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Where it took over [Judina & Joly]

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Where it took over [Judina & Joly] Empty on Tue Dec 01, 2020 5:41 am


Sometimes, the heart changes a person.
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Truly she did not wish to find Judina this way, but nonetheless she was busy. She had a long journey to go on and at the same time she had a lot of business to finish. Judina was one of them as she was going to try to offer Judina a spot alongside her. Hopefully, unlike her mother she will see reasons and agree. Her hair was white like snow as Ana felt like beauty of white belonged with the shade colors that Magnolia revealed. It was really hogwash to her as it should not matter what color hair they had. Her eyes will all be the same anyways. She smelled the area as the flowers were slowly wilting. The snow will soon arrive as winter was one of Ana's favorites. Kuri was more of a summer/Fall as Arisa was a spring.

She could not feel the wind touch her face as she walked through the cobblestone paths. Her necklace could not fully work either due to the projection. So this was how Caius felt when he did this. Her smile was small but enough to see she had thoughts about a person. She had a mission to do though as she continued to look for Judina within this town. It has been quite awhile since the last time she was here.

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Did something know how to hit all of the sore spot upon a varying trouble soul like Judina? After all this was one truly after different from her mother, Kuri might be use to her mother. But truly Judina was a different mould, More of the tom boy rather then anything like her mother, The very different cycles of her also proved Judith almost never changes in some manners, Judina might be exactly what Kuri might need...But also was some one most likely much prone to her own reason to do things, Her own matters and logic.

Where she was found was something most people might have forgotten, After all Alistair might not know why they here. Judina and parts of Kuri's mind might know that Judina was now in fact standing over two graves.

They were the graves of Regis' wife and daughter. It has been a while that she had been here, reflecting upon a time she had left these lands and returned just to witness their end. Signs of Judith her mother being around these graves was apparent for how the liveliness of the flowers were.

What was Judina here doing? the few parts of her that Judina was her mother, watering the flowers...humming a song to herself even if her singing voice was much lower in tone then her mother and tending to the grave to make it nice. At least it proved that Judina seemed to have emotions, Some doubted because she hid them away.

#3Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

The internal workings of a rotten skull are quite odd after being brought to life, the soul no longer there but thoughts lingering almost a split with symbiosis. Was she the vial or was she this mindscape? Both if Jolyne had to guess to herself and it was what kept her up at night, not that she's dead and needed not to sleep, but rather this thought that kept her awake when others would sleep.

Not that it was that time now, it was probably sometime around mid-afternoon wherever her body's vessel was. Certainly had no idea what time it was here, could also be dark there. The Atreides girl still hadn't quite gotten down the art of feeling her puppet of bone when she was not directly inside of it. Meditating like this where he soul was neither completely in the vial nor completely in her body was always rather odd.

Unaware that she was in a graveyard, much less who was there, Jolyne Atreides felt as though someone could observe her. Which was particularly odd sitting inside the void of one's imagination.

Should she snap her eyes open to avoid this unease?
Nothing ventured.
Nothing gained.


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Sometimes, the heart changes a person.
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Kurisa gazed around and then realized that this was the place where Judith's family gets buried. Why here out of all places? She didn't really have a family of her own to bury. Kuri doesn't even care enough to know they existed and Ana's family was buried in a different country. Arisa was well, she was from Kuri who is now her. The only family she had was now within her or one could say inside her. She licked her lips and gazed away while getting closer to the Cathedral. One of those places she hates as it was a place where people worship a god who truly did not care of their people.

She would know.

As she approached the graves she spotted Judina at their brother's wife and child's gravestones. "So this is where you are." She spoke coldly with her eyes slanting towards the grave. Her thought projection can only last for so long so she had an hour or less to spare. "Judina. I have important things to discuss with you. If I were in my physical form, I wouldn't be too harsh since you're... well here." She gazed around with her eyes as she wasn't too keen on the graveyard either. It kind of reminded her of how many lives she has wasted, so many bodies she took over till they rotted.


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It seemed Judina's moment of quiet seemed to have slowly shifted into something else, Than again how often does anyone visit these graves? no one else was generally here. Then again a lot of people often forget to visit these areas now days."You must enjoy finding me at time when I did not wish to be found."It sounded slightly passive aggressive, Then again given what she was standing over and a part of Kurisa knew whom these two graves were.

Grim reflection upon people long gone, Were not things some people handled well, Maybe Judina was one of them, Then again she was most likely more angry over how it happen too. Alistair still for the most part had been here quietly waiting for Judina to be done, seemingly staring upon whom was speaking. However the massive cat did not move an inch.

Alas a persons work never being done, That click of her brain Judina would turn back to herself so to say, No longer lost into her thoughts or just standing upon family long passed. It was easy to pick up that change."Very well, What is it?"So blank and voided of emotions so quickly almost like she was already repressing her own emotions, something maybe she should not risk at all.

When would running from emotion ruin this person? it was a question most people would easily have to guess."I can assume it is fairly important if your not here in person."It had Judina curious now, it broke her mind from quietly grieving death that just so far seemingly she and her mother might remember. After all Judina was never a woman to carry flowers.

#6Jolyne Atreides 

Where it took over [Judina & Joly] Empty on Thu Dec 03, 2020 1:37 am

Jolyne Atreides

Butterfly in the sky, I can get twice as high, it's in a book so take a look.

'But what should come next in the Jingle' Jolyne wondered to herself as she drifted along alone in thought bereft of care or current concern. What came first was the jingle, yes nothing but the mad melody to usher her head into a meditative state once more. A matted mantra making munitions of the material of mind more morose than hoped. Giggle gaggles of guilt gained ground inside the glittering skull back where she was grounded. Plausible purchases of points pounded tirelessly into peers of pontification that were her mental speakers. A cacophony of callousness that careened catering a couple of crisis that changed the current cohesive desires of Jolyne.

'The best part of waking up, is....'

Well what is it? Certainly not dried up dirt with boiling water inside of your ceramic. Perhaps the best part of waking up was when one could spur off the soreness of sleep. Perhaps it was when one was fully awake and functional but that, that jingle could wait. That jingle was not as important now, no instead what came first was the first rhyme, but in what signature time?

Three four? Four Four? Eighthundred sixteenths with a double bass drum petal?

Refractions and reflections of light reared inside of her compelling the thoughts to usher towards it's completed consequence. A sequence of similes that spiraled and sprouted up in that second, that silence before the revelation stood upon her shore now.

It's in a book, so take a look.


"Whomst might be you two, and why art thou putting markers for the dead inside mine mind palace?" forming in a quasi-illusion of her own physical body that was somewhere else at the time the Lich would now suddenly appear as a wraith, her very soul just sitting upon one of the gravestones while swinging her left leg ethereally through it like a small child would as their kinetic energy compelled them not to wait. The image was blackened and had faint spots of green which gave away the inherent nature of her magic though no spells were being cast.


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Sometimes, the heart changes a person.
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Kurisa was seen as a ruthless person who cared for no one's feelings. It was quite the opposite, but supposedly this was for the best. She had her own goals in mind and Judina made the cut. "I wish for you to join me in my Journey within my guild. I need someone that I can trust yet so far I have people who are more strangers to me than one could call a friend - for now." She was going to continue, but someone arrived and it was driving her necklace crazy. It was always like that when a lich was around - her mind was always on one lich specifically though.

Because of that lich all she can think about is how other liches might be. He wasn't like how he was today and wasn't like that till he turned into a lich. She wished to know about others like him. This one seemed to be a female as she soon questioned why they bothered the home of her mindful place. "A grave that belongs to their family." her head nodded towards Judina. "Never heard of a lich caring much for territory," she questioned. Her brown and blue eyes cornered to gaze at Judina. "Wanted to ask to join Sabertooth though. Perhaps help each other in our goals." she offered. Her attention quickly went back to the Lich. "You are?" She wondered. So there was more than just him...


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It was a strange offer, Why her she had to wonder. Not that it was entirely something Judina was overly offended by. Just proved she was far more of a reliable person then she first assumed. Who else she would really kind of work with at this point? Kazimir seemingly vanished, Judina honestly did not want to be in a guild with her mother as well.

It seemed entirely her more personal moment was now over."I can see why you have found me then." It was seemingly simple logic in her mind."I have no problem with that."Judina turned from her quiet grieving to, To just quiet and content. These leave of emotional control was not healthy at least Judina could internally assume.

Before she would really continue Judina would remark."Some how my mother has always been here long before I have..."Judina would remark for she almost got lost in her mind again.

"But my in laws were buried here for along time, Long before I knew of a Lich roaming these parts."Judina seemed not to be trying to be outwardly judging the Lich, Then again most people did not know that the they were told place them here."Then again, I had expected a bit more time to myself before I was found again here, Most of my family seems to forget about these two...."Off the top of her head it seemed Judina and her mother would be the only two who did.

"I often check the grave to see if they have been left alone, As well if the flower are still alive...however my mother must check on them often when she is free from her work with Fairy Tail."
Was Judina giving away too much information? What was a Lich going to do with knowing that? They seemed curious and for now Judina did not expect anything horrible, However claiming area was strange, But these seemed to be thing Judina not worried about in a while.

#9Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

Hearing the guild name and receiving just as odd a look to other's as she was receiving herself Jolyne slowly realized that she was in the real world in some freak sense of a walking coma. Just then her body would shamble up wheezing as though it had run the entire way from Hosenka...as it probably had.

No sooner than her soul had looked into the body then it vanished and her voice would now come from the wheezing corpse that sounded like it was dying once more. "Jolyne Atreides, of Fairy Tale! I do...believe that...I may have....encountered thine mother" too tired to be fixing an obvious sexual entrendre the Lich limped up towards the graveyard. And collapsed upon the closest grave marker thanking it in a low voice and promising the spirit there to leave flowers next time she came through. Not that she thought the spirit would care too much about the rotten vessel it could no longer call it's own, the act of respect was one that drove Jolyne to not just act indulgently all the time.

"I don't mean to roam, simply more so that I thought I was lost in my meditation. One's mind plays tricks though it was novel to facsimile up two completely new faces, it should have alerted me to the fallacy of mine own thoughts. Alas, I am not as quick as I was in life as I am now in death. But I can do this" finishing her speech the skeletal woman would remove her head and shift through extremely facial expressions while she began to juggle it along with two balls she apparated from the long sleeves of her dress. It was the small things in unlife that drove Jolyne forward.


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Sometimes, the heart changes a person.
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Softly she breathes in the air and musk of the dead and flowers that are rested against the cold stone. Her eyes of blue and brown switch back to the lich and girl who will soon be her assistant. The lich was nothing like Odin it seems since Odin was more aggressive in a cold way. This one was more... peaceful in a sense of good. Judina seemed to have agreed to become a member of her guild. "You'll first have to leave Fairy tail when you're ready and then go to the guildhall in Hosenka. They will stamp you. Tell them their mistress bids it." She gave a satisfying smile.

Her attention switched to the lich. "You remind me of someone." She fans herself. "A past lover who was a lich. A male no-less, but you seem rather more filled with intelligence than them. Perhaps we can be allies." A welcoming smile was painted on Kuri's projected face. "I remember putting my fingers all over their skull; eye sockets, from underneath... every so slowly it was such a fun time." She giggled and shook her head. "Past is the past. I do hope that you are not the same when it comes to betrayal though." She marked him as a traitor to her heart, but in a way he will always have a place as a friend who is just going through some things. His goals were more important than her it seems.

"So, what is your place upon Fairy Tail, Jolyne? I hope you don't  mind me taking her. Oh, where are my manners. Name's Kurisa, Guildmaster of the newly guild in Hosenka; Sabertooth.~" Her head nodded towards Judina who was more than ready to come to her now. She spoke now with a cool breathy tone that was soft as freshly made pillows. Perhaps she also likes fun. Drink, relax, perhaps more someday. For now she was still a projection. She'll have to take a rain check.  


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It was name Judina herself heard before, Even making a slight remark about it. For a name she heard before it seemed, a lot had happen."You were in the Rune Knight at one point...I know your name too."Judina did mention casually but would lead into something else quickly simply put."It has been a while you seemed to have dealt various things i do not know of."

"At this point who doesn't my mother know, She seems rather popular person."Which is true her mother seemed far more popular then Judina was as a person, then again Judina was avoiding the really being in the public eye. However it seemed to be at a settling point of what exactly what was going on here.

But simple enough to be told what really to do next, she wished everything was more explained but that could happen eventually. She could manage another day to visit here."I at least know these family members of mine graves, Are well looked after."With that she seemed a bit more content with how this worked out.

Judina would do as she was told, She would head out to that city after she dealt with a few things she had planned to do, after these were done she would head over to the next city.


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Jolyne Atreides

Jolyne was taken aback by the ex-lover comment, though flattered by the comment delivered shortly after so her mind did not dwell too long on the implications of the initial statement. "Well I doth believe that is the philosophy of the guild I signed up for" the shambling mound of bones chirped in response. Listening closely to the next words delivered her mind was brought back to the initial statement and the Plant Mage wondered just who else had been affixed with this specific form of undeath. "As long as you don't put your fingers into my eye sockets we should be fine dear. It really hurts to try and look with flesh tubes where your orbs should be and it also feels funny." Not exactly missing the point between the lines the Lich opted for a lighthearted response to indicate that there really would be no fight as long as she wasn't completely womanhandled. Switching from the older dialect in order to adapt back with the mortal realm.

Shifting to the other woman who was there, the now Sabertooth member Jolyne would reply in continuance with the lighthearted mood she hoped to set. "Why yes, in a past life I was. Though working directly under the nobility became chafing." Listening then to Judina intently she would wave as the woman left the grave yard, "Safe travels dear, may the road rise to meet your feet!"

"It is wonderful to meet you but no, people have their own histories and desires. Who am I to trample upon them? I just want to see the weak prosper and the cruel suffer. As long as your guild does not bully those below you then I think we should talk again once I have taken stock of who is among the current members of the guild. As is if those conditions are met I think an alliance would be favorable but I am in no current position to speak on details" not usually one for such long speeches Jolyne would bow at the end of it's delivery.


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She smiled as Judina left and the words that Joly last spoke made her now smirk. "Truly, those that harm the innocent will be punished if continuous and those that help the innocent have my hand." She spoke softly like the wind as it caressed the ears of those that can hear. "I suppose we will meet in Hosenka someday or perhaps sooner than one could fret to think on as my business is now there." She bowed her head and fanned herself while her eyes gazed away. She sighed softly as she once died close to this cathedral during one of her lifetimes.

The lich woman seemed to bare no ill will so perhaps this could mean a friendship. "If an Alliance Fairy Tail wants then hopefully the one who will meet with me in Hosenka favors the style of living Neutral." She giggled and fanned herself more. She went back to stare at the ground of the grave once more and wondered when will it be her turn. Spiritually, she was so old, and yet every lifetime felt so empty. Further and further Kuri and Ana were away from their end goals. She might as well help those in need till she can finally rest.

With that, her projection disappeared.


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Jolyne Atreides

As Kurisa spoke Jolyne felt satisfied with the route she had earlier chose, it seemed the other mage was one of honor and someone she could trust. Telling of where she was headed next was a nice gesture to solidify the open nature that Jolyne was picking up. "Better than living in service of those who would exploit the weak in a system set up by their forefathers to be rigged from the beginning" Jolyne Atreides responded to the final words of the curious and powerful Mage. "In Hosenka then, and until then do keep to safe travels" the skull would morph into a smile as she waved to Kurisa, the Guild Mistress of Saber Tooth. If the woman's words rung true then that was a person the Lich would want to foster close communications with, as she could be a very good friend to have. It would be beneficial for the two guilds to function in good relations as well in the future, but that would wait for another day. For now the undead skeleton was left to ponder the exchange with the other two women as she returned to her domicile. It was time to shift things up a bit.


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