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South to East [Flying]

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South to East [Flying] Empty Wed Dec 09, 2020 7:52 am


Kurisa hasn't heard from Phoebus at all after their encounter in the Halloween Town nor has she heard anything from a message. It made her worry when it came to conquering the areas and the areas that once was Daeva eye's were going to be hers. If she had to force people to choose then so be it. If she had to defend against others who wanted grounds that belonged to her past guild then they will have to fight her as well. She sent Phoebus on an easy mission, but it seemed like she has to dirty her own hands soon enough.

Was another guild trying to take it? Was that why he was taking too long? She will have to go to Dahlia and find out. Her eyes rested on Leviathan who gazed through the sky, past every city she watched as people roamed through the streets. The air felt cool against her face and air blazing in different places. This was a nice ride at least and a short one at that because of her mount. What would she do without it? Probably walk, be bored out of her mind and end up talking to herself.

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