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What's Mine is Mine [S-rank; Esperia & Kon]

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 What's Mine is Mine [S-rank; Esperia & Kon]  Empty Sun Nov 22, 2020 7:57 am


It all began during the day the guild master of the Sentinel Syndicate received a message from a familiar source, although the method of delivery was much less... familiar.

The messenger was an obsidian feathered raven, with a small scroll attached to its leg. Once it arrived at the guild master's chambers the creature landed on its desk, its eyes gazing quietly at the man. Not a single caw was made by the creature, nor would it have moved or protested should Kon have tried to remove the scroll from its leg.

Written on a small parchment was a message, clearly intended for him.

Hello, Kon~ I am confident my message will reach you undisturbed, those little ravens are quite useful for tasks like this. Within the Sieghart Mountains, there is a particular mine, the Dawncliff Mine, in particular, contains something of interest to both of us. If possible, could you meet me there at your earliest convenience? It is somewhat important.


Once Kon had read the message the raven nodded its head slightly as if it had acknowledged the message had been delivered, and soon the creature flew away.

At the entrance to the Dawncliff mine the white-haired sorceress had been seated on a nearby boulder, her staff held in one hand as she leaned idly against it.

Curiously enough as Kon would arrive, he would no doubt notice the raven from before had arrived also, briefly landing on her shoulder as Esperia raised a finger to affectionately tap the bird on its head.

"Thank you for delivering my message, now be a dear and keep an eye open for me in case any unwanted visitors pursue us in the mine?"

The raven nodded its head and flew off amidst a collection of trees further downhill while Esperia turned her attention toward the guild master. "Thank you for coming on such a short notice Kon~ I'm afraid the matter requires both urgency and a location away from prying eyes, and fortunately I have a place in mind they won't come looking~"

Esperia smiled briefly at Kon as she added with a soft hum. "Besides, this time it can be some pleasantries, some 'friendly catching up'." Esperia's words carried a playfulness to them as she beckoned with a hand for Kon to approach the entrance to the mine, upon which she raised her staff lightly, illuminating the path deeper inside.

"I'm afraid a lot of things happened within a short period of time, and not all of it pleasant. Have you heard of the recent sightings of creatures once thought to be found only in myths and fairytales? I knew Dragons were real, but to think they would emerge upon Earthland once more in this manner. To make matters worse, people seem ignorant of the fact the dragons are not our only threat. But I'll get back further on that subject once we arrive at our destination."

She gestured at the path that led deeper into the mine. "How familiar are you with the Dawncliff Mine?"

WC: 507/2500

"It is alright... Why? you might wonder~ It is because I am here!

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