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Steel was hanging around in a particularly quiet alley that he had found in Samhain. When he suddenly felt strange. A jolt of lightning hopped out of him. What the heck? He thought as he took a step forward. Unbeknownst to him however the step cast a spell that moved him forwards a lot more than he thought he would. Being dashed ten meters forward he got slammed straight into a brick wall. Luckily he caught himself with his arms and the vambraces of his armor. Ouch. His head started ringing. Noticing that the motion he had done and the spell that had been cast was very similar to a weaker spell he already knew how to use Steel figured that he would have to train to know how to use this spell and so he slowly got off the wall and found some place to sit down as the pain subsided.

When the pain had finally subsided Steel decided he needed to find some quieter place to practise and he probably needed the place to be big and wide. Big enough that he could move freely. The alleyway would obviously not do the trick. Looking around however he noticed a path leading on to the rooftops that he could take using some of these new spells coupled with his already excellent physical capabilities. But first he would have to remove his armor. And so he started undoing the straps that held his armor together. First removing the counters from each of his elbows. He did so because he needed his arms to be fully mobile to remove the rest of the armor then he continued by removing the pauldrons. After he had removed the pauldrons he would remove the gorget, then the fauld, the plackart and breastplate. Continuing on removing the armor took about another ten minutes of his time but afterwards Steel would be limber enough.

WC: 318

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Making his way towards the path to the rooftop Steel started running. He would need to parkour to get up and he figured he could use this newfound spell to do just that. A dumpster would lead to a fire ladder and a fire ladder lead to the roof. In between the dumpster and the fire ladder there was a fence. The fence needed to be passed to get to the fire ladder. And to get past the fence Steel first jumped on top of the dumpster. He then reached for the fire ladder and imbued his reaching motion with the mana of the lightning dragon.

The spell threw him towards the fire ladder at lunging speed. And as the spell ended Steel grabbed onto the fire ladder. He was hanging from it. The fire ladder was suspended on the wall in such a manner that it did not reach the ground and so Steel would have to pull himself up onto the fire ladder before being able to climb to the rooftop.

When he finally reached the rooftop Steel took a moment's rest. The physical activity of the parkour he had done earlier had made him slightly tired and luckily the spell had not activated again whilst parkouring. If it had Steel would surely have failed in his endeavour of getting onto the rooftop. He sat down on the edge of the roof. At least the view from up here was pretty sweet.

What he could see from up there was all of the madness that was Samhain. Everything from the graveyard and the forest outskirts to the giant tower of samhain himself and the haunted mansion that he had explored during his visit here. He knew that Samhain would end shortly so this would probably be the last thing he did here. He then stood up, turned around and started.

WC: 312


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He took a step forward whilst imbuing his action with mana. He was sent forward uncontrollably. Ending up at the otherside of the rooftops edge. Had the rooftop been any smaller the spell would have sent him flying off the edge out into the streets. Steel expressed a strong sense of relief “phew” as he backed away from the edge. A slight drop of sweat making its way down his brow showed that he truly had been nervous about falling off the roof. He turned around and backed towards the edge of the roof before imbuing himself with mana and stepping in the direction where he had previously been.

The rooftop was big enough that the short ends were eleven meters long and the long sides were eighteen meters long.

As Steel stepped in the direction he had previously been and imbued his step with the mana of the lightning dragon he was sent moving very quickly in the direction that he intended to move. It felt as if he had just taken a ten meter step from one part of the roof to another.

Next he would try something that he had tried earlier whilst parkouring to get onto the roof. He reached with his right arm into a direction which he wished to travel and while doing so imbued the reaching motion with the mana of the lightning dragon.

He was again sent moving ten meters in the direction he wished to move. This time travelling along the longer side of the roof. It wasn’t as dangerous as before due to the side being longer and the dimensions of the rooftop being rectangular.

Instead of it feeling like a step this time it felt like Steel was dragged or pulled in the direction until he reached the ten meter mark. Strange. The feeling of moving was different but then again he had not raised a leg so it was to be expected.

He wanted to try one last funny thing and so he walked onto the middle of the roof. Lifting a single hand into the air pointing straight up and imbuing the motion with the mana of the lightning dragon Steel was sent straight upwards into the air until he reached ten meters at which point he started falling downwards. Ultimately crashing with the roof the roof broke and Steel fell through.

WC: 395
Total WC: 1025
Spell training WC:707
Required Spell training WC: 750-20%=600
INT reduction = 20%
Training spell: Big Step

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