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What lies beneath [NQ/Solo]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath [NQ/Solo] Empty on Thu Dec 17, 2020 12:24 am

Shichiro Uchida
Another night in Oak as Shichiro had another job to do from the church. They were grateful for taking care of the last abomination a little while but there was more work to be done. Once again, he'd be heading to the church in order to take care of a little problem down in the crypts below. Even though he had dealt with a being that was pretty much making the undead. It seems the stronger minions that relied on the abhorrent to sustain themselves have found a way to come back to their unlife and roam around the crypts freely. Giving another sigh, Shichiro decided he'd get this over with as quickly as possible so he could go on with his day. Going out to run the errands he needed to, Shichiro's travels took him out and about around the church as there were other things he needed to tend to. Although his primary role was that of being a mercenary, he was still a registered Rune Knight. He was saddled with the rank of Captain. It was a big responsibility to fill but he proved he could handle the position and managed them the best he could. Eventually, it was revealed he was also quite good at combat when it came down to it and so with his plethora of talents, he became one of the candidates of being recruited into the knights for his talents of information gathering, leadership and combat skills. There was were another Knight before him but even he didn't know too much about them and he didn't really care to ask since it seemed both of them knew each other on a personal level. For now, he'd walk around the church building to make sure the Knights under his command were still still keeping up the good work and possibly help them with any trouble they might run into along the way.


#2Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath [NQ/Solo] Empty on Thu Dec 17, 2020 12:24 am

Shichiro Uchida
He was no longer in charge and some of his privileges were revoked but he still carried the air of a competent leader around him. After all was said and done, he realized two and a half hours had passed while he was out and he figured it was time for him to go back to the room where he was cleaning up the foul undead from the church's property. Bidding his team farewell, he headed back to the room where the Bishop was in order to check out the process of the undead elimination. Upon his return, he had seen the process had gone a lot faster than he anticipated and it was done without a single complication that he secretly feared. It seems they relaxed themselves by doing some breathing exercises and pacing the amount of mana they used when using spells nd abilities. Unfortunately, even though the undead had been disarmed and drained of the their essence, Shichiro still couldn't successfully deal damage to it with his most powerful breaking spell which was quite curious indeed. The image of the barrier was still there although it was quite faded but at least it couldn't be used a second time without recreating the seal a second time. Well, as far as he could tell, everything was fine from here on out and he was free to go. It seems as if there's nothing else that can be done at this point in time so he wouldn't dwell upon it for the most part. Just in case, he figured he'd keep the evil sealing mantra the church had given him on hand, just to be safe. After all was said and done, Shichiro had told the bishop he was free to go. If they didn't need an escort back to the large cathedral, they were welcomed to go back on their own as he still had things to finish up here.


#3Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath [NQ/Solo] Empty on Thu Dec 17, 2020 12:25 am

Shichiro Uchida
Before going back to the church however, Shichiro figured he'd take a bit of a break and head to the pub in order to get hismelf a drink. By the time he got to the pub, it was midday and not much has changed in the way of scenery all things considered. It was still quite green but at least the sun came out from behind the clouds giving a slightly brighter perspective of shichiro's surroundings. He walked a path that was supposed to lead him to his next assignment. If he was checking his list right, he would see the next assignment would involve delving into a crypt and exorcising spirits and such. This was a very important job to do and he had to get it done in time for the future assignment. He already knew what it was and where it was located but that wasn’t the point. The point was he was to help with the local exorcists as soon as possible because the town was expecting a bunch of wealthy tourists to appear for vacation and didn't exactly like the idea of potential evil spirits lingering around. Even though the village had an irrefutable reputation because of their past ties to a dark guild called Phantom Lord, it still manages to attract a few wealthy tourists here and there and still generates a good portion of the town's income. Recently a bridge has withered down and degraded as time went by and once every so often and it was up to mages and adventures alike to help repair that said bridge. It wasn’t a bad job and the payment was pretty good despite some hard work here and there. Well, now that he's got the missive for it, it was time for him to head straight to where he needed to go, or so he was led to believe.


#4Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath [NQ/Solo] Empty on Thu Dec 17, 2020 12:26 am

Shichiro Uchida
Leaving the pub, he figured he'd make his way back to the church now that he was refreshed and relaxed in order to go and do his job properly. He hoped this wouldn't go anything last last time where he had acidic ooze on his fur when he transformed that nearly melted way at his flesh. Entering the church once more, Shichiro made his way through the sea of long wooden chairs, up to the podium where the hidden trap door lies. He's lost count of how many times he's been in and out of this thing and it never ceases to amaze him how unsettling it is to go through it time and time again. Well, there was no point in complaining about it now as he already accepted the job and was gonna get the appropriate compensation for it. Giving a slight sigh, he wondered if this was all he was going to amount to in his life as he pondered about doing great things. Sure, he was a bit renown in certain parts of Fiore but nothing that made him feel like he truly stands out. Maybe if he continued to put in the work, save a few lives here and there and catch some petty criminals, somebody would hear of his name and allow him to do the more fun stuff around the country. It was his original goal when he first joined the Rune Knights and he wasn't about to give up on now because of a little snag in the road. For now, he'd take a deep breath and continue on his quest of clearing out the lingering undead down below the church in the crypts of oak. Walking down the stairs of the trapdoor, Shichiro tucked his hands into his pockets as he walked down the deep stairwell he had entered.


#5Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath [NQ/Solo] Empty on Thu Dec 17, 2020 12:26 am

Shichiro Uchida
It was pretty dark, or would be for most people. Luckily for Shichiro, his night vision worked just fine and he could determine at what point of the stairwell he was at all times. As he walked, he remembered the time Erebus was giving him the run down to hunting ghosts and the history of this crypt when he first started out on this particular task. According to him, people who have died in wars through the ages and ancient civilizations which settled this region were buried here, even before our Oak Town was even founded. The history lesson was nice and all but that's not the part he was really looking forward to. He, more or less, wanted to know how to take down evil spirits, possibly without the use of magic, trying to find whatever item it was tied to or fulfilling its last rites. Well, maybe he was being a bit too hopeful so he just continued to listen to the drivel coming from his previous partner's mouth. This was apparently one of the biggest graveyards in all of Fiore, or speculated to be. Which drives another question, why would anybody want to settle over a massive graveyard anyway? Maybe it was just a town secret only the highest of officials and mages could know about in Oak town. Well, he probably meets one of those requirements considering he was sent on this mission as one of the participants. Thinking back, Shichiro remembers an area in the Sieghart mountains called No Man's Land which was basically an arid, desert-like region. The desert consists of red sand and large chunks of wine red earth. Not only was the terrain difficult to traverse, but it also gave the feeling of exhaustion. The real truth behind the lands however was where werewolf and werewolf kin buried their fallen after a hunt goes wrong or when skirmishes with humans went wayward.

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#6Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath [NQ/Solo] Empty on Thu Dec 17, 2020 12:27 am

Shichiro Uchida
He sort of feels for them but alas, now wasn't the time to think of such thoughts. Around ten in depth, he had reached solid ground to which a lone torch lit his way. Shichiro was almost convinced the man might have been a creature himself back then with how long they've been walking in the dark. Either way, he could now see better with the aid of light from the torch. There was an old, wooden door in front of him and he proceeded to open it, peering inside of what could possibly be lying in wait. A few rows of corpses could be seen, with yet another stairwell at the epicenter of the room, with a large sarcophagus pushed over to reveal an even deeper stairwell. Shrugging his shoulders, Shichiro let out a, 'Meh' sounding sigh as he walked further into the graveyard. Walking around the area, he could now pick up on the sounds of whispering. As they traversed further and further, the whispering had soon quickly become wailing of sorts, angry shouting and screaming. At first it was off putting but later on it just became mildly annoying as they continued to travel downward. The surroundings had also begun to change as they walked, no longer being a flat, dirt path but now a more rocky and cavernous like appearance had begun to take form. This wouldn't be a bad place to hang out if it wasn't for the stench of rot and the fact this was a graveyard. Around this point in time, he remembered being told a story once upon a time. A story about something called the tree life. Listening to it, he was told about three worlds, one guarded by a bird which was presumably a god. The earth land which he assumed was the realm the pair are currently inhabiting and the underworld where a serpent had managed entities that do not belong in the earth land. He went back to his room to clean himself up, check himself for wounds and grab a bite to eat from the diner right under the inn he was staying in. He decided to get something cheap but filling so he can feel full without breaking his wallet. He would also liked to have something along the lines of soup with a lot of meat in it. He knew what he wanted now, he decided to order a large pork cutlet bowl of ramen with extra cutlets in it and enjoy it.



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