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Polluted Waters[Solo/Request]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Polluted Waters[Solo/Request] Empty Mon Dec 14, 2020 4:26 am

Shichiro Uchida
Bumming around the streets of Baska again, Shichiro had just completed the task of bring back the boar to the doctor's office so he could run some tests on it and find out the cause of the disease, maybe even find a vaccine if not a cure. When he brought the boar back to the doctor's office, the doctor had informed Shichiro the procedure might not take long and to stick round town for as long as he could. He didn't really have anything planned so he decided to bum around a tavern for a little while. Getting himself a drink, he figured he'd just wait it out for the results and hoped it wouldn't take days or he'd have to find himself an inn for the night or something. As soon as that thought crossed his mind, a messenger had appeared for him, delivering a letter for a 'Shichiro Uchida'. He couldn't tell how people kept finding him when he was hanging around. Either it was his fame or maybe the mail system was really good. Either way, this was the message he was waiting for and he decided to tear it open to see what was sent to him. Turns out the doctor had finished examining the boar and found the source of what was causing living creatures to go mad and to meet him in some alleyway. This felt a little off but whatever. Finishing his drink, Shichiro paid his tab before he went out in order to see what all the fuss was about. Exiting the tavern, the alleyway wasn't far from where he was and he got there in a matter of moments. When he arrived, he saw Gerard in normal clothing which was kind of odd to him as he's always met him dressed as a doctor.


#2Shichiro Uchida 

Polluted Waters[Solo/Request] Empty Mon Dec 14, 2020 4:27 am

Shichiro Uchida
Standing in the entrance of the alleyway, Shichiro looked at him wondering what was going on. Gerard then beckoned him to come a bit closer, obviously a bit spoked so Shichiro did just that. Walking into the alleyway, Gerard asked Shichiro if he'd heard about a gang called the Cold Collier's gang. Shichiro shook his head no and Gerard had looked round the area again as if he was being watched but couldn't pinpoint by who before explaining himself. According to Gerard, he explain that ever since they first made an impact on Baska, he has had a great deal of mistrust towards the Cold Collier's gang, as their leader harbors a great deal of resentment towards the city due to a mining accident years ago, in which many men died under a pretense of receiving a large sum of jewels when they finished. He's discovered the source of the plague originated at a water source, from which all of Baska's drinking water flows. After he was done with his little history lesson, he asked Shichiro to go to this water source, hidden deep inside a cave, and find out if the Cold Collier's are doing anything remotely suspicious and to then report back to him. He didn't want Shichiro to engage them or anything like that but to just observe their actions and whereabouts. Shichiro though, it was strange he could pinpoint the exact location of where the water came from but that's none of his business. With that, Shichiro had an objective in mind and so he started to head to this cave where the doctor was talking about where the source of their water had lie. Exiting town, Shichiro followed the directions he was given by his client and made his way towards a cave that had a large hidden spring deep inside of it.


#3Shichiro Uchida 

Polluted Waters[Solo/Request] Empty Mon Dec 14, 2020 4:28 am

Shichiro Uchida
Sneaking his way in, he decided to remain out of sight by the potential workers that may or may not still be around maintaining the place. Getting to the source of the town's water, Shichiro pondered at what he should do for the time being. Arriving at this, he figured the best thing for him to do was find a crevice to hide in and stay there until he figured it was time to leave. Well, let the waiting game begin. Finding a rock large enough for him to squeeze behind, Shichiro began to relax along the sides of the wall. Killing time was as easy as breathing for Shichiro as he was already lost in his thoughts, daydreaming of various fantasies he had written in his head. A sly smile had emerged on his face as he did so, thinking about what could be. What seemed like minutes, turned into hours and even Shichiro's patience ran thin. If he were more comfortable, he'd have been able to keep this up for a day or two but he wasn't. He could also feel his body going numb, squeezing behind a tight rock.

Before he could pull himself out, a duo of people came in with a bottle of strange contents, opening it and dumping it into the drinking water before going their merry way. Well, that was convenient for him as he pulled himself out from behind the rock, dusting off his clothing. Shichiro followed them the way they went out without raising suspicion and decided to head back to Baska as the request of his client only said to tail them to see if they were in fact the ones dumping in the water. He wasn't really sure if it was the gang he had mentioned but he would report his findings anyway. Making it back to town, he had hoped to find the client in the usual meeting spot but he wasn't currently present there. The doctor seemed pressed with being covert but he didn't really have time to wait for him and went to the clinic to find him. Locating him there, Shichiro pulled him aside after mentioning it was about the task he was sent to do. Informing the doctor of everything that transpired, he paused for a moment before nodding silently and giving Shichiro his payment. He didn't know what that was all about but he figured it wasn't his problem anymore, until somebody paid him for it to be his problem.



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