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Most Adventures Start in Bars [Quest]

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Most Adventures Start in Bars [Quest] Empty on Sun Nov 22, 2020 1:24 pm


Her eyes closed as she felt like she was going to fall back asleep. Her time out during those missions was wonderful compared to the past 'dates' she was paid for. Perhaps it was what she needed to get past her unfulfilled heart. It was going completely empty, but now that she was going on 'quest' dates, it was feeling a little better knowing that she was making those who can't find love either happy too. Her hair was all tangled as she started to get up. Something was getting her pumped up though as she thought that today was going to be the day that she starts on that quest Rosa put her on.

Something was amiss though as she just realized that the room she was in was not her hotel room. Her heart started to race while beaming up and out of bed. 'Where am I?' She wondered as she looked around the room. The room was red with some golden designs. It suddenly hit her where she was. The only place she has noticed that was like this was her last Client's. Her face blushed and her eyes widened as she screamed and held herself. What has she done?!

That was her thought at the moment till the door slammed opened to see him. Her last client had a panicked facial expression. "What is it?!". Kuri's expression was confused as she looked at him. He quickly organized himself and stood there gazing at her as he finally understood. He chuckled softly, "You judge me too quickly. While we did drink together. We did nothing of the sort. This is the guest room." He simply put it. Kuri looked around and sighed in relief as she then nodded. She explained that she will have to get ready now as she had a long journey.



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He gazed at her worryingly as he studied her expression. He wondered when she was going to be back and honestly, she did not know. The man did not want to chain her down and he seemed to just be friendly and caring. There was no way anyone was interested in her as a person. She was alone in such a way. Power was all people wanted from her. Their eyes never stopped gazing at each other till she finally did. He was lost for words till he finally thought about them sending each other letters. She never had a penpal, or that was what she heard they were called.

Kuri nodded in agreement and he smiled while leaving, telling her that she should go get ready then. After he left she grabbed her clothes and put them on. The smelled clean, fresh even as he assumed that maybe his maids cleaned them for her while she was asleep. It was sweet of him and for once her heartfelt as if it was smitten. No. She could not do such a thing at this moment as she had children and she needed to get stronger.

Slowly she brushed her hair while closing her eyes, thinking about the situation. Kuri needed to move on from the past and into the new. That was what someone would tell her for sure, but maybe she needed to ascend first. Her eyes opened to then leave the room and the manor she was spending the night in. The bar was her destination once more, but this time it was for her mission. The bartender she needed should be there at this time since it was getting closer to one in the afternoon. A small smile appeared on her lips as she turned around to look at the manor once more before finally saddening and walking away from it.



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Maybe she had hoped he was gazing at her from the window to watch her go, but maybe that was too much to ask for. What she did not know was that he sent someone already to make a watch. To make sure things were fine and perhaps to get enough info to send her letters since she forgot to. Kurisa gazed down the road as the people were either starting to go home or starting to go to work. Not many people dare to really drink at this hour other than true alcoholics so hopefully, there will not be any trouble at all.

She spotted the bar and went inside. It was a food place as well, but this was the more adult side. Her eyes spotted a man who stood there with their eyes close constantly with a tux-like suit on. He wondered how he could help her out, but before he could really ask Kuri did the talking already. She explained that she was told he knew many rumors and information about pretty much everything. She was here to find things out. She shrugged, not really willing to give out free information. That was too bad.

Feeling like this was going to take forever she sat down on a stool and gazed at him. She had to make this guy see that she really needed this information from him. This friend could help her save the world, but maybe it could also destroy the world as well. She explained that she needed to find this friend of someones because they were going to help her fight some danger that was coming on their way to this location. Kuri kept talking to Fred about it till he finally then gave in. He was finally going to help her out, but only if she helps him.



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Why was this a thing? Every time she needed something someone always wants something back first. He explained to her that he needed to get his friend back here and only then will he tell her what she needs to know. Did this guy even know where his friend was or will she have to look all over the place? Her eyes looked around and saw that some people were looking over where she was at the moment. Was something going on to where he wanted her to leave? It was a little suspicious.

She left without any questions after that. The place was already getting darker, but not quite midnight. Weirdly the time has been getting darker once it hits around five. The sun must have changed within the time of how it was orbiting the Earth. Her eyes gazed at the sky after leaving the bar. She wondered how much time she had left. She was wearing the same outfit as yesterday. What was that outfit? She was of course wearing her Sin dress that snuggled against her thick curves. Her mama body was luscious with each curve revealing from the shape of the fabric itself.

She looked around to see where this man was and how wasted was he to leave the bar? Why did this guy really need this man found? Maybe he did have something to do with the information. Her eyes watched everything around her from the people that walked along the sidewalk to the people that was trying to sell their stuff. She was alone with just power as her children were being taken care of by their aunt. Their aunt was more responsible than she was as she herself seemed to be responsible for humanity for now. She wondered if maybe she should grab their next target. She could not do this alone. She felt her heart tighten as she looked at couples hold hands together, giggling to each other as they joked around. So far there was no drunk guy as she then wanted to make sure she was to check every single alley way. Drunk people seem to like hiding there to fall asleep, take a nap even so people will not wake them up.



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Kurisa walked through every alleyway and every street to look for this guy. She so far has had no luck at all. She licked her lips and looked about. She somewhat hoped to find her last client as she enjoyed the time she had with them. Maybe after all of this was over she will come back to see him. Maybe he will give her more quests to help him. His golden-orange eyes gazed at her like jewels in the most expensive store. They were priceless and flawless to her. She stood there shocked when she then saw them disappear from where she stood.

Next, she heard a broken glass sound coming from the dark. She felt like maybe that could have been him. She swiftly turned around and went towards the direction she heard the sound. Her heart was beating as she then turned once again. A man sat there with a kimono and a straw hat. "Are you a friend of Fred's?" Kurisa wondered. He slowly turned his head to look at Kuri who stood there themselves. She could not see his face at all for some reason. His hand was in his kimono top and seemed to be relaxing.

"Fred told me to come to get you were all..." She sounded awkward as he then chuckled, getting up. He nodded and walked alongside her without speaking. The guy was mysterious which she did not mind, but she wished he would at least say anything. Anything at all will be enough, even a hello. Her eyes spotted the bar and came in with him. The bartender smiled, "Ah, you found him. Great. Come back at midnight or at least around there. I will tell you what you want." He spoke while cleaning a glass with a clean rag.



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