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No Need For Introductions [Esperia]

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Finally, Ezekiel was back in Sieghart mountains where he could rest and work at the same time. He took comfort in knowing that Sieghart mountains was under the rule of Sentinel Syndicate, more specifically his guild master, Konyo. However, he took even greater comfort in knowing that he was chosen as overseer of everything 'Worth Woodsea'. Right now his snakelings were acting as his eyes and ears. Any new information would be brought to him by the end of the night, every night. 'Snakelings' meaning the meager children throughout the area who didn't have a home- or did, but lived in toxic unrewarding environments. The Sanaedhel had recruited more than a boatload of children the last time he was in the north, though it wasn't until today that they had began working. Boy were they excited! They were making enough money to live, they were protected by the Vampire himself and now...they had purpose. It was imperative that Ezekiel knew what was going on in the North at all times, even when he wasn't around. With Elves after him and a million jewel bounty on his head he could never be too cautious.

Ezekiel's reputation proceeded him, apparently. People around the entire country were referring to him as "The Dark One". Yes, it was extremely cliche. Ezekiel loathed a title to say the least but it also made him sound extremely powerful- as if he was the epitome of darkness itself or something. Of course, nobody knew the face of 'The Dark One', just that he- or she had been littering Fiore with empty corpses. As long as Ezekiel could hide his Vampiric identity from the people that mattered he may never get caught up. Right now the Black Magician was in the Library of Sentinel Syndicate. It was quite a large area. Konyo out did herself with the whole building. The Library was decorated beautifully with antique items, extremely organized shelves and smelled like cinnamon muffins. The shelves were filled with different types of books from all over the world. All this knowledge...so much power. Only a few guild members had been roaming around looking for a good read. Ezekiel on the other hand already had a book. At the back of the library in the middle of the night, he chose knowledge over a healthy night sleep. The former elfs book of choice was dusty with a brown leather covering. It was about Dragons written by a man in X323.

This specific book wasn't offered by the Syndicate's library, Ezekiel picked this one up in Orias Village. All Ezekiel had to do to get was reveal his guild tattoo. Now he was here. They hated him there for what he was, but there was nothing they could do. They wouldn't dare betray Sentinel Syndicate. Why was he reading a book on Dragons by a man from the early 300s, you ask? Easy; because Dragons were important to this world and they were in Fiore. He had to find out all he could in case he was ever lucky enough to meet one. The book was extremely boring though. Beside the vampire was a half-dead middle-aged bald man with a beard bleeding from the palms of his hands. "ugh..." the man grunted, struggling to keep his eyes open. Zeke glanced over at the wine glass in his hand, then at the man before he decided that he needed more to drink. He snatched the mans hand and squeezed it over the wine glass. Red liquid streamed into the cup until it was filled all the way to the top. When Ezekiel finally let go of him, he fell face first into the couch they were sitting on. "Don't you dare die yet, sir. You taste AMAZING." he sung as he flipped to the next page. None of the guild members even seemed to bat an eye. He liked it here.


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Ezekiel's presence in the library within the Sentinel Syndicate's floating castle did not go unnoticed. Perched at the window was a black raven, and not a single caw was made by the creature at its eyes seemed firmly locked onto observing the vampire.

Meanwhile, within another room of the castle, a white-haired sorceress had been quietly flipping the pages of a tome, but her reading session seemingly had reached its conclusion earlier than expected, for a raven came flying into her room, the creature landing on her desk and looking up at her. Esperia's lips curved up into a smile at the message the raven delivered. "So he has returned to the castle? Good~ I will be paying him a visit then." And as she pushed her chair backward and rose up from her seat, the raven perched itself on her shoulder.

As she arrived at the library the sound of a pained groan reached her ears, and while approaching the direction of the sound she discovered what exactly was going on.

"Such an old-fashioned and barbaric way to go about things~" Esperia chimed softly, sounding less offended and more as if she was teasing with the comment. There, seated on one of the couches was Ezekiel, one of the syndicate's more prominent members, and beside him a bearded man, judging from her memory one of the librarians who was tasked to work here.

"While it is true that through terror one can gain servitude, it is a flawed method, for if they encounter something they fear more than you, they would turn onto you in a heartbeat."

Her voice was soft, gentle even as she knelt beside the collapsed man, who seemingly was barely conscious at this point. "s....save me... please..." A feeble whisper and Esperia merely smiled sweetly down at him. "Of course~" Withdrawing what appeared to be a potion, she removed the lid and carefully brought it to the man's lips.

It took some effort, but once he swallowed the contents of the potion his face started to regain color and he sat up with a bit more vigor than before. Meanwhile, Esperia mused softly. "Frederick, was it?" The man nodded his head feebly in return as Esperia continued speaking. "If I recall right you were the one asking for relics tied to Icebergian myths, correct? Would you please be a dear and continue providing your guest with your blood during his reading session? Unfortunately his state of being makes it that he requires blood as substance, but I am sure he is wise enough to refrain from consuming too much, lest he'd earn the ire of the syndicate for murdering one of the people working for them."

A playful wink followed as she added. "Of course, in return, I will see about getting you something fascinating~ I got some contacts who would be able to get you some relics~"

With the words spoken the bearded man nodded his head vigorously, placing both the palms of his hands beside Ezekiel.

"The carrot and the stick method my dear Ezekiel~ There is greater power to be found in worship and adoration rather than fear and intimidation. Besides, isn't it more pleasant to have people 'beg' you to use them as nourishment? Is it a method our guild master knows all too well, although one that is preferred to be left to me I guess~"

She chuckled softly as she took a seat at a couch near Ezekiel's. "O right~ I believe I have the advantage when it comes to information this time, so let me even out the odds: My name is Esperia, I am... let us say an advisor to the syndicate's master, a diplomat of sorts."


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The Vampire heard someone's footsteps moving closer towards him. Unbothered by the clacking of feet, his eyes remained on the book in his lap. As he took a sip from his wine glass, he began reading a chapter about the generations of dragon slayers. The book was finally getting interesting. When the steps finally stopped in front of him, he heard the voice of a woman which prompted him to look up with an eyebrow raised. "Barbaric" was the word she used to describe Zeke's feeding method. "Would you rather me sink my teeth into his neck and leave his bloody corpse lying around?" Then Ezekiel glanced over towards the half dead librarian. Zeke's eyes met the woman again before noticing exactly who she was. Esperia.

If he wasn't mistaken this woman was the strongest member of the guild- or at least the highest ranked member. Ezekiel smirked. Then Esperia went on about how using fear as a method to gain servitude was flawed. Of course the Sanaedhel didn't disagree, he was just taken aback by how his guild mates assumption. He didn't have to use fear to get this mans cooperation, just a little kiss, some touching, a sleeping potion and boom~. The librarian laying on the couch asked the Dragon slayer to help him. He struggled to get his words out because of his lack of blood. The Sleeping potion didn't make that any better for him. Esperia crouched down and began feeding him some sort of potion and cutting a deal with him. Oh how sweet of her to look out for the blood sucking magician. She promised him a relic if he willingly gave blood.

Ezekiel didn't care about building personal relationships with his fellow guild mates unless they had something to offer- and only a select few actually did. Esperia seemed to be the opposite though. The gentle-seeming white haired woman looked like she genuinely cared. "Who needs fear when you have the sire bond?" Ezekiel asked casually, smiling warmly as the Librarian offered his hands. "Oh, no need. Thank you, friend but you've given me all I need. It's not as fun when you want to give me blood. You may leave." The Librarian sighed and shook his head before leaving the two. Ezekiel closed his book then leaned towards Esperia to talk lowly- almost whispering. " I wasn't going to kill him, you know. I'm not a monster." He assured the white headed mistress, still smiling.

He wasn't going to kill the man. That was the truth. Once the librarians blood was fully drained he was simply going to feed the man a drop of his own blood and turn him into a vampire. The sire bond would have taken over him and the Vampire could use him however he deemed. That was something he couldn't disclose to Esperia though. She had only come and ruined his sneaky little plan. Then woman spoke again, presuming to educate Ezekiel one the power of fear versus the power of admiration. She was right. "Agreed. Though I do not actively seek to be feared or admired- especially not by humans. Most people just fear the fact that I'm a vampire. Very little people admire that if you didn't know." He rolled his wrist.

"Capitalizing on fear usually gets the job done quickly. They fear you, you use em, then you kill em when you're done. No lasting loyalty needed." He concluded with a light chuckle. When Esperia sat down she said something interesting that wouldn't go unnoticed. The Vampire took a sip of blood from his wine glass as she introduced herself, admitting to having some sort of advantage of information that didn't require Zeke to introduce himself. Esperia called herself an advisor to Konyo, which was new information to the Vampire. Ezekiel made sure to get the details on every member of this organization but he didn't realize that Esperia was that connected with Konyo. "No need for introductions, I know exactly who you are, Esperia. Former member of Blue Pegasus, S ranked magician, yadda yadda yadda. Very powerful I hear. I didn't know you were that close to our guild leader though." Ezekiel looked away with his eyebrows raised and tapped his chin. "Anywho, it's a pleasure to meet you." He took another sip. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"


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The words spoken by Ezekiel about the matter of his feeding method made Esperia raise a hand to her cheek, pondering for a moment. "Depends on if you would properly clean up afterward." A playful jest was made in response, although for a moment she couldn't help but probe her memories for a scene from the distant past. Back then Asmodeus had saved the vampire which was a part of Grimoire Heart, even fed her blood in quite a passionate manner all in exchange for an ulterior motive. She earned the friendship and to a degree loyalty of the vampire lass. As Ezekiel continued on about how he didn't need fear, that he had his own more subtle methods of obtaining that which he desired, the mentioning of the Sire bond earned a spark of interest in the white-haired sorceress her eyes. "Indeed, the sire bond is a fascinating trait associated with vampirism. Despite the fact one might assume the matter to be psychological, it is truly curious that the bond also applies physically, and in some ways, its use can be exploited to such fascinating lengths."

Watching the librarian sigh and depart in the aftermath of the conversation between him and Ezekiel, Esperia smiled knowingly at the man. "Of course~ Of course, ~ I wouldn't have decided to enjoy this pleasant conversation with you if you were a mindless monster that only acts in accordance to his instinct to feed."

A hand lowered to her side as she pondered for a moment. "It is a pity, in my eyes Vampires are fascinating, whether one considers their affinity for magic tied to blood, or the various unusual gifts they obtain. But even more, their longevity is a great source of interest for me. To think that all they need to survive is blood, and then they essentially become capable of living forever. But you are correct: people fear the unknown, they fear that which they can't comprehend or explain, a pity... truly."

A momentary pause followed, a blink in bewilderment as Ezekiel commented about knowing who she was, earning a little giggle from the young sorceress. "You did your research~ But yes, I know the guild master quite well, better than most I would say."

She turned toward Ezekiel and in response to his inquiry about to what he owe the pleasure of her company, Esperia spoke with a soft smile. "I am certain that you are already aware of the recent sightings of creatures long thought to have disappeared from Earthland, correct? The beings we call: Dragons?" She gestured lightly at the book the man was reading. "Don't worry, they are far from extinguished, and I have reasons to believe there are even more powerful dragons going to emerge soon. But I worry about something else, a greater threat that is manipulating those events."

She sighed softly, leaning back against the couch as she spoke. "I have reasons to believe that just as there are those being rallied to fight those dragons, there are those who are being made to do their master's bidding.

It is for that reason I been talking to our leader about the two foremost problems we have in preparing to deal with the threat of them forcing us to bend the knee to them or being obliterated if we don't serve them, a threat which is sure to come sooner than later."

She rested her hands on her lap as she spoke. "We need two things~ things I'm confident you'd be able to provide a hand in, and will even be interested in getting involved with. I believe you are familiar with the Worth Woodsea, correct?"


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Although Esperia was human...she was a lot different then the others he had met. The Vampire was surprised that she had called an entire species of natural abominations "fascinating". Most people cringed at the though of vampires. Humans seemed to be more accepting of werewolves from his own experience. Ezekiel simply nodded. All of his undivided attention was given to Esperia as she spoke. Her voice was as gentle as his mothers. He could see why people would trust her so easily. For a woman like that, Admiration came easy. For the former wood-elf, well, he was a kind person to many but most would find it easier to fear him. Perhaps in the grand scheme of things it would be his downfall but right now he had no intentions of changing people's perception of his character- especially if they didn't even try to get to know him.

"Knowledge is power." He said simply as Esperia noticed that he had done some research on who she was. Ezekiel took a mental note of the relationship the dragon slayer had with Konyo. If she really was that close with him, then he'd have to choose his words wisely. The Desiertan didn't trust anyone to a T, not even his own own guild master. Trust took time and unfortunately for them all not enough time had passed. It was no secret that Esperia wanted something. Nobody knew he was back in the guild yet, nobody knew that he was in the library yet Esperia had found him which could only mean that she was actively searching for him. Ezekiel didn't mind though. If Esperia wanted a favor that mean Ezekiel could cut a deal. He loved cutting deals.

The soft-spoken mistress began talking about Dragons. Coincidentally Zeke had been reading about dragons. Esperia had officially piqued his interest. When she mentioned that she had reason to believe that a greater force was at play, Ezekiel raised an eyebrow. He didn't interrupt her, but already this was reminding him of the warning he gave Kazimir when he first arrived in this beautiful country. The dragon slayer mentioned that she already shipped her suspicions to the guild master, her worries were that this mysterious force would attempt to takeover the entire country. After explaining her ideas, she finally told Ezekiel what she needed even saying that it would be in the vampires best interest as well.

"I see. That's interesting..." He began, finishing the rest of his drink. "Before I came to this country I was having visions of the future...a dark and terrible future ruled by an even darker force. It was after the dragons arrived here. I was so sure that the dragons weren't the only cause of this destruction I saw in my in the future, so I came to Fiore. I had a vision then, of the guild master of Fairy Tail and I thought perhaps he was the one who would somehow put an end to this evil I saw, but I was mistaken. He vanished not long after I spoke to him..." Ezekiel placed his arm on the armrest beside him and rubbed the space between his bottom lip and his chin. "so I ignored the visions and pretended like they didn't exist. For some reason I still couldn't shake them and lately I've been trying to find anything that would explain this mysterious darkness I saw." His eyes then shifted back to Esperia's.

"But now hearing you...I'm certain that the visions meant something..." He nodded, finally understanding. "I for one, was never the type to submit to anything- unless of course it was for my own pleasure." He chuckled. "What exactly are these two things that you need?"


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It was an understandable notion for Ezekiel to be surprised at how open-minded Esperia had been in her view of vampires. Then again, Esperia was someone who pursued the search for knowledge, a hunger which was infinite and it only intensified after she became connected to the knowledge of the very world itself.

Even as she spoke her gentleness didn't seem to waver as she talked to Ezekiel, despite her awareness of his vampirism. Perhaps it was that gentleness which made her so likable among the sentinels, that kindness that seemed so foreign among the syndicate, but they also knew Esperia was no fool, cross her and one would dread to imagine the type of things she would cause for her victims in exchange for the slight they committed. Esperia nodded her head gently in return to Ezekiel's words: "Exactly, knowledge is a great source of power, and sometimes one that can decide the outcome of entire wars before they are waged."

She seemed happy that Ezekiel understood just how valuable information was, to the point she genuinely smiled at him. "Although I admit there is more fun to getting to know a person personally, it adds... a certain experience to it that just rumors or reports wouldn't bring. Which is why I looked forward to meeting you"

Of course, they had been conversing with each their own goals, their own motives and while Ezekiel pondered about trust, Esperia wondered about how to earn it, for they might had been members of the same guild, but by all means they were not friends, at least not yet.

Esperia waited to hear Ezekiel's response to her explanation, her eyes locked onto him to perceive a potential change in his expression when he finally started speaking. "You too..." Esperia quickly dismissed her thoughts with a light shake of her head. "Please continue." She listened attentively to Ezekiel's words, his visions seemingly showing her the same story the nature dragon warned her about.

Esperia thought for a moment before she continued to speak. "I'm afraid some of the things I know, the things I say or do might not make sense to you or the others, but I possess a power... a gift of sorts, which allows me to obtain knowledge I should not have, but this gift comes at a cost, for the knowledge provided to me comes in certain outlandish ways that I require to approach the topics subtly, as simple as it would be to write it down, or try to say it, I would start mumbling illegible nonsense should I try to outright convey my knowledge. But I can guide people, put them on the right track, the correct trail to pursue." She smiled briefly as she continued.

"What I can say however is that the dragons are being divided into those who serve this greater evil, and those who oppose it. I discovered this knowledge myself by interactions with a dragon, who, through my power I was able to affirm was warning me of the truth. A great evil was sealed countless years ago, even longer than most of the dragons remember, but should we allow it to be unsealed, the entire world would be turned into a nightmare where the myriad of futures, the countless possibilities born from all our actions will cease to exist. And worse of all, there are those among the people of Earthland who would support this disgusting future, a future where we are all bound by their rules, forced to live our lives as they desire."

Her hands balled up into fists as her eyes narrowed into a glare. "I'd say to hell with such a future, I submitted to neither demon lord or god, and sure as hell won't bend the knee to a servant of this evil, but sadly what I need is knowledge. I need to find out who those servants of that dark force are, so we can prepare suitably."

She leaned back and took a deep breath, calming down her anger. "Either way, aside from information, we also need more manpower, not just strong guild members like yourself, but also numbers, and loyal numbers, and your mentioning about the sire bond gave me an endearing idea~"


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"I looked forward to meeting you too." He smiled in response. "All the rumors I've heard of you happened to be very positive, though I can see why..." He chuckled lightly. Esperia reminded the young vampire of himself in some aspects. Both of them had rather laid back personalities from as far he could tell, and both were very much interested in obtaining more knowledge. Esperia agreed with Ezekiel; knowledge was power. Nowadays more people were interested in obtaining physical power and less interested in knowledge- but Ezekiel was the type of man who wanted to know it all. Unfortunately he wasn't as blessed as the woman beside him. Esperia admitted to having some sort of gift that allowed her to know things that other people couldn't possibly know. However, whenever she tried to articulate that knowledge she failed miserably. It sounded like a gift, but could in fact be perceived as a curse. Imagine knowing all of The worlds secrets but unable to share it with those closest to you. A gift like that was definitely not intended for the weak. It made Zeke wonder just how Espy came to gain such an ability.  

"I see..." The Desiertan muttered with his eyebrow raised, curious to learn more. Perhaps there was a way for him to get the same ability. Esperia couldn't say much but what she could say was still more insightful than the vampire had expected. Apparently Esperia met a dragon and learned about an ancient dragon who was sealed away. Once unsealed this mysterious creature would wreak havoc on the world and bring forth a future of eternal darkness. She also told the black magician that there were people willing to aid this evil creature on its mission. The Vampire turned away to think about the people he met and who'd be more likely to do such a thing. Then, immediately, Odin came to his mind. Odin was a powerful lich who killed Ezekiel's best friend and imprisoned him for damn near an entire month. There was no doubt in his mind that a Lich could have a role in all this, but he wasn't entirely sure it was Odin.

Ezekiel turned to face his guild mate who seemed rather pressed by the matter. Like himself, she had no intention on kneeling to anyone- not even the gods themselves. Ezekiel smiled warmly as she revealed what exactly it was that she needed. She needed information, and who better to get that job done than the Dark One himself? Esperia also mentioned needing manpower and how the sire bond gave her an interesting idea. Ezekiel already had an idea on what that was. That thought alone turned his smile into a smirk. They had never met before, yet the two of them seemed to already have goals that aligned. Great minds truly do think alike. "So you actually met a dragon, hm? There's a lot more to you than what meets the eye." He began with a chuckle. "Don't worry, we'll be fine." His hand touched Esperia's hand. He was no longer smiling as he glared into his eyes.

"I think I have an idea on where to start regarding who would aid this great evil. I'll get to it immediately." He assured. Then he slowly took his hand back and rubbed his chin. "You asked me if I was familiar with Worth Woodsea...the answer is yes. Konyo named me Lord." He said passively, as if it was no big deal or not an important piece of information. Something like that you don't just take lightly. That meant that he had certain influence within the north. "Now, this sire bond idea wouldn't happen to include me creating an army of vampires, would it?" He asked with a devilish smirk. He didn't want to reveal that he was in fact already working on that, but his tone was hinting just that.


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Esperia smiled briefly in return to Ezekiel's words, the fact he was looking forward to meeting her, and that he heard so many positive rumors about her was an interesting thing to hear. Although she might had not done as grandiose of deeds as Alisa or Kon, Esperia did have a habit of meddling in the affairs of the common folk, helping them with their problems and often finding herself rewarded for it in some way or form. It was that desire to get involved with people that made her known among the less powerful and influential. The people of Hargeon knew her as the mage who helped them deal with the various pirate incursions, and lately the people of Rush Valley had started to see her as someone who kept an eye out for them in case danger would overcome the town.

Indeed, even if they were under the dominion of the Sentinel Syndicate, it was still nice for them to know there was someone among the Syndicate who seemingly cared about their wellbeing.

Esperia nodded her head firmly as she mused softly. "Although the search for knowledge is neverending, which makes it all the more fascinating~"

A hearty chuckle escaped her lips as she then proceeded to explain the nature of her gift as well as she could, but as expected it was difficult to explain her boon. To describe the things she knew, the things she saw to someone who lacked that gift made her words sound like nonsense. As the Desiertan pondered about her words Esperia gave him a moment to digest the knowledge she had given him before continuing her explanation, or rather her warning about the threat that loomed ahead of them. Still, to see Ezekiel smile at her when she revealed she intended to not kneel to anyone, not even the gods themselves, that Esperia felt she had been talking to someone who understood her plight, who shared a similar view as herself: Earthland's fate and future was up to its denizen to decide, and she certainly didn't like the concept of having her choice in the matter forced away. "Indeed, I discovered an ancient prison dedicated to housing the dragon, but countless decades of imprisonment led it to be severely weakened, its mana being used to fuel to structure, unfortunately it died shortly after regaining its freedom, but at least she was able to bestow upon me pieces of the knowledge we'll need to challenge this sealed evil. "I'm grateful for your assistance in this matter Zeke~" She smiled softly at him while listening to how Konyo seemingly had declared the vampire as lord of the region.

As they continued to speak about the idea she mentioned, Esperia chuckled briefly. "You're right on target with that inquiry~ Although I am currently in the midst of researching something if my theories end up holding ground, I might have an idea for a weapon to wield against those who serve our enemy."

She thought for a moment on how to explain her idea further. "While an army of vampires would be 'very' useful to have at our disposal, I would suggest teaching the army to control their hunger~ After all, the population of Worth Woodsea is limited, if we were to act too hasty our enemy might become aware of our plan, so consider our 'army' more of a 'cult', I believe there are some smaller settlements, but in particular there is a village that is large enough for this idea to work. If you were to turn people into vampires there, but ensure enough people remain human, you could ensure your little army remains fed~ Consider it like them enthralling their loved ones, with the powers at their disposal, it shouldn't be difficult to keep the villagers under their control, while at the same time keeping your followers fed~"

She smiled briefly, her lips curved up into a smirk of mischief before she continued. "Although I will be a bit late in accompanying you to the Woodsea, there is one matter I need to look into myself first, but after that I will be joining you~ and I look forward to hearing more of your exploits at that time."

She paused for a bit, seemingly thinking of a matter, as if deciding on something. "Say Zeke~ What is your opinion on 'faith'?"


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Ezekiel raised an eyebrow as he listened to the woman beside him. She was obviously an intelligent woman with a lot to offer, but Ezekiel couldn't help but feel like he was gaining little from assisting her. She was poised. Her gentle demeanor couldn't cover that darkness Ezekiel could feel inside of her. Still, he remained polite as she spoke. She confirmed that she came across a prison that housed the dragon she met. This same dragon died before giving her the gift of knowledge. With all that he had discovered about Esperia, he found it impossible that she didn't have an agenda. It was impossible that she wasn't after something greater than just defeating whatever evil this was. After all, she had a gift that nobody else had. Perhaps though, her agenda was more righteous, who knew? In the end, it didn't matter to the Vampire either way. He had his own agenda and he would see it through by any means necessary.

Ezekiel knew what Esperia was getting at when she mentioned the sire bond but if she wanted his army to assist her in anything, she'd need to start offering something. Ezekiel never did anything for anyone else unless he was getting something in return or he felt guilty. The white haired dragon slayer began to give suggestions which slightly ticked him off. These days Ezekiel wasn't bothered all too much but when he was bothered it usually seemed to be a human who did the trick. He kept a sincere and warm smile on his face as he began to speak, "You ask me for a favor and then give me suggestions on how I should go about it. Matters of Vampirism...and my own land. Do you take me for a fool, Esperia?" The vampire glanced at the woman. "Don't get ahead of yourself, darling. You serve as an adviser to Konyo, not me." He finally said with a devilish smirk. Besides the fact that Ezekiel knew exactly what he was doing, Esperia was a human- one who he had only just met. She was in no position to be asking for too much.

"This mysterious darkness that's coming to destroy society as we know it, is not an enemy to me. This group of individuals helping this mysterious evil dragon has nothing to do with me or anything that I care about. So, let's go over the list of favors you need from little ol' Ezekiel, shall we? " Ezekiel nodded at Esperia with that same kind smile he was wearing earlier. "First, you want me to track down a mysterious group of individuals who are supposedly working for an ancient evil - that I don't care about. Then you want me to use my sire bond so that you can use my children in any way you deem fit. Notice how I didn't say "we" because none of what you asked for is getting me anything I want." Ezekiel looked up, tapping his chin sarcastically before turning back to Esperia.

After a moment of pretending to think, he shrugged. "Fine. I'll help you but I'm going about this my way and we're not friends, which means you're indebted to me." He smiled evilly, running his tongue across his fangs. This is who he was now. Only months ago he was an innocent young elf from the country of Savannah trying to find his purpose and now...now he was no better than the devil. Ezekiel's glass had been empty for too long and it made him just a little sad. As he looked down at his cup, his sighed. "You asked me my opinion on faith, well...I believe that faith is a tool used to fool idiots into doing anything. Why do you ask?"


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The subtle raise of Ezekiel's eyebrow as she spoke did not go unnoticed. Perhaps he was displeased with her suggestions, or maybe he thought that there was nothing to gain from aiding her, an understandable notion considering most people approached a discussion like this with the mindset of a business transaction. Still, there was no doubt that despite her gentle demeanor and her sweet words that Esperia harbored her own share of darkness, her own hidden agenda. Of course, there were few who would understand it, having experienced this gift which was as much a blessing as it was a curse, this fount of knowledge, and the desire to pursue it beyond the very limits. One might even say that the desire Esperia possessed was something different, something most people would not understand, after all, there was only one who had reached for that peak before. Her fingers curled lightly around Morrigan's staff as those thoughts lingered in her mind.

Her gaze remained fixated on Ezekiel as he spoke, noticing the annoyance that came with his choice of words. "You seem to misunderstand something Ezekiel."

She turned toward him, her gaze fixated onto him. "This ancient evil does not merely intend to destroy society, it intends to either put a collar around your throat and force you to bend the knee like a dog, or will outright destroy you and anything you desire to accomplish. I thought you only bend when it was for your own pleasure?" The last sentence came with a suggestive playfulness as she took a step forward. "Your army is for you to do with as you see fit, but act too hasty or reckless and surely you know less agreeable parties will figure out what is going on."

She sighed audibly and shook her head. "And yet despite your perception of this being a favor, I was genuine in my words when I said I hoped we can become friends. However-"

She raised a finger to Ezekiel's face, her smile wavering for a moment as her smile seemed to graw darker. "For me to return this favor, the first step is for you to realize what it is what you truly desire~ And once you did that, you're welcome to voice it to me. After all, that's the way things usually go, right?"

As she turned her back toward Ezekiel she briefly paused, thinking on the next part of what she was about to say. "You're on the right track. Faith is a tool and in the hands of one who knows how to use it? It becomes a weapon."

She turned her head sideways to look at him, her lips curving back into a smile. "Then for the next question: What is a god? Consider the notion of godhood carefully, beyond it you might find the trail toward that which I desire, perhaps in due time we'll meet on the trail~"

With a gentle wave of her hand, she approached the doorway. "I'll see you later Zeke~ don't worry, I'll know how to find you~ I always find that which I desire~"

And then she left the room, giving Ezekiel the opportunity to consider her words further.


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If Esperia couldn't see it by now, then perhaps she never would; Ezekiel truly didn't care about anything other than himself and his own goals. As a person from an entirely different country, he learned early on that he could only depend on himself. If he could avoid this little problem the two had been discussing, then he very much would- by any means necessary. Esperia pressed on about how serious the situation was. She mentioned once more about how the enemy would force all to kneel if they could. She didn't believe that this was something anyone could escape. Ezekiel sighed. "I don't think you understand. I don't care about what happens to any single one of you. Genuinely...I don't. I have a mission, and this great evil doesn't interfere with it. I said I'll help you because perhaps in the future I may need you to do me a favor, not because I'm afraid, or because I care about what this evil will do. You don't know me very well, so I understand but I promise you, whatever this is will not touch me." Ezekiel's smile turned into a frown.

Esperia most likely didn't meant to rub him in a negative way, but the honest truth was that she was. There was nothing Ezekiel hated more than being belittled, and right now he felt just like that. Esperia spoke as if she was teaching Ezekiel. What did she mean realize what it was that he truly desired? A drop of sweat appeared on the Vampires head. He truly despised humans. He had very little patience when it came to them or anyone who thought they knew him. The Vampire turned towards Esperia. "Uhuh... Well, like I said you're indebted to me, so I'll come to you when I need a favor from you." He tucked his lips and smiled, obviously annoyed. To be quite honest, he began to tone Esperia the moment he reopened his book. As she spoke further, his eyes focused on the pool of words in his lap. Once Kon's Adviser said that he was "on the right track", Ezekiel had completely decided to tune her out. He hated riddles and anything overly dramatic. She said what she needed, so anything further was just her enjoying the sound of her own voice.

Finally...finally she was done speaking. The white haired woman stood up and moved towards the door, dismissing herself before telling Ezekiel that she'd find him. The Vampire continued to look at his book. "I'm great at hiding." He said. Perhaps Esperia had the wrong idea on what this was. Perhaps she actually didn't think of herself as an equal- but higher. Although Ezekiel knew enough about her to know that he couldn't defeat her in battle, he wasn't about to let someone intrude his space and over insert themselves and their ideals and opinions. "Anyway, you'll know when I'm done." He smiled towards Esperia.

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