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Starlight Parade [Conquest]

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Starlight Parade [Conquest] Empty Mon Nov 30, 2020 12:20 pm

There was not much to see during the day other than the beauty of the place, he had heard about its night life however and was particularly intrigued as to what that place could offer, but he was also on a mission; this area had to become Sabertooth's territory and that's something that the locals here didn't want. He read the reports about this area being peaceful and not having to deal with any kinds of threats whether in the morning or at night and thus seemed logical that they wouldn't want someone above their head, they made money and they were safe nothing else mattered. Apollo took this info into consideration, and what if he made them feel unsafe, he had some particular thugs in mind that could come in handy but he wasn't entirely certain there would be an actual need to use them in person, only on paper just to scare some people and make them see that they need the guild to take charge.

He had some help slipping some notes into people's houses, people who owned the markets and businesses here, instilling some fear into their minds that their lives weren't particularly safe like they thought and with no one to protect them they were such easy targets to pick off. As the sun set the celebrations begun, Apollo was taken aback by the fireworks the lights and the decorations that now under this different, more festive lighting looked like they came alive. He walked around the place chatting with the merchants and store owners for their wares, their lives, the city. He saw doubt in some of them meaning that his plan had worked, a lot of them stopped feeling safe after those notes they received while others told him it was not the first time they got notes like that and a few crimes were committed but covered up because no one wanted to disturb the peace.

He didn't want to resort into having the thugs from Crimson Quarter make their appearance here just so the people would seek his aid, so he started making his emblem even more apparent while talking with the rest about the notes and crime in general. A small lie here and there about how the situation was handled in the Crimson Quarter had the people rushing to him the next day and asking for the guild's protection. He agreed with the people that there wouldn't be any interference with how they went about their jobs and lives and as long as the territory belonged to Sabertooth they wouldn't need to be scared again.


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