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Harmony in Taste.(Open)

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#26Judith Karlinius 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Thu Dec 31, 2020 4:23 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed these conversation would slowly change in terms of tone and intent. Then again Judith could handle it. The almost seemingly innocent woman could deal with a lot, Judith did have her fair share of in some manners of dark tidings."Do not get me wrong, each persons life is guided by how fate feels it should be. Friendly or not to me she must be how you feel she is for a reason i might not ever understand."Judith casually mentioned, with this conversation.

About the dragons however."I will still sadly be staying clear of them, Most likely with the people may need help during the chaos."Judith might have good intentions, maybe not realizing that maybe she could be helpful during the actual fight of the dragons. That or Judith might internally worrying that she could fear the dragons and be useless against them as well.

When it came to what Judith was here for, She seemed to just almost dismissively mention."My task here is a bit stalled, However that is from not really being able to talk to who i was intending too."It seemed a bit blunt, as well as left a mystery whom she might have sought out, it could be a few people.

That final part, Judith found interesting seemed a bit strange for her to know."Oh? that is new to ask for."Judith noted with in some manner of great interest, not large enough to invest a large of amount of digging. it was a simple answer of Judith's end however."Magical blood is not exactly something I would know myself."So Judith would not be the best idea here. Was worth a shot at least to try to see if she could. Maybe Judith was better for more wholesome and simple things.

#27Priscilla Ivalice 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Thu Dec 31, 2020 5:06 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
So far this proved she had changed after all she seemed to take everything so casually and if anything better then most anything else Kazimir generally seen her in the past deal with anything, A vast contrast of bloodshed and anger. Priscilla/Valerie would pick up her son and nuzzle him slightly and kiss him on the forehead, Yet again she was far more settled then anything else.

Yes she could be good, something Kazimir told this woman many times. placing her son upon her chest and resting her head on top of his, this werewolf's bond with her son seemed to keep her in check, Just how much in check was a question that would easily might have to be considered if she ever acted anything of her old normal.

And of dragons? it seemed maybe the most likely cause she was holding on what must have kept her away in front both of them. She was not fighting the dragons for the sake of keeping her tiny one safe."It can be, I do adjust to any area I force myself to settle into."Which she would point out but that was just her, she was a different kind of person that way.

Picking up her cup of tea she would lift her head off of her son, to take a small sip of it her finger would slightly tap the cup from the tip of her nails being slightly pointy from being a werewolf.

Continuing the signs of being a werewolf still showed, after all Kazimir might notice the werewolf fangs when a person showed her teeth slightly from sipping her cup of tea."Magical blood?"Rising an eyebrow at the mention of that. it seems her old habits might be sneaking up on her, wondering if she needed to dive into them again. Did she mentioned it now, then again that eyebrow rising might be a sign to Kazimir that she might need have some connections but did not want to mention around Judith.

#28Leika Earthe 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jan 01, 2021 4:07 pm

Leika Earthe
Unbeknownst to anyone else, a demi-human wolf girl was lurking through the city. She hadn't anywhere to go when her Guild disbanded and she found herself alone in Hosenka with only her zebra companion for her company. The young Blitzle mostly stayed back as his owner and friend moved quietly through the streets. He would carefully follow her, his hooves tapping the ground lightly as he walked. The demi-human, however, moved without making a sound as she crept along on all fours, hiding behind buildings and trees or in alleys. Only when no one was around would she dare move again. The Blitzle moved behind her but stopped whenever she gave him the signal to do so.

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Blitzle_anime_cropped

The older teen woman was completely naked save her armor. Between a pair of red fluffy wolf ears, she wore a frayed Huntsman's cap. Covering her chest region was a Leather Vest, equipped with two Iron Daggers. Where she acquired these items was a mystery, as she had nothing when she escaped the lab. At some point, she lost or perhaps ruined the dress Kurisa had made for her.  Her feet were bare, and behind her was a large fluffy red wolf tail with a white tip. That tail made wearing any sort of bottoms difficult. She found clothing uncomfortable and restricting, often fighting against wearing them.

She had long ginger hair that reached the full length of her back, stopping at her tail bone. In her crouched position the hair helped cover most of her unmentionables. Her back was covered with scars and lashes, mostly hidden beneath her vest. Her arms and legs had injection trails running along them implying some sort of drug-related abuse. The numbers 12-5-9-11-1 were tattooed onto her neck. Leika, as she was named by her old Guild and saviors, was truly a sight to see. Well, if one could see her anyway. Being a Rogue had its perks.

Her ears perked up at the side of voices nearby. Her red eyes darted toward the group that was conversing over some tea and food. Curiously the demi-human kept closer. Her presence would probably go unnoticed to them, with the exception of the werewolf catching her scent. As she reached the sakura tree, she climbed the trunk and moved gracefully through its branches where she rested on her belly peering down at the man and two women below her. A few petals would fall around the man as she rested above his head. The red-haired woman was holding something small in her arms, but Leika wasn't sure what it could be.

During this time, the zebra rested a few feet back, far enough to not be noticed. He knew the sound of his hooves would give him away if he got too close. Furthermore, there wasn't really anywhere for him to hide. So, he rested himself at a distance observing quietly as Leika eavesdropped on the strangers below.

#29Kazimir Seiryu 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 03, 2021 7:29 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir shook his head, "Nothing sad about staying clear of them. it's just as important and necessary to have people to heal the wounded and give them shelter as it is to fight. When a storm is bad enough, everyone seeks shelter," he knew in the coming times, her healing ability would be put to the test. He never expected Judith to enter the battlefield unless people were injured, but if she did, Kaz would bring the full wrath of the wind down upon anything that would intend her harm.

There was a small twinge in the corner of his eye. A curious hint as to what the nature mage was up to. but then again she was always a secretive person. Her greatest mystery still left unresolved. "I hope you track them down soon then."

His question brought a slight moment of intrigue from his comrades. Val's sharp tap of her finger on the glass gathered his attention and he saw the glimpse of what could only be called a fang as she sipped from her cup. Her raised eyebrow told him she was on to something.

"Yes. Apparently, it's important to the group that I'm tracking down," still a half-truth as it was also important to him. " A strange request I know. You've been around the country for a while Judith so I thought I'd ask if there were any rumors you heard along the way," he hinted back to her longevity.

"The crimson quarter has been my best guess of a place to track it down," he spoke to them both but looked more toward Priscilla as if hinting that he'd be there if she wanted to talk later. "I'm not even sure what all constitutes magical blood, other than what I've encountered already. I believe it to be pseudo blood produced by magic."

Petals fell around Kaz's head. He reached his hand out to let them tumble between his fingers. Odd there was no breeze strong enough to cause that. He wrote it off as a squirrel scurrying up above. "The other reason I came in was to speak to Sabertooth about forming an alliance. If that is alright with you Judith. I'd like to get support from the people in the guild beforehand but want to quell any potential conflict. Me and the guild master know each other so I don't think it will be a tense topic." His words could give a hint to any suspicious sneakster as to who he was and showed he wasn't concerned about Val overhearing.

"Sorry to have you listen to a brief bit of guild business, but if things go well it will be announced publicly anyway.

#30Judith Karlinius 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 03, 2021 12:48 pm

Judith Karlinius
Knowing Judith, Who ever she was looking for wouldn't take long being around."Just some one I owe a good meeting too,I am sure they will be easy to find."or now Judith seemed to be keeping her secrets still, was it to annoy Kazimir? Or because Judith was unsure that the guest before then really needed to know parts of her life. Then again it was just all typical of Judith.

Whatever Kazimir seemed to be doing his guild member would not really be helpful to him."This kind of stuff is not anything I would know how to help."Which just means Judith was just fine listening to whatever could happen, It did not really seem to be horrible for the most part.

"If it is, Then i will listen around before I leave, Who knows I might hear something if I understand them."Which might not be helpful, Judith had that block upon her and did not seem like she would learn much.

What would come up next would be far more of Judith's interest for now it was a guild matter, This is what made him the guild master Judith enjoyed, Because no member left out of anything he was planning to do, Then again Judith was simple in the manner of working with other guilds.

"I do not see why not, Then again I do not know who the guild master of that guild is."Judith was behind on the times but it was just her being busy with other simple things that made her not pay attention to anything around her, Then again Kazimir always had an easy time working with her because she just seemed okay with almost everything for the most part, What was the stopping point seemed to be harder to guess.

#31Priscilla Ivalice 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 03, 2021 1:33 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
So far with in the moment Valerie/Priscilla would be extremely content with this moment, She seemed to be enjoying her cup of tea, Her son was and sleeping."So far I do have to say, Tea is an interesting experience, Maybe i am just far too use to coffee or well other things..."She left the other thing left in the air for people to think, Judith might assume something harmless, Kazimir might not, Depending upon what he felt in the moment.

Then again it seemed something that she might have to dig into knowing anything about what she could, finding magical blood might be something she could do just had to most likely talk to her alone, Since she needed to still seem like she was living a peaceful life, After all she wanted to seem like she did not have any more secrets, when she still had a few, some easily picked up, other not.

Kazimir seemed to be doing somethings she use to be doing herself. Saving any remarks about it. She did not know enough about the dark or criminal underworld to really help Kazimir here, Maybe this was a moment where she might have to revert back to her old ways and do some sneaking about as a favour to an old what she should consider friend, just she never used that word.

If need be and Kazimir really need blood, Priscilla/Valerie would offer an option she found reasonable that he most likely would not want just was already a plan in her mind, Just if she needed too offer that option was something she would have to wait and see.

Then again with the pedals falling the werewolf being paranoid would sniff the air around her to pick up if anything was around that was different for the first time it would be noticeable to either Kazimir or Judith.

The first person to slightly pick up on Leika's presences was the werewolf. Even with slowly moving her only remaining eye to looking up to the branch were Leika's resting in. There are now various things that could happen now in her mind: It was nothing but the wind, There was something there that Kazimir or Judith would stop her from reacting in a way she was use too or Priscilla/Valerie would be free to act.

With that thought process the only other thing that would be of note coming from her is the normal expression of content seemed to be changing as she would slowly be looking up, not to curiosity but to something bit more of the face of being that of seemingly like that of feeling something is dangerous and she would going into a slightly protect either herself or her son state of mind.

What would happen next with Priscilla/Valerie may depend on what would be done by Leika, Signs were showing that some one hiding around her seemed to not be a good thing.

#32Leika Earthe 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 03, 2021 4:21 pm

Leika Earthe
The young demi-human truly meant no harm. She was only curious, and a bit distrustful toward strangers, both mindsets completely natural for a girl that spent the first 19 years of her life as a lab rat suffering cruelty and experiments and pain beyond measure. She could barely speak any spoken language and mainly learned by mimicking others. The late-teen continued to watch and observe the conversation below, not fully understanding it. She was more intrigued as to the sounds rather than the meaning behind them. She had no idea what race these people were, nor their class nor truly what a Guild was. She knew she was once with a bunch of women known as 'Deviant Eye' but apparently they disbanded for reasons unknown to her.

The man below her noticed the petals but didn't bother to look up. The woman beside him appeared to be completely oblivious to her presence. The redhead was a different story. Leika's ears twitched as her red eyes peered down at the mother who appeared to be staring straight back at her. Could she see her? How did she know she was there? The look in her eyes, the intent focus, and the way she appeared to sniff the air in order to catch her scent made the girl realize this woman may not be human.

What she was, however, was unclear to Leika as the girl was unfamiliar with the various races existing in Earthland. She wasn't even sure what she was, to be honest. Human, yet not human. Her bushy tail swished nervously knocking into the branches and making a rustling noise as more petals fell around the man. As the redhead's intense staring caused unease for the Demi-human, she scooted backward upon her resting spot, causing the tree to shake and rustle.

Sitting up, she rested her back against the trunk, her legs dangling now in plain view of any that would look. She wasn't sure what to do. Should she reveal herself? Should she run? Maybe she should stay hidden, perhaps they wouldn't notice her? Her heart pounded with uncertainty. In the distance, the zebra slowly lifted his head, ears erect as he observed. He was ready to protect if anyone tried to harm the wolf woman.

#33Kazimir Seiryu 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 07, 2021 7:34 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir assumed Judith's secrecy was because they were around a stranger, and he'd not ask anything further about the mystery person she was searching for. "I hope you find them soon then."

He nodded, "Thanks for keeping an ear open for anything." It was a long shot but he had to ask. "The Guild Master is a woman named Kurisa. One of the more powerful mages around Fiore. We met awhile back at a jazz club here in Hosenka. Thanks for your support. It'll be good in the long term." It was what he expected from Judith and he was glad for it. She was ever supportive and only thought of the best for the guild. Knowing her, the two of them would get along very well.

Another petal fell from the tree, and Priscilla shot her vision up the branches. "Hmm," he replied to her stare. A flash of defensive demeanor was in her eyes. Kaz narrowed his vision and gazed upward, arching his neck back. A pair of legs dangled from above. Thin and swaying back and forth.

More petals tumbled down. One landing on the wind mage's face and he blew it off with a huff. "Looks like we found a rather large squirrel. If you'd like you can come down and join us for tea. I'm sure the others won't mind," Kaz smiled. He held his hand out for Judith, asking to have another cup so he could pour the girl a glass of tea. With everything that had happened though, he wouldn't put it out of the realm of thought for her to be a spy. I suppose it will be decided by her next actions.

#34Judith Karlinius 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 10, 2021 7:27 am

Judith Karlinius
So that was what her family was up too, But it was something as far as Judith knew was a secrect Judith still had to herself. Nonetheless Judith seemed to enjoy knowing that."Oh, that is what she is up to these days, Interesting."So with that, that easy and simple conversation was over rather quickly, Lucky for their guest that guild matters were gone with. Then again the quiet one she was seemingly enjoying her tea for the first time, They did not seem too bothered by talking about guild matter.

Just by other things. Judith would slowly pick up on what slowly started happen around her. Judith would not be looking up, Rather getting the hint and getting another cup of tea for whom might be their possible guest. Judith would not mind than again Judith liked meeting new people and socializing, given her mother nature her worry was minimal and not all that shocking in considering Judith was just so friendly and casual.

So with Kazimir slowly hinting  Judith would just walk over with a tea cup and the tea pot, Kazimir had his own flair of dealing with it. Hopefully it this situation would still be under control, After all Valerie/Priscilla seemed a bit on edge.

Judith did seemed to laugh after all, Squirrels don't drink tea as far as she knew, which made this pretty interesting, Even slowly looking up herself finally since she had to wonder what exactly it was. The curious tiny woman could only hold herself back so much from her own curiosity.

Judith would seemed far more harmless then the werewolf or Kazimir. The peaceful way of her being she seemed more interesting and watching to see what would happen, casually sipping her cup of tea, Since it seemed like attention had gathered to the tree above them.

#35Priscilla Ivalice 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 10, 2021 7:53 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It did almost seemed she would reacted worst for the situation with just at any moment this lady was gonna hop out of her chair climb the tree herself to deal with it, her mind filled with the thoughts of what she could do to a person she assumed was spying on her for no reason. Where they a spy? why were they here? did she have to take some fingers off to learn these answers.

Then Kazimir started to do something about it, Which would let Valerie/Priscilla to attempt to control herself. Just giving herself a moment to breath. progressively she would get back to her normal self, Even slowly turning her view back from the being in the tree and back to her son.

Placing her cup on the table, She just felt like she need to even take a bit of control to keep herself in control, It would take a few minutes but it seemed that is what she would be doing just remaining quiet, not looking towards the tree anymore and settle her mind.

After all Hasani her son, Kazimir and Judith did not need to see her, lose control of herself a lash out again some one or thing that could just be completely harmless.

All signs Priscilla would just get settled to do nothing would be easily picked up, After all she just picked up her cup of tea and went back to drinking it. For now she wanted to see what would happen next as well. Because acting out as she would control would be something she was sure would land her in a situation she would dread, as well Priscilla did not want to reveal anything about her actually being a werewolf, with the small signs of it she still valued keeping it to herself still.

#36Leika Earthe 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jan 12, 2021 10:06 am

Leika Earthe
She was uneducated, abused, created, and raised in a cage. But she wasn't stupid. She realized she had been discovered by these people, and it wasn't her first time socializing. Her speech had improved somewhat through her encounters with Judina and Kurisa. That still wasn't saying much of her social skills and manners. She recognized 'tea' when the man requested a cup for their unexpected guest. Aka her. She remembered Kurisa gave her tea once. She enjoyed the taste. She still felt weary to reveal herself in her entirety, as the redhead made her nervous. However, the tea lady and the man seemed more friendly and open to the arrival of a new guest.

On that note, seeing as the trio was already aware of her presence, the Rogue dropped down from the tree and landed in animalistic fashion next to the man. She was crouched onto all fours, her ears erect and alert and her bushy tail swaying lazily behind her. She was clearly human. Yet also animal. A demi-human. Unlike the vampire that she landed next to and the werewolf who stared at her distrustingly, Leika couldn't really hide what she was. Her ears and tail would always give her away. Of course, she had no clue what a vampire nor a werewolf were so as far as she was concerned they were just regular people.

She sometimes wondered what it would be like to be a regular person. Instead of a toy. A science experiment.

As she was squatting next to the man, that would allow him the up close and personal once over of the wolf girl's body. Her arms and legs had noticeable needle induced track marks. Any bits of skin that were not hidden beneath her vest was covered in scars all down the length of her back. Some deeper than others. Her long reddish-orange hair covered much of her body as it draped over her shoulders and ran down her back stopping at the tail. Her red eyes trailed toward the thing in the redhead's arms. Was that a tiny human?

Having never encountered a baby before, Leika was generally and innocently curious. She wanted to investigate the baby but was also afraid of the mother. The look she gave her was a very easy to read 'back off' warning. Leika inched closer to the woman, but then jumped back toward the man once more. Her curiosity was very overwhelming. But she didn't want to end up in a fight either. After a while of contemplating her words carefully, Leika spoke.

"Leika. My... name. No want fight. What... that?" She seemed to jump between speaking Fiorian and speaking Sinese, as though she had been exposed to both at one point or another without really ever distinguishing that they were different languages. As she asked her question, she pointed at the baby with curiosity in her eyes. Seeing as Leika had been discovered, the Blitzle stood up and trotted over to the group, his hooves clopping on the ground as he stepped up beside Leika and stood there protectively.

#37Kazimir Seiryu 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 14, 2021 1:11 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"You know each other then?" Kaz asked as Judith implied she was aware of the guildmaster in the area. To no surprise a woman that has lived as long as she would know a good deal of people.

With the arrival of the girl, the tension rose with Val. "Thank you," he replied to Judith as she prepared another cup of tea for the new guest. He kept an eye on Val to see if she would react defensively or not, but given the situation, things would be safe even if this was an attacker with all three of them there. The wind mage sighed with relief and leaned back against the tree as Val got herself settled in and things seemed to calm for now.

"Seems you've gathered a good group around you Judith," Kaz laughed especially knowing the details of their existences. The girl dropped down, "Oh," Kaz rocked to the side with a bit of surprise. He analyzed the animalistic way the girl landed. His eyes spaced out for a moment, remembering when he was overcome with animalistic tendencies and had to find his way back to humanity. He shook the thoughts away.

The girl was covered in scars and Kaz pondered if that was why she grew her hair so long. He shot a quick glance at Judith, conveying the need to potentially help this girl. They both couldn't help themselves sometimes. Although Kaz was more concerned with destroying the people that did that to her.

He watched the wolf girl ease forward and suddenly hop back. The moment made the wind mage smile and he looked at Val to see the look on her face. "It may be a little too soon to get to know the little one. But Val warms up...eventually," Kaz said to the wolf girl about the baby. That eventually could take a really long time though.

"Leika," Kaz repeated and then tilted his head as the woman spoke in Sinesse. A language he was familiar with but wasn't sure about the others. "That's new. She said she doesn't want to fight," he relayed.

"Well Leika...I'm Kazimir," "So where did you hear this language from?"

He followed the wolf girl's finger that pointed at the baby. "Oh. Seems you've chosen a difficult quest," he said as a small companion clopped down the path toward them and sat next to the girl.

"Perhaps we'll introduce ourselves before we get to the baby, and have some tea," he said to her and the rest of the group there.


#38Judith Karlinius 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jan 15, 2021 3:56 pm

Judith Karlinius
The day was full of interesting things it seemed, Judith was just as always as she was, Delighted with every moment of it. Then again the magic of Judith was her ability to adapt to anything happening around her so calmly.

Judith could look at Leika are start puzzling various thoughts together. Like this lady looked like she needed some clothing, maybe a good brushing for her hair and tail. Just the typical normal Judith things that would be her up front thoughts about a person when she met then.

Judith would answer Kazimir question just simple put."Yes."Sadly it seemed the secrets again would start for Kazimir for she did not mention anything else aside form knowing her.

"I do? Here it seemed different for the latest guest."Nonetheless Judith would just continue with just what she seemed to have planned. Rather then having to get her a new chair, Just just merely brought the one she was sitting on, Over to were Leika was.

Carrying it by making a vine sprout from her sleep,The Blessing of Mother Nature was always useful to Judith. Keeping her hands free for the moment.

"Does she need medical attention Kazimir?"Judith could not help but ask while she was carrying that chair over for Leika, Since Leika seemed to be sticking around Kazimir she asked him for the sake of keeping things simple, Rather then Judith risk anything trying to figure out herself.

Then Judith would finish placing her chair for Leika, eventually making her make create a giant leaf from the ground to sit in just behind Kazimir and Leika, waiting for the answer of if she needed medication attention or not, Since she would want to go about it this slowly and be sure she was not harmed.

#39Priscilla Ivalice 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jan 15, 2021 5:08 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Just why did now she have to be the centre of attention? After all just wanting to lounge about with her son sleeping on her. At least the situation was under control for the most part, the impulse of her werewolf mind seemed to be for the most part settled and in control. But still the new one to the stage so to say was interested in knowing what her son is.

Still for the most part Valerie was unsure exactly she really wanted to let Leika see or know what her son is.

It was nothing to really worry about, everyone was safe here. Still however she really did not want exactly right away show this new person her son, He was sleeping and moving him might change that. This little one she was only for the most part seemed to be the only thing Priscilla valued now, Not really even her own life was that important anymore.

With the word eventually coming up, The sole remaining eye of hers would for now contently back at her son, pulling what was covering him slightly to check on him, the small child's movement upon slightly getting colder and the day time shining upon him.

Judith seemed to have completely forgot to introduce herself, It just seemed typical of her from her own view of this woman. Since Leika seemed settled, Kazimir had no worry."I do go by Val, It is a simple name."She would seemed to for a moment to lean her head against her son to keep try of a heartbeat and if he fussed about, So far there was a bit of movement from him, With Val herself had shifted around. Then looking upon the group before her now."The little on sleeping on me, Is my child Hasani."They had a name for him rather then just hearing him shuffle around every once and a while.

#40Leika Earthe 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 17, 2021 1:08 pm

Leika Earthe
Leika was accustomed to being surrounded by so many people. It made the woman very nervous. Her last memory of a crowd resulted in men trying to drag her away somewhere to hurt her. Her other encounter involved her and her old guild members helping take down some really bad men. She wasn't sure what happened to Daeva Eye, however as she looked at her reflection in a water puddle a while back she came to notice her Guild Tattoo was missing, and instead, visible upon her neck were the numbers 12-5-9-11-1. She wasn't sure what the numbers meant. All she knew was that it was branded on her since birth by the scientists and doctors that were 'caring' for her.

Seems you've gathered a good group around you, Judith.

As the man spoke, her ears pricked up at the name. "Judy? Leika knows Judy. You not Judy." The wolf girl stated in a matter of fact tone as she dropped down beside Kazimir, confusing Judith with her daughter Judina. She would then quietly listen, for the most part, as the trio conversed. She tried to pick up on their language and words. It was the same as Kurisa and Judy, so she understood most of it. She still had a lot to learn, however, if she wished to live a somewhat normal life one day instead of roaming the streets surviving alone. She hugged Bolt's neck as he came to join her, and the Blitzle brayed in response.

Well, Leika...I'm Kazimir.

"Kaz... Kazi..." She seemed to struggle in pronouncing his name. He then asked her where she heard this language, as he spoke the same language she was quite familiar with. She heard it all the time. It was the first language she ever heard. She may even know it better than she knows Fiorian. She became suddenly nervous around the man now known as Kaz. Kazimir speaking to her in Sinese, however, drew the language out of her. "Lab. Bad men. Locked Leika in a cage. Hurt Leika. Lots of pain on Leika."

Perhaps we'll introduce ourselves before we get to the baby, and have some tea.

Leika perked up at the mention of tea. She also watched with intrigue as the woman named Judith carried a chair to her using some sort of Nature magic. Bolt moved to the side as the chair was placed and Leika stood upright, examining the seat before climbing into it. She sat with her legs spread and her hands resting palm down between her thighs. Her tail swished as Kazimir offered tea. She remembered her first time drinking tea with Kurisa and she suddenly grew excited. "Leika likes tea." she confirmed, and as she was given a cup she would accept and sip the warm liquid happily. As if just remembering, she would add. "Thank you."

I do go by Val, It is a simple name.

"Val." The girl mimicked, her tail idly swaying in a waving motion as if it were a paintbrush.

The little one sleeping on me, Is my child Hasani.

"Child... Hasani..." she repeated slowly. She had never seen a baby before, so she was quite curious.

Once all the introductions were out of the way, Leika felt Bolt nudge her. She looked at the zebra and then remembered. "This Leika's friend. Bolt. His name."

#41Kazimir Seiryu 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jan 20, 2021 1:15 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir shook his head at Judith's question. "I don't see any blood. Not something physical that needs healing," he would answer, knowing that Judith's motherly nature had a way of softening people up. If there was any blood from the woman he would be able to sense it from his newly acquired powers, and her movements suggested she didn't have anything broken either.

Val introduced herself to the wild woman and Kaz smiled with a hint of curiosity. He couldn't remember if he was ever told the child's name, but would surely not forget it now. It would seem, with this new arrival, their current topic would need to go on hold. But it was nice to see a new face.

The wild woman denied Judy who she was and Kaz laughed a little at Judith being told she wasn't herself. "So you know Judy. Huh. Seems we may have a common thread. But this is Judith, not Judy."

Quietly the girl sat beside them and listened. "Kaz is fine," he reassured the girl as everyone called him that anyway, for the most part. The other two would notice the furrow on Kaz's brow as the girl spoke sinese. "I see. Are those bad men still around," he spoke in fiorian now so that all could understand.

The conversation shifted back to tea, "Your welcome," Kaz replied to Leika. He waited for the others to get situated and for Leika to introduce Bolt. Kaz nodded at the zebra, welcoming it to the circle.

"Well now that intros are out of the way. I'm sure we are all curious as to what you're doing here Leika and how you stumbled across our little meeting," he said warmly and leaned back on the tree, hiding beneath its soft shade. It was a curious moment for the wind mage. He glanced at his long time companions, curious as to what they made of the situation. They seemed to be passed the idea of her being a spy at least.

#42Judith Karlinius 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 21, 2021 4:40 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed all was peaceful and in order for the moment, They way Leika went on about Judy seemed to puzzle Judith, Did Leika know her daughter? but playing along with the joke she would."Correct, I am Judith and not Judy."But would leave her to wonder that exact thing, after all Judy can be a common name. It would seemed to be almost a silly thing to ask.

So in a round about way Judith would choose her words to speak about it."After all there are many Judy's even my daughter is called Judy,Well I call her Judina anyway."Knowing her daughter if Leika had met her, Judina must have at least mention her name to her, Judith had planted her hint and would just have to wait now.

It was just a something she would see would happen, It would be a small world if Leika knew of Judina then again this reality seemed to always surprise Judith with what seemed to happen.

She would say nothing after Kazimir question, mostly because that matter did not really seem to be super important to Judith, it would be a simple situation to deal with.

If asked about it, Leika did not seem like a problem to the guild matter and meeting, Barely being able to understand what they were saying, Judith internally doubted anyone could learn anything here form Leika that any one here would not be willing to admit themselves.

Watching upon her leaf, Judith did wonder if she needed to fetch Leika some clothing, getting colder these days it might be helpful. But for now she might hold her offer just to make sure Leika did not get scared off. Hopefully she did not after all talking might be hard, kindness was not.

#43Priscilla Ivalice 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 21, 2021 5:42 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
What exactly would happen next would seemed to be up in air, considering just staying in her spot. Even if Leika did not seem like a problem or threat in her mind, it seemed the wonder that filled her mind almost seemed overpowering. Just wanting to finish her tea the werewolf seemed to be casual and relaxed still and did not seem to show a single worry.

She was in control, Even going so long with out ever shifting. Sure it was close enough to consider changing for an almost threat. That was just normal for strangers and this werewolf.

In reality Leika was harmless, That just hit her mind. Getting up form her relaxing position. She was feeling rather nice today,just how nice exactly? Even if she was cautious of her, The fact this person has not seen a child before

It seemed getting up from her chair, Valerie/Priscilla was in a very different mood. Getting up form her chair she would then slowly walking over to Leika.

Then looking are her son to check he was sleeping or not, She would place them on ground but enough to show that her son was being shown to be able to crawl, even in front of Leika,Judith,Kazimir and Bolt. This werewolf was trusting them all to see her son in this state.

But her hands was still above the small child, that she was ever watching. Some of the details of the small boy could be notice as he was being placed on the ground,his skin was lightly tanned, his eyes seemed to so far be brown of his fathers, his hair seemed to be a mixture of red and white just slowly noticeable with some of it sticking out of hat he wore. This was a test for Leika did her trust of strangers be proven wrong? Leika had a chance to see the small child.

It was hopefully something Leika would show was a good thing Priscilla just mentioning to Leika."Well,Leika come see what interest you."

#44Leika Earthe 

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Leika Earthe
There was so much happening for Leika to take in. It actually took a lot for her to dare reveal herself, much less talk to strangers. She in general wasn't very fond of humans, being abused by them as she was since her very birth. However, ever since she encountered Kurisa and later Judina, she came to realize good people did exist, and not all people were human. She wasn't entirely sure what determined a person as good or bad. All she knew was that pain was bad, and she didn't like it. As Kaz spoke to her, she looked toward him. He asked her if the bad men were still around. That question caused her to pause a moment to think of how to answer him.

"No. Good women come get Leika out. Bad men gone." She awkwardly attempted to recall her connection to Daeva Eye. A Guild that for reasons unknown to her seemingly vanished. She put her hand on her neck where the numbers were tattooed, now visible to the world without a Guild Tattoo to hide them. A cruel reminder that she was once just a statistic in a lab to be played with as a toy.

Judith then commented on how there are many people named Judy in the world. She then casually threw out there that she has a daughter named Judina. Unfortunately, Judina had introduced herself as Judy, and nowhere in their meeting had the name Judina been mentioned. At least not in front of Leika. This caused the Demi-human to lack the ability to create any connection between the two. Perhaps one day, though, she'd meet Judina again, or even encounter mother and daughter together out in public.

Her ears pricked up as her attention shifted to the werewolf mother who was now approaching her with the, presumably, werewolf infant in her arms.  Of course, Leika had no idea she was actually in the company of a werewolf and a vampire. Though she had noticed the red eyes of Kaz (thinking nothing of it as her own eyes happen to be red), and the unusually long nails of Val. However, being ungroomed herself her own nails weren't exactly short. She had thought a couple of times as they spoke that she may have spotted fangs on both Kaz and Val. Interesting. She would ask about that if she knew how to word the question properly.

Leika and Bolt watched as the woman placed her son on the ground near the wild wolf-girl. The child known as Hasani began to crawl as his mother hovered protectively over him. Leika carefully slipped out of her chair and onto all fours next to the crawling boy, watching him with curiosity. Was this what it meant to have a family? She had no idea what normal was. What family was. Though she had heard it mentioned a lot by people she passed on the streets. The boy was cute, and for some reason watching him brought a tug to the corners of the woman's mouth. She was smiling.

Kaz soon regained her attention by asking what brought her to them. Her ears twitched as she wagged her tail, oddly happy after meeting Hasani. "Curious." Was her response. "Heard talking. Wanted to learn more."

#45Kazimir Seiryu 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jan 25, 2021 1:30 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"That's good to hear," Kaz smiled at Leika when she mentioned being safe from the bad men. He leaned back with his arms crossed. He had so many more questions but that was enough about the dark parts of her past for today. He didn't want to barrage her with too many. Although as the wolf girl turned away toward the baby, he made note of the numbers on the back of her neck. Perhaps she wasn't the only one that happened to.

Kaz watched as Val did something almost uncharacteristic and placed her child down. There was something simple and innocent about watching the wolf approach the crawling baby. More so, it was nice to see Val really living a simple life, seemingly anyway. "Seems they may get along," he remarked. The wind mage relaxed enjoying the simplicity of the moment and the wild stranger that dropped in on them.

"Sounds like as good a reason as any," kazimir responded to the girls matter of fact answer. Wheels squeek down the road near them. The air still carried the faint chill of winter and a man pushed a cart through the crowds, with steam rising from a cannister. The side of the cart had the image of a cup with steam wafting from it and read 'HOT CHOCOLATE'

"Shall we commemorate the this little meeting," he asked and was already standing to walk toward the chocolate vendor and place the order. He bundled the orders in his arms, and slowly walked back carrying all of them tighly, worried he would spill one over.

#46Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It was a rather interesting albeit slightly, for Judith anyway since well keeping in mind mostly because her motherly mind was also just looking upon this young small child just learning how to walk it seems but still mostly crawling. This moment might not be exactly how interesting to Judith as it would be to Kazimir or Leika.

Since for Judith, this was her first time meeting these people but Kazimir. however the new people would nice so far so she had no single worry. Her son was cute, Then again Judith also seemed to be able to embrace and love everyone she could easily.

For the moment however, Judith would keep herself in control from any motherly emotions and feelings she might feel, After all she was partly tempted to pick up and cuddle the werewolf child.

Then again this self control worked well for Judith, Since her age and time spend as long as she has in this reality. Then again Judith did have that feeling the red haired woman with her child was giving off a overly protective feeling.

But moving on sitting still in place and watching quietly, Judith took a sips of cup of tea."Harmless, interest it seemed, I do not assume Leika seemed to have any horrible intentions."Judith also seemed to have faith in Leika having harmless intentions, Then again Judith had a different idea entirely in her mind, just what exactly what it is she was unsure if she wanted to ask yet.

So what would Judith do before she really enacted this idea and lean over to Kazimir's ear and whisper her idea to him."Do you think we should offer her a place in Fairy Tail? as well as get her some clothing?"Which was typical of Judith in some manner since thinking and planing in this manner was just how she worked.

#47Priscilla Ivalice 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 28, 2021 5:24 am

Priscilla Ivalice
And now a part that showed Valerie/Priscilla had wanted some kind of faith in people, She lowered her overly protecting arm, watching over her son with just merely her eyes now. Leika did seem harmless, no doubt Kazimir would step in, if anything too horrible would happen, Or well he would have to stop her from acting.

The small son, in all of his winter clothing provided by his mother, seemed curious of the people round him? how curious well going towards the smiling demi-human crawling still, looking up at her he seemed to stay in place. Then he would try to stand in just his two feet, which since the child had not managed to develop that far yet, He did struggle.

What would Leika do when the small boy had done this? What would the rest of the people around in this situation? After all he was now acting on his own with out his mother not hovering over him, Her trust was with in all of them in this moment.

The watchful parent of Hasani however, seemed not to be worried at the moment. Just crossing her arms in wait and seemed to be curious, If Leika would interact with her son, She was shown trust and faith in everyone around her.

This would be a good experience for not only Priscilla/Valerie, But Hasani as well since he would learn to interact with people and his mother could learn to be more faith people she did not know. Even if a part of this ever watching mother, Still seemed unsure about Leika or even Judith who has just been watching quietly as well. Then again only mere minutes interactions was not a good way to gauge people. So far it seemed so harmless, As well as delightful.

#48Leika Earthe 

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Leika Earthe
Leika was no longer paying attention to Kaz and Judith as all her attention was focused on the baby as little Hasani crawled on the ground with his mother hovering protectively over him. So, this was a baby. She barely remembered most of her own childhood, as she tried to block out all the painful bits which was basically the entirety, but she does know she has no memory of being this tiny. She wondered if she was. Maybe all people start this small? She wasn't sure. Nor did she know where babies came from and what it was to have parents. It was quite tragic, really.

Bolt quietly observed everyone, the zebra-like creature looking around and upon deciding they were not in danger, he laid down on the ground beside Leika and Val. Leika was enthralled by the baby, and as Val lowered her guard she watched as the toddler turned his attention toward her. It appeared her curiosity was mutual. To her surprise, the boy was crawling toward her. Startled, the wild woman jumped backward knocking the chair over which startled both her and Bolt causing them to jump in opposite directions.

As the baby stood up and awkwardly toddled toward Leika, her ears became erect and her tail stiffened. What did he want? Was he going to hurt her? She seemed more afraid of Hasani than she was a threat to him. She curled up and hugged her tail around her body, stroking the soft fur to calm herself as her red eyes followed the baby. She was trembling slightly, as though feeling a mix of fear and confusion. Any moment she would probably retreat the area.

#49Kazimir Seiryu 

Harmony in Taste.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Wed Feb 03, 2021 5:11 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Hmm," Kaz mumbled to himself as he took in what Judith was saying. After all the guild was meant to be a haven for people of all walks of life and the wolf girl seemed as though she needed a place to stay even if it was only for a little while. "I think that's a great idea, Judith. I'll let you lead the way...for both" He nodded and felt a sudden swoosh of wind as a chair was knocked back from Leika's startled reaction. He grabbed the chair before it could knock into anyone, and immediately looked toward the baby to see if it was scared by the reaction.

It seemed as though the wolf girl was more scared than the baby as she cuddled her tail. "The baby just wants the same thing you do. A splash of curiosity with the need to play. It's okay Leika. Enjoy yourself." He gave the small girl a pat on the back, to reassure her that there was no danger around here. An odd notion considering the mix of races. It only showed how much her life had taken her through to be fearful of a baby or unknowing of such things.

"And, I'm sure Judith would be excited to go clothes shopping with you." he didn't know if that would help calm her nerves but he hoped so. With her being here and having a group of women come to her rescue...he had to wonder if she was affiliated with them at one time. One of the biggest changes since his return to the country.

#50Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It was not a different turn of the page so to say, It was something that Judith would most likely figure out and enact rather nicely as soon as it came to it. Was it now just waiting to see how this situation would resolved. To possibly touch another persons child might be risky still, Then again so far it seemed strange.

Or the signs of a persons past also becoming highlighted with in the moment. So now Judith in some manner would start what she would do slowly. Where Kazimir would touch Leika ever so slightly, Judith on the other hand would not. Getting off of her large leaf that she sat upon.

Then taking her time to walk over to a distance rather close to Leika. then Judith would admire Volt, Simply put the animal had joined the group and did not seem to gather much attention.

Judith smiling at Volt, Would extend her hand to the animal. After all Judith loved animal just as much as she seemed to enjoy people. Just eventually Judith would be drawn to volt.

It would also be helpful in Judith's view these interesting animals were equally as important than people, Since no one was really paying attention to them Judith would then most likely move on to Leika.

That and Judith seemed to be lengthening time because of the small child that was now seemingly trying to get Leika's attention for something. Even speaking to Volt."I am sure you are just you as lovely, just like Leika is, once some one gets to know you." Judith would mention to Volt while she would slowly go to continue her focus om Leika, then waiting close by Leika was Judith, to be close by in case Leika would be needing some one to fall back too Judith wanted to see after

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