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Era to Hosenka [Flight Travel]

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

Era to Hosenka [Flight Travel] Empty on Sun Dec 13, 2020 5:44 pm

Günter Von Wolf

After Gunter and Kratos had enjoyed their lovely afternoon of fine wine and hookers, while Kratos had just finished eating a child from a sack, Gunter looks at Kratos and says "You know where I miss hanging out? The Crimson Quarter. What do you say, bud, wanna take a trip back to Hosenka? I do still gotta kill Yomu." Kratos who was picking his teeth with a child's leg bone, says "Alright, I guess I can go on a diet for a few days so I can finally munch on Yomu ass."

With that, Gunter and Kratos start packing up the essentials. Gunter, who had just bought a nice, fancy black suit, and a couple cases of cigars and wine, loads that onto his Leviat. Kratos, he gets his essentials in the form of going next door and throwing a couple of twins into a sack while knocking out the father. He, like Krampus, carries that drooping, screaming burlap sack over to the Leviat and says "Alright bud, I'm ready to eat on the road. One of them was a little chunky too. Appetizer then a meal. Oh, this one other guy I went to eat food from made the best fucking tacos. Name's Sal. You should meet him some time."

With that, Gunter says "I do like a man of culinary arts. Perhaps one day I'll meet this Sal."

With that, they hop on the Leviat and they're on their way to Hosenka.

[Exit to Hosenka]

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