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Shopping Crisis (B Rank Quest)Jolyne|Vice

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Shopping Crisis (B Rank Quest)Jolyne|Vice Empty Sat Dec 05, 2020 3:47 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Well this time at least it seemed another person would suffer with her in this period of working for the merchants. Even though it was resisting even worse practices the overall build up of just working for the non-labor class was beginning to disillusion Jolyne from these concepts of 'good'. It had apparently become much more subjective in her absence and caused her to rethink some things, but that was a line of consciousness for another time. Instead she focused on thinking about who her companion would be as she began to head towards the store that the two Mages were to protect that day. The mission involved protecting a merchant from paying protection money to a local gang, though Jolyne did wonder if it was taxes towards the local community instead of just for the King. Such a thing was very common nowadays and the old tax collectors were often labelled as thieves in order to undermine their authority and trick others into siding with corrupt salesmen who did not wish to pay their just dues. Still, no matter which it was there was no choice for the Lich in the matter and so she would set about her task regardless.

Venturing out for the day she wore her regular ornate dress complete with it's many various sheer veils and baubles as well as flowers she had picked and kept in a vase from the day before. The many colors helped contrast the alabaster of her bones along with her penchant for black cloth and gold metals, flowers suited her magic as well and so the whole outfit really tied into a summary of the personhood of Jolyne Atreides. While she would not normally care how she looked, when the woman knew she was meeting a new mage she put in that extra pep in her step towards the efforts of fashion as opposed about simply worrying about ease of movement. It was an odd thought to change things up but that seemed to be the recent theme in her unlife, so the Lich simply went with the flow of prior events and continued to push the envelope on novelty.

The shop building was not too unassuming nor too outlandish, instead it reflected the inventory it had and displayed a large potion upon the sign above the building painted a lighter shade of blue than the word in order to draw the eye more than the mundane colors of most other buildings. Overall it seemed like a decent enough place and not something that would be too much a chore to be stuck inside for an extended period of time but Jolyne could hardly judge the place until she had entered it herself. Such things were not good to jump to the conclusion of and get ones hope's up only to be annoyed by some horrific interior design or other unexpected annoyance which could severely bring down her overall mood is she was not prepared for it. Expectations were important things to meet for the Plant Mage and she took them a bit more seriously than she should, a character flaw she had no interest in fixing.

Rasping upon the cherry red door which stood in contrast to the color scheme of the rest of the brick and mortar, Jolyne would be greeted by the kindly old man who was the owner. He was a full two heads shorter than the boney lady and looked up at her through coke bottle glasses with white puffs of hair looking like baby bantam chicks roosting above his ears.

"Oh yes, oh yes, you must be the first one, come in before your friend gets here" the old man would usher Jolyne Atreides into his shop seemingly unphased by her skeletal appearance and instead focusing on not letting a draft inside his warm shop from the winter chill outside. Not one to be rude the Lich walked her way into the shop as the little old man shut the door behind her and introduced himself as Nickolai. Once the greetings were out of the way he bid Jolyne to look around the shop as they awaited the other mage, it only made sense she arrived first after all as she was more than a full hour early out of sheer boredom. As such the owner went back to his business after talking to her, and she began to look about the shop itself for ways to ensure none of the fragile bottles would be shattered in the upcoming fight.



Shopping Crisis (B Rank Quest)Jolyne|Vice Empty Sat Dec 05, 2020 6:29 pm

Still in Magnolia, it's Vice's projection that there's still some joys to be picked up. An absence of Fairy Tail brings a rare sense of peace to Vice's plots. Vice overall LINGERS around, so why not play without inhibitions, rather than go for a nefarious and speedy whim? Roaming about doesn't mean Vice prefers not living on the land. Waking up in a hotel, it feels like Vice has to participate and associate himself to boring business. The Captain Paranoid's Bracer keeps Vice in a boring slumber, without having to prepare for his safety while asleep. Ascending in scrutiny is predictably boring, yet Vice prefers to be in his present state than in others. A bystander can accept their way forward as righteous, and hopefully Vice can find such repetitive fortune once more. Feeling temporarily fulfilled, the allied sortie to the destructive forces of evil has brought plenty of treats to Vice's future.

"I miss my Eru, a necessary sacrifice for unprojectable joy." Humbly mumbling, Vice tightens his sexy patterned tighty whities in peace, as his day doesn't tighten until the Captain Paranoid's Bracer does. Moods and vices grow more static at this time of year, only Vice considers his joys already planted. Permanent companionship hasn't been found in Magnolia, yet Vice finds the benefits for others nice enough. Happy customers have always been found when in Vice's temporary companionship. An empty and large hotel bed becomes more empty, once Vice has gathered his assorted gear. Matching his comforts, all of Vice's useful items have been habitually close to him on the bed, to give his trips a sense of homeliness.

Patting himself, Vice could have maybe gotten an alarming Scentless Armor for underneath his suit, instead of Vice's current one. A demonic butler manifested in the room to have cleaned off Vice earlier, but he has accepted such company from a prior sacrifice of a cute Eru. Donning the dark red suit, Vice doesn't find it fitting to change, as the red Deadpoolness is more approachable when this businessman smashes evil brains. All the actions of Vice don't harm himself tho! Outwardly, Vice finds himself ready for a regular day with scheduled clients. The helmet on Vice now is a bit gaudy like some Magneto supervillain, but at least it matches his hair. A red pendant atop the suit gives some adventurous spirit. Coming out to the town is the beginning of punishment to evil and Vice's valuable time. Winter suiting up can be cumbersome.

Helping out the bandit-plagued shops again is an easily available test for Vice. A fighting entrepreneur such as Vice has started to grow more ruthless from his last time. Disarming thieves seems like an acceptable option, as a price for anything that Vice doesn't bother to investigate. Scripted obedience to quest slave presses down on Vice, as he dispels thoughts to assert his capabilities in a logical manner. Right in the heart of Magnolia there truly is quite a lot of thieves in comparison to other places, with some sort of backing off Fairy Tail's spirit perhaps. Disinterested in lashing out too much, Vice only expects a correction to an earlier life. Berserking in early spell-time isn't that efficient with a rare magic. Rather than liking any of the droning merchants, Vice is inclined to side with the heart of the community that constantly steals their worth. What's best for Vice outside isn't best for everyone inside. Some people bring patience to themselves by finding patterns.

"Hello! I'm ready to hide from scary morally right collectors. You can call me Vicey. What's your favorite thingie in this lovely town?" Waving on entrance, Vice's happy shout shouldn't delay business. Others unlike Vice can simply find comfort in comparisons. Coming into the shop, Vice is just ready to perform a contracted task. Accompanied by his Ryuk doesn't spark any feeling of friendship to it. Finding life from death is only a passing amusement. Looking at Jolyne at first instance, Vice tilts his head. A lich can be unsurprising, in a world full of magical surprises, and Vice isn't sure if he's acquainted with this alternative species. Well, Vice doesn't judge, everyone's just walking skeletons. It's a wonder why Vice has a demon following around, yet Vice has only done positive things to deserve cursing. Permanent achievement of one's appearance can be appealing, but Vice is just fascinated with benefits before old styles. Sparkling like his special ed helmet, automatic hit pleasures have forced Vice's head.

Preserving one's opinion of beauty can be fine. There's a shop potion sign that Vice has eyed on his way in, maybe alluding to some creepy human alchemy. Seeing one potion or effect, Vice feels like any customization is futile. Mixing and matching, everything can just look equally and ignorantly tasty for reliability in routine. Pollution and the discarding of potions don't bother Vice much in this magically corrupt world. Measuring expectations brings the deepest sort of relaxation to Vice. Futile arguing is a fa├žade for the expectations of others, and Vice can't be bothered to get into unexpected boring plans. Having been swinging each limb entirely, Vice looks somewhat wild in his wandering while always swinging a staff, but just keeps himself in the center of the shop safe to everyone. It's a bit unfair for the thieves, as Vice expects his spellcrafting to have changed significantly enough to only be bullying. Forewarned by any danger to himself, Vice hasn't had his cute Captain Paranoid's Bracer ever tighten up before coming to the lichy.

wc: 900+/1.5k


#3Jolyne Atreides 

Shopping Crisis (B Rank Quest)Jolyne|Vice Empty Sun Dec 06, 2020 10:52 am

Jolyne Atreides

'Morally right?' Well perhaps this other person who was no doubt the secondary mage was of a mind with Jolyne about their duties to be completed on this day. Fixing the economic system that caused so much theft to occur in what seemed like a financially stable city would be much more of a help than continually attacking the poor when they popped up to earn their bread. Why not hire on non-mages as guards against this after all if you truly desired to help the community? Why go outside of it to police? Well the answer was simple, one was a parasite who leeched from the community.

"Besides a person inside of it? Not entirely too much unfortunately" the Lich would say as she turned from her study of the wall of potions brought about by a desire to do something at least. Regarding the ornately crimson man along side his floating companion Jolyne would wonder between the two if the common man would regard them as good or evil. A snap judgement could easily condemn the trio of beings simply for how they chose to dress or simply due to how they were born to look. The thought was not lost on the Lich who had been contemplating her station in life even more as of late.

"What is your second favorite color?" her skull would split into a mischievous grin at the commenting upon his color scheme, it was playful and Jolyne often found a persons response to an initial joke was a good indicator of how they would receive her overall. Often times those who responded defensively would later try and twist her words when going to them on serious matters, it was in the Plant Mage's best interests to avoid such people for her own mental stability. So it would be that she threw a slight bit of sass to new people in her greetings if she could. Better to find out about a person now, then it was after investing time into someone, less hurt over all that way.

Vice would no doubt sense the intruders before the bell would jingle and alert Jolyne, but no sooner than the man had finished answering or ignoring her question five strong looking men would bust into the shop and begin to knock things over while the shop owner shouted that those were the goons and told the two mage's to attack with extreme prejudice. With a sigh the Lich would hold up her hand with two fingers elevated at Vice indicating she would take the two men closest to her, while she would leave the more experienced mage to deal with the other three however he felt fit.

Throwing her hands up into a very loose stance the skeleton would move forward careful of the positioning of her feet to ensure she could shift on a dime if either of her targets acted unpredictably. Punching her left palm with her right hand, she would twist her right forearm and green spell circles lit up upon her body like shimmering mail as a glowing purple orb formed above her head. While normally a healing spell, she considered neither man a friend and regarded both as threats so the resounding growth of mold and spores would not imbue life back into the men but take the force away from them. So it was when both rushed forward that she split the cloud and kicked with both legs towards each man in a jump and scissor motion resulting in each being hit in the chest by the replicating spores. Though the damage was not enough to stop them, it was enough to stagger both so they did not see the Lich rush in close and deliver a palm strike to each knocking them both out cold. Turning around she would notice that Vice was already done with his group and smiled in acknowledgement at his skill.

"I still have a ways to go with my magic" the Lich sheepishly said rubbing the back of her polished skull as she regarded Vice and stuck her hand out for payment to the shopkeep, completely ignoring the old man until he the money was placed into her hand and then she gave a slight nod on him before refocusing on Vice. "I simply love your floating buddy by the way Vicey, what is their name if I may ask?" after the response the Lich would bid the mage adieu with a prompting to call upon her if he ever needed a Lich's help.


5 intelligence
300 Fame
100,000 Jewels (neutral bonus)
9,000 Experience (returning member bonus)


Shopping Crisis (B Rank Quest)Jolyne|Vice Empty Sun Dec 06, 2020 4:05 pm

New things bring renewed interest to Vice, yet he too has found little interest in Magnolia. Decisive decisions to associate oneself to a place can bring the most boredom to Vice. Lacking changes and faking associating oneself to the past counted ideals of a place are tiresome. Fads and crowds speed up Vice's realizations on the usefulness of Magnolia. Creations or purchases are endearing to push Vice's potential, although he's found no desire to protect any distant merchants. Only being offered some surface rewards doesn't build up a tower of piety. Investment has already been done into the affairs of the company, Vice figures he should play with the opportunity.

"I like orange, and then dark orange. It's TOO flashy for some people, and yes, not everyone can be golden." Sliding in his prideful smol reply, Vice will take confrontation in stride. Waiting will bring all sorts of revelations when a task is shared between fellows. Dominating colors and shades are sometimes the only hands people are dealt. Illusionary colors are endless paths already taken. The same sense of spirit resides in everyone equally, even with overwhelming theatrics being picked up by more appealed people. Mixed signals are misguided attempts at being special. It's a wonder why Vice is at this one merchant shop, instead of defending another. The just desserts and potions being offered to Vice could at least arouse some of his interest, if only a futile possibility. Acknowledging the ally as non-monster has Vice continue his guard nonetheless.

Festivities eventually begin, and Vice decides to preempt the goons on first instance. Confidence in the world is synonymous with comfort, while Vice usually diverts himself from sinking into comfort. A smaller group has to be dealt with by Vice on this go-around, yet a scenario should be taken seriously all the same. Having a back entrusted to him only walls off the scary ruminations of Vice temporarily; the affairs of the light side of society are ever-amusing. Orderly creepy darkness magic could be studied further by Vice, and he'll be stronger soon. Comparisons give Vice time to understand his place forward.

Without rushing his way blindly, Vice has already prepared his spells. Standard procedure brings Vice to use his speed buffs first, with willful whims to strike being best heated up by such. Taking flight, escape isn't usually on the mind of Vice, even if he'll recommend it to any force. The shop's floor is kept away from Vice's body and his flight only brings him a few inches away from his targets. Lighting up the scenery with an assortment of spells is overtly extravagant, even though many means can be overtly assessed. Simply making contact with his offenses, Vice proceeds to each offending person he senses, and it's guaranteed that no goods get stolen or damaged. Outdated rare magic can still be scary to any sort of thugs that took a sorry path to Vice's shop. Simultaneously having done his actions, Vice only proceeded to defend himself with his offensive spells on all his first motions. Overwhelming desires to deal with the merchant might have came over the thugs, to have wanted to insist on engaging.

"I'm sure you'll find your mold somewhere. My associate's name is Ryuk, he's very mindful of his place and manners." Nodding in exasperation, Vice minds his own aspirations after the work's done. Really, Vice wishes his pet could be his Eru still. Recognizable demonic themes aren't Vice's domain to infringe upon. Whatever the means someone uses, Vice doesn't need to belittle them, as he too has to run around striking folks. Continuous focus on a show of sparkles are all that can get under Vice's skin sometimes. What's their name? Questers seem to depart without giving their name!



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