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To the North...Again [Travel]

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Finally it was time to leave the city of Magnolia. Ezekiel zoomed through the sky anxious to get out as fast as he could. There were a number of reasons why, one of the main ones being that he was being hunted by a trio of Elves. They most likely had no idea where he was going to be next so it was best for him to go to the North where his guild master had reign. He could hide there and use his minions to gather information just in case any of his enemies did manage to find his next location. Elves weren't the only enemies the Vampire had though. Now he was also trying to stay out of the governments line of vision. He saw his bounty picture posted last night before ripping it down. If his bounty was posted there then it was only a matter of time before it was posted everywhere else.

The last thing he needed was rune knights or other hired bounty hunters looking for him. The Desiertan wasn't a pro when it came to using his magic yet. It was safe to say that if he interacted with any of the stronger knights then he would be done for. So, he needed to lay low. The work of course wouldn't stop. He had a few plans for when he touched down in the north and the first was building his own army. Too many things were happening and he had to be as safe as possible. Building his own empire was the only plausible solution. Ezekiel was great at running, choosing his battles, and knowing how to use other methods besides fighting to beat his enemies, now it was time to use them. Of course Kon couldn't know anything in terms of what he was going to do, not yet at least.


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Ezekiel flew with his vampiric wings through the night sky. Finally he was getting somewhere. The city of Magnolia was behind him and now he felt just a little bit safer. Unfortunately for the first person he came across, whoever they were, he was very very hungry. Ezekiel looked down the outskirts of Magnolia waiting for any human dumb enough to be walking through the forests alone. After moments of human gazing, it didn't take him long before he spotted a woman. Normally he didn't feed off women- mostly because attractive men tasted a lot better but right now anything would work. Blood was blood. Human blood was particularly the best type. The woman held a small lime green purse and wore a brown dress. She had black elbow-high gloves and she was quite beautiful. The Sanaedhel began to brace for landing, flying as fast as he could towards her.

When he finally landed he was about 5 meters in front of her. His leather jacket flapped violently as the wind picked up. The leaves on the trees wrestled with each other, some falling while others held on to their branches for dear life. The woman stopped in tracks. "Oh! You startled me." She said with a nervous chuckle. The first thing she did was clutch her purse and took a small step back. Her heels clicked on the cement road. She held her dress with her other hand so that the wind wouldn't pick it up. For a moment all Ezekiel did was watch her. He cocked his head like a curious puppy. She was...exquisite, he thought to himself. Then he slowly moved towards her. "Did I? My apologies. I-I was just on my way home." he chuckled back. Ezekiel glanced behind just to make sure nobody was looking. "It's quite alright, haha! I uh...I should get going."


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"No, no. You should actually stay right there." Ezekiel smiled warmly as he walked up to the woman. She gulped, taking a few more steps back. He heart beat picked up and suddenly she felt fear at the pit of her stomach. Ezekiel stopped right in front of her, slowly picking up his hand and lightly running his knuckles down her cheek. The vampire inhaled. The scent of warm, fresh blood filled his heart with joy. "p-please...I'm just on my way to my children." she began to beg. Ezekiel noticed that the moonlight began to sparked within her eyes as they watered. She knew something bad was going to happen. It was only a matter of time now before she figured out what it was. "You're so beautiful..." Ezekiel whispered as moved his body closer to hers. There was no space between them now. Their chests and stomachs touched. "May I...kiss you?"

Ezekiel had this random urge to bed this woman. He never had a thought like this before. A feeling of excitement took over his body. The woman hesitated to respond but she eventually shook her head. Ezekiel nodded, still with a warm smile on his face. Then he leaned in and kissed the woman. It was a quick kiss though because then she turned her face. Ezekiel glanced at the ground. He thought for a moment. He actually enjoyed that spec of a moment. Then he looked back up at the woman and threw his mouth over her neck. The woman screamed to the top of her lungs for a few moments but she soon settled. The euphoric feeling of feeding was overwhelming her. She moaned a little and in moments she was dead. Drained completely of her blood, Ezekiel gently placed the woman on the ground before flying the rest of the way to Seighart.


- Arrival -

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