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Silver City 3

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Yawning she gazed at her ceiling in her hotel while resting on the lilac-colored sofa that was cushioned with cotton and feathers. Her body feels tired from all the standing up and walking she did yesterday. The time was about seven in the morning. Stores will be opening in an hour and the way there to her Client's place was about thirty minutes there. Her eyes looked at the bathroom as a shower felt amazing. She better get up then. Kuri got up from the bed and let the blankets slide off of her curvacious body as her bare skin shined from the light that was triggered.

She swayed herself towards the shower, feeling the marble walls with her eyes half-closed. Her facial expression was filled with sorrow as she wondered where to go from here. Soon it was going to be time to search for the ally that Rosa wanted her to go find. Perhaps she will enjoy this day as a vacation day unlike the other days that she treated like just a mission. Her hand slowly placed itself against the glass door of the shower and then glided to the handlebar of fake golden metal to grip it. Pulling it slowly, she opened it fully as she then entered it before closing it once more from the inner handlebar.

Softly she took a breather before moving away from where the water will firstly fall. Usually, the water turns super cold when anyone turns on the cold and hot on. A few seconds passed as her bosoms pressed against the marble tile wall before moving away and into the water that started to steam. It felt amazing against her skin, but what is more, is that she grabbed the sponge, some body wash liquid, and pressed it against her body. It felt cleansing...



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The water tickled against her smooth skin as the droplets dripped against the marble floor and into the drain. Her long brown hair was shining with a golden tone as the shampoo and conditioner came next. She wondered if perhaps her client was getting ready at this moment as well. For once she was excited to meet this client. Her heart was beating ever so fastly with each thought of the person. Was it because of some history she does not remember? No, could not be it, right? She had no idea who the person could be.

After washing and the smell of strawberry and honey, she left the shower without a towel. She snapped her fingers to turn the water off as she used her magic to do so. The water, the light... they listened to her as if she was their goddess, but she felt like there was someone out there with more control of it than herself. Will she need to destroy them? Will she have to fight for that power? Power and once love were the goals that she wanted to reach for not only herself but her loved ones. There was nothing more that she wanted.

The water droplets soaked themselves up as they were being absorbed into her body. The water body was embracing the water into itself to use in case it was needed. A small smile escaped her lips as she then reached for her clothes. She had to think of what to wear for the day. She felt like perhaps something beautiful, something elegant maybe. She felt very unsure since Kuri was becoming anxious. Momo then appeared and gave a cute smile. "Pick that one." She pointed out. Kuri petted Momo and held it up. The outfit was rather pretty and maybe she will choose this one.



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She picked up her outfit as she felt the silk against her fingers. Her eyes were blazed with the design of red, pink, gold, and black. The colors went very well with each other as long as the design was not like some rollercoaster. It was a modern kimono dress with a sash. She softly sighed as she opened up the whole entire outfit. A half-smile escaped her lips when picking it up again to put it on. The silk felt amazing against her bare skin. Rather or not it was really pure silk was maybe the real question.

Her eyes opened up more wide as she gazed into the mirror. The outfit snuggled against her curves as the outfit kept her warm, but cool during the heat. Perhaps this was a good idea to wear this for the day. Her eyes then gazed at the floor while sliding her feet into clean bamboo sandals that was fitting her feet perfectly. No one shall know about her making a new guild quite yet since it was still new. She has not been a guild master since Lamia Scale. It was still stinging, the fact it fell. It was too bad.

She walked towards the bathroom and slowly grabbed onto the hairbrush. It was made of fine oak that still had the curls of dark color in the softer tones. It was rather smooth, the carver took their time with the small designs of each swirl. The bristles were from some unknown racer horse as they needed a haircut. Thankfully, nothing died from the products she was currently using. Her long brown hair felt like silk on its own as she slowly started to put it up. She wanted to twirl it a few times, put it into a bun, and then have the ends spike out.

Kurisa left two long bangs in front of her face as she then smiled at herself. "I suppose I am ready." She simply spoke and swirled around to look at Momo. She gave a nod and yet she seemed sad. She partially knew what was happening as today was their last mission together. It somewhat hurt, but they had to go their separate ways, right? Softly, she sighed and picked her up, putting her around her neck as she warmed it up. Soon after that she left the hotel room and went down the elevator. The music was rather slow, making her sleepy, but thankfully the ding woke her up to get her to leave.



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She yawned once more as she walked out of the hotel, "Bye, have a good morning." She told the keeper. They smiled and waved as well as their wife. They were pretty nice, unlike some people who owned a rich and well-kept hotel. Perhaps she will go eat something with her client since she has not really eaten yet. 'He did ask to meet up early in the morning. He can't just not let you eat.' A thought came to mind as the voice was different than hers. It truly did not matter.

The air felt beautiful as much as the sky. She wondered if the sun will be too hot for her as she really did not like the heat all too well. As she breathed in the cool fresh air she then opened her eyes and gazed towards her destination. She felt anxious and afraid that she was too late or that he has been waiting for a while. While Kuri got closer to the client's location she noticed he was resting against the gate waiting. Her eyes gazed away as she frowned. Without much time his head turned to see her. His eyes began to study her with slanted eyes of gold.

Was there something wrong with her? She shook her head mentally as there was no way that he was anything more than her client, correct? She gulped and approached him till they were about four feet away from each other. Bowing her head she gazed into his eyes. He was surprisingly taller than her so she looked up. "What is the matter?" he wondered while offering his hand. She was unsure if she should take it or not, but he was the client and truthfully she had to make them happy. Perhaps this was the reason he was doing this. Just because he could...



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He explained that he had somethings planned liking; eating, gathering towards the docks to look at the merchandise and he heard that in the lower district area that a new shipment will appear. They started to walk towards the path they took before, but they skipped the areas they already looked at last time. Rather or not it was due to other reasons she was unsure, but where was he going to take her to go eat? Her stomach growled. Her face turned away from him as he looked at her, chuckling. "We are almost there." He assured her as they approached the place soon after.

It was an outside place with many plants and decorations that looked quite old. It was beautiful in an antique kind of way. He pulled out a chair and sat in the chair on the other side of her as he gazed at her. "The shipment will come in about an hour if that is alright with you?" He questioned a little in his curious sentence. "What does it all have, if I may know?" Kuri kind of wondered since he seemed to know a lot about this shipment.

He smirked and gazed away, "A surprise." He gestured to the menu next as he then nodded. "I will order for you if you do not mind." He made a small smile and pointed towards the things he wanted. She took a drink of water as she gazed towards the water. The food arrived soon after as they started to eat quietly and kept to themselves. This was not a date so why will there be talking anyway? Once they were done he stood up and waited for her. It seemed as if he was deep in thought. She wondered if perhaps she should have left it alone. Maybe she should have left it.



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"Everything alright?" She curiously wondered as her eyes gazed away. She felt like she did something wrong or said something wrong. It was constantly on her mind as she did not want to get laid off from this mission at all. Soon enough they started to go closer to the shipment, but something was rather wrong. "Hold on..." She told him as she went forward. "Wait!" he reached out to her, but did not really reach out to her in time. Kurisa was already going towards what seemed like a crime scene. "Look what we found men." Several people came out of the shadows as they looked like they were ready to smash some people with their weapons. Why were they so aggressive?

"We don't like rich folk around here. Too nosey." He spat as he spits on the ground. It was quite vulgar as he glared at her and then at Zhongli. He seemed to be quite calm knowing that they were mainly after him. Kurisa kept her soft appearance as she gave a sweet smile. "I'm sorry, but you won't be able to get your hands on him." Kurisa declared and kept on her smile still. They ran towards her, but before they could she sneared at them. "I said... you can't have him." Her eyes became cold as she then watched them back off. "Hmph... not worth out time. We'll be back for him." Her stomach started to twist as she felt like she was going to get sick. As the others left, her client came and sat down with her.

She started to explain that she felt liek she should have done more, but he still found it amusing nonetheless. The shipment crew came out with the new stuff to show him what they had. Together they looked, "Those flowers look great. They will be good with the new vases." She gazed at him as she noticed that he was gazing at her with a small grin. "You're quite right." He then looked at the people. "Go ahead and take the flowers, the rugs and the other few things you brought to my house." They nodded. Sadly, it was the end as she had to go back home. "Maybe some other time." He spoke softly as she escorted him home, but stayed for the reward. Many moments later she collected it all, and their number before leaving to go back to her hotel.


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