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A fated Meeting [Kazimir]

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#26Kazimir Seiryu 

A fated Meeting [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 09, 2021 5:22 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He smiled seeing the rush of pink that colored her cheeks. As her hand caressed his face, his smile turned to a bit of surprise. His heart beat with confusion. her kiss made his mouth run dry yet again, and he leaned into the feeling. Definitely not how he thought this day would turn out but he was happy for the change of circumstance and interested to see how it would all unfold.  

"I'll be here," he smiled back as she walked away. His mind went back to the thought of them having an official date. he smiled a bit more with a brisk laugh at how nervous her kiss made him when he just drained her blood on the Ferris wheel.

"Oh," he jumped at her sudden appearance. She looked exactly the same. he half expected the projection to phase in and out but it was like she was really there. "I think I can hold my own," he joked back about her hesitation in dating. "But really. We both have a bit of a sorted past. But I'll admit there is a lot of confusion around yours. But it isn't something that drives me away. If anything it just makes me more curious to know you more." She did have a confusing history when it came to time and her existence. But he felt she was a good person and that's what mattered more to him. It was the murder on his own hands that he felt may be a dark turn in their conversation if it were ever to come up.

He fidgeted with his robe, not really knowing how to respond to the flattery she exposed to him about being by his side. "I promise it's just as much a privilege for me."

"No, I don't find it desperate. Simply flattering that you would think of me so. And I am very interested in seeing where this goes. I'm glad you brought it up first. I may have been too nervous too," he said. He stepped beside her and reached for her hand, then quickly stopped and put that same hand on the back of his head with a laugh, "Oh yeah. I almost forget. A projection."

He began to think of what their next stop could be. Something that could accommodate both of them when she brought up an option. "A boat trip? Well, that is a surprise. If you already have something planned then I'll accompany you if you'd like." If not, he could always suggest a simple walk through the town of stars and lights.

"You'll have to bear with me though. I can move fast but not as fast as a projection," he teased and would go along with her for the boat trip.


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She smiled at him as he seemed rather interested as much as her. She felt as if she should take this slow even though her heart wants the ride to go fast. Kurisa will see how this goes first before taking things even further as her next date will be a test. "I'm glad, Kazimir that you believe so." She softly spoke while walking beside him. She walked in the direction, leading him to where she wishes to meet next time they will see each other. It will be right after her trip from Joya, about a week at most.

"So I was rethinking something." She gazed away with a light genuine smile. "I wish for you to come back to this location in exactly a week from now at about eight o'clock at night." She stopped at the entrance of the escorting boat that leads to an unknown trail. "I wish to do this in person as this trial means a lot to me.~" She wished she could hold his hand once more, but she was already gone. It will be worth it or so she was hoping. "I hope to see you.~" She will send him a letter with a map to locate this exact location just in case he forgets how to get here. She walked behind him and then disappeared as she forbid herself to say any goodbyes.


#28Kazimir Seiryu 

A fated Meeting [Kazimir] - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 10, 2021 9:33 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Her soft words were always easy on his ears. They stopped at the dock of a boat. He looked the vessel up and down, wondering what sort of trip this was to be. "yes," he asked and turned to face the projection she had sent. he saw the faint glimmer of a smile pull at her cheeks. he crossed his arms with his own smile at the very specific request. "I see. Already asking me to stick around for days on end and return to you," he joked. It was clear on his face that he had no problem with it and was excited about the prospect of seeing her again.

"Of course. I'll be here when you return. I hope your trial goes well," He was always quick to rush in and help someone or make the offer when they needed it, but something about this moment, he knew it was something she needed to do alone. He would only be in her way.

"You will," he reassured her as she walked away without a farewell. He watched her leave as enchanting as she had returned into his life. He turned to face the boat, then wandered out into the streets of hosenka. Now he would return to his hunt for a time and put things in order, until the two could meet again.


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