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Interrogation Tactics [Quest][Solo]

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Interrogation Tactics [Quest][Solo] Empty on Mon Dec 07, 2020 1:50 am

Mikajia placed the balaclava over his face as the man opened the door, the unoiled hinges complaining loudly as he entered the small room. There were no windows in this room, and only one entrance, thus it was quite stale. In the middle of the room sat a single chair with a hooded man chained to it. Things were finally getting interesting.

This request was more his style. Though he was never really one to pick a fight with someone he knew could never challenge him, this wasn’t really a fight. He had been contacted about another offer from the Martellos; a time-sensitive request that required absolute secrecy. It was all very clandestine, and piqued his interest almost immediately. Without almost any hesitation he accepted and was given the location to appear and nothing more.

Once arrived he was greeted by a member of the Martello family and quickly brought up to speed. He told Mikajia that during a recent meeting of the local crime families, a member of the Tessio family was knocked unconscious by a member of the Martellos, and kidnapped. They believed this man had some crucial information about a cash transport for the Tessios that would be happening in the near future. Martin Martello was a ruthless man, and was willing to do whatever it took to bring down the Tessio family. As such, when he found out this man likely possessed the information he was seeking, he didn’t hesitate to have him captured. It now fell to an outside member to gather the intel they needed. The man suspected it was the Martello family that had captured him, but couldn’t completely count out the other families considering any one of them could have their reasons for doing this.

Mikajia was to basically beat the man to a pulp till he talked, but was not to use any magic, and was not to reveal any information about the Martellos, of course. Simple enough. As he entered the small room, the man began to shout obscenities at him, desperation and fear clear in his voice. He ignored the insults, walked up to him and as he passed by pulled off the hood. He simply stood there, staring down at the man with cold and empty eyes, waiting for him to calm down. Regardless of what the man said, Mikajia just stood there. It was unnerving to the man; Mikajia just stood there, unblinking, unmoving, the weight of his gaze boring into the man’s soul. The seconds that passed by must have felt like hours.

Mikajia watched as the captive began to visibly shake, his words becoming jumbled and trembling as he begged and tried to look anywhere other than at Mikajia. Mikajia leaned forward before reaching a hand forward and grabbing the man’s jaw, forcing him to stare directly into his eyes.
“L-look…I-I swear. I don’t know what you’re after. I have no idea.” He heard the man’s breathing quicken, beads of sweat quickly forming on his face as goose bumps crawled over his skin. The weight of Mikajia’s gaze practically boring into the man’s soul, letting him know exactly what he could expect to happen if he tried to lie. There was absolutely no mercy or kindness, his eyes holding only an unfathomable depth of anger, wrath and a bloodlust so intense it was near palpable. He let the slightest sliver of it seep out of his gaze while he slowly trailed his fingers along the man’s jawline, his whole hand getting closer and closer before finally lightly gripping around his entire throat.

The captive’s eyes widened, “What do you want?! Just say it! I don’t know what you’re after!” His grip began to slowly tighten in response, Mikajia’s head only slightly tilting as he continued only to stare and not speak.

“N-n-no, no! Pl-please, please!” He began to panic even more, “What, is-is it about the transport?! Is that what you’re after?” He said while nearly hyperventilating, “That’s it isn’t it? I’ll tell you everything I know, please, don’t!” Mikajia removed his hand, stood up and walked away, leaving the man a panicked and gasping mess. “Wait! Where are you going?!” He sounded even more terrified now, but Mikajia said nothing as he left the room and closed the door back behind him.

With the door closed, he heard muffled shouts and screams from the room. He turned to the guard that had been stationed outside the room, mild fear and apprehension present on his face as Mikajia took off the balaclava and handed it back to him. “I’ve broken him for you. He won’t resist any more. He’ll happily spill the beans to anyone that puts the slightest pressure on him now. Have fun.” The guard gave a quick nod as he noticeably swallowed before handing over the money.

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Interrogation Tactics [Quest][Solo] Maxresdefault

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