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4.a. Guild Regulations

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  • Users must select whether they wish to go guildless or belong to a guild when they create their character in the application.

  • Users may enter a guild later on via roleplay, they must post this in the review section. The GM of a custom guild may choose whether you may enter or not.

  • Even if a user goes guildless they must still state the location and color of the tattoo in case they decide to enter a guild later on.

  • Guilds can get temporarily locked. This could happen for various reasons. They cannot accept new members until they unlocked.

  • Users may leave a guild whenever they want. It doesn't cost any jewels to do it the first time, however, the second time it will cost 250,000J. This cost doubles each departure after that.

  • The maximum number of members for every guild is currently capped at 15.

Guild Activity (Not Applicable Currently)

  • At least 4 members (including the guild master) of every guild must post in the Monthly Activity Checks for their guild to be considered active.

  • Being unable to meet this requirement will result in the guild to go through a probation period during which they will be up for consideration to be disbanded.

  • This period lasts 3 months, which means that the guild under probation will need to meet the Activity Check requirement for 3 months in a row after missing it once.

Guild Levels

  • Members can level up within their guild to unlock perks.

  • The level of a member in their guild is determined by the total number of posts they have written while being a member of that guild.

  • The user loses their acquired level within a guild when they leave the guild.

    LevelRequired RP Posts
    Level 00
    Level 150
    Level 2100
    Level 3150
    Level 4200
    Level 5250

Guild Titles

  • Each guild has special positions or titles that can be obtained by members.

  • In order to be eligible for these titles, the user must be at least a Level 3 member of the guild. Furthermore, the title may also not be used by anyone else in the guild.

  • The Master can strip a title from a member of their guild and give it to someone else who meets the requirements.

  • Becoming the Master will replace the title of the user with Master, however, this is only a name change.


  • Users can become a master of a guild if the position is open. They must be at least Level 4 in the guild and have the support from the majority of the guild to take the role.

  • Masters are capable of excommunicating users from their guild if they break the rules of the guild.

  • Guild Masters gain access to two of their guild title perks upon becoming the Guild Master which they must state.

  • Guild Masters may create Mini-Events for their Guild with the assistance of staff, once every 3 months.

  • When against fighting Guild Masters, members receive an additional 20% Jewels, Fame and Experience.


  • The user can only claim a Custom once via the Level 5 method.

  • Upon going inactive, the Custom will get unlocked, however, the original user will keep their custom. This means that the Custom can now be purchased by one additional person.

  • Should the user sell their Custom from the Level 5 method, they will receive 50% of the value.

  • Once the original user sells their Custom, the item will once again be limited to one person. In this case it would be the second buyer.

  • The original user may not claim a new Custom again via the Level 5 method after selling their custom.

  • The original user does not lose their Custom upon leaving the guild. Instead, as mentioned before, they cannot apply for another Custom again via the Level 5 method.

  • In the event that the user reaches Level 5 in a guild but departs before creating their Custom, they do not lose their claim to the Custom. It will show on the profile of the user as a 1x Legendary Lvl. 5 Custom token


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Guild Raids

  • In order to attack a guild, an open topic must be created at the location of the guild itself.

  • Guilds may only be attacked once per two months. It does not matter whether the attack was successful or not.

  • Light Guild and Rune Knight members may attack Neutral and Dark Guilds without penalty of receiving a bounty. Neutral and Dark Guild Members may attack Light, Neutral, and Dark Guilds while receiving a bounty if they attack a Light Guild.

  • Should a Neutral Guild raid a Light Guild, they will become a Dark Guild. It doesn't matter if the raid was successful or not.

  • Guild raids are considered green topics. The danger can be increased if both parties agree to a different danger setting.

  • Members are not required to protect their guild.

  • Attackers may not use any spells in their entry post.

  • After the last attacker has entered the topic, the attackers must give the guild members 48 hours to enter the topic and defend their guild.

  • As always, everyone must be present in the town to enter the topic and may not travel afterward to enter it. Masters may purchase items that can bypass this though.

  • Guild members, allied guilds, and Rune Knights, if applicable, are the only eligible defenders and are the only other parties that can join a guild raid to defend.

  • Guild Raids must include the [Guild Raid] tag in the title, attackers cannot set the color of the tag.

  • It is not possible to enter [Guild Raid] topics outside of being an attacker or a defender.

  • While the topic is locked Bounties can still be acquired from both parties as a result of third party damage.

Guild Building

  • Guild buildings have a base durability of 10x S-rank damage before it is considered completely demolished.

  • Guild buildings can at most take 1x S-rank damage per post. This means that if an attacker does 2x S-rank damage against the building, only 1x S-rank damage will be applied.

  • Upon destruction of the building, the members of the guild lose their access to their level perks. The members can gain access again once they rebuild the building back to 10x S-rank durability.

  • Passively, the building repairs itself by 2x S-ranks per week. This starts one week after the destruction of the building.

  • Masters or Guild Members can purchase repair services in the Guild Shop. This can be done to speed up the process or repair it entirely.

Guild Raid Rewards

  • Succesful attackers receive a bounty of 1,000,000J if applicable.

  • Succesful attackers receive a base reward of 500,000J and 25,000XP, alongside any bounties and rewards they receive from defeating opponents.

  • In order to receive a reward for raiding a guild, there must be at least one guild member from the defending side defending the guild against the raid.


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Guild Event Creation

  • Guildmasters are allowed to create a guild event once per three months.

  • The cooldown starts when the guild event has been posted in the Event Quest section.

  • Guildmasters can use the template in the Guild Event Review topic in the Review section to create their event after which it will be reviewed by staff.

  • Once it is approved, Guildmasters can post the event in the Event Quest section. The title of the topic must be the event's name followed the guild's full name between brackets e.g. Scary Slumber Party [Fairy Tail]

  • There must be at least 4 participants from a guild to start the event.

  • Guildmasters can create an event with another guild, however, the guilds must be formal allies.

  • The events must reasonable. It may only affect the guild itself. See the examples below e.g. slumber party, beauty contest etc.

  • Guild events can at most consist out of three phases.

  • The reward of guild events will be determined by the length and involvement level which it creates with others.

  • Guild events may at most last 2 months. Proper planning by the guildmaster is necessary to determine how many people are most likely going to get involved and how long it may last.

  • Guildmasters must state the deadline for the event.

  • Guildmasters have the responsibility to remove their members out of the event if they are holding up everyone else.

  • Guild events do not have a difficulty level. This means it is accessible to everyone in a guild.

  • The guildmaster announces when the next phase starts. Those not meeting the word requirement when the next phase is announced may no longer participate and are considered disqualified.

Guild Event Participation

  • Guild members may participate in the event of their guild with only a single character, should they have more in that guild.

  • Should a guild event require interaction with other guilds, members may not roleplay with themselves with their alternative accounts placed in the other guilds.

  • Guild event topics do not take up any roleplay slots.

  • Should the event take place exclusively at a single location, the user may continue roleplaying at other locations while roleplaying at the declared guild event location as well by using a specific tag specified in the event.

  • Should the event take place at multiple locations, the user must travel around as if they were roleplaying normally. Though, once again, the guild event topics won't take up slots.

  • Members are given 72 hours to post for their turn, after which they are skipped and disqualified. Guildmasters may use a lower timer, but they must have it announced at the creation of the event.

  • Fights taking place during the event are eligible for rewards based on the fighting regulations.

  • Upon being disqualified, the user will not receive any rewards.

Guild Event Rewards

  • Since each phase has the same length. The rewards are flat as well per phase: 250,000J, 10,000XP and 5SP.

  • The length of each phase requires each participant to at least provide 2000 words.

  • Bonuses and reductions do not apply to Guild Events.


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Guild Creation

  • In order to create a guild, the user must be at least A-rank.

  • In addition, the user must have 3 other characters interested in forming the guild with them. These may not be alts of the creator. They may be alts of other users, however, not more than one alt per other user.

  • Users can only be the GM of one guild across all their characters.

  • Should the user meet these requirements, they may use the template in the Guild Creation Review topic in the Review section to create a guild.

  • Guilds can be requested to make changes for various reasons during the review process.

  • Once the guild is approved, the creator and the 3 other characters must found the actual guild IC.

  • Guilds must be located in a main-location that does not have a guild yet. In addition, Crocus and Era cannot be used as a guild location.

Guild Alignments

  • There are three types of guilds: Light (Lawful), Neutral, and Dark (Illegal).

  • Light Guilds are registered to the Kingdom and therefore considered Lawful Guilds. They can only take Good Quests and can be summoned by the Kingdom to aid the country.

  • Dark Guilds aren't registered to the Kingdom and commit atrocious acts while breaking the laws of the Kingdom. They can only take Bad Quests and earn additional money through their evil deeds. Light Guilds and Rune Knights are incentivized to hunt them down.

  • Neutral Guilds aren't registered to the Kingdom, however, they aren't necessarily Good nor Bad. Therefore, they can take both Good and Bad Quests. The number of Good/Bad quests a member in a Neutral Guild can take per week depends on their personal rank (D:1, C:2, B:3, A:4, S:5). Neutral Quests do not count towards this limit.

  • Should a Neutral Guild lean more towards the darker side of their guild, they will automatically be changed from Neutral Guild to Dark Guild.

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