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Shopping Crisis [NQ | Private]

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It was a bright day in the city of Magnolia. Bright and just a little nippy, though it didn't matter much to the Vampire anyway. As the winds picked up around him all he could feel was the the wind brushing his skin. The actual cold didn't phase the undead magician. Ezekiel wiped the corner of his mouth as he walked towards the quest bored in the heart of Magnolia. He hated working for people much less humans, but he was running low on money. As much as he hated to admit it, he needed it. Ezekiel had learned for so long how to survive without it, but the environment in Savannah was different. It was easy to farm there and make your own food. It was easier to hunt animals for clothes and daily meals. Hell, it everything was easier back in his home country. He missed it.

As he wiped the corners of his mouth, the blood smeared onto his fingers, then he licked it all off. Moments before making his way downtown he had drained two adult human beings of their blood. It was a couple hiking through the forest probably on some type of hippie date. Lately he was getting hungrier. He'd have to see somebody about that immediately. If he couldn't control his hunger than everything would have to hit pause. The Suns light hit his neck as he strolled, causing him to groan lightly. He hated the sun these days. The suns rays didn't hurt or hinder him from doing anything, he just felt the heat of it a lot more than other people did. It was the side effects of Vampirism. Ignoring the annoying sun on his back, he entered the market place of Magnolia. It was more lively than it had been a few days ago which meant people were getting over Fairy Tail's destruction.



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Perhaps it was a good thing that people were healing. Magnolia was a hot spot for tourists and citizens alike. A beautiful city with some great shops and food. Ezekiel happened to like it here. Of course it took him leaving the city and returning before he realized it's beauty but it was all the same. Ezekiel placed his hands in the pocket of his black fur leather coat. He picked it up yesterday morning when he saw it in a clothing shop window. He couldn't help himself sometimes and that's why he was broke now. The people of Magnolia glanced over at him, wondering exactly who he was. There was this weird darkness around him that separated him from the rest of the community and it seemed the civilians were picking up on it. Luckily for them he wasn't actually their enemy. Sure he had killed about thirty people since arriving in the city, he was just trying to get by.

For a Vampire that meant killing...sadly. Soon enough the Vampire found himself approaching the quest board of Magnolia. This is where all the guildless mages came to find work. Most of the quests were lame, like finding a pet cat or brushing a little white girls hair. The real adventurous quests were always offered to the guilds. However, something told him that since Fairy Tail was destroyed this guild board would be seeing an influx of dangerous ways to make money. Ezekiel stopped in front of the wooden board on the side of the local bank. His eyes scanned through nearly every single quest in seconds until he found one that sounded a lot more fun than the others. "Help, I can't find my watch...no. Mage healer needed for dying grandmother...nope. Oh?" The black magician ripped the quest from the board and looked over the paper. Apparently a shop owner needed help protecting his business. Bandits were supposedly targeting him because he owed them money. Perfect, Ezekiel thought.



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Ezekiel looked blankly at the paper in front of him. The store that needed this protection was a magical drug store. The magical drug store. He had been there once before he left Magnolia the second time. It wasn't to actually buy anything, he just wanted to see what types of items a magical drug store in Fiore would have. If he remembered correctly it was a man that ran it, a man who he was not familiar with at all. With a nod the vampire folded the paper and placed it into his pocket. Then he turned to the streets of Magnolia and began making his way to this magical drug store. He hoped that he wouldn't have to be at the magical shop all day, but he didn't bet on it. It was the middle of the day after all and bandits usually struck at night.

Ready to make some quick cash, Ezekiel stretched his arms and then began to walk towards the forest. Last he remembered the magical drug shop was somewhere hidden in the trees. He missed Mlezi his Dardian right about now. Although Mlezi didn't have the ability to talk, he always kept Zeke company. When the duo both came to Fiore they were excited, ready to meet new people and grow in any way that they could. Ezekiel didn't think he would ever lose him so soon. Alas this society always brought forth pain. It didn't matter how good of a person you were, everyone was subject to mishap. He learned that the hard way thanks to a certain stupid ass Lich. Ezekiel sighed as he continued moving forward, closing his black leather fur coat as the wind picked up. In order to appear like a normal person, he had to act like one.



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Within a matter of about fifteen minutes, Ezekiel found himself just meters away from the magical drug store. It seemed quite vacant. The small building stood in the center of a group of trees and bushes just waiting to get robbed. If Ezekiel was a bandit he would probably continuously attack this place too, it seemed so easy to rob. The Sun was at its peak now. It wouldn't be long before the giant yellow-ish star began to set. The Vampire pulled a pre-rolled spliff out of his leather coats pocket. Quickly he lit and took a few drags before putting it out on his hand and placing the rest in his pocket. He figured that he would need something to take the edge off as he waited to beat the shit out of useless men and/or women. Finally he approached the shop, pushing open the door to see it completely empty. However, the shelves were fully stocked.

As he opened the door a man from behind the counter looked up and pushed his glasses onto his face. Ezekiel first noticed that his hand was slowly lowering down to whatever he had with him behind the register. Probably a weapon of some sort. See, this was a man who had something to lose. The Vampire raised his hand as a whiff of marijuana smoke slapped him in the face. Relax, he would say. Then he explained to the man that he was here to protect him. The man was still a bit wary until Ezekiel pulled the paper out of his pocket and showed him the quest request. With a sigh of relief the old man tipped his hat and greeted Ezekiel, afterwards telling him that his name was Khalash. Ezekiel smiled warmly of course, but to be quite frank...he didn't give a single fuck.



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The old man named Khalash began to explain the problem. Ezekiel learned that bandits had been coming to his shop for quite a while taking money and whatever magical items they wanted from him. They were capitalizing off of the fact that he was old and quite frankly talent less in terms of magic. Ezekiel's eyes were looking into his with false sincerity. He nodded like he understood but all he could think about was ripping into the mans neck and draining his body of the precious liquid called blood. He had never tasted an elderly person before. Were they bitter or sour? Unfortunately for the vampire he would never know because today was about making money. Sure he could have killed the man and stole whatever money he had, but he decided against that for the sake of discretion. If he killed the owner of the most famous magic drug store in the entire east, he was sure that Rune Knights would be on his ass.

Instead he listened like a good lad. When the man was finally done he sighed and sat on his stool, proceeding by asking Ezekiel his name. The Vampire was very cautious of who he gave his name to these days, so instead he gave a fake. Jack. Basic, straight to the point and probably most common. Khalash nodded and told Ezekiel that he was free to look around as they waited, so the Desiertan magician did just that. He turned to walk through the store, analyzing all of the magical drugs. The potions, the pills, even some of the little intricate items in the store. Suddenly, the Vampire came across a potion on the wall closest to the door. It was in a little wooden box, laid in a velvet colored material. It had a purple rose on it. Hm, the Vampire thought.  



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Suddenly Ezekiel heard voices outside of the shop. Quickly he hid in the corner behind the door, blending in with the scenery around him with his black leather fur coat. The old man looked at Ezekiel before taking a gulp. He couldn't tell how of them were outside but he could hear more than one voice. Ezekiel blinked, waiting. Then suddenly one of the bandits walked in, yelling automatically. You owe us money Khalash. The man would say. Ezekiel rolled his eyes then darted forward towards the bandit who had walked right past him. He grabbed the man by the shoulder then threw him back out of the door he came in. The bandit yelped in surprise. He obviously didn't expect someone to be here. Then the vampire walked out of the door with a devilish smirk. There were exactly five men out here. Easy enough if they didn't have any magic.

All he had to do was kill them all and keep one alive for dinner. Blood cooled quick when the person was dead and nobody liked cold blood right? The Bandits looked at Ezekiel in shock before drawing their weapons. A few of them had daggers, two of them had guns and another had brass knuckles. Easy enough, he thought to himself before springing into action. The Vampire dashed towards one bandit, quickly snapping his neck before dashing to the other and piercing his chest with his bare hand. As he ripped the bandits heart out, the others began shooting. Two metal bullets pierced his chest. If he had a heat then one would have went straight through. Tsk tsk, Ezekiel said as he shook his head. Then he moved towards the other, slamming them and ripping out their throats. Then finally there was one more left.   



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Ezekiel approached the last banded who had equipped his brass knuckles. What the fuck did he think those were gonna do? The Vampire had been bleeding from his chest, but it was nothing a little blood drain couldn't fix. The last bandit began backing up in fear. He had to know he was going to die, it was the only logical thing to assume. Ezekiel then darted towards the man, grabbing both his hands and bending them quick. Just like that, both his wrists were snapped. No more brass knuckles for him, poor guy. Then he punched the dude in the stomach before knocking him on his head, immediately knocking him out. Just like that the deed was done- at least for the magic drug shop owner. Khalash had been watching everything but had he not then the Desiertan would have already been feeding on him. Of course it wasn't safe for anyone to know that he was a vampire.

Once one person knew then suddenly the whole country knew and Ezekiel wasn't exactly fond of Vampire hunters. The brown haired sentinel dusted off his pants, still bleeding from his chest before pushing the door to the shop open. Khalash's eyes widened. Ezekiel approached the old man before bowing gracefully, accepting the money that was on the counter. Thank you, he would say as he turned to finish what he stared. Ezekiel stopped before exiting the shop, looking at the potion on the wall. With a shrug he thrusted his hand into the box, breaking the glass and taking the potion. Of course he couldn't leave without thanking Khalash for this sweet little gift. The owner would say nothing despite the fact that Ezekiel had literally stolen from him. Then, Ezekiel would drag the knocked out bandit deep into the forest and feed. Dead Bandits, full meal, some money, and a free potion. Job well done.

- EXIT -


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