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Underwhelming Champ(Quest)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Underwhelming Champ(Quest) Empty Sat Dec 05, 2020 3:03 pm

Jolyne Atreides

While the sport no doubt carried a lot of money flowing into greedy hands it seemed this exact quest was lodged by someone unexpected. Tyler, whom she had met in the quest prior, had submitted the request surprisingly and this drew the Lich's interest quicker than she had expected thanks to her recent outings. From the parchment the guild had received it appeared as though a local fighting ring had been taken over by a blowhard, and this was the exact thing that Jolyne Atreides needed to blow off some steam that had built up inside of her previously. While not exactly strong, the Mage was knowledgeable when it came to boxing and thanks to her speed she could hit someone repeatedly before they could respond in kind if they were not skilled, caught unaware or too slow in general. As such hopefully she would not let the child she had sparred with down and could help him with this complication that had arose within his favored part of the community. Arriving at the locker rooms she was greeted by the child rather promptly and brought up to speed on what he planned for her to do on this night, as well as her opponents weaknesses. It seemed as though this champion would play into her strengths and allow the skeletal fighter to tire an opponent out through patience as well as out speed them. While it was not ideal the Lich also thought she could afford to take a blow anywhere other than her torso and loose the resulting piece if worst came to worst. The replacement would be simply found in some sort of gravesite and it would not be too much of a hassle, though it may let most on to the fact that her appearance was not an illusion in the slightest and she was some unholy undead monster brought back from the abyss. Overall that seemed to be the opposite of what she desired to be thought of her.


#2Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

Donning purple trunks lined with green in a stripe down the side and on the waistband, the woman would don a pair of forest green gloves which matched the lining on the trunks in a cool tonal contrast with the aubergine that dominated the shorts. Her sports bra was of the same color though being a lich the only reason it appeared she had breasts was her own sense of vanity, which she indulged in though she had not indulged in any of her jewelry for the bout. Instead upon her skull was an aubergine headband made of the same material as the rest of her outfit and completed the ridiculous look that she was going for in order to humiliate her opponent much easier. It was time to enter out into the crowd and onto the stage of the ring, walking out Jolyne was surprised at just how loud the cheering for her was, she was rather shocked that people hated her opponent enough to give a random fighter this sort of a greeting. As she approached the ring, the champion took the time to taunt her and claim that he would not go easy on her just for being a girl but would in face defeat her in under sixty seconds. If her eyes were still there, they would have rolled out of her sockets and onto the floor but instead an intentionally dramatic stage sigh escaped her jawbone as she ducked under the ropes of the ring and got onto the stage. This evoked even more fury from the man within the ring directed completely at the contestant who stood stone faced among it all to scattered chuckles from the crowd. The man finished his taunting after seeing the crowd begin to whisper and decided it was best for his bravado if he just punched the person opposite to him instead.


#3Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

As the ref announced they could begin Jolyne would adapt a very loose stance in order to dodge anything that came her way, she kept an even balance in order to pivot and shift to either side at the last second so he could not as easily follow up with another attack and catch her off guard. Jolyne baited the man into a couple wild hay makers that she ducked and weaved behind from, circling around him to ensure that she did not get pinned into any corner and any ground he gained against her she could push back and content instead. Rodric tried this tactic of his three more times before shifting his stance to block her from escaping from one side. Forty seconds had already passed and a wide smile was spread over the Liches face as the crowd was cheering in a roaring din of noise around the fighters. It was looking like he wanted to finish this within his taunting time and his next rush was completed with a third blow blocking Jolyne into a corner. This forced her to rush into him with a jab of her own which he blocked, but also obstructed his view from the follow up from her primary fist which hit him in the abdomen long enough for her to duck away and back into the center of the ring. With a roar the man rushed in for a final charge with five seconds of his boast remaining and threw out a wildly powerful blow, but it was almost half of Jolyne's speed and the mage easily ducked it to the side while unleashing a flurry of punches of her own on his unprotected side causing the man to be driven back as she continuinly hit him until he fell into the ropes until he fell over them and the ref called the match in her favor. While he lay on the floor sobbing Jolyne was presented with the belt which she threw at Tyler who had come up into the crowd to watch the match. Announcing publicly that she forfeited to the champion before the last and took the prize money before leaving.


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