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Ikazuchi's Samhain Experience [Solo|Private]

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Ikazuchi's Samhain Experience [Solo|Private] Empty Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:55 pm

Samhain, a unique place that appeared each year like clockwork at a very specific time. It was a place that had gained a reputation over the years, each appearance allowing the people of Earthland to peacefully experience time with all things frightening. ‘Where did it come from?’ ‘Where did it go?’ Questions such as these filled the minds of the people with adventurous spirits and morbid curiosity. Year after year these like minded individuals would continue to find their way to this place called Samhain. Some were seeking answers to those questions, others simply went to broaden their horizons. In the end, it didn’t matter what brought someone to Samhain; There was only a single rule that those who visited had to follow. They must arrive in halloween attire, only then would they be accepted by the residents.

It was such a place that Ikazuchi couldn’t resist. The young man had left the comfort of his home for a life of adventure, and there weren’t many things that would call to him in such a way. He arrived dressed as an Oni, a creature that appeared more than once in the stories that his father told him. In particular, there were children’s books from his homeland that contained depictions of them. It was based on these very depictions that he had made his outfit, or lack thereof. The most difficult thing to find was the Oni mask which he happened to find with a travelling merchant by chance. It was considered authentic and was brought from Joya by chance. The same merchant also had a decorative kanabo made from average wood to go as a pair with the mask.

As for his regular gear, Ikazuchi travelled with that in his backpack. It was impossible for a warrior to abandon his weapon and armor, even in the surprisingly peaceful Samhain. Eventually he became comfortable enough in Samhain to leave his equipment in the Inn that he would use for the duration of his stay in Samhain allowing him to roam the streets with just his Oni appearance.


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Ikazuchi spent a few hours after he initially arrived focused on understanding Samhain and becoming familiar with the areas. The people in the town were surprisingly personable despite their appearances that would deservingly result in them being described as monsters elsewhere. If it hadn’t been for the residents, Ikazuchi never would have been able to relax enough to travel without his weapons. Truthfully, he still felt naked without his armor. More than once he contemplated whether he should wear the gear despite how it may clash with his outfit.

He was quick to explore the area and enjoy the attractions that it had to offer, even encountering some interesting people along the way. If he were asked, the only thing that he regretted would be taking part in The Last Supper. The experience was something that he wouldn’t forget for a long time.

The only thing that Ikazuchi continued to struggle with during his time in Samhain was the presence of ghosts, something that he had disliked since he was young. Stories of things that would go untouched, but be able to harm him had developed into a fear later in life. What good was a warrior that couldn’t hit the enemy? They were no good at all against such things, and that was precisely why the fear continued to exist even after he reached adulthood.

Another notable experience was that he had met a man named Phoebus shortly after completing the games. The extroverted man accompanied him during his search for food. It was a unique and enjoyable experience for Ikazuchi, one that he hadn’t expected to experience in a place like Samhain. Without Akushitsuna around Ikazuchi could only spend his time alone, so the time with Phoebus was something that he welcomed with open arms at the time.


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Ikazuchi couldn't stop himself from wandering Samhain even after participating in all the games that he could. This was the only place in the world that you could encounter things that would commonly be considered enemies and observe them freely. Between his own personal observations and simply asking around he was able to quickly understand more about each type of resident creature within Samhain.

He wouldn’t put knowledge about their weaknesses to use here as the residents were very kind and welcoming in their own way. After Samhain disappeared once again, he couldn’t be sure that he wouldn’t encounter any undead or other creatures of the night. Getting to know and understand them in such a safe environment was a blessing for him. In particular, it would let him better handle Necromancers like Cain. His experience here also let him realize how truly grotesque the abomination that he faced with Akushitsuna had been in comparison to most undead.

After encountering that thing Ikazuchi had fewer reservations when dealing with the citizens of Samhain, and he continued to benefit as a result. Associating with them also made the concept of death easier to accept as it was essentially a large gathering of such creatures. It wasn’t intentional, but he was becoming naturally adjusted to the sight of death by spending time in the area as well. It would eventually become a valuable experience for Ikazuchi who lived a mostly normal life.

It wasn’t long ago that he had his first experience with ending a life. He struggled with it privately, but still accepted it as a part of the path a Warrior must walk. He could accept the act itself, but the gory deaths appeared in the form of nightmares. Spending time in Samhain had allowed him to move past that issue, so that could be considered another valuable experience for him.


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Ghosts, creatures that are common in horror stories. Apparitions that are commonly used to depict those who died, often in terrible ways. In such stories the spirit of a victim comes back seeking vengeance, but rarely does it reach the actual perpetrators. These paranormal creatures are typically without physical form, and it is precisely such a creature that appeared before Ikazuchi as he roamed Samhain.

Facing one of his very few genuine fears left him paralyzed for a moment. It was in the form of a small child with a mischievous expression who watched him with curiosity. It approached in order to test Ikazuchi and see it had guessed correctly, to determine if the man before it was truly afraid.

The child became excited to see him step back subconsciously. It had gained a new toy of sorts, someone that it could tease freely. That kind of entertainment was hard to come by in Samhain where everything and everyone was accepted.

As for Ikazuchi at that moment, he was regretting entering the building that he had. Had he known that a ghost would appear before him, he would have never entered it. He wanted to immediately leave, but the expression on the young boy's face told him that he wouldn’t be able to. “Stay away from me…” Ikazuchi made his stance clear to the child, even going as far as to grip his kanabo. That didn’t stop the boy though, it knew better than him that such a thing couldn’t hurt it.

“Hi, I’m Chucky, wanna play?” For the first time in his life, Ikazuchi felt that a child’s smile seemed evil. His threat failed, so all he could do now was run. For the first time in his life he regretted being unable to use magic, all because of a mischievous ghost that wanted to chase him.


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Somewhere in a more secluded area of Samhain was Ikazuchi and the young ghost boy playing a game of cat and mouse. To the residents it would surely seem like a joke, a child chasing around an adult in such a way. It wasn’t as if any of them would be able to understand Ikazuchi’s fear. There likely weren’t even many mages who would understand, so that was to be expected. Unable to lose the little fellow, Ikazuchi could only settle for leading him around the nearby area.

“Why do you keep chasing me?!”

“Because it’s fun, why else!”

“Leave me alone Casper, I don’t want to play!”

“Too bad!”

Just like that they continued to bicker back and forth as the game of chase consumed. The young boy seemed to be having the time of his life, constantly laughing. Ikazuchi on the other hand, was having a terrible time without a solution. Despite being able to tell that the boy didn’t have bad intentions, Ikazuchi still couldn’t accept the idea of a ghost currently. There simply wasn’t enough time for him in Samhain to accept a ghost in that manner.

“I got things to do kid, I can’t just keep doing this!” Ikazuchi could only try to reason with the kid and get him to give up this chase. He was the only one suffering, and he had no way to prevent it either. “Stop running then!” The kid was still laughing like he was having the time of his life as he chased Ikazuchi around.

Eventually though, Ikazuchi did work up the nerve to stop and confront the boy. What he saw after turning was the boy’s face drop. “Are we done already?” This question left Ikazuchi speechless. The boy was disappointed that he couldn’t chase him anymore, and Ikazuchi couldn’t help but sigh.

“Kid, I really gotta go.”

“Fine! I was getting bored anyways! Hmph.” And just like that, the kid left as quickly as he appeared allowing Ikazuchi to continue to explore Samhain.


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If you were to ask Ikazuchi what kind of undead he interacted with the most, he would always answer with Skeletons. They were the only ones in charge of the game booths for some reason, and were also among the most common undead to see roaming about. Before coming to Samhain, it would have been hard for Ikazuchi to notice differences between skeletons. But here in Samhain, whether he wanted to or not, he saw countless different personalities and styles from just bones.

It was especially interesting to run into a skeleton only music group putting on a show. He couldn’t help but marvel at the sounds that the five were creating with just their bones as instruments. What was even more surprising was how varied the voices in the group actually were. He wasn’t musically inclined, but he thought that skeletons suffered without most of their body intact for things such as singing.

He was proved wrong at this moment, but he couldn’t help but be curious about how it was actually possible to achieve any level of vocal range for them. He couldn’t ask the group directly, so he moved closer instead. He closely watched the group moving their bones, banging their bones onto each other to produce music.

It was something of a street concert so it was possible to walk around the entire stage, albeit slightly bad mannered. Still, without any clear indicator of how he wanted to look around. That was when he saw a group of zombies singing their hearts out. “That explains a lot…” It was all a scam in the end, but he didn’t intend to ruin it for everyone else who was still enjoying the show. Instead of doing something like that, Ikazuchi moved on out of the area searching for more interesting things.


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Ikazuchi was back to roaming and enjoying the culture of Samhain. It was the only day of the year that he would have this chance, so he intended to spend as much time as possible taking in the sights. He couldn’t guarantee that he could return in the future, so gaining as much experience on this night as possible was all he had in mind.

“Here’s Johnny!”

Ikazuchi paused his steps as he heard this strange shout. He listened for a moment and it repeated once more with a distinct sound that he recognized. The sound of an axe splitting wood mixed together with that strange call. Ikazuchi had his interest piqued due to the strange combo. Even in Samhain such a thing seemed to be uncommon.

He didn’t think too much about it and made his way towards the origin. The sound and shout were gradually increasing as he made his way into a cooler area. What he saw upon arrival was baffling. A frozen body was wielding an axe to split logs one after another. “Here’s Johnny!” The man shouted the phrase as his axe descended and cleaning split the log in one move.

Ikazuchi watched the man work, and the man ignored Ikazuchi who was observing. It was a strange scene with a half naked man standing near a fully clothed frozen man. After several logs were chopped into firewood Ikazuchi couldn’t resist and asked a question. “Excuse me, why do you keep saying that while you chop wood?”

The man finally paused his actions and looked toward Ikazuchi. “It just felt right.” He answered the question without missing a beat, almost as if he knew what would be asked. Ikazuchi could only accept the answer and ask another. “Why does it look more like something you would do to enter a room?” When the man heard that it seemed as if he had an epiphany. “I gotta go.”

No more words were said, but Ikazuchi felt that somewhere in Samhain there would be a very memorable entrance made by the ice cold zombie named Johnny.


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Samhain was an interesting place with all kinds of individuals. He ran into a rather interesting skeleton during the games who competed briefly with him about their physique. It was an extremely entertaining image to have the muscular Ikazuchi compared to just bones, and even have the skeleton insist that he was smaller. What Ikazuchi didn’t expect was that there were more skeletons than he could have ever imagined who were the same.

A decent group of skeletons had started a weightlifting gathering, and Ikazuchi had just stumbled across it. Unfortunately for him, his presence was taken as a challenge by the skeletons. “What are you doing here little guy? Did you get lost? Kyeh-kyeh-kyeh” The alpha of the group called him out. To Ikazuchi it seemed that their ego was damaged due to his muscles.

“I’m just exploring the town. Is there a problem with me being here?” Ikazuchi was confused by the blatant provocation coming from skeletons and could only seek an answer. “A guy like you can’t come here without pumping some iron! Get over here, we are going to compete to see who can lift more! Kyeh-kyeh-kyeh” The skeletal laugh was always off putting, but Ikazuchi wouldn’t back down from a physical challenge due to his confidence in his body. “You’re on!”

The two went back and forth performing various lifts in the middle of a skeleton crowd. Ikazuchi seemed to be in the lead through most of the lifts, but that made him a target for the leader of the group who Ikazuchi assumed to be the strongest. “Okay, all or nothing! The last lift will be the DEADLIFT! Kyeh-Kyeh-Kyeh” All of the surrounding skeletons cheered for their leader as one brought him a glass of milk. The leader went on to easily lift a weight that even Ikazuchi was unsure he could match. Still, he gave it his best as he stepped up.

The end result was an upset with Ikazuchi losing. “How did milk make the difference?” He couldn’t resist asking this question now that the contest was over. “Haven’t you ever heard? Milk makes your bones strong!” Ikazuchi could only leave in defeat as the skeletons cheered for their leader who was laughing proudly. Samhain was a truly interesting place.


Ikazuchi's Samhain Experience [Solo|Private] Empty Fri Nov 20, 2020 1:48 pm

As his time in Samhain was coming to a close Ikazuchi made his way back to the inn where he left his equipment. It wouldn’t be long before Samhain would disappear once again for another year just to reappear again. Perhaps Ikazuchi would find his way to Samhain once again when that time came. As for this year, he was satisfied with his experiences and ready to move on. He wouldn’t be able to forget both the good and bad experiences that he experienced in Samhain. He hadn’t expected much when he arrived in this place, but would leave thinking fondly of the people he met along the way.

“Bone voyage Samhain, I hope to see you again next year.” Ikazuchi was unable to guarantee such a thing, but he still held onto that hope. He hoped that this year wouldn’t take away his curiosity and desire to explore. He hoped that he wouldn’t change too much as he continued to walk his path. He would cherish the Oni mask which represents his first experience in Samhain and attempt to return with the same mask.

There were some games such as the Last Supper which would continue to haunt him, but he would find a positive to take away from those things. A newfound appreciation for food. He wouldn’t waste food in the future, and would accept even sub-par meals if they filled his belly.

If there was one thing that he would change though, it would be for his costume to have had more clothes. He had experienced a constant chill throughout the long night, and missed his clothing several times. The first thing he would do after leaving would be to get dressed and re-equip his gear. Still, a small part of him would miss the freedom that the loincloth offered even after leaving.

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