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What's Mine is Mine (Esperia S-rank NQ)

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What's Mine is Mine (Esperia S-rank NQ) Empty Fri Dec 11, 2020 11:21 pm


It all began with a simple rumor: There was something odd going on in the Dawncliff  Mine.

Most would pay little attention to such rumor, at best some adventurers would end up investigating the mine to find out who or what was the source of the rumor, and if it proved to be too dangerous it was only a matter of time until the Sentinel Syndicate would send in some of their members to clean up the mess. However, on this particular day, Esperia found herself intrigued by the rumor for recent events had told her that there was more to the Dawncliff Mine than most people were aware of. It was for that reason she had chosen to take the trip from the floating castle that the syndicate called their home, all the way down along the mountain toward the town of Rush Valley.

While officially she was simply getting a report on the latest exploits of the miners within the Dawncliff Mine, the true reason was that she had decided to venture to the mine to seek out the truth behind the rumors.

After her arrival at the town the first thing Esperia noticed was that there was more to the rumor than it seemed to be, for the sheer amount of people who were talking about it made it almost sound like a popular urban myth.

Deep within the Dawncliff Mine the miners had found an underground chamber of sorts, yet no matter what they tried, or the sheer amount of effort they made, they couldn't enter the chamber. But that wasn't the most mysterious thing, while from a distance one could see the entrance to the chamber, any attempt to enter it would lead to the person to find the chamber to disappear, instead leaving them in a spacious underground cavern.



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Of course such a rumor was inressistable for Esperia who was fascinated with the unknown and so after getting the directions toward the chamber from some of the miners who had returned to Rush Valley Esperia made her way up the mountain.

It was a short trip, courtesy of her starting to know just exactly which route to take after the countless trips she had made to the mine in the past. In all honesty, even now she found her mind drifting to the thoughts of what sort of mystery she would find in the chamber. It was not a matter of whether she would be able to enter the chamber or not, rather it was the question of when she would be able to gain access to it. As such, once she entered the Dawncliff Mine Esperia quickly noticed the usual hustle and bustle of the mine's workers had intensified. Not only were there some of the older miners still hard at work, tending to their work, some even going as far as mumbling about how the younglings had grown obsessed with this new 'spectacle' in the mine.

Nonetheless, they were not the only ones there, as Esperia spotted foreign faces among the people, adventurers who had no doubt heard the rumor in Rush Valley and went to investigate it themselves, but as she conversed with them it appeared that none had been able to enter the chamber as of now. Most curious, was it simply the defensive measures in place by the creator of the chamber? Or was it something else? It didn't matter, soon she would be able to see for herself.

Arriving at the section of the mine where several miners and adventurers alike were observing the attempts of others to enter the chamber, the first thing Esperia noticed from their efforts was that some type of teleportation magic had forced those people to relocate elsewhere, but would a magical spell to counter this teleportation be enough? Only one way to find out!

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Taking a deep breath Esperia's grip on Morrigan's staff tightened, yet as she stepped forward it was neither spell nor trap that activated, no instead Esperia heard something, a masculine voice calling out to her.

"Approach Seeker of Truths." The voice beckoned her, and to her surprise, as Esperia stepped forward she could enter the chamber, but as soon as she stepped inside it, the entrance seemed to shift and distort, to her surprise but soon her attention was drawn back toward the voice that beckoned her.

"Long have I awaited your arrival, across time... across space... across dimensions."

As the voice spoke Esperia noticed how the chamber had changed, a peculiar thing to say the least, but nonetheless she remained focused on the ethereal voice.

"Who are you? Or rather where are you?" Esperia inquired, yet the voice replied with a soft sigh. "Patience was a virtue you always struggled with, didn't you Esperia?"

As the surroundings seemed to start to materialize Esperia noticed that she was in a familiar place, it was one of the chambers of the Sentinel Syndicate that she was quite fond of, mostly since so few knew how to find it, but the most curious thing was the sight of the person.

Standing in front of her was a man, a nostalgic sight for sure, his golden hand wrapped by bandages and the power of the Millennium Eye gazing sharply at her. "I'm disappointed to see that you were able to regain your true form." The man's expression twisted in a frown. "Seriously, that's the first thing you tell me after all those years?" Yet Esperia merely chuckled. "What can I say~ You knew what you signed up for when you asked a lesbian to be your right hand~" Yet after a brief sigh the man smiled at her. "It's good to see you again Esperia." To which the silver-haired witch mused softly. "Likewise Kon~ But something tells me that you're not the Kon I know since I talked to you last night."

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Kon nodded his head firmly in response to her statement. "Indeed, nor is this the Earthland you call home, this is a place between time and space, between dimensions, and yet it won't last long either." While for most the words spoken would make little sense, to one like Esperia the explanation did ample, making her understand that it was a place similar to Kamui, a place where past, present and future would connect and yet it was separated from all those. But how? Kon never wielded such power in the past.

"Are you implying that you're from the future?" The question made the man nod his head faintly. "A future where the events you warned me off became the harsh reality. Despite our efforts, it was an inevitable defeat, we were no match for Nacht and its servants. When the Eternal Nightmare became a reality, not even the fractured factions could do anything to oppose them, and even the strongest champions fell."

So it was true, a future where they remained divided would surely lead to the Eternal Nightmare. But wasn't that why she had started making plans to counter that threat? "Not even you could stop them, you tried... truly you did more than anyone could have asked of you Esperia, and that became your downfall."

Esperia went quiet, to know that no matter what she did, the Eternal Nightmare had come to pass. "During your last days you asked me to consume your Lacrima, so I could send you a warning, and a gift, and so I will accept that last request of yours."

The man stepped forward, and for a moment Esperia felt intimidated, not by his presence but by doubts of what she could do, the concern that no matter what she did, Nacht would still happen.

The man reached with his hand toward her face, and the moment his golden hand was in front of her, the last thing she recalled was seeing his Millennium Eye glowing faintly, upon which a sharp pained coursed through her being and Esperia's legs gave away, collapsing forward on her knees as she screamed in pain.

"I leave the rest in 'your' hands"

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Was she still in that space? In that room, or did she get trapped in a dream within her subconscious? When did dreams cease to be and turn into reality? However, there was no rest for the wicked

"I fight for myself alone..."

Esperia could hear a voice muttering softly, making Esperia's vision turn back to normal, although she felt different, disorientated, and oddly enough Kon was not there either, no... Instead it felt like she was looking at herself, in a mirror perhaps although she could see some differences, like the right eye of her reflection was replaced by the Millennium Eye itself. A soft groan of pain escaped her body as she climbed onto her feet, her reflection staring down calmly at her.

"There is no other reason to fight." Esperia was about to protest, and yet the reflection continued. "If your true desire is to never hurt an innocent person, then by all means do as you wish. It's up to you."

To never hurt an innocent person, to be able to gain the strength to save everyone, wasn't that why she was trying to become stronger? To become 'Morrigan'? "But be careful!"

Her thoughts were interrupted as she watched her reflection looking sorrowfully at her. "Be certain that it is YOUR wish, and not anyone else's."

Esperia gasped softly, her gaze looking down at her own hands. This was her wish, right? Not that of HER, not that of anyone trying to expect something from her.

"Know that if you fight of your own free will, any resulting consequences, sins and punishments will be of your own making."

The reflection nodded her head lightly. "Bearing that comes with that decision. However, if that desire was borrowed from another person? Then the ideals you claim are but a mere fantasy!"

Was that truly the case? Was her ideal, her ambitions were they truly just some childish and naive dreams?

"There must be a reason for fighting, but that reason must NEVER be an ideal."

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The reflection had gone silent, closing her eyes as Esperia thought about it, her recent efforts to impersonate HER, the desire to save the world as some sort of divine champion, was it truly her desire, or just a borrowed ideal?

"If you fight for ideals, then you will only ever be able to save ideals."

Why? Why did she find herself unable to retaliate? "That's all. You won't be able to help anyone like this, a desire to save someone or something stands out as a reason to fight, to struggle. Or at least it does for you... Right, Esperia?"

The reflection merely shook her head. "Salvation at the hands of another is never true. Such salvation is like a currency. When used it is passed onto another. It's indeed true that your wish to save others can probably be achieved. But in doing so you must give up all hope in saving yourself."

Esperia averted her gaze, gritting her teeth in frustration. "You will chase your ideals, all the way until it ends up destroying you. And that is why the ideals you hold so dearly, are meaningless."

Yet Esperia finally spoke: "Then why! Why did you help Kon? Then why did you help me?!" But her reflection only continued to speak in the same cold tone as before. "Trying to become a savior is meaningless, you will neither be able to help others, or save yourself. That future you dream of is an illusion."

Esperia shook her head in defiance. "But I- I can't know without trying!"

Yet a firm step forwards was made by the reflection: "Wake up to reality Esperia! Nothing ever goes as planned within this accursed world! The longer you live, the more you will realize this harsh truth: There is only pain, suffering and the futility of those who oppose it."

The reflection went silent, a firm shake of her head following. "Everywhere you look within this world: wherever there is light, there will always be shadows to be found as well. As long as there is a concept of victors, the vanquished will also exist. The desire to save others, breeds conflict, and hatred is born to protect love, you can't expect to become a savior in this accursed world."

Esperia raised her hands to her reflection, grabbing her arms firmly as she shook her lightly. "Then what do I do?!" To which the reflection merely smiled at her. "Think for yourself, fight for yourself, throw aside those borrowed notions of others, you were never meant to be a hero or a savior. Pursue your own desire, continue to reach for that power so that you always be among the victors. Only then can you save yourself."

Only then...

"Can you truly become Morrigan."

As the words escaped her lips Esperia found herself outside the entrance of the Dawncliff Mine, a hand raised for her face, feeling the cold touch of the Millennium Eye where once her right eye had been.

It was the harsh reality: She was no savior, not the hero this world desired or needed. And yet, if she wanted to save herself she needed power, she needed to scheme and trick to reach that peak where humanity would transcend, and beyond there Morrigan would be waiting for her.

But for that to succeed she would first need to figure out how to deal with the matter of Tomoe and Odin, and yet little did Esperia knew there were others who had set in motion their plans, plans that would well and truly change her entire perspective of the future ahead of her.

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