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Third Eye Open(Quest)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Third Eye Open(Quest) Empty Fri Dec 04, 2020 5:50 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Again it seemed as though her guild was at the beck and call of another merchant, it seemed as though they supported the economy a bit more than the common man. Although she made a point of choosing missions she figured would still be morally correct the balancing act was getting harder now than it was before. This time it seemed she was helping a well established place which had helped the community for quite a long time so it did little to leave a sour taste in her mouth. Which was good as he was just hiring her on for labor, which brought about ideas of why he simply did not hire on an extra employee? What was it about wealth that prompted greed from others such as this that they would go about trying to skip long term benefits for your help. It was downright shameful and the man was extremely lucky that Jolyne did not rob him as she rightful should have. Righteous anger bubbled up inside her as she wasted her time guarding the store from what? Sixteen year olds? What an old fool, hopefully soon he would rot in the stagnation he had wrought. Forging a life such as this brought about naught but decay in the afterlife and frankly it was sickening to see. Eager to distract herself Jolyne moved about the shops looking at the items, making sure to 'stay at her post' like a good little automaton. Inside the other novelties and actually useful products the idea of funneling wealth to oneself from their neighbors like some kind of horrific demonic antlion could disappear from her mind. It was almost as bad as landlords. Thus it came to be that Jolyne spent a few of her hours there just reading the books as well as pestering customers about current events in order to catch up at the world at large. Even though she was essentially wasting her time at the moment, Jolyne was never one to spin her wheels for no reason and sought to at least learn something during this timeframe. After all the rare customer who was coming in this late was quite agreeable as they were most often a laborer who had completed a long shift at work. Jolyne often found these to be the nicest and kindest people having forged empathy through working with others and confrontation as well as acceptance. So oft spared from these were those with money that she found them much akin to a child developmentally, especially a child who has never been told no. Still the whole event was not that much of a hassle and soon the owner would be back and she could leave this experience behind her, though she did begin to grow concerned over how often she would support the bourgeoise. Perhaps it would be better to change the system sooner rather than later, and for that drastic shifts would have to occur. All this was beyond Jolyne's current capabilities, still she would just have to try.


1 speed
100 Fame
25,000 Jewels
3000 Experience (Returning)

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