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Lucef, Mikajia

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Name: Mikajia Lucef

Age: 38 | March 24th, X751

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: On the bottom of his left forearm, closer to the elbow. Black.

Face: Nyx Ulric - Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 200 lbs.

Hair: Light black.

Eyes: Blue.

Overall: He's tall, well built, but not overly bulky, and well groomed. He's got light blue eyes which contrast with his black hair, and they frequently stand out. He does take pride in his appearance, and does his best to stay in good shape. However, he's not flashy or arrogant. He carries himself with confidence, but never struts, and prefers to stick with dark colors for clothing. His casual attire is typically tennis shoes, dark jeans, a light t-shirt and a jacket. He'll spruce things up a bit if need be, but he can very rarely ever be found in a suit.

Extra: He doesn't have any piercings or tattoos, however, he does possess a few scars from his work in the past. His most prominent one is the scar running along his chest. He got it from a beast he was hunting. He very nearly became the hunted that day, but managed to kill the creature at the last second. There are a couple more scars on his back, and one on his right hip.


Personality: Mikajia is proud and confident, but not arrogant. Quite frankly he hates arrogance. He can be very kind and charming, but it’s all a ruse. Truth be told, he possesses a deep and burning desire to watch the world burn. Down to his core, Mikajia is a Nihilist. It’s not something he’s particularly proud of, but then again, Nihilism isn’t something one tends to search for in hopes of joining its ranks, it’s a belief and outlook that many possess or develop as they age and progress in life, regardless of whether you want to or not. The difference between most people and someone whom claims the title without apprehension is revelation and acceptance.

Despite his outlook, he still goes about his day to day life and routines, all the while searching desperately for some kind of meaning to it all, but subconsciously believing he will never find one. More than anything, Mikajia is looking for a place where he can feel something, anything resembling belonging. He knows he’s no hero, and he doesn’t want to be one either. He’s looking for a place of like-minded individuals whom understand that the world and life can’t continue on as it has been. Things must change. And he will happily help make it happen.


  • Strength: He's been at the mercy of someone stronger than himself before. Since then he has done and will continue to do what is necessary to make sure that never happens again.
  • Honor: So what if he's a villain. That doesn't mean he doesn't have a code. Many may call him a villain or monster, but he still possesses more honor than many so called heroes
    and good guys he's seen in the past.
  • Chaos: It's fair. Chaos doesn't pick and choose its victims with petty bias. It's about as equal and fair as anything could be.


  • Cowardice: Nothing pisses him off more than a coward.
  • Weakness: Or rather, the unwillingness to overcome a challenge, and just giving up. He hates that.
  • Prejudice: Few things will make him want to kill faster than encountering prejudice. It's a true test of his restraint.


  • Chaos: His largest motivation right now is simply to usher in an age of chaos. He's sick of watching the world be corrupted, and people just stand by and let it happen. He wants to tear everything down and let the world be purged by fire.


  • Failure: After coming so far, to have all of his hopes and ambitions go up in smoke is probably his biggest fear.
  • Weakness: To be under someone else's control again, completely at their mercy. It happened to him once, he never wants it to happen again.


Strength: 8

Speed: 2

Constitution: 4

Endurance: 3

Intelligence: 8


Magic Name: Noir

Magic Element: Fire/Lightning

Magic Enhancement: Combo-Elemental Magic

Magic Description: He can use and manipulate a black flame and lightning type magic. The magic is malleable and can be manipulated like solid matter to form physical objects. The objects he can create with it are inanimate and can be wielded or thrown, and frequently used to enhance physical attacks and mobility. The defensive options are minute, and much more taxing on the user.


History: Mikajia grew up very poor. His parents were hard working folk and did everything they could to provide a nice safe place for them all to live, but it didn’t matter. When he was a teenager, some common thugs broke into their house while they were away one day, showing exactly how unsafe their home really was. A person’s home was meant to be the one place they could always feel safe, and yet, some random people they had never met before, managed to break in without a second thought and completely destroy the place.

It was so unfair.

They went to the proper authorities, but nothing could be done. Many other homes had been ransacked by the same group, but they somehow couldn’t get enough information to really do anything. They were working around the clock to try and solve the mystery, but didn’t have much hope without any real leads. The thugs apparently were better than he had originally given them credit for. Mikajia was outraged, really? They couldn’t do anything? If there were multiple houses that had been broken into recently, they had to have some idea who the culprits were, but they still couldn’t act?

It was so unfair.

Months went by, Mikajia hardly slept for fear their house would be broken in to again. The authorities had a good idea who the group was that had been causing this chaos in his small town, but they still did nothing. They needed more “Proof”. It was absolute bullshit, and Mikajia finally decided to take matters into his own hands. He was such a fool. He wasn’t a mage; he had barely begun to even notice he could use magic at all. He wasn’t a soldier; he had only started really working out fairly recently. Though a teenager, he was still very much so a child as far as the world was concerned. And it proved it to him through immense pain and suffering at the hands of the thugs.

He was so weak.

It was so unfair.

They had beaten him within an inch of his life; the lot of them drunk beyond measure and possessing no qualms about beating an ignorant child nearly to death. He had stumbled upon the location of their local gathering spot through some friends of his at the school he attended; after months of this chaos many rumors of course had been spreading around town about these thugs, so naturally something was bound to be true. It was only a matter of time. He had checked many other locations before finally finding the right one.
When he finally did find the right location, he wasted no time in confronting the criminals; full of foolish pride and anger, plenty of convictions but no actual strength or power to back it up. He was just a child. They all knew that, but they didn’t care. The putrid miasmic atmosphere causing his senses to muddle and swirl around him as they goaded him into attacking. As soon as they saw their chance, they pounced.

The pain was beyond words; his body from head to toe was like one big bruise. Broken and fractured bones, lacerated organs, internal bleeding, the works. They were in fact trying to kill him and slowly. But that actually worked out in his favor, allowing him to survive long enough for help to arrive. And only through the joint effort of multiple healers did Mikajia survive that encounter. And though his body survived, his spirit was fractured.
The authorities finally had enough proof to arrest the criminals, but it took them very nearly killing a teenager for it to happen. What’s the point? What’s the point of having a justice system, if it takes something of this level to allow it to work?

It was so unfair.

After he fully recovered, he decided to set himself on a new path. He devoted himself entirely to it, working day and night to get stronger, faster, more adept and capable. If this world refused to do what was necessary, then clearly the problem wasn’t the criminals, it was the systems in place that allowed them to do these horrible things with little to no resistance. It made him sick to see the level of corruption that had permeated their world.
Years later, living on his own now, he works tirelessly to achieve his goal, but knows he can’t possibly do it on his own. So for now, he simply searches for like-minded individuals.

Reference: Google

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Hello! I will be your mod for this application.

Just add a few more sentences in your magic describing it and you're all good to go!


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Hello. Alright, I got the edit made.

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This application has been approved.

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