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Shopping Crisis II. [NQ | Private]

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Same ol shit just a different day. Today Ezekiel decided that he needed to do another quest because yesterday's quest was just so easy. However, standing at the quest board he realized that yesterday was the best quest he had taken. There were no more exciting ones on the board, which meant that he would literally be either saving a cat from a tree or watering somebody's plants. With a sigh Ezekiel decided that watering plants was far more challenging. He grunted, then ripped the paper off of the board. The night was young. The sun had just set only moments ago and he was getting hungry. He was doing much better as far as blood cravings go, probably because he had been a vampire for a little while now. The Black magician rubbed his fingers through his head. Hopefully Sentinel Syndicate's money makin' board was a lot more interesting than this one.

The Desiertan glanced at the paper for but a moment before he saw the giant "Help wanted" sign on top. It was old and worn out. It look like rain and bird shit had gotten to it before he did. Reluctantly he read the rest of he paper. The person who needed help asked for someone clean and experienced to water her plants. Apparently her hand was sprained pretty badly and she needed someone to tend to her babies. This person was definitely an old woman, Ezekiel thought. He groaned and continued reading the rest of the paper. The homeowners living headquarters was all the way on the other side of the city. How the fuck did it end up over here. The Sentinel crumpled the paper and stuffed in his pocket, then began to walk deeper into Magnolia. He could have flown there, but that would be an unnecessary waste of mana, he thought.



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Tonight the city was full of people. Everyone seemed to be in a more cheery mood then they had been the last couple of days. The holidays were making people happier, not that he cared. Christmas and thanksgiving were all holidays he actually didn't care for. When he was younger back in Savannah, they didn't celebrate things like that. They had other holidays...like the Grand Rising Ceremony. Still, this time around Ezekiel had been feeling the holiday joy. It seemed like the city wide depression over the state of Fairy Tail was gone. It was crazy how quick people moved on. One minute they were sad and wallowing in fear, the next they were happy to exist. Stupid humans, Ezekiel thought. Of course this holiday cheer meant that they would be chopping down trees to decorate, then put those same trees their homes. When they were done with the trees what would happen?

Easy, they would throw the trees out as if they never existed in the first place. Little by little they were destroying the world and nobody batted an eye. Anyway, the moon was finally starting to reveal herself. Ezekiel always felt safe under the moon these days. Sunlight wasn't exactly his bestie anymore. The streets of Magnolia were clean and the street lights were slowly starting to turn on all over the place. The Vampire placed his hands in his pockets as he moved towards the quest location. He hoped the old lady wasn't sleep. You know how the elderly could be. They slept at weird times and had problems controlling their bladder. Actually, he hoped that she wasn't dead. As much as Zeke hated to admit it sometimes, he needed all of the money he could get. He didn't worry too much though, he was sure that she would be sitting in her favorite chair or something.



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As the Desiertan man in the leather coat continued pressing forward, he felt the breeze shift to a slightly cooler temperature. The people around him began to bundle their coats up so he did the same trying to do as much as he could to blend in. As he strolled elegantly through the city, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Immediately he came to a stop and turned around only to see a sweat man in a dingy sweater. The man fished into his pocket and handed the vampire a paper, then said that a shop owner needed him as quick as possible to help him defend against some bandits who were threatening the store. Apparently this store owner heard about Ezekiel's abilities to get rid of pests. People spoke way too fast in this city. Noted. After this he would definitely have to leave because he wouldn't have random individuals hearing about him.

Ezekeil raised an eyebrow, then politely accepted the paper, telling the man to leave immediately. The man was confused. He thought that Zeke was some goody-two-shoes mage who helped anyone who called upon him. He was wrong. With a smile Ezekiel waved the man off and looked down at the paper. The paper was a lettter unlike the other quests, specifically asking for Ezekiel's help without saying his name. The paper also had the location of the store. Thank god it wasn't that magical drug store again, or else he would feel like this whole thing was a set up. With a sigh he glanced at the last words. Mr. Davidson. A white man of course. Then the Desiertan folded the paper and placed it into his pocket. The polite thing to do was to put the old request paper back so that someone else could pick it up. Unfortunately for the old woman, Ezekiel wasn't about to do all of that for an elderly human. She was better of dying.



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The person who reached out to Ezekiel was clear that he needed immediate help. If Ezekiel didn't go to where he was needed then the shop owner would die. So, the Desiertan mage threw the paper he had taken from the quest board out of his pocket and stuffed the new one in. He held the old paper in his hand for a while, looking around and deciding what to do with it. He definitely wasn't about to drop it on the ground. Littering was the worse thing any person could do. Instead he held the paper in his palm and used some darkness magic to obliterate. He was getting use to his black magic. It was a lot more complex than nature magic considering he had been using plants all his life, but he was getting the hang of it. The paper burned and the particles floated into the sky above.

Finally Zeke turned towards the direction he had come from and began walking. This time he was walking with more urgency than he was before. What was up with these bandits stealing from shops? And why did he have to save them and not the Rune Knights? Perhaps it was because they were just brought back to life and didn't have enough members. Whatever the reason was, Ezekiel didn't care. This was just prove that the Magic Council didn't work. Anyway, the magician moved forward. All he had to do was make his way to Olly's cake shop then take a left on the main street according to this paper. He would be there in no time. After this he was definitely gonna go to Magnolia's bathhouse. He deserved it. Here he was saving human lives from other human lives. He knew he was still a good noodle after all, vampire or not.



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It didn't take long for the former wood elf to reach the area where he was needed. He saw Olly's cake shop but he didn't quite see the other store he was looking for. So, he continued walking until finally he found it. It was a freaking candle store. Who the hell actually chooses to antagonize the owner of a fucking candle store? Ezekiel sighed as he imagined what nonsense he would have to deal with tonight. As he moved closer though he saw another group come from behind the store and began to make their way to the front. Oh? He thought. Then he stopped in his tracks to see what would happen. There was no way he was letting these pathetic humans harm the owner of this store, but he wanted to see what they would actually do first. One of the men began to call out to the owner from outside.

He shouted and told the man to unlock the door and let them in. Like the Khalash, this random store owner owed the bandits some money. They didn't specify how much money was owed but with how hard they were going to antagonize the man, the vampire hoped that it was at least a couple mill. Judging from how small the store was though, he was sure it was merely chump change. Ezekiel folded his arms as the fur on the hood of his jacket followed the breeze. The man shouted from inside for the men to leave him alone. Ezekiel leaned against the building and watched for a few more moments. Things were getting heated. This was the most entertained he had been all day. It was like a play at Marigolds theater...except better. Then, things started to get a little hectic.



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When the bandits began banging on the gated door, the people around began to watch in shock. Some of the gasped, others rushed along with their children, some even looked around for somebody to stop them. Ezekiel smirked, rolled his eyes then began to walk up to the store. Before he would reach the group of bandits though, he told the people to clear out. With no other option the people did just that. They most likely assumed that Ezekiel was going to handle the situation. With his leather black fur coat he did kinda look like some super capable guy. Tonight, Ezekiel would merely use this little quest as an exercise. He wanted to make sure that he could use his spells properly at a moments notice. After the whole situation with Gunter he realized that he needed to be a little more precise with his magic. It was pretty basic Darkness magic, but he felt it growing inside him.

That mean if he slowed down on using it that he would lose control. Ezekiel shouted towards the bafoons. Hey, he called. The bandits all turned around at the same time. The one who was supposed to be in charge told Ezekiel to turn around and mind his business. Of course that wasn't enough to stop him from getting paid. So, he pointed a finger to where a group of them were and a beam of energy shot up towards the sky. "Purge." He said calmly. Every bandit fell to their faces when the spell was over. Just like that he had successfully killed the group of rogues trying to break into the candle shop. With a sigh Ezekiel snapped his fingers, bursting through the front entrance of the candle shop. He told the man that he was the one who had defeated the bandits, and the man paid him. As he left the shop he began to snatch any candle he thought looked good. The end.

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