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For His Praise. [Conquest]

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For His Praise. [Conquest] Empty on Sun Nov 22, 2020 11:39 am

Genevieve took a sip from her cup that was filled with the sweet juice blend of mangos and pineapples. It was a delicious drink sold by one of the merchants in Astera's Marketplace. She praised the merchant and told him to keep up the good job before walking along and providing assistance to those who needed it. Since Astera's Residences was such a success she decided to continue on her route of success. This meant that Genevieve continued with letting communication and understanding reign true in her approach but also placing her foot on the necks of those who did not comply, eliminating them should they become a problem.

Now her plan was to show just how helpful her guild could be to the area. If they saw how much of a benefit one person from Eternal Nightmare could be, they would happily accept that the rest would be even more help. It was of course unfortunate for them that what she sold was a lie. She was the honey that covered the blade, the sweet that came before the storm fell and showed the real monsters. But they wouldn't have to worry about that as long as they were corporative.

Moving from each stall and each fisherman she made a case for the guild. She spoke to them as if they were on equal terms. Most of these words came from Asmodeus but Genevieve made sure to put a spin on them so they didn't sound as...Demeaning. Most of the people who worked in the Marketplace had already been to her forum in the residential area so this claim was a piece of cake, a walk in the park. No one objected and they all seemed very much on board with this new leadership. At the end of the day, the majority of the people had accepted Eternal Nightmare.

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