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Fourth Eye Forward(Quest)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Fourth Eye Forward(Quest) Empty Sat Dec 05, 2020 2:23 pm

Jolyne Atreides

The rare with no brim? While the quality was there apparently the item was lacking in substance and was thus faulty, why she was now tasked in testing it out she was uncertain but Jolyne Atreides the Lich found herself coming back to the shop for a third time. This time it sounded like she would achieve quite the workout if it was to be that she would have to go up against someone in armed combat with the sword. It was interesting, as a mage she usually relied on simply martial arts and had not really considered taking on a weapon before this. While a straight forward sword did not seem to suite her, the woman was rather certain that she would be able to discern a weapon suitable of herself in time. For now she would have to focus her attention on being at least serviceable with an unknown quantity, it was certainly not going to be as intuitive as simply using her fists and the Atreides mentally prepared herself for such opting to go swing it about outside before announcing any challenges aloud. The weight of a weapon was important or so she had overheard a few times from multiple differing people. Even though it was common knowledge it was extremely useful to try and build the essentials before moving on to anything else. Perhaps it was some long form of billy club, regardless the weight did not seem to cause her wrist to drift even though the thing was completely wrapped in cloth. What an odd weapon indeed, not exactly something that the Lich would opt for herself but perhaps it was useful for non-lethal crowd suppression? Or perhaps it was a training weapon that could be used by people without worry of too much damage occurring though the woman still thought she may be able to produce a broken bone if she had the sufficient strength behind her blow.


#2Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

Better than lopping off the whole arm though she reflected to herself before deciding to venture out into the city proper to find a sparring partner. While it was mid day and there were plenty of people around the Lich was careful to only challenge people she saw weilding weapons to avoid bothering anyone who she did not think would desire to engage in such an activity. So it was that several hours passed without her finding a single soul in which to engage with to test this 'faulty' product. This evoked and prompted boredom from Jolyne in spades as the skeleton soon grew frustrated by the lack of competitors she could find willing to spar with her in some form of combat. It almost seemed as though nobody wished to fight in that town nor were they even interested in indulging her in just hitting the weapon around a few times so she could at least test the product out. So uncooperative was everyone that the Atreides was beginning to lose heart on her ability to complete this task in any orderly manner and instead was now growing concerned with how long it would take. Yet again it seemed she was compelled to help the wealthy with some odd goose chase that only resulted in her wasting her time while other humans were starving, dying, and growing cold all of whom could be saved with some divested attention. Though luckily before she despaired too far it seemed someone would be willing to rise to her challenge. Not someone she approached mind you, instead it was a child who held what appeared to be a common level sword. After asking him multiple times if he was certain the Lich shrugged and accepted due to the fact that she hardly wanted to waste any more time and instead determined to do her best to check any attacks that would slip past the child's guard. She hardly wanted to hurt anyone in this endeavor after all, that was not what testing a weapon was about at all.

#3Jolyne Atreides 

Fourth Eye Forward(Quest) Empty Sat Dec 05, 2020 2:24 pm

Jolyne Atreides

The two figures that faced off against each other in that moment could not appear more opposite, one short and the other tall, one representing youth and the other so old looking she was nothing but bone and calcified flesh. The poetry was not lost to the woman who laughed internally careful not to insult the younger male who was so eager to help her out, that would be most uncoth of her and further more uncalled for. Instead she would show respect for his tenacity and not try to hold back her blows unless they had already broken or slipped past his defense. Due to the difference in quality of their weapons she did not expect them to be able to trade many blows before that happened even if the kid happened to be more experienced than her. Sometimes it was not enough for skill to overcome certain things, but the youngling could certainly surprise her. As the two approached each other she would launch two blows before pulling back, he blocked one and shifted to dodge the other which was a jab, as opposed to the slash before it. Filling in the distance left by the Lich the kid would rush forward with a few blows of his own which Jolyne blocked while firmly standing her ground despite the weapons trading far more equally than they should have. Perhaps this was what the merchant was speaking of when he meant faulty? There did not seem to be any damage growing on her opponents blade as their fight continued as there should have been. Still he was tiring compared to her and a blow of hers slipped through before she checked it and lightly tapped him instead. Instead of getting frustrated, the child gave his name and laughed and then extended his hand. Jolyne gave hers out as she completed the handshake with a bit more hope in her heart than when she had started. Returning and reporting to Khalash, Jolyne got her reward.

2 speed
2 strength bonus
200 Fame
50,000 Jewels
6000 Experience

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