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Spoiling a Child(Quest)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Spoiling a Child(Quest) Empty Tue Dec 08, 2020 8:24 pm

Jolyne Atreides

An odd mission was to be undertaken this time, though it was in service of saving someone face and probably a rich someone at that. Still it would be a well deserved shake up from the last missions the Lich had been on and she hoped it would renew her vigor for the city, though she did not place too much hope upon that. Instead she focused on the task at hand and how much of a dweeb the person the quest submitter wanted to help must be. Arriving at the scene the Plant Mage would make note of a party or celebration being assembled, it was not long before Giuliano found her and explained the details of the mission. She was to hide his presence from the audience and keep them focused on the party boy, Luca, who was the aforementioned son of his. Unsurprised at all of this Jolyne Atreides stifled a giggle before going out to her duties for the task that was arrayed before her. Scanning the guests as they came in, she assessed who had an IQ higher than the room temperature and made sure to keep an eye on them. Fooling others about casting magic was a rather hard thing to do around other magic users, but the layman probably could be tricked with how resourceful Giuliano was. As such the Lich did not overtly pay too much mind to those who were obviously not magically inclined just to allow her to split her focus somewhat effectively. While the festivities were getting prepared Jolyne made sure that nobody was too focused behind the stage they had set up and struck up a conversation with the one person who had meandered to a point where it could be seen. During their talk she subtly moved the man back towards the rest of the group to make sure he would not see magic circles light up around Giuliano when only Luca was supposed to be casting magic. That would be a pickle, and the Plant Mage would probably have to remove whoever did see that from the party before others were informed. Her job tonight was to help facilitate a lie after all, which was a good quest? She was uncertain, but it was what kept her paying her bills so she stuck to it. As such the event went off without a hitch and Luca appeared to believe he was casting the magic himself as well. Jolyne was rather impressed with the mage who had hired her, it seemed their level of trickery was of an extremely high caliber and allowed for such a silly thing to actually occur. It was not every day Jolyne saw someone fooled about their own magic, so she enjoyed the rare occasion. Speaking with Giuliano after she received her payment and then headed out back towards her apartment to think on her actions that day. It did not seem like she helped out anyone who was truly in need.


1 Strength
100 Fame
25,125 Jewels (rep bonus)
3000 Experience (returning)

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