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Preparing for a Nightmare [Solo]

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In the aftermath of her encounter with the Nature Dragon Esperia was left pondering the information she had received from the ancient creature. To think there had been an ancient conflict being waged between two factions of dragons, and that now the people of Earthland were starting to get embroiled in the conflict was worrying. Especially because she had been told about the ambition of this 'enemy', and in all honesty? She was disturbed at the consequences a victory for them would hold.

Even as she was within her chambers inside the Sentinel Syndicate's guild hall, there was little time for comfort or distractions, instead she was pondering over ancient tomes and trying to figure out a proper strategy for how to deal with this matter.

There was no denying the fact she would need Kon's aid in the battle that awaited her, but before she could approach him she needed to figure out more, obtain more intel and ensure she had a proper cause for him to get involved for.

Morrigan had been eerily quiet in the aftermath of the events, whether she was just curious to see what Esperia would do, or was actually thinking of a plan herself remained yet to be seen, but for the time being she had to manage by herself.

"I wonder, the Nature Dragon spoke of a benefactor, but this individual has yet to make their presence known to me. Will they remain passive and wait till the time is right? Will there even be enough time left to think of a counter-initiative to the problem?"

Muttering softly Esperia had to admit that right now the situation looked quite unfavorable to her, which meant that she needed to figure out something quickly. Perhaps she should go and visit the Dawncliff mines, to delve into the ruins once more to seek for anything useful in her search for more knowledge?


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Gathering her supplies Esperia quickly left her chambers and made her way out of the guild hall. It was fortunate that the guild hall was fairly fortified and well-guarded, but it would mean little should the enemy decide to attack them. No, it would take the combined power of Kon, his elite, and herself to stand a chance against a threat like theirs. And even then, would it be enough? She wasn't one to enjoy the act of taking risks, so perhaps she needed to consider the idea of suggesting a means of increasing the syndicate's overall power?

Maybe find worthwhile people to recruit, or maybe form proper alliances with those who would stand against their enemy together? Of course, she understood how fickle a alliance could be. Loyalty was after all never guaranteed, but she believed that under the right circumstances a sense of unity might had been able to be forged.

Wandering along the path to the Dawncliff Mines Esperia's gaze briefly wandered up to the sky. She had to admit that her worries were only intensified by the knowledge she had yet to properly grasp the powers the dragon bestowed onto her, and with the loss of her Kamui magic she lost a lot of her combat capacities.

A sudden caw came from nearby, causing Esperia to lift her gaze as a raven descended from the sky and perched onto her shoulder, the absence of the parchment roll around its leg making her smile briefly at it. "You delivered my message? Good, I hope they will be able to lend me some aid, meanwhile: how about you join me on a trip into the mine?"

The raven cawed softly in response, as if it understood her and soon the duo made their way into the underground structure. Would Esperia find the answers she sought? Only time would tell...


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One nice thing about traveling often to the same locations was that it helped one gain a sense of the layout of such places, and in her case, the frequent delves into the Dawncliff Mines made Esperia quite skilled at navigating through the various sections of the place. Even the miners who had in the past been less hospitable in letting her pass were now much more willing to let her go, sometimes even taking the time to have some banter with her.

She didn't know for sure whether it was because of her affiliation to the syndicate, or her frequent encounters with them, but she had to admit it was much more pleasant to talk to them instead of whacking them with her staff.

Meanwhile as she crossed a corner and wandered deeper into the mine Esperia thought back about her time in Samhain, the mysterious town full of skeletons and their peculiar games. Back then she had encountered the enigmatic lass called Sia, and a part of her felt a bit disappointed in herself that she had not tried to convince the elf to accompany her back to the Sieghart Mountains, yet something told her they would meet again sooner than later.

Finally, after a short delve into the various shafts and corridors of the mine Esperia arrived at her destination, the large arcway up ahead already a sign she had arrived at the prison the ancient civilization had constructed to contain the nature dragon.

Still, there was something different in comparison to the last time she went into this place: The lush green scenery that seemed magical in nature had started to wither, making Esperia wonder whether the dragon's absence had started to drain this place of the magic that kept it functional.

Whatever the case might had been, for now she continued onward and deeper into the structure that had once trapped the nature dragon.


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As forest gave way for stone the prison of the nature dragon came into view, although unlike before the barrier seemed gone, likely because the energy empowering it had disappeared when she had devoured the nature dragon's essence. One might had wondered why Esperia would return to this place, which was essentially the grave of the nature dragon, but the truth was that she sought knowledge, a means to prepare herself for the dangerous threat that awaited them in the future. Whether she would find it or not was questionable, but for the time being she was hopeful. This prison had once been used by the enemy, there had to be some secrets she could discover, but from the first look of things it seemed that she was running a fool's errand. Despite her search, she found little that suggested anything useful. Certainly, the prison was constructed in a way far different from the architecture of Fiore, but her search didn't tell her anything beyond that. The facilities that were used to construct the prison had been worn down by age, and with the lack of the dragon's essence it was now no longer empowered, leaving only an empty ruin in its wake.

Esperia sighed in mild frustration, yet as she turned her back toward the ruin and started approaching the exit an unpleasant chill ran across her spine. She was being watched, but even her eye for detail showed little of who or what might had been observing her. Was it the same person that had lured her into this place the last time? For now she only had gained more questions than answers, and unsatisfied Esperia prepared to make her return to the Sentinel Syndicate's headquarters, pondering if there would be anything of use to be found for her in the library of the floating castle.

-the end-

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