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The Quest For a Fancy Suit [Recruitment][Esperia]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

The Quest For a Fancy Suit [Recruitment][Esperia] Empty on Tue Dec 01, 2020 10:18 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Disguised as Kyle Winger:
The Quest For a Fancy Suit [Recruitment][Esperia] XSQMLAv

Kyle was walking through the sunny streets of Rush Valley on Tomoe's orders. The guy was a huge pain in the ass sometimes, but he kept Kyle fed, paid and protected so that was the most he could ask for. Everything that Tomoe regularly wore was worn by Kyle, with the exception of Rama's Bow or his plague mask, because either the mad cultist had some kind of ability to replicate magical equipment or had been so generous as to give up his own gear to a subordinate. Kyle couldn't quite remember what the answer was either way, for some reason... but that was well and truly fine with him, because that meant Mr. Tanaka was a good guy either way! Kyle was on guard though as he went about his objective, ready to make use of the trusty pocket dimension ring worn on his left ring finger and protected underneath his Elder Hunter's Coat, if anything unexpected would come up. Above all, Kyle couldn't allow himself to be the victim of a sneak attack by some bounty hunter or lawman, if they found themselves able to see through... see through...

See through what, again?, Kyle would think to himself, scratching the back of his head as he walked among the crowds.

There was something that he had that could be seen through, or something, but no bells were ringing as to what that could be. It must not have been very important. Kyle adjusted his somewhat tattered and short black hooded cape, the hood resting against his upper back, as he thought of this.

In truth, Tomoe was interested in discovering some kind of organization within North Fiore that he had heard about on his travels. After allowing his old self and the last traces of his hesitation to burn among the embers of the two guilds he had once called home, he had to make allies. The world would not be saved simply by causing barbaric destruction. No, suffering on a much more grand scale would be required to bring about salvation of an equal portion. Tomoe couldn't do it alone, and not even with a mere handful - what was required was something so much more than that.

Thus, he would send Kyle Winger, a not-so-trusted subordinate, to conduct an initial investigation. The man wasn't all that morally righteous, but he had no bounty to speak of, so he was good to send as a scout. And scout he would, moving through Rush Valley for a good few hours to inquire into this mysterious organization's purpose. Eventually after a while, he would take a seat in the main plaza of the town on a public bench, sighing at the sun which threatened to soon be over the horizon to bring forth evening.

It was of course during evenings when Kyle would be on his strongest guard, and even though he was sitting down for a 'break', it was only a masquerade. With how much he'd asked around about this organization in the mountains, it was only a matter of time before somebody would find and either question him or... otherwise attempt something far worse. Unspeakable, even. Kyle could see perfectly in the dark, though, and with the Soul Ether embedded in his chest underneath his armor, he could also see any other stealthy trickery that anybody could attempt.

Being in the center of a plaza with no other visible obstructions, anybody who could see him, he could see in turn, noting their presence from the moment that they would acknowledge him in turn. He'd glance around constantly, ensuring nobody moved to slit his throat like some assassin in the night, and remain on edge until either somebody approached him or enough time had passed to where he would grow bored and go home.


Strength: 135 (105 + 30 [Elder Hunter's Coat])

  • S-rank damage

Speed: 213 (103 + 30 [Elder Hunter's Coat] + 80 [Moon Aura])

  • 15 m/s lunge | 30 m/s run

Constitution: 190 (110 + 60 [Jaan Earrings] + 20 [Soul Ether])

  • -/4x S-rank | 7 post run duration | 3 lunges per post

Endurance: 140

  • 2x S-rank pain tolerance

Intelligence: 300

  • 50% mana reduction



Aura: Moon Aura
Weapon: Rama's Bow Unequipped
Head: Black Plague Unequipped
Body: Elder Hunter's Coat -/2x S
Cape: Ormus' Hundred Hoods Indestructible
Earrings: Jaan Earrings Indestructible
Ring: Pocket Dimension Ring -/1x A
Relic: Soul Ether -/1x S
Companion: Winged Lemur -/1x A
Mount: Pegasus


Mana: 5,825/5,875 (Ormus' Hundred Faces)

Name: Ormus' Hundred Faces
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Ormus' Hundred Hoods
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: Self
Cooldown: 0 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Ormus' Hundred Hood is a hooded cape which has a hundred hoods attached to the cape in which faces are collected. Upon wearing the main hood which is attached behind the neck of the user, the user can select one of the faces which has been stored in the other hoods. This does not only change the face of the user, but also their physique allowing them to switch between genders. The hood does not alter the height of the user though. The cape changes into a regular hooded cape upon wearing the main hood, causing the hundred hoods to disappear to hide its effects from others. The user cannot change their appearance into that of another user or a non-player, but they can freely choose any other appearance upon wearing the main hood. The user can decide to represent this by adding an image in their posts reflecting their chosen appearance. Upon changing appearances, the user can take off the main hood and the cape will remain in disguise. The user can undo the effect by putting the main hood on and off again, or change their appearance again by putting the main hood on and off again.


The Quest For a Fancy Suit [Recruitment][Esperia] Empty on Wed Dec 02, 2020 4:00 pm

It was sometime during the afternoon while Esperia was seated at her desk within her office that a knock on the door earned her attention, her gaze lifting from the parchment in her hands and up to the door. "Enter~" A soft and playful voice escaped her lips, and as the door opened one of the sentinels entered the room.

"Miss Esperia, it seems we might have a problem."

The troubled tone of the sentinel did little to waver her mood, her smile still lingering on her lips as she pushed her chair backward and rose up from her seat, placing the parchment back on the table. "I know~" Esperia hummed softly while the sentinel blinked in bewilderment. "You know there has been someone inquiring about the syndicate?"

Esperia nodded her head lightly as one of her black ravens which was perched on the window flew toward her shoulder making the white-haired sorceress gently brush a finger over the raven's head. "Remember, I know a lot of things~ But do not concern yourself with this stranger, the guild master is already aware and I was asked to deal with it myself, so I will be taking a little trip to Rush Valley."

In response to those words, the sentinel nodded his head firmly in acknowledgment. "Anything we can do to help you?" Esperia simply shook her head and hummed softly. "Tell the townsfolk to stay inside once dusk settles in~"

The sentinel was quick to acknowledge the order and soon left her office, leaving Esperia to ponder about the matter. A stranger who was inquiring about the syndicate in such a bold manner must have either been very brave and confident in their abilities, or foolish. Then again, she did understand that the syndicate needed to grow, it needed more manpower, and if this person qualified for their need for power? Then it was an opportunity for both sides.

And so dusk settled in, Kyle Winger would no doubt notice that as he was seated in the plaza that it started to become eerily quiet. The earlier hustle and bustle of the town had started to disappear as the townsfolk returned to their homes, leaving the streets empty, and yet there was no doubt the fact Kyle would likely have had the sensation he was being watched.

Perched on a nearby tree was a black raven, merely looking at the man, but not making even the slightest of sounds at all, but the man's equipment would make it clear it was well and truly a raven and not some sort of disguised creature waiting to try to shank him.

It was as the sun started to disappear over the distant horizon, the shadows of the night settling in and the only light sources being the lamps and lanterns that lit up, or the rays of the moon which started to rise now the sun had disappeared, and then there was that ethereal light source.

A purplish light was visible in the distance, descending along the mountain from where the floating castle had been situated, its purpose seemed clear as it steadily made its way for the town of Rush Valley, and then at long last, the wielder of this light came into view.

Holding Morrigan's staff Esperia calmly walked up toward the plaza, not a shred of hostility visible in her motions, yet there was also a sense of confidence in her stride as she would finally stop a few paces away from the man. The raven on her shoulder beat its wings a few times, and soon departed into the shadows of a nearby alleyway while Esperia addressed the man in a soft and cheerful tone.

"I couldn't help but notice you were quite... persistent in your search for information about those who call this region part of their dominion~" The sorceress her lips curved up into a smile as she casually leaned against her staff and mused softly. "I can't help but admire such boldness, I vastly prefer those who go straight to the point rather than slithering and sneaking in the shadows."

A soft chuckle escaped Esperia's lips as she continued. "I am Esperia~ You could consider me... hmm something akin to a diplomat for the organization you seek, and yet I am also much more than just that. Would you be kind enough to entertain me with an introduction of your own?"

#3Tomoe Tanaka 

The Quest For a Fancy Suit [Recruitment][Esperia] Empty on Tue Dec 08, 2020 1:45 am

Tomoe Tanaka
Kyle would carefully eye the approaching woman up and down, unsure of what to expect from her but nevertheless unnerved by the bird and how suddenly people had retreated to their homes all at once as if it were rehearsed. Creepy. Creepy, and not in the way he usually liked.

She possessed a staff that gave off a menacing, diabolical, yet still familiar and comforting aura to him. It was as if a dearly departed loved one had once more returned to his side, and yet he couldn't for the life of him realize why. Maybe it was indigestion? Yeah, that was more likely. Winger was not the sentimental type, and definitely not the type to get emotional about the dead like some antihero with a dark and traumatizing backstory. Nah, he was just who he was, and in this moment, that meant a very confused Mr. Winger indeed. He'd rub his temples with his hands as the woman approached, and once the slight pain in his head had subsided, returned his gaze upward to meet that of the woman.

Oh, right, there was a woman too..., Kyle would think to himself, realizing that he had spent more time caring about the staff the woman wielded rather than the woman herself.

Eyes would meet, and the woman would find herself looking back at a two-faced scoundrel, perhaps literally if she so chose. Kyle would relax himself once again after the brief feeling of longing after first looking at her staff, and from then on would try his best to only look upon the staff if it seemed to be casting something. The phrase, "Hey, my eyes are up here", was truly taken to a new and different level in this brief exchange.

As expected, this woman was the inevitable representative, scout, or perhaps even executioner that the organization had sent to inquire into him. With how much he'd asked, it was inevitable. Kyle was, after all, nothing but bait. A mere tool. He knew that, and yet, he was fine with it. This was his life's purpose, in the end. If he were to die here, his ghost would shrug its shoulders and muse that this was simply how life was for those born of lesser potential. Until he was turned to dust by some mystical mumbo-jumbo, though, he'd say what he would once the woman was done introducing herself.

"I'm Kyle. Kyle Winger. My boss, who shan't be named unless you torture it out of me, sent me here to look into you guys, whoever... you happen to be."

Kyle would, partway through his explanation, flick a cigarette out of a pack from his pants' pocket, and then from the pocket on the opposite side, a silver lighter. Flicking it open, he'd ignite and inhale a deep puff before exhaling into the clean night air. Stress relief, but also something he hated about Gunter. The guy had gotten poor innocent Kyle into smoking, the bastard. What a dastardly villain of a man he was. After having a nice few puffs of his cancer stick, Kyle would continue.

"So as I was saying, yeah, my boss wants to know what you guys are all about. He's the type that tends to like knowing what's going on in Fiore, and as a result he kinda goes everywhere. I don't ask details of course, I'm just the expendable laborer, but now that we're here..."

Kyle would take another inhale and exhale of his cigarette before the glare of his eyes would sharpen towards the woman known as Esperia, cigarette hanging loosely from between his index and middle fingers on his right hand and ready to be tossed at a moment's notice if the atmosphere changed.

"I need to ask if you came here with the intent to talk or the intent to die?"


The Quest For a Fancy Suit [Recruitment][Esperia] Empty on Tue Dec 08, 2020 12:44 pm

Esperia's gaze remained fixated on Kyle as she spoke, although she was not oblivious of the stare that was made into the direction of the staff she was holding. Curious, most curious. Certainly, it was an impressive looking staff to say the least, but there were only a few who knew its true identity. To those who recognized the presence, the power that was sealed within the staff their attention would be understandable, and their wariness agreeable, for within the staff was the soul of Morrigan, the greatest sorceress ever known to mankind, and with her power now at Esperia's disposal, it was something she didn't intend to part with anytime soon.

Almost hypnotically she swayed the staff lightly in her grasp, finding there to be a certain amusement in how the man's gaze followed the weapon, till at long last she pressed the bottom of the staff onto the ground and leaned sideways against it.

Esperia's gaze remained relaxed as Kyle's own finally focused on her instead of the staff, even if the glance was only briefly before his attention turned back toward the staff.

"There is no need for torture 'Kyle'" She spoke, her tone soft and gentle as a sparkle of mischief lingered in her eyes. "For I don't need to extract that out of you when I already know the answer."

A soft hum followed as she listened to Kyle's statement of how he had been send to look for information about the syndicate, about who or what they were. "I see~ seeking information behind a facade, a plausible tactic." A little nod of approval was made by Esperia upon which she watched Kyle lit up a cigarette, a motion that despite the lack of a reaction from Esperia was an unfavorable impression. She didn't really judge the act of smoking, understood some sought it to relief stress, others had grown addicted to it, but the stench... there was something to the stench that displeased her, so when one smoked in her presence she couldn't help but feel mildly annoyed.

Not to mention there were better ways to die than that... "Is that so? Well, there is a lot to say about our organization, and yet..." She paused as she watched Kyle's gaze sharpen, the words that followed making Esperia's smile not waver in the slightest. "Kyle please, as the one who holds Morrigan's legacy I do not believe you hold the means to decide the terms on which I live or die."

She paused, knowing the mentioning of the name would carry with it the suffocating power that came with the staff's presence. "You seem to misunderstand a few things: I am here in front of you as a gesture of goodwill and some minor curiosity. All the knowledge you might have, is already at my disposal, and so, as to answer your question: I am here to talk, and possibly give you an opportunity."

She stood fully upright again, a soft hum following. "But let us disregard the notion of trickery and masks, for I have seen the truth already~ If you're trying to keep up the mask out of concern for your past 'shenanigans', then do not worry, we don't judge your past deeds, as long as you leave your problems at the doorstep, the last thing we need, or want is to get some 'vengeful fairies' to come knocking at our place. The Guild Master absolutely dislikes conflicts without any profit, and it would be wise to know beforehand that the Guild Master is the second most terrifying person when angered."

She chuckled softly and then took a step forward. "I even went as far as ensuring our conversation could happen with total privacy, so the least you could do is answer me truthfully:"

She stopped a few steps away from Kyle and hummed softly:

"Who... are you?"

#5Tomoe Tanaka 

The Quest For a Fancy Suit [Recruitment][Esperia] Empty on Thu Dec 10, 2020 2:26 am

Tomoe Tanaka
No longer disguised as Kyle Winger.

The mention of masks, trickery, and a final jab with the mention of fairies was more than enough. Somehow, some way, this woman was aware of one of the most well-kept secrets that Tomoe had decided to not even inform his best 'friends' and most trusted 'comrades' of. Even through his armor, which blocked out the troublesome detection abilities of a vampire or werewolf to discern his true self underneath.

The face known as Kyle Winger contorted and twisted in pain for a moment as if his entire existence was to be erased, cell by cell. Kyle didn't know what this pain was; had this witch cursed him in some way with a casting method he didn't know? No magic circles... and if they were invisible he'd still see them. Then how? What was it that had caused this pain? Either way, Mr. Winger wouldn't have time to think about it for long, because a moment later without any knowledge of what had happened to him and wondering why he had died so suddenly, Kyle had vanished.

Going a step further than being a great actor, Tomoe truly allowed the 'personalities' of his disguises to take over in full until he decided otherwise, acting as a careful watcher in the background of the lives of his one hundred subordinates. But, every now and again, an extraordinary individual would force the game to end and for Tomoe to stop being a mere spectator in the lives he'd so carefully and thoughtfully crafted for his many faces. By entrusting life to his many other selves, he could take a back seat and almost forget about life for a bit. Disguises were a relaxing point in life for him, because it meant he didn't need to worry about any of that nasty responsibility crap until absolutely necessary.

As Tomoe thought all these thoughts in the blink of an eye that it took for one form to turn to another, he sighed as he once more felt the cold night air brush against his cheeks - his own, rather than that of some paper-thin coating of a person. His stomach twisted at the mention of Morrigan; he hadn't known too much about the Nine Heroes or their tales, but being someone who's been in the possession of two of their weapons before and known others who had claimed some of the others, it was inescapable.

"I see ya got past the secretary. Fuckin' flimsy bastard he is, I can't even go a few hours without him runnin' into somethin' or another. Ah, well. He'll learn one day, hopefully. Moron got into cigarettes, too, of all things. Ugh.", Tomoe would finish his initial and true introduction with disdain and a disgusted flick of the cancer stick off to the side, not allowing himself to succumb to the same vice as Gunter.

The Joyan would then lean back in his seat and look up at Esperia once again, taking measure of the woman with his own eyes for the first time. Kyle truly was an idiot, because Tomoe could tell immediately that this woman was on a level that needed to be taken seriously - if the staff of a legendary heroic mage wasn't enough to tell that, or the calm demeanor that she didn't break from in the face of a known killer, anyway. The cultist would stay on guard, certainly, and was ready to teleport out at a moment's notice if things got nasty. Regardless, he was always down for some civil conversation now and again. He wasn't some kind of crazed barbarian or anything like that, he had his own standards of socialization.

"I'm Tomoe. Might've heard about me from newspapers, bounty boards, so on 'n so forth. I enjoy swordsmanship, skulking about in the dark, passionate and heroic speeches, plucking the wings off of fairies, crumbling mountain towers, and murder. Oh, big emphasis on the last one, by the way.", Tomoe would begin, introducing himself properly this time, figuring that if any of these things rubbed her the wrong way, things weren't going to go well anyway.

He'd scratch the back of his head while thinking of more personal details he'd be willing to share, but came up blank without being given a similar amount, so instead he'd decide that was enough about himself for the moment. Especially with all this talk of an angry guild master and of how much they hate conflict without coin. Troublesome person indeed. Not somebody he'd want to have too much personal info without a bit of give-and-take.

"I'd ask about how ya came across the staff of Morrigan, and about why that bugs me so much, but I guess first I should ask for real whether you're here to tell me somethin' good or somethin' bad. Was I a naughty boy for askin' around 'bout your crew, O mysterious organization lady? If not, I'd love to hear your great proposition!", Tomoe teased, coyly winking with one hand raised near his chin as if praying to a god.


The Quest For a Fancy Suit [Recruitment][Esperia] Empty on Thu Dec 10, 2020 11:21 pm

Esperia waited, her gentle expression unwavering as she watched with a hint of fascination in her eyes as Kyle's entire existence seemed to burn away, a hand reached for her chin, pondering momentarily about the act she had just witnessed. It was intriguing to say the least. Rather than a simple disguise or some sort of magical concealment, it appeared as if Tomoe had well and truly adopted the identity of Kyle Winger during his disguise, indeed even the earlier expression told her that much, the pained look, the horror as his existence was erased.

It was on an entirely different league compared to acting, and for a moment it made Esperia ponder. "Interesting, to use it like that, I can see that you're a clever and intelligent person Tomoe~ Far more than most. To employ such methods requires creativity far above the average person's capacities. Creativity, the ability to control your own thoughts and emotions, there is much more to you than the rumors praised you for, I can see my interest in you wasn't misplaced."

She smiled kindly as she gave her compliment, and yet his words earned just a brief chuckle from Esperia. "Don't take it too harshly, against everyone else your deception likely would have been impossible to see through." Nonetheless, as the Joyan leaned back in his seat and looked up at her, Esperia merely gave him the same calm and pleasant demeanor as before. "You have quite the broad assortment of hobbies and interests, don't you Tomoe?" She nodded her head in response to his introduction. "Murder hmm?" She reached with a hand to her chin, thinking carefully. A man who enjoyed murder and chaos, a dangerous piece on the chessboard to say the least, perhaps even a wild card.

Still, when Tomoe inquired about how she obtained the staff of Morrigan, there was a subtle sharpening of her gaze, but fortunately, the focus soon turned toward his question about whether her presence was a good thing or a bad thing for him. "It depends on how you perceive it Tomoe~ One man's curse can be another man's blessing." A soft hum followed in response as she leaned against her staff.

"About that proposition~" She paused for a moment, her gaze lingering on Tomoe. The Midnight cult, his former alliance to the guild did not go unnoticed, and their worshipping of the nameless entity that was only known as "Her" Yet... Where one saw the mystery, another could see an opportunity, and with the knowledge of the past and Morrigan's presence at her disposal.

"It pains me a little Tomoe... That after all your searching, after all you did for me, you can't even recognize me for who I truly am."

She sighed briefly, a hand resting on her chest as she continued. "Yet I can't blame you, when the other heroes betrayed me and sealed me within this staff, I was hidden from the world for so long. Yet, before they succeeded, I was able to shed a fragment of my soul, without a body there was little I could do but to abide my time till someone could free me from this seal. Do you remember?"

She took a step closer to Tomoe and leaned closer, just close enough to whisper into his ear. "How often I tried to reach out to you, whispering softly to you, the ones who did so much in my name?"

She rose up again and took a step backward. "Fortunately it was the naive curiosity of the girl whose body I inhabit now that my staff was found, and I was freed."

She gently lowered a hand for Tomoe's cheek, attempting to hold it lightly. "But even now there is a phantom lurking in the shadows, trying to whisper deceit, and one of my most devout has fallen to their lies."

She spoke softly, and yet her tone grown more sorrowful and disappointed.

"Odin... even now he blindly chases a deceiver, the one he seeks is not me, but the shadowy fiend he and the other Bishops worship now. I do not wish to let him be fooled any longer"

She shook her head gently as she resumed speaking. "I have been working in the shadows to remove this imposer, manipulating the syndicate that rules those lands in the north, but even now I can't move in the open yet. Every passing moment Odin and the others continue to fall deeper under the sway of the deceiver... Despite being freed, I require time to regain my full strength, and so I ask of you Tomoe. Will you fight, not for the Midnight Cult, the Sentinel Syndicate, but for me? To step up and do the things you did in my name?"

She smiled and took a deep breath. "I guess the time for deception is over Tomoe, so let me formally reintroduce myself and offer you my proposition:"

She stood tall, a hand reached in front of Tomoe as she spoke. "I am Morrigan, and ask of you: Will you become my champion?"

#7Tomoe Tanaka 

The Quest For a Fancy Suit [Recruitment][Esperia] Empty on Sat Dec 12, 2020 4:50 am

Tomoe Tanaka

At first the woman would dispense pleasantries and compliments. Tomoe wasn't the type that allowed himself to be buttered up, though, so at best he'd nod his head as she told him about his cunning and creativity with a smirk across his face to let her know that he acknowledged such statements and wouldn't deny them. To Tomoe, the ability to crystallize his own existence within the mind of another wasn't so difficult once he'd grown accustomed to it. Ever since his first death and subsequent revival, he'd always been a fragmented existence. To forget himself for a time and allow himself to well and truly become another person was a simple task now; because if he couldn't become a machine for his goddess and forsake his own self, how could he strive for HER glory? There was no future for him if he couldn't give up everything for the salvation of all.

This woman made it clear that she could see through his illusion from the start, yet not how. Naturally, of course. No mage would reveal their secrets so lightly, if ever. Tomoe was a man of secrets himself, so he knew full well the importance of never tipping one's hand.

"Yeah, well, we'll see. At the very least, ya know I can do this - maybe the only one who knows that's still alive - and that's not info I can let go free if ya ain't a trustworthy ally.", Tomoe would say with the cutting words of an assassin that had long severed the emotional response associated and entwined with ending the life of another living thing.

After making that point known, the crazed cultist would allow the woman known as Esperia to continue onward with her proposition. Tomoe would cock his head to the side in confusion when Esperia talked about being recognized. Had they met before? With all he'd been through and getting over amnesia, perhaps there were some things still missing, but Tomoe knew he didn't have a goldfish memory for what he did remember; and he was certain that most of his memories were recovered after once more pledging himself to his Dark Goddess. Esperia...? The name did not ring true, but he would let the woman continue her explanation.

A part of Morrigan's magic, from what Tomoe recalls of hearing about it in the past, had to do with the transferring of essence; being something of an amateur with magic still, he didn't fully know what that meant, but theoretically it could allow one to transcend the confines of mortality with what little he could grasp from his understanding of magic. And she knew so much about him, or at the very least, of his service for so long. With how long he'd carried the burden alone, going further than thankless to instead being completely ostracized from normal life from those godless sinners that would never understand... carrying a torch that felt as if it would dim with each passing day...


Tomoe would continue to hear Esperia, allowing her to move and act as she would with her explanation of being Morrigan in new flesh. The Joyan would not making eye contact with her, not sure of what would happen to him if he did. Would he see his salvation? The culmination of every prayer he had fought and killed for? The one who had dried him of every tear that he could ever produce for the rest of his life so that he might become a machine for the greater good? Was that person within his reach? Was his ultimate dream so close at hand that he could quite literally reach out and touch it?


So long, so goddamn long, he'd been grateful for being saved. Without HER, he would be dead in the ocean. Without HER, he would have been a street thug trying just to break even. Without HER, he would have fallen to despair when he'd failed to protect the people from Astera's demonic invasion, still hearing their screams echo in his mind every night. Without HER... without HER...

"I... I will..."

The offer was in front of him now, to become a champion. This woman before him had spoken of a deceiver, a false idol, that even Odin had fallen to. That even the other bishops had fallen to. Was this true? Could it be verified? With his quickening pulse and labored breathing as he stared blankly to take in this information, his devotion wavered somewhat. Stuck between the survivalist side of him that desired truth and aspired for caution, and the side of him filled with zealotry to the cause that he would kill for gladly, he didn't know. How could he, truly? Was this Morrigan? How could he know, other than the staff within his sight?

Eyes closed a moment, Tomoe pondered. Though, a moment was all he needed to gather himself. He'd killed his past by demolishing Penumbral Guard and Fairy Tail, the only remnants of his past that clung to him like gutter filth. He decided that he would devote himself to the cause, and he knew that inevitably imposters would show themselves eventually, whether to claim HER glory or to manipulate the most devoted who were often also seen as the most mindless. The primary advantage Tomoe held over all others was that he paraded himself around as a violent meathead; yet, no meathead could survive this long going on muscle alone. For all his devotion, baseless claims of godhood would not serve anyone other than the one making such claims. He knew that. He knew that religion was profitable for many reasons, and that it was a gateway to all kinds of mind control.

"I am HER champion. I will serve HER and kill for HER. I will ascend to the thrones of heaven to remind the seraphim of mortality, to descend to the pits of hell to allow the demons to be reminded of the sorrow they've inflicted onto others, and shake the foundations of the mortal world itself so that SHE might find it most suitable on HER great return."

Tomoe walked past Esperia- no, Morrigan. He had his doubts, and those doubts would be proven true or false at a later date. If he was wrong to be skeptical, he would never forgive himself for doubting his idol for even a single beat. For the first time, he was given some kind of reassurance that his great undertaking might not be in vain, other than his own faith that it must succeed. If the woman was a liar, she would undergo the greatest torment Tomoe could imagine for daring to step into the realm of gods as a false idol. Every murder before this moment would be playground bullying in comparison to the great sacrificial canvas he would paint with the woman's guts if she were discovered as a liar.

After walking a little beyond Morrigan, Tomoe would turn around on his heel and kneel on one knee before her, head lowered and hand extended upwards in a show of loyalty.

"I am a weapon to save the world. For no other purpose will I ever breathe. That is the goal of this vessel that will one day crumble to dust as if it were all but a cruel joke. The king, the knight, and the court jester. All three am I for this single cause.", Tomoe would speak in a tone without a single hint of his commoner's accent as a native of Joya, instead speaking with the refined tone of a literate man as was acquired from his required reading while studying as a member of the Midnight Cult.

If this really was HER before him, this was the first step towards something greater for mankind. He wasn't a hero, and as much as he tried to be against his own nature, he never could be. But he would be the one who would bring about the world's savior, and the world would know true peace and prosperity under HER rule. He would save the world. He would be a hero by proxy. Morrigan would be the true judgment of the world, even if she was simply a fragment of HER full power. Regardless of whether this woman spoke the truth, the staff that she wielded was the real deal. Nobody could ever hope to replicate a presence like that. Nobody could replicate Tomoe's savior.


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Esperia had gone quiet for a moment in the wake of her proposal. Despite the fact she could see the spiritual presence of Morrigan, the legendary sorceress gazing at her, lips curved up in amusement as she waited to see what would happen. It was a dangerous gamble to make, to speak in what were essentially half-truths. But there were ways to turn those lies inside out and make them become the truth.

Esperia knew that in order to reach that which she desired, she needed a power unlike any other, she needed knowledge that went beyond the boundaries of Earthland, and there was only one person who had ever truly stood at that peak. It was the one whose staff she had been holding now.

She could see signs of doubt, of hesitation but it was not something she didn't expect. After all, she knew the difficulty of the gamble she had just made, of the risks that were involved. While the most devout of followers were also the most useful, they were also the most dangerous, and it required a careful and clever approach.

"Your doubts are understandable Tomoe." She spoke softly, kindly even, almost like a mother comforting their child, reassuring that what they did wasn't wrong. "I will show you why your faith isn't misplaced." She lightly tapped the bottom of her staff onto the ground, allowing the mana to surge around her being, almost akin to an aura that was visible even to the naked eye.

"In the days long forgotten by most, I had invented a magical spell of sorts. The means of devouring one's essence, although it could be used in other ways also."

She paused for a bit, a hand resting on her chest as she closed her eyes. "The things this girl seeks is quite similar to that which I desire: We want to seek out the true limit of our potential. We don't seek power, merely for the sake of power, we want to reach that peak once more, in order to surpass it. And yet unlike in the past I found something... just as intriguing."

She smiled at Tomoe as she continued. "Like a spectator of a performance, I desire to see how you and the others will reshape this flawed world. To see the myriad of possibilities that will be born from your efforts."

She allowed her aura to dimish as she declared in a more firm voice. "But for me to truly be able to make my return at your side, I need time Tomoe. As you can likely sense, I am still fragmented, although I am planning to soon carry out a ritual to merge my existence with that of this vessel. Rather than devouring her essence, I wish to see the potential of it, and so two will become one."

She went quiet for a bit, thinking of the next words to speak, considering them carefully. "But for me to make my return, and free Odin from the grasp of this deceiver I need your help Tomoe. People need to be reminded of me, they need to learn to fear me, respect me, adore me, and as their faith accumulates, so will I regain my former power."

Was she really planning to do this? To challenge the phantom that had Odin in her grasp, to ensure her lie became reality, she needed to vanquish the one who could see through it all: To destroy HER, she needed to become HER

"While to the outside world we will be working with the Syndicate, in truth, you will do that which you have done for me in the past: Following your heart's desire. Restore their faith in me, make them realize Morrigan walks back among them."

Finally, the aura started to fade away as she smiled kindly while gently taking a grasp of Tomoe's hand. "Thank you Tomoe. For all you have done, for all you will continue to do."

After she waited for him to stand up she could feel Morrigan's presence in the back of her thoughts.

Are you sure about this little witch? The act of Essence Shifting would mean that you'd cease to exist.

Yet in return to that warning, she merely smiled: For she wouldn't cease to exist, they would become one, and from that, the sorceress known as Morrigan would rise. Esperia was just a name, after all, if this was the price for Subsuming the greatest Sorceress in history, then she would gladly pay it.

She would become----
She is Morrigan.

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Tomoe Tanaka
The woman's words didn't quite perfectly match Tomoe's idea of what SHE would be like in person. Admittedly, he only knew HER in visions and seconds-long whispers, so he couldn't claim to be somebody that knew HER on a personal level. He just knew that SHE stood for hope for all, and would right the wrongs of Earthland with unfaltering providence. That was the miracle that Tomoe Tanaka sought out when he began his journey towards the rediscovery of HER glory, and didn't know what would be beyond that if not even SHE could alter the world's course. This dream was all he had, and so he would stick to it any way he could. And so, knowing this while still uncertain deep in his heart in a place he wouldn't show openly, his disposition as a man who hid everything beneath the surface under the guise of one who hid nothing, he would stand and face Morrigan.

"With your magic, we'll rewrite this world. I will carry the torch - no, a grand bonfire - to continue the ways of the Midnight Cult and its true path forward. The world will be saved, and all will come to know bliss. A beautiful, prosperous world. I will sacrifice to bring about the full and true revival of my Goddess in all HER power.", Tomoe would state as plainly as breathing air, his chest feeling lighter at knowing that he might truly be making a difference in the world at last, bowing lightly to Morrigan before him.

A tear. Tomoe thought he had none left, but just like that in the brief moment of his bow with eyes closed, a small droplet of liquid fell from his left eye. Perhaps it was fatigue, or some kind of allergy. Maybe rain was about to drench the streets of Rush Valley. He didn't particularly feel sad, so he didn't know why. Moreover, he'd given his all to get rid of as many personal emotions as possible for this mission. With a nearly blank expression - or at least, that's what he perceived himself as looking like - he thought he had moved beyond something like emotion. For the future, he'd need to work on that. He'd wipe away and dry his left eye briefly, hopefully fast enough that there would be no comment on the matter; he certainly didn't need it addressed at the moment, anyway.

"I'll join your organization, and work for the betterment of all. I'm not particularly skilled with magic, but you would be hard-pressed to find a better mass murderer and scout than me. I'll put this world through hell, and at the other end of it with the help of divine justice, the world will emerge as a utopia.", Tomoe remarked, clasping his hands together in prayer for a moment. "And while I'm not fit to save the world, I will be the champion for the one who will."

Tomoe would gesture to Morrigan to lead the way to the organization in question, where he would meet his superficial, skin-deep "allies". He wasn't really here for them, not anymore. At first it was simple curiosity. At this point, it was more like he was guided by fate to inquire into things in Rush Valley. He would allow himself to be a puppet gladly, so long as everything was to HER benefit in the end. Anybody who could best advance HER fullest resurrection was an ally to him, and those who couldn't were mongrels to be eradicated and revived with happier lives in the new world.

"I will endure, sacrifice and kill so that you may grow, my liege.", Tomoe would state with his commoner's accent still suppressed, eyes looking towards Morrigan's own.


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She had gone quiet for a bit as she listened to Tomoe's words, taking in every detail of his vision of the future she would bring. The sorceress her hand reached for her cheek, pondering softly. "It is a beautiful desire Tomoe, this world..." She closed her eyes, and suddenly she felt something, something odd. Her body briefly staggered as her vision seemed to be replaced by that of another. Anger coursed through her being, anger and disappointment, to think she had been betrayed by those she had once worked alongside with.

A violent shake of her head followed as her tone changed, her voice darker and gloomier. "This world is flawed, imperfect Tomoe. It is tainted, corrupted and those with the power to decide the course of the future have grown ignorant to their responsibilities. To bring forth this utopia, this paradise we need to burn this corruption at its root."

She turned her gaze upwards. "Then to who do we turn for salvation? The gods? Such a notion is pathetic, Illumin in all his might remains silent and absent, no the fate of Earthland is for its denizen to decide."

She gripped her staff tightly, her eyes sharpening as she looked at Tomoe. "But like sheep its denizen need a guide, they need a shepherd to prevent history from repeating itself."

She lowered her gaze. "In the past there were nine, nine who struggled for a similar dream, and yet they were afraid. Afraid of my power, they turned against me and sealed me away, but they are no more, and only one is left now."

She took a deep breath. "Our first step to rewrite this world is neither a miracle or an outlandish spell: We will rally those seeking salvation, and turn our attention to the root of this taint."

She nodded her head briefly. "Seek out Odin, tell him to come to the North, to this place. In due time we will deal with the phantom whispering deceit in his ear, but I hope that by seeing me in the flesh, he will remember where his faith is."

She gestured at the floating castle they were approaching up ahead and spoke. "In fairy tales they often say it is a hero who saves the world from a great evil."

Indeed, just like in the stories she had read so often, a hero was one who saved the world during its darkest times. And yet in order for that to become a reality. "We will save Earthland one step at a time, first the land we walk upon: Fiore will be the start of our efforts to rewrite this tragedy."

Finally, she stopped, in front of Tomoe as she turned around, spreading her arms in a gesture as she declared firmly.

"And for that to happen, Fiore needs a leader who will be worthy of carrying both the power and the responsibility of sitting on that throne. It is clear the king failed, and so it shall be the last of the nine who will carry that responsibility."

She smiled at Tomoe as she spoke.

"Tell Odin I'm back and that..."

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Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe would listen attentively, taking in the gravity of his situation. He was standing next to one of the heroes who had previously saved the world. This was a monumental moment, and while Tomoe couldn't say he was honored to be in the presence of any of the others if they somehow revived, Morrigan was different. It was a great time to be alive, with the change of the world very much on its way. The new world would soon arrive if things went accordingly and this woman was speaking the full truth. He'd embrace the idea, knowing full well that fate would guide its hand towards the truth no matter what it might take to get there.

"Odin, is it? Well, I certainly know the man, though I cannot say whether or not I know his current... attitude towards me. With how much has happened with my own discoveries about the world, I don't even know what I'd say the next time I see him.", Tomoe would say, expressing his own doubts towards the situation, but seeing as how this could very well once again be fate guiding him, he would resolve himself. "But I'll see to it that he understands the true path forward, for the betterment of all. At the end of this cursed world, we'll all work to show the ignorant the true way forward."

Tomoe would bow once again, and then be on his way into the Sentinel Syndicate after absorbing the woman's words. In that moment, it truly did feel like he was in HER presence, only it was closer than it had ever been before. For so long he had felt as if he was an empty machine going through the motions, but for a brief second he even felt a warmth in his heart that he thought he had buried with the ashes of his enemies and former friends. Love, even? He had no idea, not the faintest clue, and for now it would be something to ponder on.

"I will inform Odin of the return, and catch him up on everything that has happened. With your permission, though, I'll need time to process all of this and gather my strength before continuing on this mission. I wish to succeed above and beyond all expectations, for the good of all.", the mad cultist would explain respectfully, staying polite in the presence of one who radiated Morrigan's magical aura.

If Morrigan would permit it, and after listening to the last of her commands, requests and musings, Tomoe would take his leave to explore the Sentinel Syndicate's guild hall and introduce himself to his "allies". He would assist his goddess and use the organization's information gathering skills to his own advantage, bringing forth a new age not through glory and over the top war, but through a war nobody knew was being waged until it was too late.

This would be Earthland's future, and he wouldn't let anybody stop him. With love in his heart and the passion to do good for the world in his soul, he would set out to create true paradise. From here on out, he would escalate the situation more than anybody could predict; and hey, as a small bonus, this guild had a sharp sense of fashion.

- EXIT -

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