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Ezekiel | Sheet

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Name: Ezekiel
Age: 118 | April 24th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual Pansexual
Ethnicity, Father: Savannan
Ethnicity, Mother: Desiertan
Class: Paladin Spellhowler
Race: Wood-Elf Vampire [Sanaedhel]
Rank: A-rank
Guild: Fairy Tail Sentinel Syndicate

Ezekiel is a very calm person for the most part. He's genuine, fair, and very kind to all types of people. Some may say that at first glance, his demeanor says otherwise but he is tolerant and can deal with a fair amount of things. Soft-spoken and clear-headed, he has a tendency to think things through and formulate plans before taking any sort of action. Unlike a lot of his friends growing up, Ezekiel was a private individual. Although people around him have never given him a reason not to trust them, he doesn't open up to people often. In fact, Ezekiel believes that the lives of others are more important than his. It takes a lot for him to reveal who he truly is. He tries to see the good in all people and often acts as the voice of reason amongst his peers. Ezekiel almost always speaks in a formal manner, with an air of respect to all people, both young and old, and he demonstrates the utmost respect to all of his superiors, even when he disagrees with them. Despite his calm behavior, When Ezekiel is pissed off, he's an almost entirely different person. When he feels disrespected or when those he cares about are disrespected by random folk, he can't help but make it known and may sometimes react impulsively. Still, he is talented at controlling his emotions and is constantly striving to keep a level head. Loyal and compassionate, Ezekiel hates to offend people. He takes everyone's emotions into consideration because love is the most powerful force of energy.

Ezekiel's overall personality took an unexpected shift following a series of unexpected events. It all began when he met a Lich during the first month of being in Fiore. This Lich was the being that murdered his first and only friend/companion, which filled the Naive Half-elf with uncontrollable rage. When his Dardian was destroyed, Ezekiel began to lose hope in the world. With no other outlet, he began to project on humans who he began to believe were responsible for the darkened state of Earthland. Not long after mourning the loss of a friend, the Wood-Elf was visited by an ancestor, one of the first Ainko's known as Safiya who promised him power and liberation. Ezekiel had been doubting his purpose and Safiya confirmed that being the chosen one of his clan came with an undesirable price.

In order to obtain this power that Safiya promised though, Ezekiel had to become one with the ancient spirit. His choice to sacrifice apart of himself for power, came with one side effect; his personality was altered once again. The fusion of two spirits rebirthed another version of Ezekiel. It birthed a man of ambition. Zeke became significantly less interested in others. His anger for humans turned evolved into disgust. At this point, he no longer believed in hope for humanity. Ezekiel evolved into a more selfish person per se, with a much different outlook on the world in general. While once believing that the beings of Earthland could change, he began to believe that human nature itself was problematic. Despite being disregarded by the nature spirits and his ancestors, his goal to protect and preserve nature didn't change.

Ezekiel became more interested in radically obtaining knowledge and power. The merge with Safiya made him a much more level-headed, and calculated individual. Of course the snappy, impatient young man who he once was, still remained. After the Lich murdered his companion, the Lich kidnapped him and tortured him for an entire month, only teaching him how to endure pain. He learned to be patient again and planned his escape. When he was forced into Vampirism his personality was heightened as opposed to being altered again. Ezekiel became a more sexual person after becoming a vampire, almost obsessed with fulfilling his own desires no matter the cost- even if he has to use people to further his own agenda. Even still, he remained kind and gentle most of the time- preferring to settle things with diplomacy rather than force. As a vampire, he was able to see things that most people couldn't. He found power in communication. Most of his humanity has been stripped from him, he makes up for it by remaining honest and true to himself. He believes it's the only way to remain true to that boy he once was.


  • Can speak Sevese, Boscan, Icebergic, Stellan, Joyan, Sinese, Desiertan, Bellan, Encan, Minstrese, Caelese, Savannan, Fiorian, & Elvarin
  • Knowldgeable of 'The other countries' cultures/histories
  • Overseer of Worth Woodsea


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