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No Stone Unturned [Quest][Solo]

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As Mikajia was wandering the streets of Baska, he was greeted with a somewhat familiar face; a thuggish man across the street managed to get his attention with a simple wave. Upon further inspection, he recollected seeing the man when he had previously worked for a man named Mattoro. He was one of the guys working directly under him. After Mikajia wandered over, the man quickly relayed the information to him about the reason behind him appearing there.

Mattoro was ready for the next step of his revenge, and he was asking Mikajia for his help again. This wasn’t completely unexpected. In fact, he knew he would be hearing from Mattoro again, he just didn’t expect it to be so soon. Mikajia agreed to go along with the man and hear what Mattoro had to say.

The meeting with Mattoro was simple and to the point. He was ready to target the contractors that were at fault for the death of his friends. There were three contractors in all that were involved in the incident, but unfortunately Mattoro had only ever seen one of them. He knew the three contractors frequented Baska individually, but there was also one day that they would all three be in one location, and that was four days from this meeting.

Mattoro needed Mikajia to track down all three of the contractors and get solid descriptions of their features and their names. Once he had that information, he was to return to Mattoro. Simple enough. He already had a simple description of one of the contractors, all he needed to do was track this man down and keep an eye on him.

Eventually, he would lead Mikajia to the other two. The description of the first man wasn’t the greatest, but it was just enough for Mikajia to catch a glimpse of someone he thought to be his target, entering Baska and wearing a very nice black suit.

Upon following the man for a while, at a safe distance, he discovered he was in fact one of the contractors, and that his name was Kalaus. The man appeared not to have a care in the world, simply wandering the streets, visiting stall after stall, seemingly at peace with the world. It was easy to keep his eye on Kalaus, never letting the man leave his sight any longer than absolutely necessary, especially seeing as Kalaus didn’t really appear to be in any kind of hurry, or concerned with being out in the open like this. You’d think, considering he had been directly responsible for the death of many miners, that he’d take his safety a bit more seriously. But whatever, easier for him.

The next few days passed by quickly enough, and before he knew it, Mikajia was following the man to the meeting place that Mattoro had told him about. It was a decent sized two-story building with windows all around. Mikajia watched from the outside as Kalaus entered the building, then proceeded up the stairs just inside the windows, up to the second floor.

It was easy enough for Mikajia to slip in unnoticed. This wasn’t a private building, it appeared to be some kind of small corporate building. That meant there were plenty of people; many coming and going. He entered the building with no problems, then proceeded up the same stairs he’d seen Kalaus use. Once at the second level, he saw many cubicles and offices littering the second floor. And straight ahead, he saw Kalaus inside a spacious office, sitting at a large table with two other men. Mikajia knew these men had to be the other contractors.

Over the next couple hours, Mikajia would locate a man of similar stature to himself and take his clothes, after knocking him out in the bathroom and leaving him in one of the stalls. He could then make his way into the office, pretending to be one of the employees and offer the men some drinks. During that time, he could then learn the other two names, Giroud and Frankan.

With the information gathered, and sure he could accurately describe the men, Mikajia would be on his way. Another couple hours after leaving the building, Mikajia would find himself back in the small abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Baska. There he would relay the information he’d gathered to a very pleased Mattoro. Mattoro then pulled out a magical item that apparently let him reconstruct images of whatever is described, so long as it’s in proper detail. What Mikajia saw before him after the description was given, was three perfect replicas of the heads of Kalaus, Giroud and Frankan.

With a crooked grin, Mattoro then turned and nodded to Mikajia, handing him his payment. He had no doubt whatsoever that he would be getting called on again soon by this man.

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No Stone Unturned [Quest][Solo] Maxresdefault

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