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A fated Meeting [Kazimir]

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Perhaps I'll see the light as I cry a new world.
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Kurisa gazed towards the city of Hosenka, a place that she could call hers. She had her own city, her own guild and yet a piece of her was still missing if not a few. The hallow wind was even more hallow than ever if that was even possible. Her long black-brown hair waved with the wind as it shined like the moon light against the ocean. Her brown and blue eyes wandered about as people watched her go towards the area where a parade was happening. Slowly, she fans herself with a red feather fan that had a golden handle. This was nothing compared to the ancient jewel one that Amatastsu had herself. Only a few lucky people ever saw it before their death and some just got a glimsp. Soon it will be hers after she rids of the God that made her become what she was now... a race that felt human, but truthfully she didn't even feel human.

Randomly she was bumped into while in her thoughts. The kid bowed their head as they gazed at Kuri. Not in awe, but in a scared way. What did Daeva Eye do to make people so scared? Was she so naive that she did not notice it? She gave a motherly smile, fanning herself. "Go along. Be careful next time." she softly spoke and then went ahead towards the outside restaurant. The girl was confused but had a smile on her face in the end. That was what mattered.

"I'll take a seat with the rest of them." Before the woman could offer her a seat for the 'important' people. People that were rich had better seats, but it was always good to sit with the people that you will end up taking care of. "Of course." She had a smile on her face as she escorted Kurisa to a bench across from the show that was about to happen. "Anything you'd like to start with?" The waitress asked, but then saw a person that has worked here for quite a while. They quickly powerwalked over anxiously and bowed her head. "I apologize for not knowing. She's new.". It made Kuri giggle sweetly. "Do not fret.~ Just get me the usual drink while I wait on the menu." She felt always the need to drink. Alcohol was always her starter...

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir wandered the streets of Hosenka at night, finally making his way toward the starlight parade. The nightly promise of entertainment and festivities only found in the home of Hosenka. A city filled with almost as many lights as the stars above his forest home. The wind mage pulled his hood up, still concealing his identity. The melody of the marching minstrels slithered through the alleys as he made his way closer.

The crowds pushed against one another, shoulder to shoulder. Kaz slinked by them, staying toward the shadows. He felt it easier to gain intel with his return still somewhat a secret. Intel such as rumors about the new guild in the area and the fall of Deava Eye. It was still hard for him to believe all that had happened during his absence.

The mage finally pushed into the open walkways with the parade not far off. The street was filled with onlookers and open-air restaurants for patrons of all walks of life to indulge in delicacies of their choosing.

He arched his head as the drifting aroma of food tickled his nose. It mingled with the sweet smell of blood, a scent that was all too common even in the most minor of scrapes and cuts. But one that he had grown used to filtering out. He shuffled toward the smell, even knowing the consequences.

A blast of emerald light in the sky sent a shiver through the masses as the show was about to begin. But the emerald light that lit up the sky revealed the lone woman sitting at a bench. Something about her stature seemed familiar and as he drew closer it became more apparent. How could he forget one of the last people he saw before he departed the land.

"I certainly owe her an apology for so abruptly leaving last time,"
he shook his head and crossed toward the woman.

"Excuse me, sir you can't," a waiter stepped in front of Kaz. The wind mage pulled his hood back ever so slightly only to reveal his face to the man. "Kaz..."

The wind mage waved his hand to dismiss the surprise. "I'm just here to pop in and say hello to an old acquaintance." The waiter nodded and stepped aside.

Kaz approached the woman on the bench. The waiter looked back curious as even watching the mage move, he couldn't hear his feet touch the ground.

"Excuse me miss. You look like you may want some company this evening. May I? I imagine you have a great many stories since last we spoke," he pulled the hood down revealing an even paler face than before but he didn't seem sickly. The woman however seemed to have maintained her graceful youth.


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Perhaps I'll see the light as I cry a new world.
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Her heterochromia eyes gazed at the menu as she wondered what to get this time around. She wanted something she could just pluck into her mouth, but also things she can just stab and devour. Kuri felt indecisive when it came to choosing what to get. Her head turned away and fanned herself with the plastic-covered menu. The air felt nice, but the words she heard were quite sweeter. Swiftly her eyes shifted to a man who was familiar. She looked down and then up into his eyes. As soon as she noticed who it was her beautiful glossed lips smirked.

"Kazimir, what a pleasant surprise.". Once he asked to sit with her while assuming she wanted some company her eyes opened in surprise. "O-of course you may." She spoke nervously while her cheeks flushed pink. Quickly she hides the lower half of her face with the menu to hide the shyness. As her eyes were into his she shifted them away. It was perhaps because she wasn't used to sitting with the opposite gender anymore. Maybe it was just because of other reasons. She was unsure though as science was drowning and swirling inside.

'Come up with something.'. Her eyes went back to Kazimir and put down the menu to shift it over to him. "I'll pay for your meal, anything you want."

"Even pancakes.~" She teased from the last time they spoke. Her eyes moved to the waitress who was gazing as Kuri signaled for her to come over in a soft gesture. Swiftly, she came over and bowed her head. "What may I get you, Empress and sir?" she gazed at her company surprisingly as Kuri isn't usually with anyone but her 'son'. "Whatever my friend wants. Put it on my bill.~" She spoke in her breathy soft tone. Once he ordered she wanted to ask; "How was your trip. Talk to me about it if you will.~" smiled and rested her chin on her hands, gazing dreamily. Adventures, traveling... it can be quite great. She still had to finish hers.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Thank you," He replied and took the seat next to her. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly as he could have sworn he caught a glimpse of pink flush her cheeks before she rose the menu. Thinking no more of it, he relaxed into the seat, a smile on his face at the moment of calm and how easy it had been to begin catching up with people. Her brief moment of shyness was a little different than he expected from the woman that had taken the stage so long ago when he first met her.

She wore a flowing pink garb that wrapped around her body. "A lovely outfit for a night at the parade." He looked back at the parade, for a moment, unsure about what to say next. So many things had changed no doubt for both of them.

"Hmm," he questioned as she spoke, his attention brought back to her two-colored eyes. He lifted the menu, with a bit of hesitation. "You are too kind." He began and then chuckled at the quip about his breakfast addiction. "I'm surprised you remembered such a small detail," he held back the dismay at not being able to enjoy the taste of those ever again.

A confused look flashed across the waitress's face. Unsure of where the confusion came from, but something was off. She unknowingly picked up that even though it was dark, the lights in the restaurant had not given Kaz a shadow.

"I will have a single stack of pancakes thank you," he ordered out of politeness, but it wouldn't sate his true hunger. "Oh," he replied, surprised at her forthrightness, although he shouldn't have been given how open they were upon their first meeting.

He shifted in his seat to turn his body toward hers and look into her dreamy gaze. It felt like he could say whatever he wanted and she'd truly want to hear.

"I suppose it's a long story so I won't bore you with the details. I left the country for a while. I found some news about my parents passing and their work that I wanted to check up on. They were botanists and researchers. Searching for some kind of medicinal plant or cure."

"Then I heard that things were getting worse here so as I wrapped things up I decided it was time to head back." he paused for a moment and folded his cold hands over one another.

"I was able to get revenge on the man that wronged me and finally...break free of the Seraphim that bound me," He said with a steely look in his eye. One that changed to a softer smile yet again, "I shouldn't ramble though. How have you been? Still, in Hosenka I see?" He thought about just telling her that he was a vampire now. She'd no doubt find out from the clues anyway. The shadow and surely his lack of appetite once the food came. But he wanted to know about her adventure just as much and didn't want to risk spoiling the evening so soon.


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Perhaps I'll see the light as I cry a new world.
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He started on his story about how he found news about his parents, cured his Nephilim status, and now he was something else. The question was, what was he now? She heard him only order a single stack. Her eyes watched the waitress's reaction as she left them two alone. Was it that he wasn't hungry or perhaps it was that he was now a person of darkness? She bit her lower lip as she looked at him in curiosity.

"Those can be dangerous occupations if not careful." She spoke truthfully as she was what some could say a 'mad scientist.'. She studied everything that could be harmful rather it was plants, races, and the body of each one when she got to one. "Although I am sorry for your parent's passing, I am glad you're back. Even if we've only known each other through reputation and a few minutes." She giggled sweetly and smiled at him.

He seemed to have thought he was rambling, but she found it quite cute. "Don't fret too much. I actually don't mind it." She assured him. Her right hand slid against her soft cheek as she leaned against it. "I'll be honest with you... a lot has happened." She didn't even know where to start. Her eyes gazed away, "The guild disbanded, I made my own, in-between all that my love life is trash. Everyone doesn't want to give me a chance to be with them because I have children." She gave a small chuckle as her alcohol drink arrived and his food. "I always thought it'd be my age." She jested.

"I'm glad nonetheless that they love and cherish me as well as my sisters who don't mind watching them. One of them can take care of themselves so that's also good." She realized then that she was rambling off-topic as her mind curving. Her eyes blinked and looked at him, laughing sweetly. "See? I do it all the time. Sorry." She gave her drink a cheer before sipping it. Kurisa then wondered while swirling her wine glass filled with a pink mixed liquid. "So, are you a vampire then?" She whispered. As she was talking she was also thinking; 'What all races lose appetites?'. There weren't many besides the one that thirsts for other things.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Indeed they can. Seems they found an untimely end. Fortunately, I was able to continue on with some of the research. Picked up a bit of botany while I was there." Her words came with a feeling of comfort, and wonder of just how much she knew about those occupations. "Do you speak from experience?" He asked but was sure if she had any experience it would far outshine his own brief and frantic study of the matter.

He returned the smile and it was as if very little time had passed at all. "Thank you. It's good to be back. There are a lot of things I missed about this land and the people."

"That's good to hear," he sighed with relief as she eased his nerves about prattling on. "You make for an easy conversationalist. Perhaps that skill has come with your fame," he teased.

He rest his elbows on the table as the woman looked away. The hair on Kaz's neck tickled in anticipation of whatever solemn statement would come next. The first was bitter sweet. "Sorry about the guild breaking apart. what happened?" He asked confused about the might that the guild once held. But thus was the nature of things. "But I'm glad you were able to create your own. You deserve it," he sat back with a small smile. "Perhaps that's why you are still in Hosenka. Sabertooth must be your doing then?"

He laughed with her about the joke about her age, of which he had no clear idea. "Sorry to hear that it's been tough on you to find a partner," he shuck his head. "I can relate to that. My love life has been pretty spotty. I can't manage to keep them around. I'm perhaps a bit stuffy or maybe put work first too often...Who knows," He shrugged. "But I would have thought you'd have no problem. Kids you say? I had no idea. Tell me about them? And you have sisters?" It seemed the woman carried more mystery with her than he could have guessed.

"It's no bother. I'd like to hear your story. please, ramble as much as you'd like. Nothing's better than a mystery." He spoke but ignored the pancake that was in front of him. Perhaps they'd get so wrapped in conversation that she wouldn't notice. A fools thought as she filled the moment of silence with astute observation.

He slide the pancake to the side of the table and drummed his fingers on the cold wood. "Well...good guess," he smile and looked her in the eye, letting his own eyes shift to a haunting red for a moment.

"A situtation I ran into while researching my parent's work. A willing decision given the circumstance. I hope it's not a problem, and I assure you, I don't pray on the innocent," he said with warmly.


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Perhaps I'll see the light as I cry a new world.
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"You could say that." She softly spoke while playing with her hair after she put down her own drink. A shy smile left as he brought up Sabertooth. "Why yes, it is.~". She answered and next listened to him talk about his love life. The fact that he couldn't keep them around seemed a little weird since he was quite the character. He seemed quite nice to talk to, listens, and is even good looking. He brought up putting work first as a possibility which sometimes is the reason for breakups. Softly, she sighed as he was confused about why she had a problem.

"I have two children from my ex named Noel.~" she started off. He was known enough by many people to where his name was known as well as a few other things. Kuri also didn't know how to explain that her other two were more... experimental. "Then there is Masami.~" She happily replied. She then went towards the subject of her sisters. "Judith and Alisa are my sisters." She gave another smile and continued to play with her hair.

She was unsure what all to say, she had to choose her words carefully as the last thing Kuri wanted to do was to weird Kazimir out. Her head tilted as she was confused about why he would think she'd think he'd pray on the innocent. A small chuckle escaped her lips, "On the contrary, I was actually going to..." She gulped and blushed "Nevermind..." She chuckled nervously. She never has been bit before and wondered what it was like. Was it pleasing or painful? She has heard that sometimes when a vampire finds their 'one' that it sends some sort of pleasing sensation through the nerves of both parties. Out of all her studies, she has yet to experience this.

Kurisa took another drink and another arrived for her to drink. "Since you have invited me to speak, you will have to pain through my babbling about my bad 'dates' and life experiences.~" She teased. The alcohol felt great, "Let me see... the last 'date' I had was when I met a guy at a bar. It was going fine, some owner was rude to this slave girl, I gave her money to escape from her buyer and then we started drinking. I was so drunk I had this crazy idea that he'd be interested in me so I brought him to my favorite spot in Hosenka that not many know about. I thought it was romantic and at first, it was, but then... all of the sudden he acted distantly. So he distanced ourselves, sat down and just talked normally like nothing happened. After that he left - haven't seen him since then. Ah, the life of a hopeless romantic...~" She looked at him to make sure he didn't fall asleep.

"I hope it didn't bore you too much.~" She chuckled. "Have any stories for me?~ We could exchange.". She did not want to be the only one to talk about herself.

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Kazimir Seiryu
With only a couple of words, she answered about her guild, without a smile or enthusiasm. A curious thing he wondered. Was she not happy with it. Or perhaps she was not yet ready to speak about the forming of it or rather what it would mean for their relations with one another. She had after all taken the land of the old guild. He didn't want to ruin the moment and for now, wouldn't push the issue.

"I see. The name sounds familiar." One as powerful as her no doubt attracted an equally powerful spouse. "Two you say. Are they here as well?" Her answers brought up more questions. Especially as she named Masami but not her other children. "It's a shame that they couldn't look past that and that things didn't work out with Noel. As they say...his loss."

"Masami huh...that is a rather famous child you have. A rune Knight now yes? You must be proud."

He then leaned forward a little more, surprised, "Wait you don't happen to mean Judith Karlinius do you?" He had to ask, but what were the odds of that. He doubted it was the same person. She seemed happier talking about her family than her guild.

The talk shifted to his vampiric nature. But She seemed to back off, leaving a question unanswered, "Going to wait?" he smiled at the nervous chuckle. "No need to hold back. What is it," he caught her blush that highlighted her delicate features. "Oh. What about you? Do you still have the spark of grace?" After all, they were going to be the last of the Nephilim but he had walked away from the path.

"It's no pain at all. That's what I sat down for," he smiled and folded his hands on top of the table ready to listen. "Sometimes things just don't work out. Except for helping that slave girl at least. You think it's because you told him about your children?" He made eye contact with her, "And you're not crazy for thinking someone would like you. And don't lose that romantic side. It's hard to come by you know," he playfully teased.

"Not bored at all," he gave some thought to her question of his own stories. But where to begin. "too many stories I'm afraid. I tend to fall for women too much I think," he laughed.

"My last relationship was like a whirlwind romance. But as the old saying goes, the brightest candle burns the quickest. In the end, our lives didn't line up. She was a thief and I was a knight. We cared about each other, but she wanted a life of roaming and adventure and at that time I was just looking to settle down. Plus it didn't help that I upheld the law while she broke it," he added shaking his head.

"Well that's my sappy hopeless romantic story. Well, one of many anyway. You're up." It was times like these he missed being able to share a drink between talking.


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Perhaps I'll see the light as I cry a new world.
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She was indeed proud of Masami and the other two were left with a babysitter. She told him that as she moved onto the subject about Judith. A motherly smile was put on for Kazimir, "I am! Judith and I have been sisters for quite a long time.~" She was really chirpy about her family. That was how much of a family person she was. She was so into it that it was the reason she took up experimenting. Her knowledge was from over five lifetimes if not more. She tends to try to not remember everything she has been through.

The countless lifetimes that Judith was there with her.

She... doesn't even know right now.

Kuri will keep it that way.

For now.

She looked at Kazimir with the same smile while holding her glass. "I assume you know her then. She is very flowery. As in kind, sweet, but...". She chuckled softly, "for the thing I was going to say..." Kuri coughed anxiously and gazed away. "I-I was going to offer my neck whenever you pleased." She gulped and blushed hard. "That way if you ever need to you can come to me instead of some random person.". She was flustered with her words. Maybe they were going to sound all mixed up to him, but she was trying to say that he seemed like a really good man. She didn't mind helping him out when he needed it. She also wanted to know that feeling.

It was his turn for some romance story as it sounded like he too went through relationship fails. After his comment about falling for women too much, she giggled, "I know what you mean." Her free hand curved her hanging hairpieces behind her ear and a sip of her drink at the same time while gazing at him. His story was like one you'd hear in a story just like hers, Her brown and blue eyes wandered into his own blue ones. Next, she spoke once he was done with his story. "It's hard to find people who want to settle down, you know, but as you said it - their loss." She gave an assured smile, tilting her head.

"My turn, huh? Well... the last person I actually dated was someone who was once a very good friend of mine. At first, we didn't trust each other, but we always ran into each other - felt like almost as if Fate was a thing. Throughout the years we kept being on opposite sides of dark and light. Always had to fight against his side. Finally, after an event ended we saw each other again and realized we had feelings for each other. I don't know if they were real for him anymore, but at the time it was for me. At that time my husband at the time disappeared on me. Never heard from him, he never came to see his children so I moved on like he probably did. Sadly, after a certain night, he disappeared on me too to end up finding out he thought I was dead. He punched me in the face and yeeted off the cliff. Mind you - forgot an important detail that he is a lich at that time so he's still alive. He now follows some chick he calls "HER" and most likely causing chaos somewhere. Knowing him he's obviously up to no good like all the men I have dated." She sighed and shook her head. All the guys she has dated were all bad, dark, murderers, slavers - you name it. Her sister, Alisa has wanted her to try to date a good guy for once, but her luck with them is even worse. She never even gets a chance with good guys.

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Kazimir Seiryu
The woman did have a loving spot for her family. A romantic through and through it seemed. Although when she said 'long time,' it caught his attention as he was aware of Judith's unusual nature if only partly. "Small world. While Judith hasn't given me any details I know she's been around for a while. A wonderful woman to have as a friend. Especially if you like to eat," he added with a laugh.

The topic shifted as she coyly coughed and looked away. He tilted his head, wondering what it could be. His throat ran dry as she answered. Something he would have never guessed. The dryness in his throat turned to thirst at the thought. If he had a beating heart it would be alive right now. "That is very considerate, thank you," He placed his hand on hers to comfort the anxious swirls she may have felt about breathing her intent into life. "It would be my pleasure. Perhaps sooner rather than later," he replied with a warm smile and looked back at how early into the night it was. No one had ever offered that before.

Her giggle about him falling for women too much, put him at ease, "Well I'm glad I'm not the only one. If I had a glass of wine I'd toast to two hopeless romantics I suppose." Fireworks burst in the air, the light flashed around the restaurant and music filled the streets. Kaz paid little attention and kept his attention on the mix matched eyes of Kurisa.

Hers was a harrowing tale of love and abandonment. "I'm sorry things turned out that way. It does sound like a fated reunion for the two of you. Husband? You were married?" He leaned in, "And you made it seem like you had trouble finding suitors.maybe we both have problems hanging on to people," he shook his head.

When she said the man jumped from the cliff, kaz's eyes widened, "What?" a sentiment that calmed when she explained he was a lich, "Phew you had me worried. Wait a Lich?" he only knew of one lich but surely this world was not that small that it'd be the same one just as it was the same with Judith. This time he didn't ask, some memories were best left in the past.

"What would cause him to think you were dead? And I am truly sorry that you faced abandonment twice." Then something in the last thing she said caught his attention. "So you tend to date men on the other side of the law then?" he couldn't deny there was something people probably found appealing about a bad boy. But then The mage felt an odd feeling of ease knowing that she wasn't averse to the undead.

"back to me then huh? The one before the thief was a fellow Knight. Same as before, We fell for one another, moved in together and worked together for a awhile. Even formed a guild together. Phoenix Feather. but in the end, it was her mortality that was a problem. I couldn't give her a family and the thought of me far outliving her proved to be to big of a hurdle. And then before her was another knight that I met as soon as I moved to this country. She was full of fire, but lived in a world surrounded by too much darkness. And at that time, I was dealing with my own magical problems, so in the end she ran off with another as I could not give her the love she wanted."

He ran his finger around the edge of the dish that held the cold pancake and blew a tuft of his hair from his face. "For me that only leaves one remaining. And you?" The one remaining was the hardest to talk about. And oddly enough had some similarities to the woman he sat with now.


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Perhaps I'll see the light as I cry a new world.
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Kurisa laughed quietly as she was afraid to be too loud, "It really runs in the family. I love cooking as much as we love eating. Judith is very good at making tea." She added with a smile. What came next after her offer made her heart jump as she felt a hand on hers. He added that maybe it will be sooner than later. It was funny, two hopeless romantics that both failed to keep someone were here together to casually talk as if it was fate. "Whenever you please.~" She blushed and gazed away with a small innocent chuckle. Was it for experimentation or was it out of the mere fact she wanted to feel needed? She wanted to be a strong woman, on top of the world as Empress, but what was the point of all that if she was alone? She had some large goals, but in the end, after all, that is over then what will be left?

"I was married once. It didn't last long because after the marriage he disappeared soon after. At least Alisa has been having luck. Her wife stayed and Judith's husband is still with her." She jested at her own luck as she was the only one. "I spotted him years later at a place though. Found out he went to prison, became younger-looking, and is most likely with another lover knowing him." She shrugged. "I couldn't even be mad at him anymore. Just like the rest of them. Maybe I'm too forgiving when it comes to people I care about." Her eyes lowered in sorrow. Her eyes looked back at him and gave a weak smile, "I'm not sure. Maybe because both of us went off on our own adventure. Maybe my letters never got to him...".

I tried at least... right?

All my efforts were for naught.

"I seem to easily make friends with them more than good guys. Haven't really had the chance besides those that ran off." She chuckled in inner pain. She listened to how he formed his old guild with some knight and wondered if she knew them. She probably didn't unless it was Judina. It wasn't possible though due to the fact she'd know right away if Judina was dating anyone. It was her turn and there was only one more lover she had a story about, but it was still hard to talk about him. He no longer existed in this world as his true whereabouts became unknown. Omen disappeared after Kuri's physical body died as he probably believed she died for good.

Arisa came into existence though and Kuri became her. She would tell him, but the story would make her life be questioned as well as those who are in her family. Talking about a lover from her past life into this life wouldn't fit within a timeframe. The ending specifically wouldn't fit as well. "That's about it for those I remember.~ Unless you count a few run-ins with a guy who had adventures with me. We sadly had too many differences between views of how we look at people and how we should treat them. So another bad guy pretty much." She tried to ignore her heart as she then gazed up at the sky that was still lighting up. The fireworks reflected into her golden-brown and blue eyes as the light lit up her creamy colored skin.

"Let's go on some rides, mm?~ We can talk while going around the parade and look around." the place was filled with large rides, games, and gift shops. She didn't want this night to end.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He laughed a little, "That she is. Judith's meals are often delightful, and if you and she are the same in that regard then I'm sure you're an outstanding cook." His smile faded momentarily as she spoke on the brevity of her marriage. It snuck back onto his face when she mentioned the famous Alisa and her companion. Word of the love in Blue Pegasus was well known.

"Went to prison huh? You really are attracted to all the bad boy," he joked once more. "There is nothing wrong in finding forgiveness for people especially those that you care about. It seems you have done just fine for yourself without them anyway." It made him reflect on the situations that he had been in. And the fact that he too didn't really harbor any ill will towards them. "I mostly feel sad that things turned out the way they did sometimes. But I'm glad at the same time that I had those experiences."

"Some things are just not meant to be," he responded to the sorrow she showed when talking about her past relationship and them having to go their own way. He knew what that felt like and in some ways, it was the most difficult one to walk away from.

Kaz leaned in trying to unravel the timeline of her story, and...past lives. And whoever this Arisa person was. "I'm not sure I fully get it. So are you saying you are more of a reincarnation of someone? that seems to make your familiar relationship with Judith and Alisa a tricky one, right?" It was part of his ways, and maybe why he was drawn to the knights in the first place. He was ever curious about a mystery.

"No, I don't think a few run-ins count at all. Well, that's some history you have. That's about all of mine. There is one left but perhaps I'll save that for another time. Have to give you a reason to meet with me again after all," he teased. In the moment of pause, the light illuminated her skin.

"That sounds like a good idea. Despite coming here so often, I've rarely just walked through the parade itself." He stood up and waited for her to join before walking off into the parade. Dances and fire spinners wove around them. Cotton candy and caramel apples dotted the ends of booths. A large ride spun people upside down and back again. Lights still flickered about the way, guiding people further in.

"A fascinating place. So you're a fan of rides huh?" He asked and turned in front of her with his arms gesturing to the right and left. On the right was the ever famous Ferris wheel. To the left was the small rollercoaster that promised a fast departure.

"So what will it be," it was a simple question but in many ways, it showed a great deal about what kind of a person someone was. Kaz had a smile on his face at such a relaxing and now more jovial evening. He was almost worried some explosion would erupt or dark guild would attack.


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Perhaps I'll see the light as I cry a new world.
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It was good to hear someone not be all so serious all the time. She could easily tell when he was joking and when he wasn't. She wasn't used to that at all. She nodded slowly when he said that he was glad at the same time that he got to experience those things. "I agree. Even if they are painful, at least it'll lead to lessons learned and perhaps better opportunities to love and romance." She sighed in relief as she gave a smile, but that went away fast as he seemed to have heard her in her thoughts. Her eyes widened and gazed away.

"I...Heh." She chuckled softly. "I suppose you could say that. It's all science really, but perhaps that will be another story for when... or if we become closer." She teased but didn't really think of what she just said. It was as if another part of her said it than she herself. ' Perhaps there could be another reason to see each other...' a sorrowful sounding tone spoke in her mind. She shivered a little as she heard it. Her eyes went back towards Kazimir's and stood up with him. He positioned in a way that where his left and right pointed towards two different rides, but she had the real question.

"I do love rides.~ Brings excitement and it brings out many things in people. How many rides do I get with you?" She asked softly. She walked up to him and smiled happily. "I hope it's more than one, dear Kazimir." Kuri clapped and felt all bubbly as if she was a child all over again or a teen at least. "Let's start slow and then go fast, finally perhaps after some games we go for something soothing." She approached with an idea. If he agreed then she flipped her hand to have her palm positioned upward, offering to put his hand on hers.

Truthfully, her heart was beating wildly as she was nervous, but she was trying to have fun and not be so uptight. Before leaving fully she put down the money she owed and wanted to leave a tip, but she knew how Joyan's felt about that. Their hard work was only appreciated by coming back. Tips were an offensive gesture. Since she just drank she felt that the Ferris wheel was the better choice. If he put his hand onto hers she will lead him to the ride that was at a halt at the sight of her. They bowed their head and was about to make everyone wait as it was a young couple that was waiting, but Kurisa giggled. "That's ridiculous. Let them join.~" She happily spoke with a wave of her hand. She felt happy for some reason, it was strange to her. Surely enough though her inner self felt like this was just going to end.

The young couple got on first and then Kazimir and Kurisa got on next. As they got in she let him go in first. Once they both got in they closed the door and then let everyone else get in. Finally, it started as the lights all lit up in more colors than the rainbow. Each cart was more like a dome as they were enclosed in an orb made of see-through plastic-glass. The seats were cushioned for comfort. "Looks like they almost thought of everything." She jested as she gazed up at the sky. "I suppose it's mainly for privacy or weather for some reason." She giggled and tilted her head to look up at him. After she was no longer a Nephilim, she was now shorter - more average in some cases. She shyly fiddled her fingers as they rested on her own lap. She anxiously tried to think of a subject, but her heart was panicking too much.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Science huh. Sounds interesting. I guess I'll just have to wait and stick around to get those answers," he smiled back at her. She was surely a woman with an ever-increasing aura of the unknown around her. It was an enticing dance.

He cocked his brow when she asked how many rides she'd get. As she stepped forward his lips curled into a smile and his bloodless body could have almost felt a rush of warmth, were it possible. There was a tender sweetness he saw in the woman. It was a funny thought to him that each of their power could level cities, and yet they'd rather enjoy such simple delicacies. "Of course," he nodded. "As many as you'd like."

"Sounds like a wonderful evening you have in mind. I'm at your service," he said as if he was still a knight in a playful tone. He looked at her hand for a second, and then looked back to the soft features that defined her face. He slipped his cold pale hand atop hers, happily.

He followed in toe with her as she led him through the parade. The people rushed by and the lights all blurred together. The one constant was Kuri's focus on getting to the Ferris wheel. He couldn't help but think of how nice it was to be back closer to civilization after his time away. The ride stopped and all eyes were on her. The price to pay for being the famous guild master of this city.

With a wave of her hand, she happily dismissed the special treatment. Kaz gave her hand a small squeeze in support as she let the other couple ride along as well. The first couple got on and then Kurias and Kaz took the next pod. Kaz got in first and reached out his hand to help her in, not that she needed it, but out of a habit of courtesy.

Kaz rested his back against the soft cushion and pressed against it to test the softness. "Just about perfect I'd say," he settled in and pressed a hand against the clear wall of the pod. The wheel began to turn and their pod slowly rose higher and higher, above the buildings.

"I suppose they are meant to be more romantic than anything," he said, thinking about the situation they now found themselves in. Two people hovering above the glitz and glam of the parade with a dark sky glittered with stars above. The sides of the pod darkened, powered by lacrima focusing the view on what was in front of and above.

He swallowed while she was fiddling with her fingers in her lap. A silent moment drifted between them as the ride was almost at its peak. "This was a good choice. Since you live here now I imagine you come to the parade often? And you must be well liked judging by how the people react to you."

His eyes drifted to her creamy skin in the light. Her hair fell around her shoulders, all he could think of was that one phrase she spoke earlier and his throat ran dry. He brushed her hair to the side and pressed his face inches from her neck. Fireworks still burst in the sky above as he let out a breath against her skin, "Are you sure, Whenever I please?" he asked as the ride slowed letting all the passengers take in the world around them or become consumed in their own.


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The silence was almost suffocating as she felt as if she forgot how to breathe. Beautiful music was being played as the two were alone in a dome-like carriage as it rotated. Her hands were becoming sweaty as her heart was pulsing faster. It felt like minutes passed by, but it was only a few seconds till she realized Kazimir came up close. Gasping with the leap of her heartbeat she looked to see him parting her hair away. The closer he came to her neck, the more it increased her heart rate. It was him asking about her offer earlier, him wanting to accept it at this moment.

Even if this was being done as just friends, it was the fact that she has never had this done. It could be the fact that they were in a secluded dome-like space with only them two and everyone else just blurred in comparison. She tilted her neck so it was more spacious to him. "As..." She gulped nervously. Could she really ask for such a thing? Her eyes gazed away while blushing a hot red. "As long as you don't accept this kind of offer from anyone else. If you need it, just come to me instead." She bit her lip as she waited for him to do what he needed to her neck. She didn't mind at all and if she was useful for it then so be it. She was anxious to do anything and say anything more. What if he doesn't like what she says or what if one of her actions becomes too much?

She sat there on the satin cushion, fireworks blazing as her neck tilted waiting for him to take up her offer. Truthfully, he doesn't even need to agree to what she said as she would lend him her blood anyway. Why would she do that? Maybe it's her heart telling her to, maybe it's just the perfect moment or maybe she just had nothing to lose even if things turn south for her.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He could feel her heart racing. Almost sense the rush of blood through her veins. A sensation reminiscent of when he was first turned into what he is now. With her head tilt his mouth came closer, his mouth opened with fangs ready to graze her skin. A soft word from her and he halted. He couldn't hold back the smile that crept onto his face at her surprising request. Already she had offered herself in a way that was unexpected and bold and now this. He couldn't quite figure the woman out but it made the moment all the more alluring.

"So you want to be the only one I think of when I hunger. That is a lot of weight for a person to carry. But if that's what you want," he leaned in closer. "Then yours is the only offer I'll accept. I'll be as gentle as I can" he let his fangs gently pierce into her neck, a euphoric rush came over the vampire. He ran his hand down her arm and held her close as he bit into her neck. Her hair fell across the side of his face. Fireworks still burst up above and the pod swayed ever so slightly as it hung above the faceless masses below. Kaz was consumed at the moment but knew he had to think of some way to thank her,  something he could do for her. His thirst overshadowed any hesitation he could have had, as people responded to the bite of the vampire in different ways. Some found mild discomfort and others bliss. He peaked his eye open to see where she would fall. If her body felt any pain he would release her. The magical energy that radiated from felt like it almost rejuvenated his own.

Despite the captivating experience, he would maintain enough headspace to know when it was enough and not to take too much of her life essence. A skill he was still getting used to as he rarely indulged on humans. But he now knew for certain she was no longer a nephilim.


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Heavily she breathed as her heart felt like it was about to explode. As her eyes cornered to gaze into his beautiful ocean eyes she listened to him agree to her proposal. Her mouth became dry as she was pleased to know that he'll only think of her when he needs someone. It was truly enticing. His body became closer to hers as she felt squeezed against his own. The piercing started as it felt like two needles going into her neck. Yes, she knew what that felt like as being in the experimental life made you know how many things feel.

This was different though.

She has never felt someone's fangs inside her neck and as he started to consume her blood she winced for a moment. It was a sharp simple pain, but as quick as the pain came, it was as quick to leave. Her body felt hot as the seconds passed. With his hands on her, she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him in closer as he had his teeth sunk into her neck. All she could think about was how she hoped her blood did not taste bad. If she was going to add science in this then he would probably get drunk off of it; it'd taste sweet like sugar and a little alcohol would go into his system due to the fact that she constantly eats sweets and drinks alcohol.

She held onto him tighter as she could feel the complete rapture throughout her body and soul. Her lips opened as she escaped a soft quiet moan, her legs tightened shut as she was squirming from an unknown feeling. Perhaps she was so besotted, nothing else mattered right now. "K-Kazimir..." She whispered in a rather sweet and soft tone that was almost ghostly. The lights in the sky were becoming blurry yet beautiful. Was this truly what she has been seeking?  Her eyes cornered to gaze at him while he was still sucking on her neck. She felt the heat from his breathing and her chest squished against his own. Perhaps she was enjoying this quite too much, but why? Does her heart feel something that her mind would argue with? Her heart started to race quicker as she started to panic over her over-thinking. Mainly due to her past of being abandoned by people once she lets them into her arms and the rejection of her heart. The heart she has left anyways.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her hands came around him. He opened his eyes for a moment to see her move and embrace him. A sign that this was what she wanted and he happily continued, closing his eyes and sinking his fangs in deeper. A sweet taste washed over his senses from her blood as the ecstasy of the moment enthralled him even more. A bitter undertone of alcohol followed the sweetness but was lost within it.

Tighter her arms squeezed him warmly against her body. It was soothing that she was as caught up in the moment as he was. Each small movement she made, drew him further in. He felt every alluring beat of her heart that thudded faster and faster. In the congregations of vampires, they spoke of the rarity it is that a human finds true bliss in the bite of a vampire. Kurisa seemed to be one such rare case, he thought.

The moan that escaped her lips caused Kaz to hold onto her tighter and run his hand across her side to scope her closer. Her whispered words were like sweet nectar when his name was spoken. She squirmed in his clutch and the wind mage rain his hand from her side through her hair and resting on her soft cheek. Her chest pressed against his as he opened his eyes to look back into hers. He froze looking back at her, letting the blood resettle in her veins. There was something else he felt in her gaze. Something he could feel in his gut or perhaps the perfect storm of events and emotions that led them to this moment in a night of mystery.

He breathed against her neck and up to her lips. His hands traced up her arms, as warm as a midsummer's day. He hovered his lips above hers, only grazing them as he spoke, near enough for a kiss. "Thank you Kurisa," his voice betraying the fact that he was not yet done with whatever luxury the night would afford them. His thumb ran over the small needle-sized holes in the side of her neck. "I hope I didn't hurt you," he asked as he searched her eyes for what she was thinking or feeling. Despite not needing to breathe, Kaz was taking deeper, steadier breaths than normal. A human habit that was hard to get rid of, but he didn't mind giving in to such things around her.


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She felt him leave her neck and up to her lips as their arms continued to embrace. Her mind was running wild with different scenarios that could be played out tonight. Everything could go wrong, but there was a chance that things could go just right with how they were right now. Her heterochromia eyes gazed into his eyes their lips grazed against each other. She was afraid to almost move and look away due to her pure shyness due to the fear that she will miss something. "I...should thank you. It didn't hurt at all... it felt amazing." She whispered and blushes with a goofy sweet smile. Her grip on him tightened as her heart was continuing to beat rapidly.

"I'm glad I got to experience it truly. I don't think I'd give that offer to anyone else, to be honest." She chuckled softly while letting her thumb graze against his back shyly. She sort of felt like she just said something stupid. Her nose and forehead touched his like an Eskimo kiss. She felt like she was enjoying this more than she should. She feared all the things that has happened to her before even when there was a possibility that there could be more. What if she made the first move or even let herself feel things and he backs off? Scares him away... The anxiety itself scares people away. Kurisa sat still and refrained from moving. Slowly, the Ferris Wheel finally started to move downward with a stop within each inch to let people off. They were the last as the second set of people got off.

"Looks like the ride is over.~" She teased sweetly and smiled happily. She wanted to speak her mind, but it was too soon. Slowly, she parted with him and depending on if he stops her she will act accordingly with him. If she was left to part ways then she will sit there fiddling her fingers till they got off as the rollercoaster was next!

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Kazimir Seiryu
He couldn't help but smile at her mention of how it felt. It was comforting to know he brought her no displeasure of pain. He held her close as she tightened her grip around him. He let his cheek fall next to hers. Kurisa's racing heartbeat still on his chest. "That's good to hear."

"You are not like most people then. Most would shy away from a vampire let alone offer their neck," he responded and then gave a cheeky smile as she said she wouldn't offer that up so easily to others. "Is that so? I'll count myself lucky then," he replied, still unsure as to what made his offer different than others to the woman. Perhaps it was because they knew one another before he left. he wouldn't be so bold as to assume anything other than that. But the tenderness of her forehead to his made him wonder.

A moment hung between them with their noses touching. He could feel her breath and the sweet shiver her thumb sent through his spine. He felt a strange tug from deep within him, an urge to move in closer but hesitation kept him planted where he was. After hurting so many people in the past, he dared not traverse any path that may be unwanted by her. He himself wasn't sure of what he wanted but he knew at the very least, that he was more than enjoying the time they were together right now.

She pulled away from him, Kaz ran his hand down her arm as they parted. "It's okay. We have all night to enjoy even more," he said and opened the door for her.

"I suppose that's next then, yes. Something fast," he said and pointed to the rollercoaster. A titan of elevation, it rose above the buildings and spun wildly in the air. "I'm a bit nervous. I'm used to being high in the air, and moving fast, even recklessly at times. but I've always been in control. Free. but being strapped into a seat," he cocked a brow and pulled the collar of his shirt as if he was already bound.


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"Can't wait! I heard it's quite wild, but don't worry I will be here if you need a hand to hold during it." Softly, she giggled and walked a little ahead of him. She swiftly turned away to gaze at him while her hands were holding onto each other against her back. Her eyes gazed into his as she gave a large innocent grin. "Let's go, shall we?~" She then swirled back so she walked forward towards the rollercoaster. Her eyes scanned the entire thing as she looked to see how high it went and how it swirled. She gulped quietly while her head tilted to gaze at Kazimir.

"You ready?" She smiled at him before going towards the line. They stood there as she listened to the random people in line. Some people were on their lacrima phones and a few others talked about random subjects. She did not mind this one bit. Her heart was pounding anxiously as she saw they were finally next in line. She felt like perhaps she should let Kazimir alone till it was finally time. Her head turned to Kazimir and nodded her head, "Alright, we're up!~" She turned back and got in one foot at a time and then he would sit right next to her. "So wait, is this your first time going on one or just with someone?" She purely asked as she put her hands on the bars in front of her. The seats went on lockdown as they were preparing for launching. Her head slowly turned to look at Kazimir and then down towards her own hands. 'Y'know, this is my first time on a rollercoaster with someone... usually, I'm in the back'

she'd say, but refrained from it. She was glad to have spent this time with him.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I'll take you up on that then," he teased back about holding her hand through the ordeal. "huh," he muttered in the second it took her to bounce forward and turn back to face him. His confusion shifted away to a soft smile at the innocent moment the two shared. The light from behind her illuminated the woman.

"Right behind you," he answered and sped up his pace to meet hers. They stood before the behemoth. As expected it was more monstrous up close. "I suppose," he said straightening out his clothes, but her smile helped ease some of the tension in his shoulders. They stood in the land, slowly plodding forward to the entrance. it was quiet between them. Kaz wasn't too sure what to say. In the end, most of his interactions came back to work or danger. There were few times he just...spent with people. But even in the silence, he enjoyed the moment. he just hoped the lack of words didn't weigh on Kurisa.

He nestled in next to her on the seat. The bars locked down and Kaz took a deep breath. He already felt a little trapped in here. His hands fidgeted on the seat before he wrapped his palms around the bar. "Hmm," he said, turning his attention back to Kurisa.

"Yeah. It's my first time ever. I've always just been to preoccupied to get in one of these. Truth be told, I'd oddly feel more at ease if there was no bar," he laughed and the ride jolted forward. The conductor pulled a lever deeper down and the ride lurched forward and the tracks roared to life.

Kaz slid his hand atop Kurisa's. "Well, here we go then."


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She happily smiled as she felt his hand on hers. The ride was lifting off as it zoomed forward towards the first loop. It went up about a few meters before twisting left and then right. Her beautiful long hair flowed back like fast waves of the ocean. Her body leaned towards Kazimir and then away, back and forth with every turn. She laughed as she enjoyed the pure excitement. Slowly, the rollercoaster went upwards as if it was going up a mountain. Her head looked down as they were going about 135 meters from the ground. She felt sort of nervous as the cart was budging a little from the wind and weight. Her fingers entwined with his as they were finally at the top.

Before she could say anything the rollercoaster send the carts downward at 128 mph. She kept her mouth closed as she was afraid that too much air would get into her lungs. The thing twirled as they were going down and then finally flat as they were getting closer to the bottom. The ride became slower by half as they were now finally closer to the ground. Before they knew it the ride was over after a few moments of a few twists that felt like they were going to drill into the earth. The ride finally snailed through to the finish as the ride finally stopped. Kuri took a few breathers before getting off slowly. "Ugh... glad we went on the Ferris wheel first.~" She jested yet felt a little winded as she had some drinks beforehand.

She felt a sudden change as she gazed at the sky. Kuri felt as if she should go finish what needed to be done. She felt conflicted... Her eyes gazed towards Kazimir who was standing there with her. She gulped nervously as she wondered how he'd feel about her going so soon as she both wanted to go finish what was needed and be here with him. Will it allow it?

"Kazimir..." She quietly spoke and went up to him, hand holding his gently. "I was wondering if... I..." She was at loss for words. Almost. "I have something to do that's important and I must finish it. Was wondering if we could perhaps have... another..." She bit her lower lip, "A date, I would like to have a date to finish this and perhaps leave my projection here. If not then perhaps just see each other again after I come back?" She felt worried about his answer and if he allowed it.

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Kazimir Seiryu
The roller coaster took off and roared to a blazing speed. Zigging and zagging, it tore through the twists and turns. Kaz gripped the bar tighter and held his breath. The wind rushed by him, and that was the only familiar sense of comfort aside from having Kurisa next to him. He felt her fingers weave between his and he forgot about the staggering height for only a second as they reached the peak. He took in a breath and a glimpse of her before the ride plunged to the earth.

"Yeah me too," Kaz replied and unraveled his hands from the bar. He took another deep breath and followed her off the ride. "I think going for something soothing now was a good plan." The tension left his shoulders now that he was free from the mechanical contraption.

He tilted his head as Kurisa seemed lost in thought, taking in the image of the dark stary sky. He joined her, thinking about all the nights he flew free through the clouds. "it's a nice sight isn't it," he remarked, unaware of what she was really thinking.

"Hm," he replied and then was caught in her gaze as she took his hand in hers. He leaned in with each pause that she took, trying to hear the unspoken words. "yes," he questioned as she bit her lip.

"A date," he repeated to make sure he heard her correctly but her vigor was enough to make it clear. His mouth ran dry. He had come back to Fiore but certainly didn't expect this. "I'm sorry. I was just a little surprised. Of course, we can have another...date. If you don't mind spending your time with used goods," he joked.

"If you have business to take care of then that should come first. And if you ever need me for anything feel free to ask. As for this date to finish things...what did you have in mind and a projection huh? So you even have that skill," he added with a smirk at her ever resourcefulness.

"And whatever works best for you. I'm sure your company is still great with a projection," he gave her hand a squeeze. He didn't have any idea what the night would bring, but he was happy to spend it with her.


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Kurisa gazed at Kazimir as he answered her with kindness. This felt so unusual to her, but in a good way. Usually, the guy acted cold, gave half-answers, and always flaked at her. Most saw it as abusive, but some people are just like that. Her sisters both wanted her to find a good guy, try dating a man that was more from the lighter side of things. Did they mean race or perhaps alignment? It did not matter as she nodded to him. Her face flushed with pink while her free hand went to his cheek, caressing it.

"I'm afraid..." She whispers or that is what she wanted to say as her heart was beating anxiously. Simply, she placed a kiss on his cheek ever-so-lightly and backed away. "I will be right back in a moment." She gave him an assured smile and left.

Using Thought Projection

Soon within a small amount of time, she reappeared behind him. Sadly, she knew she couldn't grasp onto his hands, feel him, or any of that, but at least they could communicate. "You know...~ I could say the same." She spoke softly and stood by his side and gazed to meet his eyes. "Could you handle going on a date with me?~ I..." She gazed away expressionless, "I have a rather long history. One only a small few understand." She whispered, but then gave a smile. "I feel that it'd be a privilege to be by your side in any way you will have me." She did not know how she meant it herself, but in a way, it was how she felt. "Do you find that as desperate or perhaps the same? Something... one cannot explain for some reason." She questioned.

"Where shall we go now? Perhaps my boat trip or do you have somewhere planned?~" She wondered and twirled in front of him with a cheerful smile. She felt some sort of weird feeling within her; it was warm, something swirling inside her. This was something new for this lifetime and a little new to her in general.


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