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Today it appeared Esperia had an opportunity for a more peaceful assignment. No battles against demons, necromancers or the encroaching danger of dragons, no... Today was a peaceful and pleasant day where she was supposed to meet a wealthy merchant who had requested a map of the latest mineral deposits within the Dawncliff Mine. It was a simple and easy job, free of any danger or threats and she even was fortunate enough to receive the luxury of having only needed to pick up the map, for the mine had been carefully mapped by some adventurers who had spend the last few days exploring the depths of the Dawncliff Mine.

Perhaps it was for that reason that Esperia was in such a good mood, humming a soft melody while a raven was seated on her shoulder, no doubt one of the ravens that she often used as messengers for herself.

The trip from the floating castle that served as the headquarters of the Sentinel Syndicate, their proud guild hall toward the town of Rush Valley that it overlooked was always a trip she found pleasant, the scenery of looking down from the mountain was one she never got tired of.

After a short walk she finally reached the town of Rush Valley, and a short trip through the streets led her straight to the store of the wealthy merchant that had commissioned the syndicate for this job, likely wanting their involvement to keep the possession of the map a secret. Silly merchant, if only he had known how many merchants within the town alone already possessed a similar map! It was kind of ironic, but also curious when she took into consideration that the mine never seemed to run dry of the ores that they were so valued for.

Nonetheless, just as usual she greet the merchant, pleasantries exchanged as she received her downpayment and promised to return before dusk, and soon the white-haired sorceress left for her job.

WC: 329/900 (10% discount to the requirement from the guild perk)

"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

  WHAT'S MINE IS MINE [C-RANK; ESPERIA]  Empty Mon Nov 30, 2020 12:52 pm


Once back outside the store, it was only a short trip to the outskirts of the town, and a uphill walk toward the mountain where the Dawncliff Mine had been situated at. Indeed, already she could spot the various miners going and returning from their work, some of them who were already familiar with her nodded their head in greetings while she made her way toward the entrance of the Dawncliff Mine.

Usually it would require some sort of light source, like a lantern or a torch, but in her case Esperia could just raise her staff to allow Morrigan's power to illuminate the place. Certainly, a trivial task for a great sorceress, and a usage of her power the witch might had considered boring, but at the very least it was a very useful thing to have at her disposal!

Making her way through the corridors the sound of the drumming of the pickaxes hitting against the rocks was almost hypnotic, but fortunately she could ignore it and brave herself from falling asleep, instead making her way deeper into the mine. If she recalled right the adventurers had been situated at the clearing opposite of the path that led to the nature dragon's prison, a path she had followed frequently in the past.

Wandering along the underground cavern Esperia soon spotted the sight of torches, and just as she had expected a small party of adventurers were gathered, and judging from the rodent corpses at their feet they had just dealt with a pack of mine rats! Pesky little buggers, a nuisance for new adventurers, but fortunately the pests were smart enough to avoid crossing her.

A light wave was made in a greeting toward the adventures as she approached them, explaining she was send by the merchant to pick up the map they had made of the area, and it seemed they were glad to be able to hand it over and call it a day, understandable since the mine wasn't exactly a pleasant spot to wander around!

Once she had received the map Esperia quickly made her way back toward the exit, a simple trip without any eventful happenings and once she left the Dawncliff Mine behind, it was just a matter of returning to the town to hand in the map she had obtained. Of course, she didn't want to spend more time than needed on the job, so she simply started to walk straight back down the mountain, the town of Rush Valley soon coming in sight. It was barely worth calling this an adventure, but considering that once she arrived at the store and handed the merchant his map, the jewels she was given proved that it was a job that was done!

Saying her goodbyes to the merchant, she made her way back toward the floating castle that overlooked the valley, and already she couldn't help but wonder what the cooks at the syndicate were planning to make for dinner. She had to admit she was starting to get hungry and was in the mood for some delicious meals. Perhaps she would even be lucky and spot a few familiar faces among the crowd in the mess hall to talk with once she returned! But that was a story for another time...

For now she had completed her assignment, but little did Esperia know that those peaceful moments would soon be coming to an end. For in the shadows events were being set in motion, and the young sorceress would be made to go on an adventure that would be worthy of being called truly an epic!

WC: 604
Total WC: +900/900 (10% reduction from guild perk!)

"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

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