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Fetch Me This And That [Quest][Solo]

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Fetch Me This And That [Quest][Solo] Empty on Thu Dec 03, 2020 6:09 pm

Mikajia let out a long sigh, he was beyond bored. There hadn’t been too many jobs available to him lately, so now he had been resorting to picking up odds and ends jobs. His last one literally had him picking up groceries for an old lady. He wasn’t a monster, and wasn’t above lending a helping hand to some people, but he usually only did that for those he knew and trusted. However, with his current lack of choices, he couldn’t really be too picky.

He had been wandering the streets, just trying to rid himself of his restlessness, letting his mind wander when he saw a poster placed up on the community bulletin board. It was a request. With his interest piqued he wandered over and surveyed the paper only to pierce the paper with a deadpan stare a moment later, “Are you fucking kidding me?” He said to himself before letting out another long sigh.

‘Am I really resorting to a damn scavenger hunt?’ He thought to himself, seriously considering crumpling up the paper and tossing it. However, money was money. And considering he hadn’t been able to take a job for a number of days now, he literally couldn’t afford to pass up this chance, no matter how much he wanted to.

“Dammit.” He said in aggravation as he rubbed the back of his neck before turning and walking away from the board. There weren’t too many items to find, so he figured the sooner he started, the sooner he could be done with this farce.

“An old plant, some burnt wood….and a large chunk of metal?” He said as he cocked an eyebrow, staring back down at the paper. “The hell does this woman plan to do with these items?” Considering the request was from Serena Nightless, the options were near countless, and almost guaranteed to be for something illegal. However, even with his lack of knowledge with curses and the like, he highly doubted these specific items could really hold all that much power or significance for any type of ritual. Then again, he couldn’t really say for sure that the items were completely worthless either.

Regardless of the reason, and deciding not to ponder the point any longer, Mikajia set about finding and gathering the items listed on the paper. Thankfully the blandness of the requested items helped with his search and he had managed to acquire all three of the items in just under an hour. He nicked a rather old looking plant from a porch he passed by while wandering through the alleys. The burnt wood he grabbed from the diner he’d set fire to. They had begun demolishing the place a couple weeks ago. Mikajia had heard they were planning on rebuilding the place, however, he saw as he passed by that they hadn’t completely cleared out the debris, and so quickly grabbed a medium sized chunk of burnt wood. The final item, the large chunk of metal, was also procured from the debris of the diner.

‘Who knew my work here previously would come to aid me in a future quest.’ He thought with a smirk and a small chuckle. With the items in hand, and sun setting, he made his way to the location listed for him to deliver the items. However, upon arrival realization dawned on him. Serena was waiting for him, hands on her hips and a look of amusement lighting her face. She appeared to be barely containing her laughter.

He sighed, then tossed the items at her feet, “Let me guess,” He said before Serena could speak, “It wasn’t real? Your request was a joke?”

“Yep.” She said before finally nearly doubling over in laughter, “I can’t believe someone finally did it. You know, I’ve been waiting ages for someone to be gullible enough to take that request.” She said, holding her stomach while tears streamed down her face.

He let her have her moment of laughter, then cocked a brow as she tossed him some money. He merely shrugged before he picked up and pocketed the money, “I honestly don’t care. I was bored out of my mind anyways. Fake or not, your little joke here at least cured me of some boredom.”

“Well, I guess this worked out for the both of us then didn’t it?” She said with a sly smirk before turning to leave. Mikajia gave a small chuckle himself before turning to leave.

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Fetch Me This And That [Quest][Solo] Maxresdefault

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