in one way one could say that it is through conflict that one is able to find prosperity and growth." Yet it also brought back a side to her, a side only Kon really had seen before. "Personally I don't mind, whether you want to secretly play the hero, or the villain, it is through those actions that we explore the myriad of futures that await this world, in a way you could say that I'm more interested in preserving those myriad of possibilities, rather than saving the world." Indeed, for that was the promise made between her and Gaia, between the embodiment of the World that she had encountered, the one who gave her all the wisdom she desires, all she needed to do was reach out for it.

The mentioning of the Rune Knights made Esperia frown for a moment as she thought about them, although they were once a powerful faction, in the wake of the holy war they had all fallen into fractured groups, and were by all means a pale shadow of their former glory, and yet...

"I actually heard recent rumors that the Rune Knights are slowly regaining their footing, although the only one I have really heard some whispers about is a certain 'Masami'. I plan to do some traveling in the future to find out myself whether those rumors carry anything of interest~"

She smiled briefly, yet a soft playful yelp escaped her lips when Kon lifted her off and the two exited the bath tub, and while Kon started to get dressed, Esperia did the same, albeit having to rely on some towels rather than fancy magical tricks. "Heh~ I really should have used the staff for some quick drying, but then Morrigan would be complaining again~" A hearty laugh escaped her lips as she put on the remainder of her robe, and for a moment she turned toward Kon, her eyes looking from Kon's face, then downwards and sighed in amusement as she took a step forward and playfully raised a hand to tap Kon's bust. "Let me guess~ Playing Commando again? You really should learn the use of a bra and proper underwear, remind me to put that on the agenda for later~"

A teasing poke of her tongue followed as she gestured toward the doorway. "All ready~"

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"I find the whole mentality of war brings innovation to be a foolish philosophy, propped up by countless and unending conflict, use that energy, the manpower, that knowledge for good rather than to slaughter your fellow man, that's where progess is made." Allowing a small chuckle he continued. "as for playing a hero or villian, that's so black and white, allowing for no middle ground, I don't like those terms for a reason, we are but people, I was going to use man but so many of us are various races it's hard to keep track." Shaking his head. "I see myself as neither whether others choose to see me as either that's their decision."

His mentions of the Rune Knights did seem to spark a fire underneath Esperia with her revealing her intentions to seek out a promising upstarting in their ranks. Confidant in her abilities he merely gestured at her proposal. "Good, if we can stick out roots as the organisation is forming we might be able to sway them, even gain favour from them in times to come, we might be a dark guild in the eyes of the Kingdom, but if we can have leeway with their right hand then there's nothing to stop us." Finishing with the smile.

A serious shift in tone between the two had taken place with each taking more and more liberties with one another. It was curious something he hadn't truly explored for some time and him becoming a woman only made the matter more enticing. And Esperia certainly appeared to be enjoying Kon's naivety and inexperience, though Kon had his own tricks up his sleeve. "You act as though I do things unintentional, Esperia, no, no I do this as a show of strength, plus it makes my chest all tight and let's not get to details with down there shall we?"

And so having been shown the door, Kon began to head towards it only to pause briefly and grip Esperia's hand tight and leading her with him. "Come, take my hand and we'll deal with the situation together."

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It was an interesting opinion that the Guild Master brought forth, one that made her muse for a bit. "I'm glad to hear that you think so also, Creation, Preservation, Destruction, they are concepts, but in a way it is difficult to assume one will find them seperately. Sadly our reality is not a place where everyone is fixated on the betterment of the world. After all, it is like you say."

She paused for a moment, realizing the irony of her thoughts. "I wanted to say we are all 'human' but that would be a bit silly, similar to the concept of Good or Evil, Hero or Villain one could say there are countless shades between those concepts, if one was to ask I'd say I'm neither good or evil, I'm Chaotically Selfish~" A soft giggle followed as she nodded in agreement about the matter of Masami, a investigation she was particularly curious about, but she had not predicted Kon had some tricks up his sleeve also.

"..." For a moment her face colored a slight shade of red as she found her thoughts disrupted, earning a soft laugh from the silver-haired witch. "Yes~ Yes~ All tight and firm with enough strength to smother a wayward Witch, but yes let's spare the details of the downstairs department for another time~"

Still, suddenly feeling her hand grasped and pulled along gently, the momentary surprise made a genuine smile resurface upon her lips. "Fine~ Fine~ I hope you know what you are getting yourself into 'Konyo'" Esperia chimed in amusement, her soft fingers gently returning the grip as she spoke in a softer tone. "Since I'm not the type to let go~"

Still, perhaps that might had been the answer she sought: She didn't need to play the role of a hero, nor did she need to carry this responsibility of stopping Nacht by herself. She was no longer the lonesome traveler she had once been.

"Perhaps after our work at the Dawncliff Mine is resolved, I'll give you a little reward for some earnest hard work~ After all, It's been a while since we had you take a look at the mines personally~"

Still, even as they made their way outside, Esperia felt quite inclined not to let go of that hand for just a bit longer. "And I'll send you an interesting book about dragons later~ You'll find some pretty intruiging details about the more older stories involving them, maybe if you ask 'nicely' I'll even read it for you~" A playful grin lingered on her lips as she finally understood the message that was conveyed to her before, for she had perhaps found herself a reason worth fighting for, a reason of her own.

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While Esperia might share Kon's benevolent perspective on things, she equally so shared his own lack of faith towards mankinds willingness to forgo the blade and work in harmony. "Reality is certainly much bleaker than concepts, I see great potential in almost anything, which leaves me admittedly disheartened as it goes to waste. A homeless child dies with nothing to their name, given the smallest amount of support and they might become a renowned scholar. That's why even after punishing someone I will restore them to the best of my abilties, thus why you see so many in Sieghart with prosthetics. For the heavy hand I have people call me evil, what they don't see is what I offer as a replacement for they would be left with."

Shaking off the matter into lighter affairs, Esperia directed her attention towards his nether regions, leaving him only to smirk wickedly, raise his eyebrows a few times and bite his lip briefly. His sudden grasp had been accepted and more over reinforced bringing a warmth to his core. "Ma'am, a gentleman never tells, well a lady haha..."

Curious offers were made as they made their way down the peaks, with hints of a reward, What could Esperia have to offer that he desired?, Who could say there was always some novelty that she had to give him. It left him feeling an assortment of things, nervous, excited, anxious. It was not just one sneaky reward but two, with her further presenting a risque book-reading, something that certainly was tempting. "Ho ho ho, hmm I think I'll have to strongly consider the offer, Esperia." He answered with a wink.

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A hearty chuckle escaped Esperia's lips in response to Konyo's words to her offer, and soon they were on their way through the collective of corridors that made up the Sentinel Syndicate's castle interior, it was always a fascinating sight to behold, to wander through the corridors and discovering a new room, but this time there was a particular destination in mind, at least the entrance to the castle had been their current destination.

It was just as they had arrived that a sentinel approached, a young man who judging from his expression was quite troubled with something, but the moment he saw the two females arrive the man's worry turned into a smile as he raised a hand in a salute. "Morning Miss Esperia, Master Konyo, if you're here for the report, I'm afraid we ran into a bit of a problem."

Esperia tilted her head to the side in confusion, while the sentinel, noticing the way they grasped each other's hands briefly raised a hand in a thumbs-up gesture. "Nothing to distract your activities toward, I would never forgive myself if the Master's date got interrupted."

The words briefly brought a grin onto Esperia's lips, who used her free hand to make a faux coughing gesture as she quickly sidetracked the topic. "Do not worry yourself over that Sentinel, what is this problem you mentioned?"

The sentinel nodded his head sheepishly and soon continued to explain. "It appears some of the miners within the Dawncliff Mine are protesting: They discovered a untapped section within the mine rich in minerals and are demanding an increase in their wages in exchange for the discovery, this led to an argument between the Miner's guild who works for us, and some local merchants who employed their personal forces to deal with the mining. As a result the mine is struggling with operations due to the constant arguments between the Guild Miners and the freelance miners."

Esperia pondered for a bit on this revelation. While an increase in the production of the mine was beneficial for the syndicate, to the point a small raise in their wages for the miner's guild would not be an issue, Esperia could see the problem in allowing other merchants to dig in the mine without a proper contract, not to mention they were currently obstructing business for the syndicate.

"Hmmm I see~ What do you suggest we'd do to resolve the situation?" Turning toward Konyo she was curious what the guild master had in mind.

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Exiting the castle was a rare occurrance for the Guild Master with member appearing from the woodworks as he and Esperia clasped hands and made their way to the exit. A small side smile appeared on his face as he was rudely stopped by a recruit. Their face was unfamiliar but he sensed great potential within them whether it was physical, intellectual or magical it didn't matter to him. His duties had been reserved for being an messenger of important announcements. A task not commonly handed out. But alas the man was still a novice placing emotions of business. Kon threw away the man's concerns with an idle hand flick causing a sparkle to glance off his gauntlet.

Esperia was far more clear cut with her seeking to address the situation as soon as possible. The information from the envoy had certainly been thorough. Openning with the current state of affairs and even offering suggestions albeit unintended. Perhaps to see how he, as the Guild Master helded such matter, Esperia directed the issue to him. "This is a delicate situation, for sure, I see a few clear ways to resolve it, in any case I think it's appropriate for us to dissolve these freelance miners, we must either bring them to heel or force them to work for us."

Pausing for a moment to collect his thoughts, he spoke further. "Of course simply intregrating them would not be the only thing of relevance, I would have them receive the same treatment as the rest of our workers. See to it that their children are indoctrinated shouldn't be too hard, any long distance families, please collect them from where ever they may be and find a suitable place to stay whether it's in Sieghart Mountain or Orchidia city."

Declarations were by one thing, representing the guild himself was another thing entirely, but it would be needed in this instance. "Esperia, regardless of whatever decision I take it's important that we go to the mines and show that we are still in control, it's a shame..., I feel as though I've maimed so many miners that they might become nothing more that prosthetics..." He said with a sad laugh at the end.

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The recruit nodded their head attentively at the Guild Master's words, Konyo's words sounded logical, while one might think that the syndicate would have simply strongarmed the miners under their control, it was clear that the master's thoughts didn't just linger on the problem, but also on the consequences of resolving it. It was a manner of thinking she had noticed a lot of people lacked, she just needed to think back to recent events to realize how many people only saw what was right in front of them, and those people were blind to the consequences of their actions in longer periods. Esperia nodded her head lightly at Konyo's suggestion of going directly to the mine to deal with the matter, rather than leaving it in the hands of the sentinels.

With their task done, the messenger was dismissed and Esperia listened to Konyo's lamenting, earning a brief smile from Esperia. "The carrot and the stick treatment~ Although there is an additional element in this problem that will need to be addressed."

Guiding Konyo toward the outskirts of the castle, the silver-haired witch mused softly. "The main obstacle comes in the form of the upstart merchant who seems to believe he can conduct business here without getting the syndicate involved. It's because of that person the freelancers have a job to begin with."

Yet as they traveled down the mountain where the castle was situated at, it would soon become clear they were not going toward the Dawncliff Mine, not yet. No instead their route was taking them into the direction of the town of Rush Valley, where Esperia had a surprise in store for the Guild Master.

At the outskirts of the town there was a small crowd gathering, watching as several sentinels were dragging a flailing merchant toward the approaching duo.

"I did nothing wrong! I followed every law in Fiore, you can't do this to me!" The merchant protested while Esperia explained with a smile. "I took the initiative to have some sentinels seek out the guy responsible for starting this mess, the stage is all yours 'Guild Master'~

Of course, hearing her voice and Konyo's arrival was enough to make the merchant cease his flailing, instead, turning nervous. It seemed his fate was in Konyo's hands.

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Esperia was not just neutral to his decision but in favour of the entire direction his plan would go, though highlighting that other things needed addressing. “Of course, this is why we are going to the mines ourselves, the two of us, some of the most powerful mages in the country.” Using quotations he continued. “Two of the most powerful female mages.” As Esperia led him out the exit with their hands clasped together. It must have been a truly unusual experience for the silver haired sentinel mage who was essentially clutching an artificial metal hand as opposed to a true flesh and bone one. It was times like this he lamented losing his right hand and had his left blanketed by his golden gauntlet. A curse gifted to him after slaying Midas. One which he had initial treasure now began to regret.

His mind shifted away from his physical concerns as Esperia provided further context for the issue at hand. A merchant, a single man had brought a halt to all of their operations… It was almost laughable. “And why had this man not been dealt with earlier?, How did he slip through our net?” Clearly something else was at work, or someone else. He had problems in the past with other groups that had since fled the mountains perhaps they were at fault.

He continued to mull over the matter seemingly mute as he went down the steep trail from the guild to the mine. Even with his embracing of the cold, things were still awfully nippy as winds occasionally rushed through his clothes. The occasional yelp from the otherwise serious guild master could be heard as they trekked down. Fortunately the winds had dampened by the time they reached what seemed to be an audience all for himself, including the main course, the merchant. He gave the typical show and dance proclaiming he had followed the Fiorian law, causing a smirk to grow on his face.

“Sir, look where we are, we are in the Sieghart Mountains, Northern Fiore, heartland of the Sentinel Syndicate, the laws of the Fiore Kingdom do not take precedent, if you want to do anything you go through us.” Scanning the merchant briefly he continued talking without pause to the stationed sentinels. “I assume you’ve collected everything the man had on him?, Make sure to get names, locations, everything, including the families.” The very mention of family caused the whites of the merchants eyes to resemble lights. “No please...just take me!” Howling as snot and spittle left his nose and mouth respectively.


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Despite the unusual sensation that came with clutching Konyo's prosthetic hand, it seemed Esperia paid little attention to the detail, instead smiling in amusement as Konyo remarked about how it was necessary for the two of them to go look into the matter of the mine. Of course, Konyo's response of how the man had not been dealt with till now, how he had slipped through their net was a concern she understood. "I'm thinking the same thing you are~ I believe someone else is pulling the strings, and keeping the wool over our eyes, but soon all will be made clear."

Still, to think she could hear those surprisingly cute yelps coming from the guild master at times did earn a silent smirk from Esperia, her expression soon turned into a more neutral one as
they arrived at the main spectacle.

Kon's words made the sentinels stand at attention, nodding their head firmly. "We have collected all the information that was requested by Miss Esperia, what do you want us to do with this man, Master Konyo?"

Meanwhile, Esperia had remained eerily quiet, her eyes focused on the man while at the same time her expression remained a mask of neutrality, and then for a moment Kon would no doubt notice her grasp on the prosthetic hand had been removed, She took one step forward, another, and then turned her gaze at the nearby crowd.

"..." A simple tap with the bottom of Morrigan's staff caused several roots to erupt from underneath one of the observers. The crowd made way, looking in disbelief and borderline panic till Esperia spoke. "There is the answer to your earlier concern Konyo~"

two of the nearby sentinels were quick to rush to the side of the restrained onlooker who glared at her. "How did you-" but Esperia merely smiled nonchalantly as usual. "A sorceress never reveals her tricks to the audience."

And with that, she turned her gaze at Konyo. "If you wish we can either dispose of him right away or if you want you can probe him for information, the choice is yours, not that anything he says will be worthwhile to me~ Not to mention, I'm not particularly fond of the master this one serves~"

"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

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His singular cold, piercing eye stared down at the merchant grovingly before them unblinking, unwavering even as winds began to rise up. His entire body relaxed but steady fast all the same. His head full of thoughts of what to do with him. Even as Esperia spoke, he remained stationary, as she reaffirmed his stance towards a bigger threat looming ahead of them. His statue-esque presence was finally broken when one of the men questioned Konyo regarding the outcome of the man. Curious what was to be done with him indeed. Konyo had the ability to influence the rest of the man’s life for better or worse. He could see the potential in the man, however he didn’t know whether he could entrust the man’s loyalty enough to simply allow him into their ranks. “He will not be harmed, instead taking him to Orchidia City where he will retain his existing profession under our supervision, should he have any children I want them taken until I am sure he understands.”

As he spoke on, Esperia’s grasp diminished until slipping through his silvery fingers. Unconcerned by the absences of her warmth, Kon looked on at the man, only redirecting his attention to her as she spoke. Their suspicions had been confirmed, a spy, a sleuth had filled their ranks with lies. Entangled by some magical bindings the man strangled in futility. Just as he had been questioned for the fate of the merchant, he had been once more asked for this villain that stood before him. His own would certainly be much worse, stripped of all possessions and taken to the floating island where he would receive unending torture.

“Take this “man” to the floating island, process him for treatment.” He said bitterly, with his mood now soured from the entire affair. Tempted as he might, he would restrain himself from injuring either the merchant or this entrapped man for saving face, instead he would allow his lessers to handle affairs further. Wishing to rid himself of any further interaction of the matter, he called out for Esperia and continued his journey to the Dawncliff Mines.


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Esperia was glad to see Konyo shared her opinion on the matter. While the merchant might had acted against them, he was by all means but a mere pawn in the game, a disposable tool for their masters, and as pitiful as it might had sounded, in this harsh reality their fate was often decided the moment they lost their value. In that sense, the moment the merchant got caught, he lost any value to the master he had unknowingly served.

In that concept, the Guild Master's decision to relocate the merchant to Orchidia City to continue his profession under the syndicate's supervision was merciful to say the least. Even more, it gave him an opportunity, a chance to grow and at the same time become useful to the syndicate once more.

The entrapped man instead glared with malicious intent at both Konyo and Esperia, and upon hearing the master's words spat his venom at them. "You think torturing me will change anything?! My master will reduce you all to cinders! When the nightmare comes there be no escape for any of you! It will be you and yours that will suffer for eternity!"

Yet as Konyo called out to her and the man was dragged off to the mine, it seemed Esperia's earlier playful facade had diminished, a frown lingering upon her face as she pondered about the matter "To think they are growing this bold, they truly must believe their goal is within reach."

A soft mutter followed from the silver-haired witch who turned her attention back toward her companion. "Ah~ don't mind me Konyo~ I'm just thinking~ You likely already figured out what group that one belonged to. I took them as being more cautious, perhaps an overestimation on my side."

As they arrived at the Dawncliff Mine Esperia's gaze shifted from Konyo toward the entrance of the mine. "Hmm~ The miners should be deeper inside, likely in the newly discovered section of the mine, fortunately it's quite easy to reach."

"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

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Torture would be little more then a formality at this point, with the man already indicating his aligeances, the most significant thing to be gained from a man in his position. Eternal Nightmare.... To think they would come into the mountains and contest the mines against the Syndicate, either they were simply stupid or testing their abilities to sniff out sabotage. Before ultimately leaving for the mines, Kon paused mid-step and commented to the nearest sentinel. “Check his mouth for any and then strip search him as soon as you’ve left the area, if he offers you gold for his life, feel no burden on your conscience for taking it without releasing him, he is a weasel, nothing more.” Hoping to leave the incident himself, he called for his companion, Esperia, who voiced her own concerns. “Fear not Esp, for we are many and strong, while we do not share the same philosophies as other guilds in many, many regards, we share a bond in our distaste towards the presence of the Eternal Nightmare.”

It felt somewhat ironic that in spite of his efforts to separate himself from the rest of society, it would be another looming threat that would bring them together. Be it otherworldly beings, dragons or some other overbeing force he always seemed to be willing to put himself out there no matter the cost. A part of him that he could never truly get rid of. “Their overreach will not go unnoticed nor unpunished, we have already cut off our supplies to large sections of their strongholds, while we might reside in a magical world, cold steel and coal will influence this conflict even if we are fighting alongside dragons.”

Their conversation did not last much longer as they were met face to face with the imposing warning signs that littered the start of the mine. “Keep out.” “Earring and Eyewear Required past this point.” “Harsh Chemicals Beware” Just one of the other various reasons why he loathed coming down here, the sheer smell of the open pit, lingering chemicals mixed with sweat and coal smoke. Nose crinkled in offense, Konyo finally spoke once more coughing at the caustic fumes. “Let’s get this over with before I need another bath…”


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For a moment Esperia turned her attention toward Konyo, the remark about needing another bath if they stayed here for much longer earning a playful remark from the silver-haired witch: "You would hear no complaints from me about that suggestion~"

Yet as they walked past the warning signs, that Esperia seemed to pay little head as her golden eye gazed around quietly in the darkness, the other just quietly gazing up ahead. Perhaps it was because of the nature of her boon that she paid little concern for warnings like this, unless one was to aim with a dagger for her eyes she doubted she needed to pay them much attention.

Although the stench of the chemicals was another story, making her previous smile falter into a brief scowl. "This stench really makes me want to turn tail and get into a bath as quickly as possible..."

Sighing softly she shrugged her shoulders lightly. "Ah well~ but duty calls I presume~" And with those words Esperia walked along Konyo, soon reaching the clearing where the miners they were looking for were clearly busily arguing with some of the overseers, something about payments? She wasn't sure, but it seemed like this was the type of thing Konyo was an expert at solving~ Her solutions usually involved manipulation, and if that failed explosions... VERY BIG EXPLOSIONS.

"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

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Esperia shared his own desire to leave the mines sooner rather than later, but yet the two persisted with Kon leading the way heading towards the Overseer’s building. At least that’s where he would have gone had it not been for a seismic charge detonating at the building sending debris and causing carnage throughout the complex. Sabotage. “Blast it!” Kon damned whoever was responsible as he plucked out the chunks that tore through his clothes and into his bare skin. After checking for any seriously injured civilians Kon searched for the Overseer to determine just what had happened. With an almost animalistic roar, he called for the man by his full name. “Joris Graham, where are you?!”

His anger was not for the risk of the explosion that posed towards him but the civilians, the manpower. While it was likely the captured spy it didn’t excuse the possibility of them working together. A nervous man crawled out from where he had been hiding following the explosion while towering over the Guild Master, Kon was able to impose a strength that cut away the height difference from the picture. Hands clasped together before Kon almost quivering at Kon’s every word. “Were you involved in this?” Sweat dripped down the bald man’s forehead as he searched for an answer stammering his words out nervously. “No..no...Master Konyo...never...I couldn’t hurt my men…”

Allowing for some leniency in the matter, he didn’t probe him further instead began to inquire on their original reason for being here. Further pockets of ore were discovered and were now being contested. With Kon having removed the competition from the equation, he would simply command his men to commence mining just as they had been earlier. “Begin mining the reported section, the freelancers will be incorporated into your team or taken care of, is that clear?” Nodding as a response, Kon turned on a heel, not wanting to stay a moment longer and left just as quickly as he came, albeit more scratched up.

“Darn…” He commented as he looked at himself. “Well it looks like I’ll be needing that bath after all, feel free to join me just as you had earlier, Esperia, I’m sure there’s plenty we can discuss amongst the hot water and bubbles.” Giving a cheeky wink as best as one could do with one eye.


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