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A Chance Encounter [Ezekiel]

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The Haunted House, one of the most interesting locations in Samhain. It appealed to the individuals seeking thrills and those who looked forward to exploring the unknown. In particular, there were the infamous clowns who spent their time pursuing those who entered. It was unknown exactly how many people left looking as though they had a little accident, but you could be sure that they had been caught if they appeared that way.

Ikazuchi eventually found his way back to the Haunted House both because of his interest in the House itself, and because the area seemed to be lucky for him. In all of Samhain it was the area that he won two out of the three games in, so he particularly enjoyed it for that reason. Either way, he found himself there looking to explore the place more while he could. If he missed his chance this year, then he could only try again next year and that wasn’t something he wanted to do.

If by chance another clown appeared, then Ikazuchi could flee once more. If by some chance he were caught this time, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Compared to others he was lightly dressed due to his Oni outfit. The only piece of clothing on him for the night was the lone loincloth. His outfit was simple with it being a mask, a loincloth, red coloring for his skin, a red Oni mask, and a kanabo. With such an outfit a little water became the least of his worries.

At the moment he was once more lost in the halls of the place, experiencing all that it had to offer. He wasn’t searching for anything in particular, maybe just hoping that fate would lead him to a new encounter. Luck had been on his side before, so maybe it would be once more.


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"So this is the haunted house I've heard so much about." Ezekiel hummed to himself as he strolled through the halls of the giant brick building. The vampire had a metal cup filled with blood in his left hand and slurped it through his metal straw every so often. He specifically stayed away from plastic because of course, it was harmful for the earth. With a light whistle his shoes clicked against the marble floors. The house seemed to be pretty empty at the moment, probably because not a lot of people were up at 4 in the morning. He wondered what exactly was so scary about this place. So far he had only seen creepy portraits of white people from what seemed to be the dragon ages along the halls. The Desiertan vampire turned back to see how far he had come from the entrance, and he could no longer even see the front door. Weird, he thought to himself.

The more the Sentinel studied the portraits along the wall, the more he began to feel this chilling feeling run up and down his spine. Suddenly he found himself actually feeling anxious as if something was about to pop up and scare him- "Ahh!" he jumped back as he bumped into a stranger. His eyes moved from the wall onto the stranger, then he sighed in relief. "Fuck, you scared me, sorry." he let out as he pulled his trench coat over his chest with his free hand. "Are you wandering this shithole alone too?" He asked curiously.


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Ikazuchi had been quietly making his way through the halls of the house. He knew what to expect from the building, so he didn’t have a spike in anxiety at any of the strange occurrences that may happen. He walked at a leisurely pace with his kanabo resting on his shoulder. “I wonder why it’s clowns that appear here?” Ikazuchi asked this question to himself quietly. There wasn’t anyone to answer his question, but there wasn’t anything about the house that would suggest a clown would appear. ‘I would expect a vampire in a place like this…’ Little did he know, his passing thought would soon become reality.

He couldn’t be sure when, but he began to hear the seemingly close footfalls once more. The last time that he heard this sound it quickly transitioned into a chase due to Ikazuchi’s fear of ghosts. This time he knew that wasn’t the case, and was more curious about what may creep up on him. He could only assume that it would be another clown, something that he didn’t mind encountering once more. He even went as far as to approach the sound of footsteps which led him towards a nearby turn. There was a natural unease that built up now that he knew that someone or something was just around the corner.

Each step closer was building up his expectations for what he would encounter. It was unintentional, but he accelerated his steps around the corner due to the build up. Almost immediately after rounding the corner Ikazuchi bumped into someone nearly the same height as himself. Both he and the man took a quick step back from each other immediately after. “Ah…” Ikazuchi let out a slight exclamation in synch with the man that he had apparently spooked. “You’re not a clown?

Ikazuchi was puzzled by the appearance of an actual person due to his clear expectations. After realizing that Ikazuchi wasn’t anyone harmful the man let out a sigh of relief and spoke to him. “I’m the one who should be sorry, I came around that corner too suddenly.” Ikazuchi made a point to lower his decorative kanabo in order to not come across as confrontational as he heard the man’s question. “Yeah, I let my curiosity get the better of me and came back.” Ikazuchi sighed lightly from behind his mask before asking a question of his own. “Since we ran into each other like this, do you want to find the way out together?


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Ezekiel blinked at the man before him. It took only a few seconds for the lustful vampire to see just how handsome this stranger was. He was tall, and muscly, and oh goodness his voice was so deep. A man indeed, and he was polite! The Vampire straightened his posture and covered his mouth as a chuckle squeezed from behind his palm. It was a laugh of relief, because like this man before him, Ezekiel thought he was about to run into another one of those scary ass clowns. "It's fine, no worries." He smiled warmly. Then the mystery man asked the Sentinel if he wanted to find the way out together. Ezekiel raised an eyebrow. When a handsome man with muscles asks you to hang, you do just that. "Well actually, I just got here. I was hoping to do a little sightseeing. You're free to tag along. I could use a...man like you to protect me from whatever rests in this house." The Desiertan's sun-lit orbs looked around as he spoke, analyzing every corner and every crevasse of the building. It'd be embarrassing if something crazy popped out and scared him right now. "Ezekiel." The mage said, extending his hand forward for the man to take. "Nice to meet you." After formally introducing himself, he'd slowly begin walking forward deeper into the house.


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It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise for him to encounter someone who was easy to associate with in the Haunted House. The last time he was here the only other individual that he saw happened to be a sketchy clown which chased him all the way to the exit. Instead of that, he ran into a rather interesting fellow.

After dismissing any possible problem due to their accident and Ikazuchi made his offer the man accepted with relative ease. Ikazuchi also looked around the area briefly upon seeing the man observing their surroundings. It was nothing more than a cursory glance to get a layout for the current hallway area in his case. While he checked the surroundings with the man he made sure to respond. “That’s fine by me. I’m here just for fun, so I would be happy to do that… as long as there aren’t ghosts.” Ikazuchi spoke with a bit of a joking tone, but it was a mostly honest statement. He wasn’t fond of ghosts, and couldn’t really do much if one appeared.

Ikazuchi matched the grip of Ezekiel as he shook his hand and responded. “I’m Ikazuchi, it’s nice to meet you Ezekiel.” After the formalities were out of the way Ikazuchi kept pace with his new companion walking further into the house. Along the way he would attempt to make conversation and get to know the man more.


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"Ikazuchi... interesting. Joyan right?" Ezekiel touched his chin lightly as the two moved forward. He was very well educated on the cultures around the world to know what the names sounded like. It was from years worth of studying while he was in Savannah with his family. Honestly, the only language he didn't know was dwarven and the language of demons- if any of them even had a language. "I spent my first few years of living learning about Joyan culture. My father believed that Joya was one of the most important countries to study. From architecture, to science, even fighting styles and magic. Are you from Joya?" He asked the man in Joyan. Although his tone was warm and welcoming, he was still looking around the haunted house in case anything creepy should pop out. Ezekiel looked at the ground, then at the walls. Nothing unusual so far. The hallways were just huge, and the ceiling was at least 12 meters above them. Ezekiel's eyes then landed back on the muscular man. He bit his lip slightly, imagining what his body under the clothes looked like. Jesus, he had a problem. Becoming a vampire enhanced his sexuality. If it wasn't blood, then it was sex he was thinking about. Zeke couldn't help it. His eyes fell to where his print was, then back up at his face.  


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It is indeed, my father named me.” Ikazuchi didn’t consider it too much as he responded. He was always interested in learning more about his father’s home and culture, but didn’t have many chances to do so. After his father passed he didn’t have anyone to discuss the topic with, so he always welcomed conversations regarding Joya. Even his current costume was inspired directly by a children’s book that his father had gotten him that contained stories from Joya.

I’m personally born and raise in Fiore, but my Father was Joyan. After he passed away I haven’t been able to learn much about it. My Joyan has also gotten rusty as a result.” Ikazuchi responded kindly to the questions. Ezekiel seemed to be well informed about the topic based on having spent time studying the culture, so he was curious about what he may be able to share. “If I had to say what I experienced the most, then it would be the Fighting Techniques of my father.” Ikazuchi spoke until here in Joyan, but he was having difficulties readjusting to speaking it after several years of not speaking it due to his father’s passing. He thought back to all of the beatings that helped shape his current body and skill fondly as he continued on once more. “I was born unable to use magic, so my father made sure that I had the strength and skills to protect myself despite that.” Ikazuchi was slightly overwhelmed with the memories of his parents after saying all of that.

I guess you could say that it’s because of my father’s training that I decided to become an adventurer to make the most of what he left to me.” Ikazuchi spoke more on the topic than he normally would, but the chance to speak Joyan had made him open up more than normal. He felt slightly embarrassed for talking so much as he accompanied Ezekiel. “What about yourself? Where are you from Ezekiel?


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Ezekiel squinted his eyes as if he could see through the mans mask, only to fail miserably. Unfortunately his vampiric vision didn't allow him to do such things, but nonetheless he could feel that the man was handsome. He learned in a matter of moments that the man was in fact born and raised in Fiore. The masked man didn't know much about his won culture either. He learned that Ika didn't have the ability to use magic like 10% of the population and had to result to physical training to be up to par with mages. Ezekiel once believed that it was impossible for normal people to keep up with mages, but he learned later that he was mistaken when he met Erebus the rogue. Kind of like Erebus, Ika was an adventurer. To say the least, this person was interesting- and very well-mannered. "I see. Well, I know a good amount about Joya. It's important for you to be in tune with your culture...it's who you are." He paused before stopping. His ears picked up a whooshing sound in the distance. "Wait...did you hear that?" He asked his new acquaintance. After about ten seconds of listening and hearing nothing, Ezekiel slowly began to move forward. "Hm...Never mind I guess." He sighed. "I was born and raised in Savannah. I come from a long line of wood-elves if you couldn't tell." He pointed to his ears. "Though I'm technically not an Elf anymore." He chuckled. "I came to Fiore and now my life is fucked." He smiled warmly.


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I agree, I want to learn more about my culture. I hope to do so during my travels.” Ikazuchi responded positively to Ezekiel’s suggestion for him to learn more about his own culture. All the while he never noticed the gaze which appraised him coming from the man. When his new companion paused due to a sound Ikazuchi did as well, but he didn’t register any such noise. “I didn’t hear anything, but it could definitely be one of those damned clowns…

Ikazuchi became more curious after hearing the man mention his origin, as well as what was implied that he wasn’t an elf anymore. “What kind of place is Savannah?” Ikazuchi looked closer at Ezekiel as they moved forward slowly down the large halls. He couldn’t see any different distinguishing features that didn’t belong to an elf, so he didn’t understand what the man meant.

Is Fiore really that much worse?” Ikazuchi couldn't help but wonder what kind of experience Ezekiel could have had for him to say that his life was fucked ever since arriving here. He also couldn’t resist and asked another question to the man immediately after. “And how do you just stop being a Wood Elf?


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"Aren't you just a curious one." Ezekiel chuckled. The man had a few questions, and all were plausible. Perhaps Ezekiel did mention more than he should have. However, he had nothing to hide really. His new friend mentioned that he didn't hear anything but said it could have been one of those clowns. "Oh gods, I hope not." He looked around once more. The duo soon entered a larger hallway. This hallway was suddenly wider and had doors all along the walls. "Ohoho! Well, Savannah is a vast country with many different tribes. It feels more real there. It's full of beautiful women and men, rich in culture- and heavy on love. Savannah was a beautiful place. Compared to Fiore? Oh man. This place reeks of death and pollution. Buildings everywhere, machines everywhere, drama everywhere. It's a lot. Fiore's toxic, don't you think?" The Desiertan ran his fingers through his hair, moving a little bit closer to his new friend so that their arms touched. He was a little nervous about the house suddenly changing. "Oh, I'm a vampire." He said with a sigh. Most people turned away when they heard that. "So that makes me not an elf. I'm Queen of the Damned." he said sarcastically.


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Ikazuchi contemplated the differences between Savannah and Fiore after hearing Ezekiel speak on the matter. He could understand the man’s perspective, but didn’t share it. Due to his lack of experience and knowledge about both countries he felt relatively neutral about the topic. “I’ve only ever known a small part of Fiore, so I can’t really answer that until I see more of it. I think I can understand a bit about why you feel that way though.” As Ikazuchi responded, he felt Ezekiel’s arm brush up against his own. They were walking close together, but it seemed to him that this new friend of his wasn’t fond of clowns. ‘Oh well.

As for Ikazuchi’s second question, it had an answer which would have shocked him any other time. Thankfully, this was Samhain, a place where even the dead roamed freely. He had quickly grown accustomed to the idea that the creatures from here were kind and welcoming so he readily accepted it. Even after leaving Samhain, it was likely that he would continue to take a neutral stance towards Vampires, Werewolves, and any other sentient creature of the night. Ikazuchi vaguely felt Ezekiel’s sarcasm hid what he thought to be expectations towards rejection. Whether it be due to his dealings with a Necromancer or his experiences in Samhain, Ikazuchi wouldn’t be living up to those negative expectations. Instead he found himself curious about the topic itself and asked Ezekiel a question. “Oh, I see. What’s it like to be a vampire?


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Ezekiel looked over at Ikazuchi, nodding as he explained that he knew very little of Fiore. That just meant he wasn't fond of doing research. Even before coming to Fiore, Ezekiel knew much about the country. It was important if he was ever going to create the change he wanted to see. Now though, he realized that what he learned about Fiore was only a fraction of the truth. "Fair enough. Where were you when the whole fight between heaven and hell happened on earth?" He asked casually. Saying it out loud sounded a lot crazier than he expected. Ezekiel honestly wasn't even awake then. For a lot of the worlds most craziest moments, he was under the ground...meditating. The Vampire was surprised to hear the Joyan ask him how it felt to be a vampire...most people just assumed they knew. The Desiertan sighed. He smiled warmly, letting out a little chuckle before continuing. "It's one of the many things that I am grateful for. You're faster, stronger, more confident and care-free. Life is easier as a vampire. You can choose to hold on to your humanity or flip that little switch to turn it off and emotions no longer hinder you. The only downside is that people hate you- though I suppose that only matters if you care." He then turned towards his mate, wrapping both his arms around Ikazuchi's arm like a child does it's mother. Ezekiel was usually comfortable anywhere, he wasn't afraid to let loose and be himself. "Why? Are you considering joining the club?" He smirked.


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Ikazuchi was slightly surprised by the question proposed by Ezekiel. ‘Heaven and Hell, huh?’ He had allowed himself to stay contained in the comfortable safe haven that his parents offered to him at that time. More than the battle that he and his family had no part in, he associated that time period with the passing of his father. “Truthfully, I was ignoring it. At the age of fifteen, as a Non-Mage, it wasn’t something for me to associate with. Around the time period that it ended, I was mourning the passing of my Father with my Mother.” Ikazuchi let loose a faint sigh as he recalled in vivid detail the sadness that came at that time.

After that, the conversation went on and Ikazuchi inquired about what it was like to be a Vampire. After asking the question, he realized that it could be considered rude for him to have asked about the topic so directly. Before Ikazuchi could apologize he was pleasantly surprised to see his new friend respond kindly and answered directly. Ikazuchi committed the details to memory as Ezekiel took hold of his arm. He barely restrained his instinctual desire to brush off the grip, but his arm still twitched. He had gradually developed as a Warrior due to his father’s care, which also included a natural dislike towards allowing someone to grab him.

I was just curious, I hadn’t ever met a vampire before. I have no intention to stop being human though, I want to go as far as I can as a warrior without any outside influence.” Ikazuchi answered his companion’s question honestly despite taking it as a joke. After doing so he waited a moment before asking a question of his own in a slightly awkward tone. “Also, Ezekiel, would you be able to let go?” Ikazuchi paused for a moment before adding on another statement in an attempt to clarify. “Ah. It’s because I almost hit you out of habit due to how I was trained. It makes me uncomfortable to have someone hold onto like that.” After talking until here Ikazuchi would slightly pull at his arm in an attempt to separate a bit.

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