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NQ Underground Associate [B][Shichiro][Yugo]

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NQ Underground Associate [B][Shichiro][Yugo] Empty on Sat Dec 05, 2020 11:33 am

The barrecks were quiet, Yugo was not allowed to leave unless he was on a quest or training. He sat on his bed in his Uniform, listening to the music from a lacrimal radio. The barrecks were small for the base, granted not many rune knights stayed in the barrecks with all the hotels and brothels in the city. Yugo sighed softly. He wished he could get our and go there, but he coulsnt leave without the artifact hurting him. He didnt have much choice in the matter. 

He made the choices he had made and now he paid for them. He rubbed his eyes as a reminder of the other punishment he received from the captain. He wouldn't be allowed to ever forget his lesson. The Demi-Human stood and walked around the barrecks listlessly and without much energy. He wanted to go do something, anything. Yugo often thought the boredom was a worse punishment then losing his eyes. He turned the music dial and tried to find something that peaked his interest. He wondered if the music in the area was different then Eras. He sighed as he eventually returned to the original channel and groaned. "So fucking bored."

#2Shichiro Uchida 

NQ Underground Associate [B][Shichiro][Yugo] Empty on Sat Dec 05, 2020 1:16 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Arriving at the crimson quarters, Shichiro didn't really have much he wanted to do today, Dressed in his usual attire, Shichiro wore a yellow button down shirt, navy blue pants and black shoes. He wore a pair of augmented earrings that gives him a fairly strong constitution, a heavy, fur helmet artifact that only bestows its benefits on werewolves and a single gauntlet on his right arm. He was fairly equipped as he had a task to do from headquarters today and didn't really want to waste time getting it along the way. He was supposed to infiltrate a small time criminal organization with a partner and dismantle it from within. Whether the means were figuratively or literally, either would suffice. Not being the crafty type, shichiro decided there was only one way to do this which means he'd have to do it literally, he hoped the seated knight he was currently in charge of handling wouldn't mind things getting a little hairy. First thing he should do was go and pick him up. Arriving at where he was staying, shichiro barged into his room and decided to get a good look. He remembered him from a previous task and decided to silently stare at him to get a response out of him.



NQ Underground Associate [B][Shichiro][Yugo] Empty on Sat Dec 05, 2020 2:12 pm

It didnt take much longer for Yugo to wait before finally something interesting happened. Well....something different then nothing anyways. He quickly stood to attention and saluted before greeting Shichiro. "Greetings sir!" He stood in salute. He had almost no gear beyond the rune knights standard uniform and his rune knight pendent. His face was marred by the scar the captain had given him. The flesh was freshly scarred and still bright red. 

Yugo would lower his hand and ask to speak. If he was allowed hed answer quickly. "Sir, what are we doing today? I havnt been briefed on anything yet." He waited for a response and afterwards hed grab his hat from the hat rack and place it on his head. He hadn't even had breakfast yet, but he wasnt hungry anymore. He was ready to go and get this mission done. The chance to get to actually fight, he felt the old bloodlust boil slightly. He tempered it however and calmed himself down. 

The Demi human couldnt help but smile however, as he spoke once more. "Sorry, it's been a minute since I've been allowed to fight." Yugo smiled happily and eagerly as he waited to leave. 


#4Shichiro Uchida 

NQ Underground Associate [B][Shichiro][Yugo] Empty on Sat Dec 05, 2020 3:24 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Watching his reaction, the seated Knight had stood to attention at his arrival, greeting and saluting him as the common courtesy between the higher ranking and lower ranking Knight. It was quite amusing for the time being but he knew eventually he'd get annoyed of it sooner or later. For now, he'd tell him to be at ease and told the knight he had a job for him. Giving a small sneer, shichiro would turn around, gesturing Yugo to follow, beginning to lead the seated knight outside after he asked him what they would be doing today. Walking to a certain part of town where he heard a little base of operations were to take place, shichiro had stopped at a corner, just a few blocks away from the place they were to bust in. Now was a good time to inform Yugo on what they were doing. "Alright, here's the job given by headquarters. I've come to get you to bust a small time gang in Hosenka since I'm supposed to take a second person with me. We're gonna bust through the front, fend off some grunts and arrest the ring leader. Got all that? I hope you can handle your own in a fight, they aren't very strong. They only have numbers," shichiro informed.



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Yugo nodded and stood prouder as he was asked if he could handle himself. He may have lost colored and detailed vision, but he was still strong enough to be able to hold his own. The Demi Human smiled happily and laughed. "I'm proud to say I can handle myself in a fight sir." He would then follow the higher ranked knight to wherever they were headed. 

The pair would eventually find themselves at a warehouse deep within the hosenka district. It was seemingly without reason for suspicion on the outside, it looked like any other warehouse could. The demi human followed behind the higher ranked Knight as he eagerly go himself pumped up. He could feel his muscles flexing as he got ready to fight once again. He turned to looks t the warehouse and he noticed movement through one of the windows. 

"Theres definantly people inside. Though I cant tell if their criminals or workers. Sadly my visions not perfect right now... I can get a closer look if youd like. Or we can charge right in. It's up to you sir." He would wait for orders, but once they were giving he would act on them quickly. 


#6Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
"Good, then we'll scope out the area a little bit to see how many potential threats there are outside before we barge in, guns blazing. I'd rather keep this swift and clean, let's go and scout out how many potential enemies we might have to battle. Not all of them might be hostile and some could even be innocent civilians, let's get to it." Shichiro had said. The seated knight claimed he could hold his own if things turned out for the worst. He would see if he was telling the truth for better or for worse. Placing his hands into his pockets, Shichiro walked towards the warehouse posing as a civilian just passing by. He wasn't exactly dressed like an authority figure so he wouldn't draw too much suspicion immediately. Using this to his advantage, he decided to circle the warehouse a few times to see what would happen as well as determine who would be curious enough to stop him. There wasn't much in the way of visible security and there was quite a bit of security. Eventually, one of them was keen enough to notice that he had circled the area more than twice and approached him.



NQ Underground Associate [B][Shichiro][Yugo] Empty on Sun Dec 06, 2020 9:19 am

The huge and roughly dressed Yugo sighed. He still wasnt used to wearing proper cloths. He had just gotten sued to wearing the uniform of the rune knights. He was thankful to have been able to change out of his uniform, it would help him stand out less, but he had his pendent hidden on him just in case. He wore a baggy hoodie and regular sweatpants alongside his standard issue shoes from the Rune Knights. The other shoes that had been provided didnt fit and as such yugo had to make do. 

The Demi human approached the warehouse, going the other way around from Shichiros path. As he got within 25 meters of the building his nose wrinkled. The harsh smell of the opium inside the warehouse stung his nose. It would probably fill the entire district if what ever spell they were using to block the smell was any weaker. He quickly made his way toward the lieutenant, unaware people were watching him. He approached the higher ranked knight and quickly noticed he was being approched by someone. He motioned to shichiro and waited if he would respond that he needed help or not. He waited impatiently for new orders.


#8Shichiro Uchida 

NQ Underground Associate [B][Shichiro][Yugo] Empty on Sun Dec 06, 2020 11:40 am

Shichiro Uchida
As Shichiro approached the guard, Shichiro pulled his hands out of his pockets just in case anything were to happen like a fight breaking out. He wasn't too sure about the situation at hand but he figured he would at least be ready if push came to shove. The guard had told Shichiro he's already seen him walk around the area three times now and wanted to know what he was doing. Shichiro had responded, saying he was just taking a leisurely troll and wondered if that was a problem. The guard didn't exactly buy it but he couldn't really prove him wrong either. Instead he told Shichiro to take his walk elsewhere and he didn't want to See him around again. This made him Scoff in response to the demand and responded him to say, 'Make me'. The guard had then shoved Shichiro, causing him to take a step back. Chuckling a bit, Shichiro Signaled Yugo to come out of hiding as his patience had worn thin already. He did what he set out to do anyway and it was time to just go in anyway. Balling his right hand into a fist, Shichiro delivered a blow towards the man's lower abdomen, causing him to lurch his upper body forward. Taking his left hand, he placed it on the back of the man's head pushing it down towards his left knee in order to strike with it. Of course this didn't go unnoticed as Six men started to run towards Shichiro.



NQ Underground Associate [B][Shichiro][Yugo] Empty on Sun Dec 06, 2020 12:44 pm

Yugo took notice of his signal and nodded as he ran to the front door of the warehouse, as he took out his pendent and placed it on his chest the metal glowing perfectly in tune to his mana. He reached the big metal door and grabbing it and with a mighty Roar he tore the door off fully breaking the scent hiding spell as the heavy fumes of processed opium rushed out of the warehouse. Yugo was suddenly forced to step back and away as a giant heavy hammer barely missed his head. 

Yugo stepped back out of the danger of the hammers range for the moment as the large muscular man exited the warehouse. He was covered in spikes on his shoulders and wore a strange gas mask. Inside the warehouse he had opened up, yugo could see the workers rushing to get their product finished and shipped before more Rune Knights could arrive. 

The hammer man grunted and pulled the hammer free from the wall. "ILL CRUSH YOUR FUCKING HEAD IN!" He rushed Yugo who ducked and dodged again and again, just barely getting out of the way of danger with each attack. Despite being slightly faster, Yugo wasnt stronger. He needed to take a moment and learn before finally slamming a punch into the face of the man, shattering the gas mask and sending him flying back into the warehouse and crashing into a pallet of opium powder. 


#10Shichiro Uchida 

NQ Underground Associate [B][Shichiro][Yugo] Empty on Sun Dec 06, 2020 3:15 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Looking onwards towards his incoming aggressors, he had also noticed Yugo doing his own thing of going straight for the warehouse itself. It was exactly what he had hoped for but now wasn't the time for him to be proud or worrying about somebody else. He had a few more minions to deal with around him and he wasn't in a particularly good mood. The current amount of enemies were six men and he didn't have the time to take it easy or slow. Now that the warehouse was onto them, they would try and move as much product as they could and most likely, attempt to destroy the rest. Getting into a handicapped brawl, shichiro wasted no time knocking unconscious his assailants with a combination of swift, yet precise blows from his fists as it either took two to three blows for each individual coming at him like that. It took him a couple of minutes to subdue them before he fixed his attention back towards Yugo. If what he told him was true, then he wouldn't bother to help him out with the hammer wielding psychopath as he needed to prevent the evidence from being destroyed. Instead, he ran past the two and entered the building from where Yugo had initially tore open the door.



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The man who was fighting yugo groaned as he breathed in opium dust through his cracked mask. He tore the mask off and grabbed a fist full of the drug before slapping it against his open mouth and general face area. His magic kicked in as he processed the drug in such a way as to boost his own strength. But his speed suffered from it. He grabbed his hammer and ran at Yugo in a rage swinging it like a wrecking ball. Yugo barely had time to get out of range. He may have been faster, but only just faster. If he was hit it might actually kill him. 

He dodged one blow, only to have his arm bruised by the wind force of the blow alone. Yugo side stepped a downward blow that shattered the ground. The demi-human side stepped the blow but only just barely. He was sent flying front he impact. He landed roughly as he hit the ground and the large masked man rushed forward. Yugo dodged and was sent flying again by the impact. The large demi human hit the wall surrounding the warehouse as the man he fought raged. He foamed st the mouth as the side effects of the drugs finally hit. He slowed down more and groaned as he struggled to lift his hammer. 

Yugo stood up and groaned as he stretched his muscles. He quickly approched the enemy and slammed his fist into the enemy's chest then followed by another angry blow to his shoulder. Each attack was followed by another and another. He gritted his teeth with each blow as he let the enemy have it. He didnt give him a chance to power up again. 

He kept slamming fist after fist and blow after blow. He then grabbed the man and head butted him hard and repeatedly until he was no longer able to resist Yugo. He then dropped him on the ground and made his way to assist Shichiro. But by the time he got in, the battle inside was done. He panted softly and smiled as Yugo pressed his pendent to communicate to the others. 

"You do good work Lieutenant. I barely managed to take out 1 man." He panted softly as other members of the group known as the Rune Knights made their way in to help with clean up. He panted softly and made his way to the medical rune knights. They started to heal him with magic. Thankfully he wasnt to badly hurt. He thanked shichiro again should they meet as afterwards before reporting back to headquarters for debriefing. He sighed softly ad he made his way there. 


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#12Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Making his way into the warehouse where the gang's illegal operations took place, shichiro had spotted some of the higher ups frantically burning plans and smuggling as much of the product as they could before the Rune Knights they had heard about storming the place came in. A lot of them seemed like civilian workers at first glance given their reactions. It seems a lot of them were innocent and didn't really know what was going on, they weren't feigning ignorance anyway. Other times, some knew what they were doing and continued to do so anyway. Regardless of the situation, all of them would eventually be captured and tried in the courts of Era. For that reason, he knows he doesn't have to show too much restraint but just in case some were actually innocent, he'd hold off on doing anything drastic. He wasn't sure how his current partner fared against their current opponent but he did know he had to wrap this job up quickly. Looking around from left to right, he looked around for somebody that would be the brains of this operation. They didn't exactly have to be the leader of the entire gang but maybe somebody would have enough authority to be able to explain the ins and outs of this operation.

As he scanned the room, he saw a peculiar person dressed a little bit more formal than the rest of them. If he had to place a bet, that person would be the guy he was looking for. The person had spotted shichiro as he was trying to gather things he deemed important enough not to fall into the hands of the authorities. He ran towards what he presumed to be an exit before shichiro started to dash after him. A chase had begun between the two as they had both dip, ducked and leaped over various obstacles as if they were in an action movie of some sort. Eventually, shichiro had caught up to him in which the gang officer had tried to take his chance at resisting arrest. Needless to say, they didn't quite win that battle. After a few moments, he had exited the warehouse with his new found prisoner to a group of Rune Knights Yugo had called to assist them. Handing his prisoner over towards his associates, Shichiro turned towards Yugo to give him a nod of approval before placing his hands into his pockets and walking off in a different direction. Maybe in the future, he'd call for his help once again.



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