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A Day in the Life of a Blood Sucker [Private][T]

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A Day in the Life of a Blood Sucker [Private][T] Empty on Sat Nov 28, 2020 8:51 pm


The weather was warm despite it being winter time. How weird, Ezekiel thought. The world was definitely coming to an end and it was definitely because of those disgraceful humans. They cared about nothing but themselves and had been ignoring the worlds health. It was nearly December, it shouldn't have been this warm. Alas, Ezekiel had been working towards a solution. The solution however required him to build connections with different people from throughout the country- possibly the world. For the sake of his guild, he had to remain discreet and keep his agenda to himself. It wasn't safe for him to involve any member of the Syndicate in his plans, at least not yet. From what he knew about his new home, there was no real agenda. The idea was to make sure that members prosper and remain powerful mostly through diplomacy, Ezekiel presumed. That of course, was his style of winning as well, but to rid the world of the crawling vermin would undoubtedly take some type of force.

With a sigh the Vampire strolled through Magnolia's baths. He wrapped his towel around himself as he swayed through the men's locker room, glancing at the men around him. He was a sexually fluid man, how could he resist. The locker room smelled like sweat and socks but there was some eye candy here or there. One man even turned around and locked eyes with the Sentinel which prompted Ezekiel to glide his tongue over his fang. The man smirked, nodding his head towards Ezekiel. The Vampire merely ran his fingers through his hair and continued forward towards the bath. It was his signature tease; make eye contact and keep it pushing. That's how you get em. As the Desiertan stepped onto the cement ground his eyes beheld an almost empty bathhouse. "Oh?"

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Ezekiel wasn't at all surprised to see that the baths were empty. No, he was just surprised that not a single person was enjoying the hot and bubbly waters. Naturally his skin could endure the cold for one reason or another so he wasn't bothered by the drop in temperature, he was sure everyone else was though. It was good to have all this space to himself though. He would be able to relax for a little while and just release. He needed it. Soon he was going to be leaving magnolia city but he couldn't go without visiting one of the city's most famous locations. The Vampire stretched his arms then turned his neck to the left and the right. With a deep sigh he removed the towel in one motion. There he stood; totally naked. He wasn't sure if you were actually supposed to wear swimming trunks. He didn't care though.

First the mage dipped his foot into the water testing the temperature. "ooooh, yeah." The steaming hot water sent a tingly feeling from his toes up his spine. As he stepped into the bath little ripples waved through the body of water. Finally he slowly let his body sink in. He sat on the ground and the water stopped at his nipples. "Just what I need before I go back to the guild..." He whispered to himself. Then, he placed his arms on the concrete ground behind him and let his head fall back lightly. There was no other place he would rather be right now. This was surreal. Who knew that Magnolia would prove to be a vacation area for him? It started off as a quick trip to see the condition of Fairy Tail and turned out to be a retreat.


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The Vampire looked up at the sky, gazing up at the moon. His golden eyes stared blankly above, admiring the stars which seemed to be worshipping the glowing rock. The moon was so peaceful. To Ezekiel and his clan it represented everlasting life. It was odd that they had chosen the sun to praise anyway. Many of his tribesmen believed that the sun was a god itself. Ezekiel didn't know what he believed anymore. At one point he believed that his life's goal was to follow a god named Aizo. He was an Ainko before he was a vampire. Apparently a person couldn't be both. Now though, he completely disregarded the idea that Aizo even existed. After he became a vampire he couldn't hear that guiding voice in his head anymore. He spent one hundred years of his life underground meditating to become the next vessel of Aizo, little did he knew he was literally signing his body over to a man who was still alive. His clan was worshiping a false god, oh how foolish they were.

The only thing he truly missed about his wood-elven blood was his connection with nature. Once, he could touch a flower and literally feel its life coursing through him. Now when he touched a plant, he felt nothing. He couldn't feel the nature spirits or his ancestors. Ezekiel could imagine his parents disappointed in their only child wherever they were. It was odd. The Vampire knew that he probably should have cared but really he couldn't bring himself to feel any sort of remorse. It was most likely the effects of vampirism. He had given up a part of his humanity, like turning off a light. If he wanted to he probably could have flipped the switch and felt emotions like any normal empathetic being...but for what he was trying to accomplish that would probably only make things harder.


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The truth was; Ezekiel had become something he never thought he would be. Sure he was a vampire, but he was technically one of the bad guys; a villain. He killed people and felt nothing after. As if his life was more meaningful than any other living being. "It is..." he whispered to himself, confirming his thoughts. He was more meaningful than everyone else. Even if he was a killer now, his mission was noble and just. Nobody else was thinking about literally saving the world itself from total destruction. With that, he was secure in the idea that he needed to be what he already was for the greater good. As the Vampire laid there, fully rested and thinking about who he had became in the span of a few months, he yawned. The steam rose from the water, clearing his lungs which allowed the fresh air to fill him.

"How's the water?"

Ezekiel's head turned to the location the voice had been coming from. It was deep, like that of a hunky man. When the Desiertan's eyes met with the owner of this voice, his eyes widened slightly. "It's fucking perfect." he smiled. The man was tall- like really tall; a daunting seven feet it seemed. His hair was short and ruffled and his skin was olive-colored. His eyes were a blazing blue and even from here Zeke could smell the forest on his skin. "I can see, haha. Mind if I join ya?" The man asked. This was the same man his eyes had met with in the locker room, he realized. "Not at all...I could use some company." He said warmly. The former wood-elf allowed his body to sink deeper into the water. The man dipped his foot in much like the Vampire had before, then dropped his towel. Ezekiel raised an eyebrow at what his eyes beheld. The man was naked too...


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The man caught Ezekiel's eyes looking at his private area, then he looked back up at Ezekiel with a chuckle. "You uh...like what ya see?" He asked with a friendly smirk before slowly setting himself in the water. Ezekiel chuckled before shaking his head, bringing his eyes up to the mans eyes. "Not sure what I see." he joked. The man nodded slowly with a laugh. "Oof, harsh." he said. The vampire merely responded with a shrug, pulling his lips back and rolling his eyes. Just because he was looking didn't mean he liked anything. For the record though; he did like what he saw. Tonight Zeke wasn't here for pointless hook-ups though. Honestly he had been far too interested in one man. A man he met in Samhain who he didn't know much about.

Things like that didn't happen often though. Ezekiel never really found himself interested in anyone enough to not be in a sexual mood. The man moved closer towards the Vampire, stopping about 3 meters away and leaning on the ledge to Ezekiel's left. The Sentinel raised a brow curiously. The man was getting too close for his liking too early on. Still, he kept a warm smile. "Jeremy." He said. "Sup, Jeremy?" The black magician didn't just give his name out to anyone, not with a bounty on his head- no matter how low it was. Perhaps it didn't matter with the magic and technology that the Rune Knights had, but the Vampire couldn't be too sure. "Ah, you don't do the whole name thing huh? I get it, I get it." The man chuckled lightly. Ezekiel nodded. "Exxxxactly." He simply said. "Don't know who's who these days." He explained. "You sound like somebody with a target on your back."

"Do I?"


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The man chuckled, then slowly moved through the water closer to Ezekiel. The Vampire rolled his eyes and threw his head back and gave his eyes to the sky again. He hated the fact that he had so much sex appeal sometimes. Yeah this man was blazing hot, he just wasn't in the mood to entertain this. The man stopped directly beside the vampire, saying nothing else. His eyes were glued to the Sentinel's skin. For a moment there was just this awkward silence then, unable to take anymore, Ezekiel spoke up. "Look, you're a handsome guy and all but would you mind moving back...you're a little too close for my liking." Ezekiel would grunt. Jeremy chuckled again. "Oh I see, I'm not welcome in your space huh?" Of course he wasn't, duh. The Vampire hoped he made that clear with what he literally just said. "Maybe if this was another night."

See? Ezekiel was perfectly capable of rejecting insanely attractive men. "Not even if I did this?" suddenly, the black magician felt a light grip around his sacred area. In reaction, he threw his hand around the man's neck, revealing his fangs as he closed in. His grip tightened as clenched his jaws. "Did I give you permission to do that?" He asked as Jeremy's eyes widened. "All I wanted was to relax. No men, no sex...and no talking. Now though...I'm really, reeeeeally hungry so you're going to die." Ezekiel frowned. Normally he smiling and unbothered but this idiot of a man pushed a button that turned him all the way off. Ezekiel pushed the man back to the ledge, then looked over to see if the coast was clear. It was, thankfully.


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Zeke turned back to face Jeremy, then frowned once more. This time however, he was feeling a bit sad. "But damn you're hot. Sucks I have to do this- no pun intended." Then, as he leaned in the brutish man mustered out a few words. "I don't think... you wanna... do that." he let out. The Savannan wasn't swayed, however. It was far too late for him to apologize. Luckily for him this wouldn't hurt. "Nah, I think I do." He said before latching onto the mans neck. As he bit down, blood squirted into his mouth but suddenly- "Gah!" Ezekiel pushed himself away from the olive-skinned man. He burnt his tongue? This mans blood had caused his mouth to blister in a matter of seconds.

The Vampire placed his hand up to his mouth, touching his injured pothole. "What the fuck?" He said. His eyes widened as he looked up at Jeremy who had been smirking. "I told you. You didn't wanna do that." Then Jeremy turned to the entrance of the baths and nodded. "He's the one." Out of nowhere, about 7 wood elves appeared out of thin air. A cloaking spell!? Elves!? He thought. What in the fuck was actually happening? Jeremy climbed out of the bath and sighed as he moved towards the rest of the elves on the platform and Zeke had noticed his ears extending. "Asshole." He growled. The group of elves were dressed in all white and stood proudly. There were two women, both standing beside a blonde-headed elf at the front.  


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Ezekiel glared at the group of elves silently. His fists balled up as he thought of a million ways to kill every single last one of them. Somehow he knew he wasn't strong enough to beat all of them alone. One of the women beside the blonde-headed elf spoke first. Her hair was long and black, complimenting her white cloak. She had a blue crystal in the middle of her forehead. "Please put something on, Jeredel. Have some class." The woman said with a hint of aggression towards the naked man. So his name wasn't Jeremy, noted. The woman tossed the towel at Jeredel without even turning to look at him. "Why? Do I make you nervous, Astrela?" Another name noted. The woman scoffed. The other elf with the blonde hair winced and ignored the little back and forth his peers were having.

"If I knew I'd be in the company of my Kin, I would've dressed up for the occasion." He finally calmed down.  "What do you want?" Ezekiel asked as he smiled warmly. "We aren't your Kin, not anymore. You're a Sanaedhel, and we're to take you home." He said. "Come on L, we're running on a schedule." Ezekiel moved forward just an inch before the woman lifted her hand and caused the water to tighten around his body. No longer could he push himself through. Water magic... he thought. No magic circles, that's odd. The Vampire raised an eyebrow. "Home?" Ezekiel asked. "Yes, to Althalran." Ezekiel hadn't heard of that place in years. He learned that his clan was banished from Althalran for worshiping Aizo. If he was going back that definitely couldn't be good. "You said yourself that I'm not kin, which means Althalran isn't my home. It was never my home to begin with."


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"And I agree. Unfortunately for the both of us, The Queen thinks otherwise." L's eyes remained attached to Ezekiel's skin. There was a look of disgust in his eyes, like he was being all judgy and whatnot. "You don't have a choice." The water mage said bluntly. Her voice and glare was less judgy like she just wasn't fond of anyone. Ezekiel's eyes bounced between the two, his smile dropping into an expression of annoyance. "Don't worry pal, we'll be there before you know it." The vampire pondered on the idea of being a Sanaedhel. He had forgotten that there was actually a term for Vampire elves. A Sanaedhel...it had a nice ring to it, he thought. "The Queen of Althalran huh? What an honor to be recognized. I suppose this means I'm going to stand trial for my crimes against humanity which would likely lead to my execution."

It was the only idea that made sense unless the Queen had something else in store for him. "The Queen wants you-" "That's what we're hoping for." L said, interrupting Jeredel. The blonde elf turned towards the other 4 elves who lifted their guns immediately. Then L turned towards Astrela before turning his back and taking a step towards the direction he came from. Slowly Astrela began to part her fingers, causing the water around Ezekiel to rise. Jeredel turned and trailed behind L. If Ezekiel wanted to escape, now was the time. Ezekiel had to react quickly, so he began by pointing his finger from under the water towards the gunslinging elves and then...


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Instantly a beam of darkness energy erupted from the spot where the gun slinging elven officers stood. They screamed in pain before dropping to the floor. Both L and Jeredel looked back to see what had happened and the water around Ezekiel dropped back into the bath as Astrela turned her attention to the fallen men. Without a moment of hesitation, Ezekiel jumped out of the water. Then, he activated his Vampiric wings and flew towards the exit area of the bathhouse. His mind was made up. He was going to escape and never look back. Of course he would probably be on the run forever if the Queen of Althalran sent these Elven goons. He would manage somehow though, he always did. "Jeredel." Ezekiel heard as he made his way to the door. "On it."Just when he was about to burst through, the brutish man instantly appeared in front of him.

The Vampire stopped directly in his tracks, still naked but now prepared to fight. Jeredel jabbed his fist forward. Zeke simply reacted by moving his head to the side and placed aimed the palm of his hand towards Jeredel and flapping his wings to propel him backwards. Suddenly a small black ball flew from Ezekiel's hand but what happened next was shocking. Jeredel caught the ball with a smirk. The Vampire didn't waste anytime by closing his hand and allowing the ball to explode. The strength of the attack was enough to break threw the structure, creating a space in the bathhouse locker room. Zeke didn't even bother looking to see if his enemy had survived from such an attack. Instead, he rose through the blown off ceiling. L frowned, deciding that now he had to put an end to this escape attempt.


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"Astrela." L said. The blonde headed elf was slightly annoyed with how lazy and sloppy Jeredel was being. Ezekiel was to be captured on the queens orders and he would see her orders carried out as expected. Astrela had been trying to heal the officers beside the large bath but they were already dead. With a grunt she rushed over to L before aiming her hand at the roof of the bath house. "Hm." was her only remark as she closed her palm. The stone roof began to crumble and dropped, revealing the night sky. The locker room was completely destroyed, something Magnolia would have to use their funds to fix. As the roof crumbled, Jeredel looked up to see Ezekiel taking off into the night. He sighed and slapped his forehead, disappointed in himself but more annoyed for what was to come later.

Jeredel knew that L would scold him. The leader of the only three elves left, pointed his finger towards the sky. A golden energy submerged him and he zoomed into the air to chase after the vampire. "Idiot. This isn't a joke." Astrela shouted. Unfortunately for the brute, the woman was first to scold the screw up of the three. She pointed her palm towards Jeredel and suddenly gusts of wind began to pick both of them up into the air. "It didn't hurt, just in case you were wondering." Jeredel grunted. As the two lifted into the air their eyes beheld their golden leader about 50 yards away. L stopped directly in front of the Sanaedhel. "You're fast. I take it you're the strongest out of the three of you." Ezekiel blinked. He turned to see the other two elven goons making their way towards him then turned back to the shimmering elf and rolled his eyes. "Ugh. This is gonna be such a drag."

"You can't beat us, Sanaedhel. Don't make this any harder than it needs to be." L replied. He obviously wasn't one for small talk.


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Ezekiel smirked evilly. Even though he wasn't much of a fighter, there wasn't a single soul in or outside of this world that actually struck fear into his heart. He was already dead, death didn't scare him. The duo of elves closed the gap behind Ezekiel and stopped only 15 meters behind him. "I enjoy hard." He said as he clapped his hands. L frowned as four black balls of energy appeared around Ezekiel. Two over his shoulder, and two on each side of his waist. Then the Vampire pointed his finger towards the blonde headed elf and his other finger towards the elves behind him, sending spirits to do his bidding. Jeredel was quick to move in front of Astrela with his hands raised, absorbing the two ghost-like spells. L on the other hand simply punched straight through them. Ezekiel again tried to escape.

He didn't want to waste time watching if they managed to survive his attack so once again took off, this time to he left to get away from the three elves faster. Jeredel shook his hands off before looking down at them. They were smoking. "Your hands..." The woman began shocked by what happened when her partner absorbed the attack. "That's weird...this has never happened before." Jeredel glanced over at the water mage. As Ezekiel flew away, L frowned. He was getting tired of this little back and forth. It seemed to have a formula; Ezekiel and him talked, Ezekiel attacked, then Ezekiel got away for a few moments. L propelled himself towards Ezekiel's direction and suddenly he was in front of him. It was as if he was literally as fast as the speed of light. When he got in front of Ezekiel, he punched the vampire, sending a beam of light through his chest and causing the vampire to fall back. "Ow, that really hurt." Light was the only element he was weak against.


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L then zoomed towards the Sanaedhel, punching him in the stomach with all his strength and completely knocking him out. Ezekiel's eyes widened from the force. The last thing he saw was L's nonchalant facial expression before everything went black. Just like that he was out for the count. The Vampire knew that he probably couldn't take all of the elves on at once, alas he had to escape. He could think of no good reason why he was wanted in Althalran, especially considering he had never been there before. Unfortunately he wouldn't be able to get away now. As his eyes shot his body began to fall. Jeredel moved quickly to catch his body as L simply watched the Vampire descend. Astrela raised an eyebrow. "You were just gonna watch him fall?" Jeredel grabbed Zeke's body, glaring at L. The blonde headed elf simply shifted his gaze onto Astrela.

"Seal him." L said. Astrela nodded, then turned her palm to the Vampire before causing the air around them to create a visible box. Jeredel moved back and the trio began to fly through the sky. They were taking Ezekiel to the East forest where they could effectively cast a teleportation spell to Althalran. It required the creation of a large magic circle using all three of their mana. L leading the trio, they zoomed through the sky. Jeredel occasionally glanced behind him at the vampire who was trapped in a magical air box, checking to see if he was awake. Perhaps Jeredel wasn't as rude as his counterparts after all. Regardless, being nice wasn't going to get him anywhere with Ezekiel. The Sanaedhel was probably going to kill them all whenever the chance arrive.


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It didn't take long for the four elven born mages to get to the east forest. At this time of night there would be nobody roaming. L was the first to land deep within the forest. He found a space where the trio could set up a magical seal. Ezekiel kept his eyes shut but no longer was he unconscious. He was devising a plan all while pretending to be knocked out. "You know I can't participate in the teleportation technique without stopping my sealing spell. Are you sure he's knocked out?" Astrela as while landing. The air box with Ezekiel landed in the middle of the three who were spaced out by 5 meters. They created a triangle. Both Jeredel and Astrela faced L who was no longer glowing. The Light elf tucked his hair behind his ear, then pointed his palm towards the center of them.

"A normal person wouldn't survive such an attack. Luckily, the Sanaedhel isn't a normal person. He's a vampire, which means light magic is much more harmful. He's not dead but he'll be knocked out for a while." L bluntly assured his team mates. Astrela nodded then aimed her palm towards the center. The air box was still active for now. Jeredel took a deep breath then also placed his palm forward. He said nothing. Instead he gazed down at the former wood-elf who he assumed was unconscious. "That was easy." Astrela smiled. She was happy to be going home. "I kinda feel bad for the guy, honestly. He doesn't know what's happenin' to em... I know how that feels all too well.". Jeredel tucked his lips. "He killed five of our men, Jeredel." Azrela rolled her eyes. "Yeah..." Then, the three elves closed their eyes and began chanting a spell. They were chanting in the language of the Elvarin, the language of the wood elves. Suddenly the air box seal dropped, and Ezekiel could feel the wind brush upon his skin.   


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As the trio began chanting, Ezekiel slightly opened his eyes to make sure that their eyes were closed, but he made sure not to move. While they chanted white magic circle with a 10 meter diameter began to form and he was directly in the middle. This must have been the teleportation spell happening, Ezekiel thought. The magic seal was connected on the outside but was now working on it's intricate runes on the inside. The Vampire waited for the right moment. The magic seal began to glow and a ringing sound began to form out of it. It was a beautiful sound, like the rings of saturn or something. Ezekiel couldn't explain it, but it made him feel all warm inside- almost like he wasn't a vampire. Then a beam shot up from the magic circle and pierced through the clouds in the sky. This was it.

The trio opened their eyes and Ezekiel shut his immediately. "K, guess it's time to go." Jeredel said as he stepped into the circle. He knelt and lightly slapped Ezekiel's face. "This'll all be over soon." He whispered before standing again. Astrela sucked her teeth and stepped into the magic circle. L glared at the sleeping Vampire for a moment. There was this hate in his eyes like Ezekiel had done something to hurt him or someone he loved. "L." Astrela said. Then the light mage lifted his foot to step forward. Suddenly Ezekiel shot to his feet and dashed out of the magic circle as the beam of white light began to carry the three elves. "Oh fuck..." Jeredel chuckled. "What the!?" Astrela's eyes widened as she tried to turn her palm to Ezekiel. It was too late though. Within a second the light was vanishing. "NO!!" L yelled as the trio vanished. Ezekiel dropped to his knees  and turned to look at the sky. They were gone...

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