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Residential Evil [Solo]

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How had it come to this? A question that lingered in Esperia's mind as she dashed behind the concealment of a nearby wall. A group of skeletons were wandering up ahead at the plaza, seemingly searching for something or someone, in this case, the one they were seeking was herself. She should have expected it, that her constant inquiries about the nature of Samhain and the purpose behind its emergence would have earned the attention of something, or someone at some point, but she had not expected it with this type of intensity!

It all began a few hours ago when a pair of skeletons approached her after she had finished the last of their games. While Esperia had decided to spend her remaining time in Samhain to find out the answer to the questions she sought, the skeletons seemed adamant in showing her the exit, a choice she was clearly opposed to, for the young witch had used her magic to knock the two skeletons unconscious and then proceeded to flee!

This had led the entire town's skeleton crew into an uproar as they started to search after her! Quite a worrying matter, but she was not going to let herself be caught that easily!

No, the answers she sought surely must had been there: the mysterious tower that had an entire section remain off-limits to its visitors!

Morrigan clearly seemed amused at the thought of watching her try to fight an army of skeletons, for she was more than willing to lend her power to such a peculiar cause.

Wandering along the wall of the large mansion Esperia tried to figure out a plan, some sort of idea on how she would be able to successfully reach the tower. To ask the others for help likely would be a foolish notion, for it seemed most were not aware of the potential threat that the undead posed! Therefore she had only one solution left: to force her way to the top of the tower!

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Residential Evil [Solo] MHKs2Uu

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