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Cooking by the book [Solo]

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#1Hitomi Minamoto 

Cooking by the book [Solo] Empty Fri Nov 20, 2020 9:02 am

Hitomi Minamoto
She was happy. Her last day in Samhain was going to be spent doing one of her favorite things and that was cooking. Well, it was really baking but either way, it was more or less the same thing. Today she decided to take up a baking class and they would be baking some nice pies that they could take home to whoever they wished, or they could eat it all themselves, whatever floated their boats ya know. Everyone in the class was either dressed up in costume also no their last day here or were actual citizens of the town.

Whatever the origin Genevieve was excited to be here as she sat in her assigned seat. She was dressed up as a queen on her very last day here. Her dress was Ivory in color with the top part of the dress being sleeveless. Gold and red silk flowers were embroidered into the top part of the dress and were made in a sort of heart shape around her breast, pushing them up and making them look like two peach mounds. The bottom part of the dress was a little more golden than ivory and very poofy, making it look like she was sitting on a cloud. On her feet, she wore a pair of ruby slippers that were rumored to bring her home if she clicked them together three times. Out of fear of what she still thought of as home she did not test out that rumor. She didn't just have a wonderful dress on, on her neck was a beautiful jeweled necklace full of rubies, gold, and diamonds. Her head held the most gorgeous golden crown that also held rubies and diamonds in it. She carried around a scepter the just like the rest was golden with rubies and diamonds embedded in it. With this elaborate get up one would have thought she wouldn't be taking a baking class.

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Cooking by the book [Solo] NRhlo2C
#2Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Aha, but they would be wrong. So very wrong. as over this dress was a nice apron to protect her. " Ok class first we will speak about this history of pies while you pick which pie you want to make. Most pies are really the same with different fillings. " The instructor for today's pie baking was a short green goblin. Atop her head, she had flaming red hair and kind gold eyes. Her voice had a strong accent that Genevieve could not place. Asmodeus wasn't interested in baking so she took a backseat and let Genevieve have her fun.

The history of the pie was a long one that branched off into many other topics. When it was all said and done with though Genevieve ended up picking out a pumpkin pie recipe to keep in tune with the season. It was an easy recipe so she was sure she wouldn't fuck it up. Once the history was complete the group was allowed to grab their ingredients. First Genevieve got her dough ingredients which included all-purpose flour, salt, unsalted butter which needed to be chilled, vegetable shortening which also needed to be chilled, and some ice water. Her next set of ingredients came from the filling. Picking up some pumpkin puree, eggs, dark brown sugar, cornstarch, salt, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, nutmeg, ground cloves, black pepper, heavy cream, and milk. She was ready now.

Taking her place she started with the dough first. Her hands worked with the instructions that the teacher gave her. In the end, her crust came out sort of good. Next was the pie filling and she did a lot better with it as the teacher gave her tips on how to make it extra good. Eventually, at the end of the class, she had made a wonderful pie fit for a king. In this case that king was Odin. She didn't even think about him being a lich and how this pie would just go through his body, she was just happy she made it so perfect for him. Packing up the pie in a nice box she got her things together and headed home.

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Cooking by the book [Solo] NRhlo2C

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