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Quest- silk and thread

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Quest- silk and thread Empty Fri Dec 04, 2020 10:49 am

Having finally arrived in Hosenka, it was beautiful, but he was kept on track by his silent handler as the two made their way to the Rune Knights headquarters in Hosenka. It was small, but it did the job it needed to. The Large Demi-human was not happy as he was instructed to gather clothing material, but he didnt argue and he didnt complain. The large man moved toward the market with his handler shortly there after. 

His handler would make sure they got the materials they needed, despite not speaking to Yugo unless neccessary the man did have a way with words. He was able to make sure each seller was true to their words. However, that didnt mean they didnt try to give them the run around. The one time it happened, Yugo got to see the power the rune knights pendent held.  The shopkeeper quickly apologized before he gave them the proper material. He handler informed him that the next time he has to flash this badge it will mean the shop keeper will be headed to jail. 

Yugo watched silently as he saw the respect and fear the badge alone caused. He wondered why just a piece of metal had such power behind it. He asked the handler about it, and was told a very blunt answer of because it's the mark of the Rune Knights. But Yugo wasnt sure that was it. If that was the truth, the uniform alone would garner the respect as it's a mark of the Rune Knights as well. 

He continued to think on it as they walked through the Market. Yugo held the material as they walked and silently contemplated his thoughts as the two made their way from stall to stall, acquiring what ever material they needed on the list. The two made short work of the needed items and began making their way to the theater again. The pair were silent, and Yugo was growing bored. He wanted to go explore and drink, but he couldnt. Drinking alone would kill him,and he couldnt disobey a direct order because of the artifact in his body. 

The two finally arrived at the theater and dropped off the materials, Yugo was outside, sitting on the step as the man inside received the rewards and after completing talks with the owner, the handler came out and the two rune knights left. The pair made their way back to the rune knights headquarters in hosenka. The handler paid yugo his said of the quest funds and then ordered him to say in his barrecks until called. 

He obeyed, and went toward the barrecks. Along the way he contemplated why he didnt see other rune knights displaying their pendants at all times, was it not important to look loyal? To show you are a proud member? He wasnt sure why he even cared, back before he was forcibly recruited by the rune knights he wouldn't give a damn about some pendent. 


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