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Lantern Gathers Old Souls Together.(Kuri.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Lantern Gathers Old Souls Together.(Kuri.) Empty Tue Dec 15, 2020 2:00 pm

Judith Karlinius
The one to call the meeting here, Judith wanted to make things right in her view, She wanted things to be happy again, She wanted missed on person now that her anger had passed, Judith just realizing that things had happen in life she had to deal with it and be happy about what had become of this life. Judith had realize she was grateful for what this life had become for her currently. Even if Regis had gone the path he had, Waylon might be hiding away but he was alive and happy, Judina was a notable figure in life, Judith realize she should be proud.

So Judith would call this meeting, To finally just put to piece and admit she was wrong to being mad as she was, So she had figure out how to get a letter to whom she was going to meet here, Judith came alone, They would meet under the Lantern's light of Hinoki theater, She had sound a nice spot to sit.

She was just now waiting. Neither of them in rush this day. after all they where both busy people and Judith knew that was life.

So what did she do at the meeting place while she was alone and waiting. Looking around checking if it was just her or not Judith felt like the best way to pass the time was best by, Well dancing. Singing she always did so casually, she had not danced in a while.

The steps in ballroom dancing where something Judith did always enjoy, it just would not feel right doing it alone, she normally has her husband to at least talk into actually dancing with her.

Nonetheless she would just pretend she had a partner with her and dance her parts alone, all of the twirls, the spins and the even the ending the spins on one leg that would lead into Judith arcing back and on one foot like she had just final a part standing in place with her mind in the cloud like she was dancing with some one.


Lantern Gathers Old Souls Together.(Kuri.) Empty Thu Dec 17, 2020 4:01 pm


Oh, the theater, a place of art that reveals so many truths and so many lies. Kurisa kept this place in shape due to the fact that her son owns the place. No one is allowed to touch here - not even her guild when it comes to destruction. Slowly, she fanned herself as she walked in with her flat thin satin silk shoes grazing against the floor. Her black-brown hair flowed as the strands put up with ornaments and pins bounced. The woman wore a red dress with loose sleeves with the colors of gold and pink. Some designs had some swirls of white and black as it complimented the colors.

Who she expected to see tonight was rather normal as many people were happy to dance at this little party. Who the party was for was questioning, but in the end, it didn't matter. As long as it didn't end up like the last party. Her eyes searched to see who was all here till she saw the one person she expected. She fanned herself with her golden and red feather fan as she approached Judith slowly. "Well sister, it's nice to see you again." She chuckled with a smile. "Just here for the dancing or perhaps even the food?" she wondered curiously as Kuri gazed towards the food and alcohol. Oh, how she loved it that every time she meets someone there was always alcohol and food.

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#3Judith Karlinius 

Lantern Gathers Old Souls Together.(Kuri.) Empty Fri Dec 18, 2020 5:39 pm

Judith Karlinius
When Judith started to gathering a crowd watching her dancing she just stopped, completely stopped, After Judith was just dancing to herself to pass the time and now the moment was gone. It was so quick that Judith returned to a normal standing position"At this point now, Is food and or drink."Maybe Judith was shy at realizing she was getting a crowd with her arrival?

Or was everything else upon why they where here a bit more important to Judith to solve."I am not here to be been for my dancing, I am here to talk to you."Then gain She had the letter so that was the entire point, Was whatever crowd here and gather now disappointed? even if they were Judith would not really care.

Judith did seem a bit more like she had a goal in mind in which she was trying to achieve that day which was something seemingly noted with in her actions."I also just like the lanterns here..."Judith mentioning an object she like just as she was just went for stuck on a point like she was trying to get right to business and now she was stuck in the beauty of lights from an object, it was almost to be slightly expected from her, But she just simply took the lantern that interest her.


Lantern Gathers Old Souls Together.(Kuri.) Empty Fri Dec 18, 2020 7:52 pm


She looked around silently as her brown and blue eyes mirrored the place. "My son's place is always so well kept." she softly said with a smile. 'It better stay well kept...' her inner darker thought spoke. She fanned herself and nodded to Judith for her to follow. "Then let us walk around and enjoy the beauty together." She replied to her. She ignored everyone else and waited till they were further away from them. "So tell me what you have been up to so far?" She crossed her arms against her chest with her fan now just folded into her hand.

Her brown-black hair stayed still as the wind was silent tonight. The place was lit up like a Christmas tree as it was Christmas soon. Her eyes cornered to look at Judith who was now on the porch that was made out of a rich type of wood. She was curious if she knew anything about Judina or her guild in general since a lot has now happened. She had a list of things that she had to get done herself and yet she was here socializing with people around her, catching up even before she finishes off her huge trip to Joya. After she was done she will most likely comment on the things Judith will say.

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#5Judith Karlinius 

Lantern Gathers Old Souls Together.(Kuri.) Empty Sun Dec 20, 2020 2:58 am

Judith Karlinius
Her sons place? It seemed there was always more then what was in front of her, something expected by Judith, but it was still taken care of nicely."I guess I am not super shocked it is well taken care of considering what I know now."So she would keep in  her mind, It would not exactly what she figured to know right away. Small world it seems.

So they would explore this place, with questions that was just generally was more of a life update if Judith was actually thinking about it, She really needed to stop being a space case."I am still trying to understand this place, After all it is vastly different than anything I remember."Then again information to her seemed to be limited to this current body of hers, The rest of it still seemed locked or some how not connected quite yet.

So what was her life was like now days?"Not a lot of changes side from the happenings of the world around us, I generally has lost track of my children but that is nothing new."So that was one of her wonders revealed,Kuri's plans for Judina whatever they where,were not known to Judith."That is nothing new. I at least still seem content with my husband, Alice and her children around..I just need to maybe look for them again eventually."They were talking normally, Judith seemed normal again like whatever was bugging her, has pasted her mind."Everything is just normal at the moment, not busy which i enjoy, how are things for you?"


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Kuri walked with her sister quietly while others played around with their little games. Adults liked playing games when it came to nobles and the like. It will either end up with someone dead, cheating on someone, or even just in medical care. Nothing seemed to be going on in Judith's life, it was peaceful. 'Good.' Ana spoke ghostly as her shadow was looming over Kuri. No one was able to see her besides Kuri herself. A peaceful life till death was all she wanted for Judith since Judina will most likely take her place now. After all the things she had the woman do, it was what she deserved. Peaceful happy life and finally to rest in peace when the day came.

"A lot actually. I feel like my life has been quite much like a series compared to yours." She jested. Her eyes gazed at the nature that was dead till spring. "I adopted and made someone my son. The two girls need more family. He's now in the Rune Knights and well known. Very proud of him." she gave a light smile. Her eyes cornered to Judith with her own hands behind her own back. "I met a few people from your guild, you know. Jolyne and Kazimir...". The thought of the man who made her wonder something.

"Do you know anything about Kazimir that I should know?" She asked seriously. Her mouth became dry at the thought of what happened yesterday. Her eyes blinked in confusement as she was not sure what more to say. She had to know if she should watch out for something or truly follow how she has been feeling, to trust the man. With her own past, she really had a hard time doing so, but she still wanted to. These feelings just wouldn't go away. If it did not go any further then perhaps she should just give up after all.

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#7Judith Karlinius 

Lantern Gathers Old Souls Together.(Kuri.) Empty Wed Dec 23, 2020 1:24 pm

Judith Karlinius
So far Judith would think this was all going well, Not a single worry in her mind seemed to linger. Then again she had no idea up until this day what exactly was happening in her sister's life. Then again Judith could admit she was at a stage of life she wanted too, not knowing what her mind had locked away, Judith was clueless what entirely all her mind had forgotten, Just seemed good this way, Was it worth making her remember all of it all over again? If so was it something actually planned and would it be worth it?

The expanded part of learning Judith seemed to settle in place and sit to listen by making a large leaf for her to sit on and listen. After all Judith did kind of just find a place alone to talk like they where now."Oh a Rune knight and two sons?" interesting to hear of..I wonder what the Rune knight's name is."Judith mentioned in passing since she was curious, Just would not force it out of Kuri, Since it was up to her to open up if she wanted too, Judith had nothing to hide so she would freely talk.

So she knew two of her guild members."I can say, meeting a Lich that won't break my leg is wonderful and relieving, She seems like a well mannered and of good intentions."Judith liked Jolyne and seemed to be delighted to talk about her.

But they moved onto Kazimir."Oh Kazimir? I do not know what all you need to know about it, He is a good man with following the right and logical path he feels right to do, Which is something I can feel is paved good intentions for everyone around him."It seemed blank and general, So far Judith just seemed to like him which seemed to be the main part, Even seeing a smile on her face about it."Any person is likely to have Kazimir in their life, A good ally to path with or lead some one with them."Was that the answer expected? Then again Judith might not think to dive into details.


Lantern Gathers Old Souls Together.(Kuri.) Empty Sat Dec 26, 2020 12:29 pm


Kuri coughed as she heard Judith talking about allying or leading as those were neither of the things she was thinking of. First she wanted to talk about her son, child and her two daughters, "No silly~ One son, the other is gender fluid so their gender is in the air. You already know my two daughters. Masami and Eta I have adopted and well... turned them into my children in a way." she first talked about. She leaned over the fence of the porch as her chest was squeezed against the wooden frame. Her eyes kept gazing off in the distance. "What about love? Romance..." She quietly spoke as her heart started to pound at the thought of the events that happened with him.

"I'm afraid Judith..." She whispers and her eyes slowly close. She trusted Judith enough to close her eyes, defenceless as she tried to think. "Countless times I have tried and failed... I want to know your judgment if you'd approve of him if it was an option for me to be with him." She turned her head to look at Judith with her brown and blue eyes. Kuri felt so lost as she had a family, and a father figure is what would make it complete. Complete for herself in her heart and soul and for the children she takes care of and loves.

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#9Judith Karlinius 

Lantern Gathers Old Souls Together.(Kuri.) Empty Sun Dec 27, 2020 12:35 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed so far pretty interesting to learn, to defy the boundaries of gender for one of them. Well at least Judith thought that was the case so far, It was an interesting thing to hear about."Ahh so that is the case, Interesting vastly different road than I have taken."Then again locked away Judith might have a vast interest in trying to understand how it all worked and the biological information behind it all.

It was now interesting Judith had kept what her conversation with Masami was like mostly because Judith tend to keep things to herself sometimes."Masami I have met before, Such an interesting and lively young man, He would be some one I would be proud to call a son."Judith would mention casually about just one name of the two. It was a nice conversation so far to Judith, as she slowly adjusted herself to be at an even level to Kuri just out of habit, signs of old self being far too use to being even or slightly taller then Kuri at some point, one of the few things she could admit she did miss of her old self that she remembered.

So she wanted to know of Kazimir for that romantic part."If you are chasing after the wind, You must be sure where to catch the current."Judith mentioned, What that exactly meant was for Kuri to try and guess."I would assume Kazimir would be a wonderful man to date, I have not a single clue what his love life is like."But she was trying to be nice and encouraging as always that was something past and present her would always do for Kuri."I would say go for him if you wish to attempt."Judith could see why Kazimir was a desirable person in terms of love.


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Kuri felt uneasy as the subject of love was surprisingly something she and Kazimir had in common. Their love life was always so fast to receive and fast to lose. Will that happen if they went for each other? Was it fate that the two found each other? The only difference was that she has lived many lives with a failure fortune of love. Her strands of hair waved against the wooden fence of the porch. The thought of being scared to get hurt again was getting to her. "I...I'm scared, sister. I don't think I can take another hit...if all fails. I think was so drunk that night with him that I don't remember what happened at the end. That or my mentality wanted to forget or maybe... I blacked out. I don't know." She blurted out with small tears falling out of her eyes and down to her cheek.

"What if I messed something up? What if my feelings get or were rejected that day? What if my emotions become too much for the man?" She chuckled, "You know how men are... most men run away from those sort of things." Her eyes lowered and opened halfly. "I worry for my children. That they won't have a father figure. That they'll turn out like me the other me." she whispered. Her head turned to Judith, "Maybe during our talk, I will slowly remember that night... and perhaps you will let me talk about it?" She wondered. It has been so long since she has had people to talk to about the things that were going on. Most of the people she ran into were men... a woman sometimes needs another woman to talk to.

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#11Judith Karlinius 

Lantern Gathers Old Souls Together.(Kuri.) Empty Tue Jan 05, 2021 4:37 pm

Judith Karlinius
The one to come to of all people, Judith always was delighted about these situation, What better to comfort then family, Then again Judith also could only give advise so far."To think, I was the scared one for the longest time."Which showed Judith's some one limit memory of so long a go recalled, She at least remember how she use to be in some manner.

Alas Judith still seemed to understand what exactly was going on here."The problem here, the only two ways to solve it."Drinking and such was never horrible but it also depended how much a person drank as well."Embrace your dear and flee from what you want to due out of that fear."Which something she could figure out is safe but progressed nothing to what Kuri wanted to achieve.

"Or embrace your desire, With or with out the liquid courage to press you forward."Judith was just being blunt about it, She did understand after all not everyone was a lucky as Judith and Anders being married for as long as they have."It is worrying, For that has been a struggle for your entire existence...."Judith would not seem to brag about her life, So far she seemed to be following her sister's worry, There was not fully guide nor did telling some one to suck up their fear would always be helpful to a person as well.

Judith just would simply say."Slip ups and mess ups are part of being what we are."She had to mention that to start with.It seemed Kuri was struggling with what all entirely Judith had been hiding in her mind for years.

With the mention of the worry for her children, Judith would finally let out."I often fear for my children as well."It just showed no matter what age the children might be at, A mother always worries for them.

But alas the main point Judith would bring up."The right man, no matter your emotional state, will be willing to stand with how you are emotionally."Would that be the advise Kuri needed? it was an interesting question, Nonetheless her sister was still willing to listen to her."Willing to let you talk about it, I did not realize I was in control."Judith laughed about it, in her lily pad for sitting in to even in height still with her sister, Judith seemed delighted to be around here and talking which was just her normal.


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She listened to her words carefully as she wondered if Judith has yet to figure out that she has been living different lives such as herself. Does she even realize that she was talking to a different Kurisa as she once was seen as Arisa? It was a novel to explain it all so she felt like letting Judith live a more peaceful life. As peaceful as it can be with all the stuff that has already happened. "I suppose you're right, but every time I do - because that is what I have been doing... it fucks up." She sighed and drew in the snow from earlier that day.

She realized that she had to finish something first before truly being comfortable with talking about everything. Maybe by then, she will remember all the details from her meeting with him. She sat up straight and turned to her sister. "We will have to have a talk like this some other time. I have an important dangerous mission to go on." She did not know how dangerous it was, but she had to travel. "I'll be gone and traveling to Joya for a month," she explained to her simply. "Hopefully, you are here when I get back. Then we can talk once more. Maybe over tea." She shrugged and gave a light smile before leaving.


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#13Judith Karlinius 

Lantern Gathers Old Souls Together.(Kuri.) Empty Thu Jan 07, 2021 4:19 pm

Judith Karlinius
Lingering worry, was a horrible thing. They both knew of that. It was just how humanity worked, How people worked, how fate worked. So many things worked different depending on each person. It was something that she realized in her fractured memories of her many life times."And it is the reality of being human and living to how fate chooses it be."Was Judith an interest well spring of wisdom? or only going as far as she could remember and experience in life? Maybe a bit of both.

"You might assume otherwise, But you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with desiring Kazimir."
Judith was at least encouraging Kuri still, Only because she seemed to what her to be happy and having the best life she could. Much like Judith seemed to be trying to achieve.

Just as it seemed they would be having nice a time she seemed to be leaving already. Not anything horrible about that it was just how things worked. Judith would not be bothered about it.

She would have not a worry on her face but still would mention."Do return alive,I do in fact still wish to see you around."Judith would mention, After all Kuri ever was gone it would just lessen Judith's wish to keep everything at peace.

Kuri, her husband and her children all keeping her mind in the straight and peaceful way, If anything happen to them all, Judith would most likely go mad. But that was just one of the many things locked with in the tiny body of Judith."Then I will see you upon your return, I wish your well."Judith leaving would leave not too long after these words since she would not hold up Kuri, She had something to be after all.


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