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Magnolia to Sieghart Mountains [Travel | Instant Transmission][Private]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Magnolia to Sieghart Mountains [Travel | Instant Transmission][Private] Empty on Thu Nov 26, 2020 7:16 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Disguised as Piper Livewell:
Magnolia to Sieghart Mountains [Travel | Instant Transmission][Private] 2e0NTwd

It happened in an instant one late evening in Magnolia. A girl who nobody knew, wearing a nondescript hooded brown mini-cape which rested on her back, earrings, and a ring on her left ring finger, touched her forehead with her index and middle fingers as an instant casting motion in a mundane hotel room in one of Magnolia's fine establishments. This action would happen earlier if she was alerted to or noticed anything strange, out of place or otherwise dangerous such as some crazy psycho who would try to charge at her or even somebody random trying to talk to her or interact with her out of the blue that she wasn't expecting. She was just one citizen among many in Magnolia, devastated at Fairy Tail's destruction and just doing her best to stay away from anybody who looked dangerous and even from those who didn't. Due to this, and with Fiore's penchant for adventurers passing through on their journeys, she was just one among many faceless adventurers that the world would never acknowledge and who nobody would suspect without some sixth sense or whispers from beings from a plane beyond their own.

Alternatively, if this facade was somehow revealed unexpectedly or canceled entirely via the crushing and inevitable laws of the universe saying that it couldn't be so for one reason or another somehow, or even that her existence couldn't possibly be for whatever reason due to the universe's many technicalities? The being that was this woman, or perhaps they were truly a man? Regardless, nothing would stop this person from touching their forehead with their index and middle fingers to cast a spell, no matter what would happen or what the universe might argue to the contrary; though its true nature as a spell casting motion would be unknown right up until she/he/they was no longer in sight, having ceased to exist in Magnolia entirely through teleportation.

Thus, when such a girl would've touched her forehead with her index and middle fingers in a single motion that had no hesitation or apprehension upon reaching her hotel room or sooner if she were to be interrupted by some dastardly villain or otherwise potential threat via the first unexpected encounter described prior, nobody would notice a thing. In less than the blink of an eye, faster than light itself, she would disappear from the world. She didn't want to be in Magnolia anymore, and thus she didn't need to be. Teleportation truly was an endlessly convenient type of magic - one that needed to exist more, but perhaps its rarity was what made it so invaluable to Ms. Piper Livewell.

Though perhaps, even more than Piper who was simply trying to escape the absolutely horrible and downright despicable brutes that destroyed Fairy Tail, Tomoe Tanaka himself appreciated it just that much more. As the body of Piper Livewell materialized instantly at the outskirts of the Sieghart Mountains less than a second after touching her forehead, a sigh and a smile would cross her features. Tomoe was a wanted man, and it was her job to get him safely away from Magnolia. A task that would be accomplished very quickly; too quickly, some might even say. Still, that was fine for her. She had used a spell bestowed upon her by Tomoe, and somehow, by teleporting herself she had also saved him from the various vultures and knights within Magnolia...? She didn't quite understand, but she followed his instructions loyally and was happy to be of service.

But now, though...?, she thought, pondering what to do next.

It was then that a force compelled her to step forward and walk towards the Sieghart Mountains that were now right before her. All she really wanted was to explore the world in safety, and Tomoe could offer her that. That was more than she could ever ask for. She moved through the trails and winding paths until she was at the base of Sieghart Mountains. Funny enough, the trip from Magnolia to the outskirts was the fast part. No amount of teleportation could make up for the footsteps she would need to take once arriving at the outskirts, but at the same time, she was far away from any bounty posters that would perhaps cause Tomoe harm.

"Well, at least for now.", Piper would mutter to herself, kicking up some rocks with a satisfied grin that maybe "for now" was just good enough.

She'd continue moving, not sure why she was here other than her love of adventure - a trait shared by Tomoe as a bonding experience between them in the past - and arrive in the heart of the Sieghart Mountains before long. In the future she'd probably prefer to walk normally, somewhat disliking the idea of cutting out the travel time to be nearly nothing comparatively. Yet still, she did it for Mr. Tanaka, whom she knew those awful folks in Magnolia were wrong about. Tomoe would never be such scum as to murder for no reason.

No, no. Piper knew that his cause was just, and that even the deaths of the children that Gunter had kicked and Kratos had eaten weren't in vain. Those two were kind of weird and unnerving to her, but she knew Tomoe at least had the best intentions. He'd even been so kind as to let Gunter know that he was heading to North Fiore in the Sieghart Mountains to relax for a while. How nice of him!

"I will save the world.", Tomoe told her once, and only once, a long time ago when they had first met.

That dream would continue to exist, of course. His resolve was ironclad and couldn't be destroyed by hatred, even if that hate was on a massive scale. He sometimes spoke of a woman, and of serving that woman.

"SHE will guide us to salvation. HER love will save everyone, and nobody will need to suffer anymore. A true utopia."
, Tomoe had also said to her once, and while he didn't go into detail on who this person was, SHE was clearly important to him.

Piper would inherit that same love, even if she didn't understand. Whoever this woman Tomoe dedicated himself to was, his ideals and love definitely couldn't be wrong. As she continued hiking through the Sieghart Mountains that she had reached properly, Magnolia impossibly far in the past now, she knew that he wasn't wrong. She didn't know why her legs moved, but she at least knew that Tomoe wasn't wrong.

WC: 600/600



Strength: 104

  • A-rank damage

Speed: 180 (100 + 80 [Moon Aura])

  • 15 m/s lunge | 30 m/s run

Constitution: 167 (107 + 60 [Jaan Earrings])

  • -/4x S-rank | 7 post run duration | 3 lunges per post

Endurance: 140

  • 2x S-rank pain tolerance

Intelligence: 300

  • 50% mana reduction



Aura: Moon Aura
Cape: Ormus' Hundred Hoods Indestructible
Earrings: Jaan Earrings Indestructible
Ring: Pocket Dimension Ring -/1x A


Mana: 5,325/5,875 (Ormus' Hundred Faces, Instant Transmission [-50% Intelligence, +50% non-Holder cast)

Name: Ormus' Hundred Faces
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Ormus' Hundred Hoods
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: Self
Cooldown: 0 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Ormus' Hundred Hood is a hooded cape which has a hundred hoods attached to the cape in which faces are collected. Upon wearing the main hood which is attached behind the neck of the user, the user can select one of the faces which has been stored in the other hoods. This does not only change the face of the user, but also their physique allowing them to switch between genders. The hood does not alter the height of the user though. The cape changes into a regular hooded cape upon wearing the main hood, causing the hundred hoods to disappear to hide its effects from others. The user cannot change their appearance into that of another user or a non-player, but they can freely choose any other appearance upon wearing the main hood. The user can decide to represent this by adding an image in their posts reflecting their chosen appearance. Upon changing appearances, the user can take off the main hood and the cape will remain in disguise. The user can undo the effect by putting the main hood on and off again, or change their appearance again by putting the main hood on and off again.

Name: Instant Transmission
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Heavenly Body Magic
Type: Supplementary [Teleport]
Element: Light
Range: 600 Words Travel Topic
Cooldown: 2 Weeks
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user places their index and middle fingers on the forehead. They then teleport to a location which they can access and is not further away than 600 words of traveling from their current location. When using Instant Transmission the reductions for traveling are not applied to the 600 words. The user must use this spell in a topic. At the cost of 600 more mana, they may bring one extra person with them if they touch them with their other hand for at least 5 seconds. If the user or the other person still has ongoing topics in the other location (socials, quests), they may still roleplay in them to conclude them but they may no longer create new topics in the previous location since from this moment on they're considered to be in the new location they've teleported to. The user and the other person may start traveling and even create new topics to roleplay in at the new location as long as it doesn't exceed their maximum topic limit.

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