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Heist Disguise [Quest][Solo]

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‘This is so cliché.’ Mikajia thought after leaving a darkened alleyway, fresh from receiving his newest orders for the request he’d recently picked up. Petty thievery, that’s what he was resorting to right now. But money was money, and he couldn’t really afford to be all that picky right now. But also, with it being such a simple request, he was sure it would end very quickly, and then he might hopefully find a much more entertaining request. For now, he just focused on finding the items his client, Neal, had told him to find and steal.

He wandered out of the alley and into a bustling street filled with merchants and stands, littered with various items and nick-nacks, ranging from questionable quality and authenticity, to extravagant and luxurious. As he wandered down the street, he took careful note of the items available at each stall. Naturally he wouldn’t want to try and steal all the items from just one stall, that was bound to draw too much attention.

Thankfully, it worked out that way anyways. From what he could tell, he would need to approach a number of stands to get the items he needed.
The first two items, a mask and a hat, he nicked from a small, nondescript stand. The merchant had a rather eclectic mixture of items available for purchase. He didn’t really know how he would classify the man’s assortment of items, there seemed to be no real theme and the longer he looked, the more he found. It was easy enough to grab the relatively small items without being noticed, the crowd definitely working in his favor.

Next, he needed the cloak. There was only one stall that possessed any cloaks from what he’d gathered in his earlier search. Mikajia waited for a group of noisy tourists to pass the stall by, melding in with the group, he quickly snatched the cloak off a hook as they passed by, rolling it up and placing it under his arms. The fourth item, an all-black track suit, was folded up nicely on a stall two down from the one he’d just stolen from.

Mikajia weaved amongst the people wandering through the street, lithely making his way towards the stand. Without skipping a beat or faltering in his steps, Mikajia seamlessly procured the track suit unnoticed and continued on his way. Now for the final item, a pair of shoes. While casually striding towards the last stall, he put the suit in his backpack, along with the other items. It was easy enough to grab the shoes as he passed by and place them in the backpack as well.

He almost chuckled, thinking how easily he’d taken these items without anyone noticing, however, he quickly found out he’d not been as sneaky as he thought. Apparently, someone had spotted him a couple times and informed a passing Rune Knight. The man approached and informed him of what he’d been told, then asked to see the contents of his backpack.

Without hesitation, Mikajia kicked the man in the balls before quickly sprinting away and turning down a nearby alleyway. It wasn’t long before he knew he was out of sight, and free of any further pursuers. Once he was sure the coast was clear, Mikajia made his way back to Neal, handed over the backpack, accepted his reward and was on his way. At least this quest ended with a bit of excitement.

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Heist Disguise [Quest][Solo] Maxresdefault

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