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Harmony in Taste.(Open)

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#51Priscilla Ivalice 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Thu Feb 04, 2021 5:54 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
This went, exactly as she would hope after all no one was running off with Hasani so it was just as she hoped. Hasani just wanted if anything to know of this woman, she just watched, With a few minutes she would just seemed relaxed. Even would mentioned finally in general just to be sure it was not something that was most likely stressful then everything in general."It is fine to touch my son, Do just be careful with him."Since her arms were clear for the small child it was now looking at the nervous Leika however, the small werewolf sun he would quietly stare at Leika.

Now it was something she seemed to consider. what else would she need to do here. It was a moment where she felt like, She did not want to do exactly anything."But you will not be forced too, If you wish to interact with my son you are free to choose."being left to that Priscilla would just quietly get to her chair, sit in it and relax more.

it seemed as long as no one was trying to take her son, his mother would not be a worry, Since she was just sitting there and drinking her cup of tea, this moment was just casual and rare moment indeed.

Legs crossed, sitting there enjoying the moment and taking it in, what else would be, was just being watched under a close eye. She assumed Leika would not do anything intentionally to him, Hasani would just seemed to look for a moment, Try to stand up for a moment like he wanted to hug Leika.

It was a nice and peaceful moment time, For this situation. it was nice what all could go wrong? nothing, because thinking that way might cause it to happen.

#52Leika Earthe 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Thu Feb 18, 2021 5:26 pm

Leika Earthe
The baby just wants the same thing you do. A splash of curiosity with the need to play. It's okay, Leika. Enjoy yourself.

Leika, from her squatted position curling up with her fluffy tail in her embrace, looked up at Kazimir as he spoke to her, her red eyes meeting with his own. She could tell without fully understanding the words that the man was trying to be soothing. His tone of voice toward her, gentle as it was, revealed that much. She may have grown up knowing only pain, abuse, and neglect; but that also aided her in the ability to identify kindness when it is offered to her. This... baby... was curious and wished to play. Leika was unfamiliar with infants and toddlers, and unsure how to react to one as the boy toddled clumsily toward her.

She had vaguely overheard Judith and Kazimir mumbling about a guild. She wasn't sure what they were talking about, but her wolf ears caught that much. She was reminded of Daeva Eye and subconsciously placed a hand to her neck, covering the numbers that were tattooed there as she remembered the guild tattoo that once hid this curse for her. It would be nice to belong somewhere again, and not be out here alone. She looked toward Kazimir and Judith, her eyes scanning them for any sign of a tattoo as Kaz continued to address her.

And, I'm sure Judith would be excited to go clothes shopping with you.

"Clothes... shopping." She repeated, slowly sounding out each word. She looked down at herself, then toward the three of them. She couldn't help but notice their full attire of clothing compared to her own... or lack thereof. Even Hasani had more clothing than her.

It is fine to touch my son, Do just be careful with him.

As the redhead woman known as Val spoke, Leika's ears pricked up and she flinched slightly. She wasn't entirely sure how to interact with a... small creature. A baby. She crawled toward the toddler and then sat in front of him with her legs crossed over each other. Her tail rested on the ground, the white tip flicking up and down.

Curiously, the wolf girl reached toward the child and picked him up under his arms. As she held him in the air at arm's length, her eyes examined his body before locking with his own eyes. He was so tiny compared to the adults. Were all people this tiny once? She couldn't remember a time when she was this small. The more she looked at him, the more joy she felt. He was adorable. Why was he having this effect on her?

She felt a feeling she wasn't familiar with as she held him.


#53Judith Karlinius 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Sat Feb 20, 2021 3:56 am

Judith Karlinius
Well it seemed that would now have to wait, since they were not having a bit more of a tender moment, The reality of how rare this could actually be to Judith would not be something known. It could easily be explained later to her if she was actually that curious but for the moment Judith seemed to take it as a sign to maybe let this moment happen, only thinking to take maybe a single step back and just wait.

"It can wait until after this."
It was also a cover up, Judith just wanted to see this moment more for her own enjoyment of seeing these events in life since to her they were moment that seemed rare, It also left Judith feel nostalgic, Just keeping to herself for the moment.

The child was cute, Even now Judith seemed to be taking the detail of him into account. She just seemed to be also trying to do so in a way that might not bother the child mother, She seemed to bare a temper.

Then again this was also more of a experience for Leika to solely have herself, Since her interactions seem so little in the more positive parts of it. This kind of stuff Judith seemed to have in mind to have Leika in to help with interaction with people seem more positive.

It was a not a harmful scheme, But it might be a bit of a rough one, Judith figured she could manage, Or could talk Kazimir into doing it as well. Judith however will keep that part to herself, Since well her plans much like many things were locked behind her friendly motherly smile.

Judith then would get her cup of tea and watch quietly as she had been, Since so far there was little worry of anything going wrong.

#54Priscilla Ivalice 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:05 am

Priscilla Ivalice
For Priscilla this was also different, for it was a test to see if she could trust people as well, See how people would feel about her son and if they would attempt anything. Leika only seemed to be the person to test this because she seemed to have her own struggles. But also Leika seemed as innocent minded as her son thus Priscilla/Valerie did as she did.

As an entirety she seemed to settle down herself, The idea of something horrible to happen seemed to be walking away so to say in her mind. Even sparking a peaceful happy smile on her own face. Even if Leika seemed not to know what to do side form staring at her son.

Hasani did not seem to mind Leika,what did he did, He reach out like he wanted to touch Leika because he was curious about what was really unknown he was too far away to touch anything he might be curious about.He did also seem to be happy to be around Leika.

Clueless to any emotion his mother could be feeling for no only did Priscilla often hide it, but too young still to understand emotions of a person.It seemed as long as Leika would remain calm and happy with Hasani, Hasani would be happy.

This was most likely the most content and peaceful Priscilla/Valerie has been every since at least Kazimir has known her, Maybe it was finally the life she wanted and all of that murder and revenge could be set aside even if there was still on final target, She had seem to stopped anything else she done as fast as Kazimir would know."Well well isn't this cute."Remarking in general since it seemed to be something to mention it over.

#55Kazimir Seiryu 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:55 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Leika took a moment to look over Kaz and Judith after they mentioned the guild. For all that she had difficulty understanding was that some things she was familiar with? Could she have been looking for some sort of... She then covered up the tattooed numbers on her neck. Kaz narrowed his eyes for only an instant at the motion. There was much more to learn about her.

Kaz waited for Judith to bring it up but it appeared clothes were more important on the agenda. He smiled at her sounding out the words and then felt a since of unease as she looked at her own clothes and hoped he didn't say something that would have offended her. He nodded to Judith when she mentioned saving it for later, "Of course. It'll be just a bit of fun sometime."

Then all eyes went on the adorable interaction between a wolf girl and human baby. Kaz held his thoughts as they all enjoyed the peaceful tenderness of the scene. Judith seemed lost in the nostalgia of it all and Val smiled like he had never seen before. It all reminded him of why he fought so often and battled against demons and dragons. For a simple moment like this.

"It sure is," Kaz replied to Val and smiled her way, equally thinking it was cute that Leika and the baby played as much as it was, that Val enjoyed it to. He stayed silent for a moment letting the events unfold as the would and then pulled his shoulder free from its sleeve to reveal the Fairy Tail Tattoo. "Me and Judith spoke. about clothes shopping but we are also part of a guild....kind of like a family. You are welcome to join us if you'd like. But don't feel any pressure. We can be friends and go shopping regardless. But if you were looking for a home, our doors are always open. For members and friends," He gave a warm smile and covered the tattoo back up. He never liked the part of inviting people to the guild and tried to be as informal about it as possible. It was a big decision to make already but that was as clear cut as he could make it.

Regardless of her answer he would rest back with his hands on his knees, and think about what they would do for a meal and letting her return her attention to the child.

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