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WHAT'S MINE IS MINE [S-RANK; ESPERIA] Empty on Thu Nov 26, 2020 4:40 am

With great power comes an even greater responsibility. It were words her father was fond of saying, almost as if to warn her about the powers she would have at her disposal someday. Then again, what was this responsibility he spoke of? Was it to lead, to guide and mentor others? She doubted it, she wasn't exactly a leader to begin with, but ever since her involvement with the Sentinel Syndicate she started to grasp a little on what the concept of the responsibility of her power actually meant: To advise and show people the myriad of possibilities that awaited them. She didn't really consider her a subordinate to Kon, if anything she was more of an advisor, and to advise, one needed to understand.

It was for that reason she had decided to venture back toward the Dawncliff Mine. With the recent rumors of dragons being sighted growing in intensity, Esperia believed the conflict she had heard about was about to escalate soon, which meant the enemy she was warned about, and their allies would soon end up making their move.

She needed to be prepared, to have obtained as much knowledge as possible before it became too late to act. Yet little did Esperia understand that the enemy was already moving.

She had just entered the Dawncliff Mine when a miner came rushing at her, panic clearly visible on his face. "Be careful miss! A Necromancer has taken shelter within the mine!"

Wait, a Necromancer? To practice the forbidden art of reanimating corpses was one thing, but to actually go as far as trying to do so on the syndicate's domain? If the others heard about this, they would no doubt consider this a sign of hostility, an attack upon their guild!

Brandishing her staff Esperia smiled calmly at the miner and replied. "Don't worry, I will deal with this Necromancer, in the meanwhile tell the other miners to avoid entering the mine for now~"

And with those words she ventured into the darkness.

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WHAT'S MINE IS MINE [S-RANK; ESPERIA] Empty on Thu Nov 26, 2020 4:50 am

Traveling into the mine's corridors she could already feel the unpleasant presence of necromancy in the air. Even if there were no undeath in sight just yet, the stench such magic spread through the air was disturbing, sickening. Yet it also intrigued her, made her wonder who was bold enough to do a thing like this so close to the syndicate's domain.

Further ahead Esperia started to hear the sound of metal clashing against metal, the direction the stench of necromantic magic grown stronger. Yet she was surprised to hear the sound of conflict. Were the miners actually putting up a fight?

The answer soon unravelled itself before her when Esperia arrived just in time to see a group of armored soldiers skillfully decimate the shambling skeletons that had been fighting them. They were people she recognized, after all they were Kon's sentinels!

"Ah Esperia, were you drawn here by the rumors also?" One of the soldiers raised a gauntleted hand at her in a greeting while she replied calmly. "Indeed I have, but what brings the sentinels here?"

The soldiers gestured at the spacious clearing further ahead and explained the reason behind their presence. "We were asked by the boss to take down the man responsible for this menace, practicing Necromancy is one thing, but using it to terrorize the people in our domain is unforgivable. Unfortunately we haven't been able to get close to the necromancer."

Raising her staff lightly to illuminate the space Esperia could understand why: the mine was swarming with skeletons, and deeper inside the mine was an even larger ominous shadow, yet she couldn't make out what it was from here.

"Too many skeletons for us to fight while also protecting the miners, if we are to push the offense, we need aid lest we be overrun."

Esperia nodded her head curtly in response to those words. "Then wait no longer, I will lend you the firepower you seek~"

And with those words she was ready to start her battle against the legion of skeletons.

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WHAT'S MINE IS MINE [S-RANK; ESPERIA] Empty on Thu Nov 26, 2020 6:28 am

The soldiers seemed glad that she was willing to lend them a hand, surely with their combined firepower they would be able to not only give the miners an opportunity to safely escape but also diminish the ranks of the skeletons enough to reach the necromancer within the depths of the mine.

As the soldiers were getting into position Esperia stood behind them, brandishing her staff while channeling her mana into it. What she needed right now was something to scatter their ranks, to give the soldiers an opportunity to force the skeleton legion backward, and fortunately, she had just the idea for that.

Raising her staff, she slammed it down in a powerful swing, and at the same time a fierce tremor rumbled underneath the battlefield, cracks emerging underneath them as the ground seemingly split open to expose various bursts of light elemental energy!

Some of the skeletons caught into the light screeched as their bones started to burn, the elemental energy which was often associated with the divine burning their unholy existence away! Others among them reeled away just in time to avoid being caught in the fissures of light, but to them another threat awaited.

The sentinels lunged forward, their blades swinging through the air as they cut down the ranks that were in dissaray. An effective decoy from Esperia which had led to the soldiers to be able to clean up the remaining skeletons, but it was clear the battle was not yet won, for a monstrous growl came from deeper inside.

Standing in front of its robed master a large abomination towered over all of them, one of its hulking arms holding a huge axe of sorts. One of the soldiers gulped, a momentary showing of nervousness being all the abomination needed to perceive it as a act of insecurity, and in that moment of vulnerability it came swinging down his axe toward the sentinels!

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WHAT'S MINE IS MINE [S-RANK; ESPERIA] Empty on Fri Nov 27, 2020 2:38 pm

Fortunately, Esperia was narrowly on time to perceive the incoming attack, raising her staff toward it as several thick tree roots rose from the ground, knocking onto the bottom of the abomination's arm to knock its swing off-balance. It was this moment, this opportunity the sentinels needed to quickly retaliate! Two of them swung at the legs of the fiend, their blades sinking into the patched skin of the monster while the third knight lunged straight ahead, a thrust being made at the fiend's stomach, however it was at that moment something... disturbing happened.

The stomach of the abomination opened up, grasping hands grabbing a hold of the knight and sucking him inside. It was disgusting, a death sentence for sure, even as the man screamed Esperia raised her staff toward it, channeling her mana as two pikes of light magic surged forth to impale into the stomach of the fiend that was closing slowly. "Get him out of there!"

The sentinels were quick to move, one of them cutting at the grasping arms while the other desperately tried to pull his friend out of there, a feat they narrowly succeeded in. However, the sight of something so depraved was enough to piss of Esperia it seems, as surrounding her various sparks of mana were starting to form. Glaring at the abomination she slammed down her staff, a gesture the sentinels quickly took as a cue to get the hell out of there, and rightly so for a huge pillar of fire erupted from underneath the abomination. The creature flailed in agony, and yet its suffering was not yet over, for as the flames kindled down, a second eruption, this time of pure white flames came, and those consumed the beast with such intensity its corpse smoldered to mere ashes.

"Esperia gazed down coldly at its remains, before turning her look at the necromancer, who was cowering in fear now its champion was slain!

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WHAT'S MINE IS MINE [S-RANK; ESPERIA] Empty on Sun Nov 29, 2020 11:47 am

Some would have called it irony, others likely hypocrisy. While Esperia held no qualms about the forbidden arts, in fact even felt a bit of fascination and curiosity toward it, that didn't change the fact that using it against those she considered her friends or allies unwillingly was more than enough to create a feeling of disgust within the white-haired sorceress.

Perhaps it was for that reason that her usual nonchalant or playful smile was absent, instead, her eyes were narrowed in a glare and she was clearly scowling at the necromancer. His abomination's attempt to kill one of the sentinels was one thing, but to devour him in such a way? That was something she considered a slight for certain.

"Please have mercy..." The Necromancer muttered as the sentinels surrounded the man. "Where was your mercy when that abomination of yours tried to consume my comrade?" One of the sentinels turned toward the other. "What should we do with this man? Take him to the boss for judgement?"

Yet Esperia shook her head firmly in denial. "That won't be required. My judgement will be enough for this case. "The sentinels nodded their head in affirmation as the necromancer looked worriedly up at head. "And I judge that the only punishment for the likes of you is: death."

As Esperia spoke she gestured with her staff at the Necromancer, a sudden thorn emerged from the top of her staff, impaling the necromancer's throat. A pained gag came from the man whose eyes widened briefly till his body lifelessly collapsed onto the ground, Esperia's second motion of the staff freezing the necromancer's remains.

"Let us return to the guild hall."

The words were brief and to the point, and as Esperia turned her back at the spectacle she started to walk away, leaving the sentinels to follow after her.

One of them started to whisper to the other: "Did you notice it yet?"

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WHAT'S MINE IS MINE [S-RANK; ESPERIA] Empty on Sun Nov 29, 2020 11:55 am

The sentinel turned toward his comrade, tilting his head slightly to the side in bewilderment. "Noticed what?" He asked, leading his companion to reply in a hushed whisper. "Esperia's habit."

The sentinel motioned lightly at Esperia who was walking quietly a few steps ahead of them. "Usually she burns the remains of the people she killed with a fire spell, but this time she did something else..."

As the sentinel spoke Esperia's steps suddenly stopped and she spoke softly. "Are you curious why I froze his remains?" Esperia's question as she turned around made the sentinels nod their heads in unison. "Of course! Well, I mean... if you don't mind telling us?" Esperia shrugged her shoulders lightly. "I don't mind either way, but you see: When one burns the remains of that person, it is a gesture that one wishes for the soul of the deceased to pass on into the afterlife and hopefully be given a chance to redeem themselves."

The sentinels looked at each other in bewilderment, not having expected such a religious reasoning behind it. "Then the reason you froze that necromancer's corpse was..." Esperia's eyes narrowed for a moment at the memory of the earlier fight. "So that his soul won't be able to pass on, and he will remain trapped within the ice for eternity."

The explanation started to make sense to the sentinels now, and one of them asked curiously. "Are you a religious person Esperia?" For a moment Esperia paused, a hand reached for her chin as she pondered. "I used to be, but nowadays I consider it more a gesture of respect rather than faith."

Indeed, for after everything that Earthland had to endure, after the things she seen and experienced Esperia couldn't help but question the existence of Illumin, of the beings that religion called 'gods'. No, if the gods allowed transgressions like these to happen, then she wanted no part in their 'faith'.

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WHAT'S MINE IS MINE [S-RANK; ESPERIA] Empty on Sun Nov 29, 2020 12:04 pm

Leaving the corridors and paths of the Dawncliff Mine behind, Esperia soon reached the outskirts of the Rush Valley. She turned toward the sentinels and spoke calmly. "Feel free to return to the castle, I will debrief the captain of the guards here of what happened and warn them to keep an eye out for potentially suspicious activity. I will be joining you all again soon."

The Sentinels nodded in affirmation and after saying their goodbyes to Esperia left for the castle, while Esperia herself made her way into the town. Although she had said she was going to talk to the Captain of the Guards, she intended to take a little detour first, and instead of going to the barracks made her way to a large building nearby.

A bunch of children were playing eagerly in front of the building, and one in particular upon noticing her ran happily toward her. "Miss Espy!" The child dashed toward her, beaming a smile so innocent Esperia couldn't help but smile in response. "Have you brought any gifts?" The child's playful question earned a chuckle from Esperia who crouched down in front of the child. "Of course I have~" And with a little flick of her wrist conjured a beautiful flower.

The child's eyes widened in surprise as she took a careful hold of the flower and hummed happily. "Thank you! Are you here to meet with the guards again?"

The question earned a mischievous grin from Esperia. "Were you listening in on our conversation again you little peeping tammy?" The child giggled softly. "You should hurry then~ I saw their boss get inside the building a bit ago."

Esperia smiled gently at her, raising a hand to ruffle her hair lightly. "Thank you Fia~"

And with those words the girl rose back onto her feet, turning toward the guard office while the child waved at her. "Bai bai~"

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