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Pack ya Bags [Etaoin]

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#1Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Coming to this city has proved to be rather useful even if he wasn't able to get the information he needs exactly about the symbol. Today was going to the day he finds something useful to help in his case provided that he didn't run into anyone else that was going to take up his whole day. The Sakura Alley seemed like a rather good place to officially start intel gathering. The first person that he found was an old man "Sir have you seen this symbol before?" he asked showing the sketch he made of it. The old man didn't even acknowledge he was even there, his childlike side wanted to force the man to talk but that would just draw unwanted attention to them. The scholar tried five more people after the old man and none of them were of any help.

As Azure walked through the Alley he found himself in a slump as not a single person had anything that could help him. Looks like this wasn't a good place either he thought to himself kicking a pebble in front of him "Have I lost my touch? " he asked himself aloud. The blue-haired boy wasn't really sure what was going on he was doing everything that he normally did for cases like this, could it have just been the city that messing things up? Certainly, something for him to look into later.


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Yugo sighed as he walked the streets of the Sakura alley. The other rune knights said it was beautiful. But in all honesty Yugo probably would have hated it if he could see it properly. Despite training his vision wasnt any better then passing. He could tell shapes and people now but details were still out of his range. He wore a blue Rune Knights uniform that most would see as military in origin. 

Anyone who had seen him before would have a hard time recognizing him given just how clean he was, but he knew the person he was after would notice him easily. 


Yugo had almost romanced him twice, but each time he failed. No doubt because it wasnt romance and more definantly because Yugo had tried to force himself on azure twice, each time failing. Now... he was hunting him down for another reason entirely. To think Azure had a bounty made Yugo feel ashamed. It was small, so most likely it was done for survival reasons what ever it was that got him the bounty. Or perhaps it was something else entirely. 

Yugo didnt sweat the details. When it had come out that he knew Azure from prior interactions Yugo was told to go hunt him down. He was almost happy for this chance. Maybe he could offer Azure the same deal he had received that had gotten him on his path to redemption. Maybe.... he could right the wrongs of his previous actions. Yugo had no gear besides his uniform and pendent, he hoped he didnt need anything else. 




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WC : 400
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They were running at a fast pace, laughter leaving them as the hoodie that would usually be on their person flew behind them, the men behind them chasing the young mage. Purple eyes wide with excitement, as onlookers just watched them run. The ribbons of their bow flowing with the green strands, lungs burning as they turned a corner into an alley to try ditch their pursuers. It’s not like Étaoin had done anything wrong, just insulted the wrong people at the small job they took up to kill time at a maid café, and push turned into a shove, which ended up with broken glass in Étaoin’s hand and it aimed at the customer and their boss firing them on the spot, leaving Éta running for their life from the café.

‘Nothing but excitement when in Hosenka.’ Stumbling through the alley, Étaoin sighed as they slipped their hoodie on, removing the maid headband from their head and throwing it in the trash, before slipping their hands into the pockets of the hoodie. “I wonder what’s happening in the rest of the city today?” Yawning, ignoring the onlookers as some ogled at their outfit, the maid uniform donning their body, with the cute bows and rose broach, the short skirt and thigh highs, you know the usual maid uniform. Though much to Étaoin’s annoyance the skirt was quite short showing off their brand mark, but they could deal with it for today, as this was their last day wearing this forsaken outfit.

Strolling through the streets, Étaoin hummed to themselves, as they glanced around the shops and paused in front of a weapons store. They had been meaning to get themselves a weapon for when they did odd jobs around Hosenka, especially when it came to jobs in the quartet. Those were sometimes dangerous and honestly, as fun as it was stealing other people's weapons, Étaoin really needed their own just in case it came to a situation where their opponent had no weapon at hand. “It couldn’t hurt to have a knife on hand at times in general?” Muttering quietly to themselves, as they glanced over the different options. Étaoin, lifting a hand to their lips, a finger curling over their upper lip as they began examining and re examining the knives displayed in the windows thinking heavily about their choices and what to pick for the long run.

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Kurisa wanted to visit the one place where she could gaze at the stars that lit up so beautifully. Her lips curved into a sweet smile as she got away from the crowd of people as it was not yet dark, but close to dinner. She wore a beautiful white and purple dress with arm sleeves that floated in the air. Her boots went up to her knees as they were white as snow. Softly she took a breather of the flowery smell that was mixed in snow as the weather was changing. There literally was not snow, but the smell was there.

She wondered if she could find Eta after running into them a few times. First in the Dungeon and then with Masami. Masami is the closest person to a son that she doesn't have. Anyone who is close to them means she must know more about another. Blood-related or even just my experimentation, Masami was still their child nonetheless.


She heard their voice as she then darted her way there. There were indeed three people there. One being Eta, that friend she knew, and then a larger guy. The tall empress walked towards Eta from behind. Her brown hair flowed behind her with the wind's current while her brown-blue eyes glistened by the sunlight. "Eta, darling. What's going on here?~ Was looking for you after the run-in with you and my son.~" She purred with her breathy accent. Her beautiful pink lips smirked as she looked at the two. "Any of them giving you trouble, my child?~". She was looking for Eta, but she did not expect to find her friend, but mostly a stranger who looked like trouble.

Received permission from: Azure & Eta to join

#5Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Part of him wanted to try and find something to cheer himself up as it seemed as though he wasn't going to find things relating to his current goal. Something must have been wrong with him in some way normally he would have more than enough info on this matter. Maybe all of it was due to his last run-in with the Monkey man for some reason every interaction with him has left some anomaly in his life. "If I ever see that bastard again I'll kill him for sure!!!" he shouted in Stellan drawing attention to himself.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted what looked like a book or something just laying on the ground partially wrapped in an old dingey cloth naturally he wasn't going to leave it there so he walked over to it and picked it up. Azure slowly unwrapped the book to see an unknown text that even he couldn't make out but something told him that this book was a rather good find.

While Azure flipped through the book he found that kept on his walk on occasion looking up to see where he was walked towards. "When did it become too hard to collect information?" he asked himself aloud turning the page of the book. Anyone could have walked in front of him and he wouldn't really notice.


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The town as always was busy, and that made it a bit hard for Yugo to navigate. But eventually he was 30 meters away from Kurisa and Etaoin as he did his best to navigate through the crowds and odd gaps of people. Suddenly the scent in the air changed, and knew he had found him. Yugo looked out and followed the scent as best he could. It was hard, but eventually he ended up walking up behind Azure. 

A third time, he and azure had met and for a third time, azure had his back to Yugo. He hesitated, almost reaching out to touch Azure, a desire to embrace him growing. But the new rune knight pushed those thoughts aside and touched his pendent, activating it's glowing effect as he spoke outloud. "Azure Fenic...place your hands above your head and slowly turn around. You are under arrest for actions taken that break the council's set laws." 

His tone was steady, but his eyes would betray that he hated to do this. He didnt went to but what other choice did he have? Yugo just hoped the smaller male would not resist. He didnt want to fight him. Him and Azure were roughly 40 meters away from Eta and Kurisa, though Yugo was not aware of this fact.

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WC : 500
Humming once again, after finally making their decision on the blade they wanted to buy, Étaoin went to make their way into the store, only to pause at the call from a familiar voice. They had been oblivious to all and everything that was happening around them, concentrating so much on buying a blade, after all they didn’t want to waste the money that their friend Priscilla had so kindly allowed them to use, so buying this weapon had to be a long lasting decision and not a mistake! Alas, trying to decipher where this familiar voice was, Étaoin glanced either way of the street, but saw no one familiar, and instead the cat-like eyes looked over their shoulder behind them, only to blinked before a warm smile laced their lips recognising the woman approaching them.

“Kuri-san~ I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon!” Meeting the lady half way, Étaoin soon gave them a quick strong hug, and giggled a little. “I was just plotting on which blade to buy… Since Hosenka can be a dangerous place sometimes, I felt maybe having a weapon would be safer than being defenceless right?” A wide grin laced Étaoin’s expression, only for it to fall flat at the mention of two men. Étaoin didn’t know any guys, unless she was on about the two that were chasing them earlier, but then the water mage thought they’d ditched their pursuers earlier on in the alleyway? “Guys what guys?” It was at that moment that the sudden light caught their attention, and the attention of the civilians around them, leaving Étaoin to tilt their head in curiosity at the sudden commotion. “What’s that about I wonder?” Muttering quietly, Turning towards Kurisa once again. “Let’s go… check?”

The thought of a blade purchase long forgotten as the water mage, advanced towards the situation. Hearing the muffled words from one of them had Étaoin worried, and immediately they picked up their pace, hoping that the name mentioned was just a mishearing over all the other muttering and whispers from the ever growing crowd. Unfortunately for Étaoin, the closer they reached, squeezing through the crowd, ignoring anyone who would speak up if they had accidentally hurt said street dweller. They had one quest at that moment in time, and that was just to prove themselves wrong and that they just misheard the name, and yet the more that came into view the more Étaoin realised the growing situation. They didn’t recognise one of the guys that had become the centre of everyone's attention, but they did recognise the other.

Stepping out into the open, Étaoin instantly went to the males side, and set a hand on his shoulder, “Azu…?” Tilting their head slightly, Étaoin was confused on why this man was saying that their friend was under arrest. Now yes maybe they had done a few bad things recently, but nothing that acquired the attention of being arrested right? “What’s… Going on, Azu? Who is this guy?”

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Kurisa kept close to Eta as she realized that they were far away, but enough for her to see them. Perhaps it was best for her to keep them close. Eta didn't even realize the two till she said something. Oops. Before Eta could go forward towards them she held onto their hand and pulled them back to her. Her eyes were cold as she felt something was skeptical and perhaps she should not get into it herself. "Eta, let them play." She softly said while gazing around for a distraction. "How about we have our own water play?~" She asked. "Perhaps you will like the look of my mount?" She wondered as Kuri headed towards the opposite direction of the other two with Eta.

"Eta, the man is obviously trouble, so I don't want you to do anything. It'll upset Masami if you get hurt." She spoke like any caring and loving mother. "Here." She lifted up her hand as Levi appears. She smiles gracefully as it still floats in the air a little bit off ground. One day she will get the real Leviathan god and make him bow to her. It was her empress-like personality that made her feel so confident. The only thing about the other two though is that if they damage her city they will have hell to pay - possibly with the punishment of drowning. She let go of Eta for a second and smiled at her, "How about show me what you got when it comes to spells and perhaps a weapon if you have one?" She gazed at her other hand and then back up at her.

#9Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

While he was deep in his book he couldn't help but shake the feeling that someone was looking for him and sure enough some had been looking at him well a few people actually. His new book proved to be rather interesting to put down at the moment. Azure stopped at the mention of his name and something else after that but he was too into his book to really care but he stopped and closed his newly found book and looked at the man he was just complaining about less than a second ago. "Oh look at that the monkey joined the Rune Knights," he said rolling his eyes at the Monkey Knight but before he could say anything else his beloved partner showed up but currently he could only deal with one problem at a time.

With Yugo now, a Rune Knight placed a few ideas within the scholar's head though they would require him to do certain things that went against some of the other plans he had. "If you must have gotten hit one too many times I'll finish my work and be on my way," he told the man pushing back his hair behind his ear "Etaion were leaving come on," he added on walking away from the monkey knight. The mere thought of turning himself in was laughable after all he did have some unresolved matters to well resolve so going to jail will never be an option for him.

Azure wasn't really sure as to why Etaoin didn't just distract the guy so he could get away but it didn't matter. Though now that he had a moment to think it was odd for Yugo to actually talk to him like a person rather than the other times they encountered them.


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Yugo listened to Azure speak, and yet every word was like honey. He didn't understand how or why Azures voice was so pleasing to his ears but every time he heard it he felt happy. The happiness quickly left though as Azure turned to leave. In their previous meetings Yugo had forced himself upon Azure, but to do so now... even if he was to arrest him he would be better then he was. He could still give Azure a chance.

He jumped up and over Azure, landing on the otherside to prevent them from leaving. He looked down on the smaller male and his eyes said it all. He wasn't kidding. He wasn't playing some trick, he was genuinely trying to arrest him. He attached the active pendent to his chest and pulled a pair of anti-magic handcuffs out. He hardened himself to do what he needed to do.

"Azure Fenic, turn around, place your hands above your head.... and don't resist.... please." The hardened face faulted, showing the troubled worry in his eyes. He was genuinely worried that he'd have to arrest Azure by force, something that would only make their already strain...what ever it was he felt, even more strained.


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WC : 560
They had confronted the boys, but alas Kurisa had stirred them away from the duo before they even received an answer that Azure was asked by them. Kurisa tried to distract them with magic of revealing their mount, though the worrisome towards Azure situation, continued to hold Étaoin prisoner as the young mage was directed to one side. Reaching out towards the strange mount, somewhat distracted, Éta tilted their own head and placed a hand against the scaly skin of the serpent. “What’s their name?” Asking quietly, before frowning at the rest of Kurisa’s requests instantly reminding Étaoin about their partner. It also wasn’t until Masami was brought that Étaoin got a little annoyed at Kurisa, which was something the water mage thought would happen. The request in one way had Étaoin rethinking their friendship solely because of Masami, but in another, to use their younger brother against them, that was cruel.

Staring into the odd eyes, Étaoin spoke up to the women. “I… Azure is my first friend though.” Their purple gaze turned back towards the crowd, just to turn back towards Kurisa. “If he gets hurt, I’ll also be upset?” Lowering their head, Étaoin messed with their sleeves, as they continued to try and figure out what to do. “I won’t get hurt, I just want to help that’s all.” Yet, Étaoin stood confused when questioned about weapons or any new spells only to shrug as the answer, “I still only have the ones from before… and no weapon yet.” Glancing back towards the crowd once again, nerves getting the best of them. They wanted to slip away from Kurisa, to help their friend but weren’t too sure on how to do so. Noticing that Kurisa didn’t have a hold on them anymore, Étaoin turned back to the crowd, glancing over their shoulder towards the women giving her a firm nod, just to make their way over to the two boys again.

Hearing their name from Azure finally, Éta gave a small nod and gestured in the direction they returned from, right where they had left Kurisa to be exact. When they were stopped Étaoin pouted a little and turned to their friend. An idea popping into their thoughts, that hopefully Azure would be able to catch a hold of as well, a twinkle in their purple gaze just before Étaoin grabbed their partner's sleeve and glanced from the corner of their eyes towards the stranger, standing between them and Kurisa. “Azure. Why is this guy trying to stop us from having a nice day out?” Voice smooth like silk, but still holding a pinch of irritation as Éta folded their arms, letting out a huff at the situation, a small teasing smile to lace their lips. “I leave you alone for a single second and there is already trouble.” It was said in a more teasing tone, with a language that only Azure and Étaoin spoke to each other in, just for the tone to drop into irritation once more when Éta faced the guy and pointed at the man. “Who are you anyway and what do you want with my partner?” Setting their hands on their hips, Étaoin tapped their foot in an impatient way, waiting for an answer from either of them. “Well no need to be rude. God out with it already? Men, honestly.”

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Her eyes traced Eta as they left to go towards Yugo and Eta's friend. She couldn't fully control them so she instead just followed them to make sure they weren't going to get hurt. Her eyes gazed at the scene as her arms crossed against her chest. She listened to their bickering as she knew what will happen. When it comes to being protective over someone, it becomes rather messy. She only heard a couple of things about the guy, mainly just his name and him attacking a guild she barely knew. Why was he acting police now? She sighed softly and paid good attention in case she had to do anything at all.

Here she was, acting and playing mom to one of the cubs. She wasn't going to be overly protective, but she will jump in in case one decides to play dirty. "I seem to get myself in all kinds of messes...'' she mumbles, getting all frustrated. Her head turned towards the buffed guy, "So, from bad to good, huh?" She studied the guy with her wolfdom eyes as the glistened golden brown and blue. She didn't have much to say to Azure as they only briefly met on Halloween. She was just here for Eta. That was all, but Eta wanted to push this due to their friendship with the boy.

What to do, what to do...

She knew exactly what she had to do. She didn't want to leave Eta alone, but she had to carry on with her own plans. Plans that left everyone else out. If she was done with her stuff and Eta was in trouble though, she will be here next time.


#13Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

It would seem as though his day would have entertainment after all though he really didn't want to deal the monkey today of all things but on the bright side of things he had some back up in the form of his wayward partner if they weren't getting sidetracked by the weird women from before. It was rather funny how the man actually thought that he would willingly turn himself in like he wasn't going to make some kind of show of this and make him look like the idiot that he was. "Look, Officer, I can assure you that all my past actions have been cleared up months ago so I think you have some bad intel," he said to the fake officer placing one hand over his heart and the other on his hip. It took his partner a bit longer to make their way over to them than he liked but when they did he asked a simple question.

Azure looked back to his friend with a worried look on his face "This officer has is trying to arrest me for former actions!" the scholar looked back at Yugo still with the same worried expression on his face. The people around them seemed to confused about the situation which was perfect for him as this meant he could get away without having to use any magic. Part of him could see the pain in Yugo's eyes for having to do this but at the same time, he still had unresolved matters to handle. The more that he talked about his change keeping his mental laughter at bay was becoming a challenge. It seemed that the Monkey Man really wanted an easy first arrest but sadly he picked the wrong blue-haired scholar for that. "Etaoin you have to tell him that I really have reformed for the better." the delivery of the line came off as a command and cry for help but he couldn't really help the first part.


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Yugo could tell that the situation was turning south. He'd end up looking like a bad guy if he continued. But he also couldn't just ignore his task. But as he looked at the two, and the growing crowd he had an idea. The knight leaned in to examine azures face then took a step back. "Excuse me. I must be mistaken. Forgive me interrupting your day." He turned quickly and swallowed his pride and embraced the shame as he quietly walked away.

But he hoped it would be enough to allow him to leave and avoid a situation that may cause more harm then good. The Demi human hoped Azure would stay out of trouble. He really didn't want to have to hunt him down. The man wondered what trouble he'd get into if it was discovered he let azure go. But thankfully he didn't have to report this unless directly asked about it. He passed by Kurisa and quickly made his way back to the Rune Knights base. He thought back to their first meeting, and he could not help but feel grateful that he is not that man anymore. He made his way back.


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