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Experimental Hexes [Quest][Solo]

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Experimental Hexes [Quest][Solo] Empty on Tue Dec 01, 2020 4:19 pm

This was an interesting one, to be sure. Still not his preferred kind of job, but at least it should provide some entertainment. According to the job description, he was needed to test out some hexes. After arriving at the location listed on the job, and speaking with the very obviously disturbed doctor, he was told, he merely needed to test the hexes out on random passerby on the streets. According to the doctor, the hexes weren’t anything overly dangerous or destructive. One was supposed to cause the subject’s body to be extremely sensitive to any and all stimulation. The other was supposed to cause the target’s legs to stop working for an hour.

With the papers in hand, he made his way out into the streets. He merely needed to utter the words to activate the hexes and make sure he had a clear visual of the target and the hexes were supposed to work. Of course, this was a trial, to make sure they actually worked, which meant that there was a chance they could not work at all, or worse, backfire. He wasn’t too thrilled about that thought, but considering what the hexes were meant to do, even if they did backfire, he wasn’t too worried about the outcome.

It was also possible that if they did backfire, that it could be an entirely different effect, and he wouldn’t completely put it past the mad doctor to try something like that. However, if he could trust anything about the doctor, it was that the man was clearly all about progress and development. A bad reputation was bound to throw more than a few kinks in his plans, so he doubted the doctor had lied to him.

After walking along the sidewalk for a few minutes, he spotted his first target. It was a random man walking along in a suit, chatting away on a phone. Mikajia stared at the man then uttered the word “Stimuli.” The effect was immediate, the man who was so calm before as he was walking began to wince, clearly experiencing discomfort of some kind. After he spoke the word, Mikajia noticed it fade away from the paper. The doctor would be happy to hear that the first one was a success.

Mikajia began to survey the rest of the people walking by, looking for the next target. He settled on a woman he had seen shouting at an elderly lady, telling her to get out of the way as she was walking. If anyone deserved to have their legs stop working it was that kind of person. He stared at her then spoke the word, “Decrepify.” He watched with a mixture of amusement and displeasure that the hex only partially worked. The woman whom had been strutting a second ago, now had a very clear limp, but that was it. The hex was supposed to render their legs completely useless for an hour. Oh well, he’d have to tell the doctor the second hex still needed some work. But his job was done now as he watched the second hex disappear from the page.

Mikajia wandered back to the doctor’s business and relayed his findings, after which he was thanked for his services, handed his payment, then ushered out the door.

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Experimental Hexes [Quest][Solo] Maxresdefault

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