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NQ Tournament Arc [B][Mikajia][Joshua]

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NQ Tournament Arc [B][Mikajia][Joshua] Empty Sun Dec 13, 2020 12:09 am

He read the paper once more, making sure he’d arrived at the right location. He had heard of the Great Baska Rock during his time in Oak, but never actually made his way here before. From what he had been told it was a popular location for the locals, to hold tournaments. The tournament’s contenders were about as diverse a group as you could ask for. An ex-Rune Knight could be found here just as easily as an ignorant child, in way over their head.

Death was a frequent result of these fights. Though not the goal of this tournament, killing was the easiest path to victory. Mikajia wasn’t concerned with ethics, he just needed to know how seriously he would need to take his upcoming fights.

He had been approached fairly recently with a rather peculiar request. The man he’d spoken to informed him that his client was seeking a capable mage to employ for an upcoming tournament. Long story short, the client’s son had taken part in this tournament and died. The boy was a mere teenager; deluded by his own illusions of grandeur and arrogance. He fell quickly to the tournament’s current reigning champion: The Mad Angel.

WC = 200/1500

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