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Crash the Cash House [Quest][Solo]

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Crash the Cash House [Quest][Solo] Empty on Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:35 pm

He stared at the map a bit longer before glancing around him. Everything matched, this should definitely be the location described and marked. It hadn’t taken him too long to make it to this location after leaving the Martello house.

His job? Sabotage.

Fun right?

Well, maybe if it was a bit more than ransacking one simple cash house, but hey, money was money. It was simple enough, and he certainly wasn’t one to turn down easy money. If his client was willing to pay decent money to have him raid a small fry cash house like this, who was he to deny them his services? Maybe he’d get lucky and there would be a few members of the family present in the place, he wouldn’t mind getting to brawl a little. It had been a while since his last fight.

He folded up the map before tucking it away in one of his pockets, his fingers brushing the lighter. He was to be very thorough; once ransacked, he was to burn the place to the ground. He could easily use his own magic to start the fire, but he felt using conventional mundane means would help keep suspicion off of him for at least a little longer than if he used his own magic.

The cash house was a small broken-down diner, fairly secluded from the main street given its state; far fewer people made their way to this area, so it was easy for him to slip around the back unnoticed. The sun was beginning to sink towards the horizon as he made his way into the building, finding the lock easy enough to pick.

‘Pathetic.’ He thought with a snort and a roll of his eyes. For a cash house, their security was absolutely abysmal. Sadly there weren’t any henchmen present in the cash house, but there certainly was a decent amount of cash placed all throughout the place. He figured the man who owned this place thought himself so terrifying that no one would ever dare to break in. As such, he thought he didn’t need to worry about proper security measures? Typical.

He didn’t have to search too long till he found the hiding spot.

‘Seriously? I almost feel like killing this man out of principle.’ He thought in exasperation. The hiding spot was in the storage room, underneath some of the tiles. And whoever had put the money there, hadn’t even bothered to put the tiles back properly. He pulled the bag of money out, it was decent sized but wouldn’t stand out like crazy after he left this place.

With the money in hand, all that was left was for him to set the place ablaze. He quickly spotted some containers of assorted chemicals left in the storage room. A few minutes later Mikajia had practically coated the whole place in a mixture of chemicals then made his way back towards the door he’d entered through. It was now dark as he stepped back outside; pulling the lighter out of his pocket, he ignited a rag he had grabbed then tossed it back into the building. A few moments later, flames began rippling across the floor as he walked away.

He was already a block down the street before anyone would begin to notice flames rippling up the walls of the old diner. It wasn’t much longer after that when he would spot a member of the Martello family making his way towards him, a bag in his own hand which Mikajia knew was his payment. Their switch was clean; handing over their respective bags to the other without faltering in their steps. With the job completed, he made his way back to his place, ready to get some sleep.

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Crash the Cash House [Quest][Solo] Maxresdefault

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